An Essay From October 2015

This is SO true, it ain’t even funny!

The Powers That Be, I don’t think will try and enact the draft because they know what would happen and that is why wages are kept so low as to make it beneficial for the poor to enlist, and they do. The poor are doing the job of killing and dying for warmongers to profit from stock in companies that produce bombs and drones and missiles and tanks and other necessities for war while we simply look the other way until we are told to ‘honor’ them on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day…oh…and to, belatedly, “Thank them for their service.”

So should I give a rat’s ass about Syria or Iraq?

You damn right I should and so should you! But you won’t! More’s the damn pity!


Its New Years and a time for reflection.  I posted this in 2015 under the title “Should I Care?” – and it is still relevant.


Yesterday while browsing the “news” between college football games I saw the Huffpo headline: “Afghanistan Falling to Taliban!”

Seems the Taliban had taken the Afghan “city” of Kunduz and was immediately attacked by government forces trying to push them out.  Apparently the U.S. joined in with air attacks against the “terrorists” – bombing and destroying a Doctors Without Borders hospital and killing doctors and patients indiscriminately.

Big help indeed.

We are in our 14th year in Afghanistan – a god-forsaken place if there ever was one.

I mulled over the headline and then said to myself – “Do I care?”

Should I care?

What does it matter to me if the Taliban returns to power in Afghanistan and bans listening to music?  Did we…

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4 thoughts on “An Essay From October 2015

    1. Anytime toritto! I appreciate you posting this and I was happy to re-blog it.

      I hope you have a wonderful New Year and please keep us happily watching Clark grow up! He is just absolutely adorable!


  1. If people only knew how sinister these people are. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that you can’t fathom how wicked the minds are of these people.

    Operation Northwoods was an operation were the U.S. government wanted to bomb its own citizens, and then blame Cuba so they could justify going to war. Kennedy said no to the operation and that’s one reason he caught one in the dime.

    Bin Laden was a CIA operative that the U.S. happily funded when he was fighting Russia in the Afghan and Pakistan mountains in the 1980’s.

    The entire Arab-Spring was planned out by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and the Neo-Cons in 1998.

    ISIS is a CIA operation whose real name is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group that unjustly murdered Colonel Ghadaffi, was a splinter cell of Al-Qaeda that was funded by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. That’s why she didn’t want those emails released because a U.S. diplomat fell victim to the organization that she funded.

    We could go on forever in how crooked the government is. These old, rich, crusty white dudes start the wars and poor people fight the war. And unfortunately are brainwashed into thinking they are doing something for the nation when they are just murdering to enhance the interest of these devils.

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    1. ” These old, rich, crusty white dudes start the wars and poor people fight the war. And unfortunately are brainwashed into thinking they are doing something for the nation when they are just murdering to enhance the interest of these devils.”

      I have stated this same thing over and over again on this blog and even though I just read the title of an article about how the U.S. military is having a hard time recruiting new killers to do the warmongers and warhawks dirty work, the problem is that there are still many who are at this very moment, standing ready to be sent somewhere to kill someone they’ve never even met and who has done them no wrong just because some worthless white shits tell them to do so.

      Unfortunately, Amerikkkans ain’t never been known to think for themselves or even to think. That’s a novel concept. And for Black people to take up arms in defense of this shithole is just beyond my comprehension because if they are not college educated, even when they join the U.S. military, they are so poor as to qualify for food stamps and so I don’t know how that makes the case for escaping poverty by joining the military. I know why whites enlist. It is because they have the ‘killing fever’. It is a part of their DNA. It is what makes them the most lethal SOBs to ever exist. They are why bombs even exist because no other group was trying to fuck up this world and ALL people in it just because they could except for whites. And now some are screaming about climate change and going vegan when they are the reason why this shit is fucked up six ways to Sunday.

      And yes indeed, you go into infinity and never get to the end of the foul, vicious, vile and monstrous shit whites have committed against the innocent humans of this planet. And another sad fact is that there is still so much shit that’s been done that we don’t even know about. But Amerikkkans actually believe that their government is for them. Seriously???!!! They could not be more wrong!

      Cory, thank you for that excellent comment. It was spot on!


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