Another Day, Another Gorgeous Salad! No Dead Animal On My Plate! No Boiled Lobster On My Plate! What’s On Yours?

I recently blogged about the fact that I don’t eat dead animals that are dead because they were slaughtered for ‘human’ consumption. And I let pictures do the talking for me. Consider this blog to be Part 2.

Below, is a delicious salad of lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, mushrooms, cucumbers and green peppers and what a joy to look at it is, not to mention how good it tastes. And the best part is, no animal was harmed killed in the making of this salad.

Beautiful, vibrant colors just brimming with health benefits and begging me to dig in.


Another trip to the grocery store to showcase my point and so we come to this!

Dead marine life awaiting your pleasure. Salmon, shrimp, wild caught and farm raised. Let me ask you something. How would you like it if someone scooped you up in a net in order for you to end up on someone’s dinner plate?

Dead marine life galore. Come take a look and make your selection.

All nice and spread out for observation, priced and sectioned for you to make your choice.

And look at the yellow sign in the corner. It reads, “fresh!”. How fresh can a supermarket piece of salmon be? Who in hell knows how long it took to get to the supermarket from when it was hauled out of the ocean, cut up, sectioned, and put on display for you to make your selection? Two hours? Three hours? A day? Two days? A week? Two? You tell me! Fresh, my ass!

Oh just look at that! Dead shrimp! Crabs that were killed by being boiled to death! And now you get to take them home and finish tearing them to pieces to get at the ‘meat’.

Yessiree! Whole Dungeness crabs COOKED! Meaning boiled to death to feed you! Why don’t they post the truth?

“These crabs were boiled alive until they died and now we present to you, a crab feast. Enjoy!” Oh no, you’ll never find a sign stating the truth. Just, “cooked crabs.” It sounds better like, “cooked steak.” Doesn’t it?

How long to boil live Dungeness crab?
Place the crabs in a large pot of cold water and bring to the boil slowly. Boil for 7-8 minutes per lb of crab. 3. Remove crabs from pot carefully with long tongs – they’ll be hot. Rinse it in some cold water. :
For the love of !!!!!
And here, we have the ‘ring of shrimp’, cocktail sauce included. All ready for you to dip and eat!


Let me just state that I enjoyed champagne for years too numerous to count and so I know the difficulties of letting go, I do. But I even braved the champagne aisle to take a picture to show you that this aisle would have numerous bottles gone if I was still drinking champagne. I used to have flutes galore and even brandy snifters out the wazoo when I would drink with acquaintances who came over and wanted something a bit stronger than champagne. Courvoisier cognac was my other drink of choice, but I’ve given that up as well. The thrift store was happy to see me coming, handing over boxes of flutes and brandy snifters.

I gave this up and believe me, a champagne flute filled with champagne was for me what a baby’s bottle of formula is to a baby.
And if I can give up on champagne, you can give this up. They both are bad for us.
What the appeal is for that, I just don’t get. And I am SO glad!

So folks, I am not trying to moralize here or sermonize, I am just attempting to get you to take better care of yourselves as we all should. And one thing we can do to help the situation as it pertains to our health is to be more proactive in what we eat and drink. It really does matter and if you do decide to try it, baby steps to start out with would be just fine.  There used to be an advertisement on the buses about getting moving as in exercising and it read, “Just do it!” Try it, you just might like the results because believe me, eating dead meat for decades is going to have you looking like dead meat. On the other hand, eating this will not have the same effect. I promise you.

What’s unhealthy looking about that? And no ”animal’ was killed.

Finally, a reminder. You ARE what you eat!






10 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Gorgeous Salad! No Dead Animal On My Plate! No Boiled Lobster On My Plate! What’s On Yours?

  1. Thanks for Part II, Shelby. Lots of familiar displays there. I am also a former drinker, having grown up in a Catholic tradition that included beer booths in the church basement. The stupefying variety of adult products sold by the shopping-cart full and all the marketing methods employed to make them distinctively packaged and light-heartedly branded with clever names are designed to draw customers that think themselves discerning and daring. Under that dizzying array is a single addictive molecule: alcohol. Blood is another addictive substance that follows the same MO. Animal carcass-products are boring without blood. Now, look at the produce department and observe the difference. Meat and alcohol profit with abandon and with impunity. Fruits and vegetables must be salt-laden and/or high-fructose-infused before the profits can roll in. If that doesn’t work the profit-masters redirect grain silos to the kind of alcohol that your internal-combustion vehicle can use for cheap, quick energy. That biomass from an earlier extinction event grew slowly over decades to centuries to millennia. Instant gratification rewards the consumer without waiting for it.
    It takes a while for your excretory organs to detox, during that transitional period you will likely feel drained of energy. Six months to a year usually. But I am healthier and have more stamina than I did decades ago. Whatever addictive substance you have to eliminate one molecule at a time is worth the wait, it’s also character building IMO — but what do I know?
    And I haven’t even mentioned nicotine, I quit that one in 1973 🙂

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    1. You are a gem; a veritable fountain of knowledge and information.

      I’ve actually tried quitting alcohol several times, but this time I am quite determined because I think I’ve figured out that it does me no good to ‘eat’ healthy when what I ‘drink’ is unhealthy and so I only drink water now. I used to have cases upon cases of champagne so that I would never run out. I had bottles of cognac and I’m such a stickler for detail, that I insisted on drinking the appropriate beverage with its appropriate container.

      Blood, alcohol and nicotine; a combination to die for! And just as you say, they portray this as something to be desired. Cigarettes, people told me, made them look sophisticated while sitting in bars. They had something to do with their hands and so did not look too desperate. Don’t ‘overcook’ your steak because it is much better almost rare, still bleeding as the blood oozes out onto your plate. It gets you used to seeing blood without flinching, thus dehumanizing you even as it kills you. The sight of blood is therefore, nothing to you. Who? You? Squeamish after having devoured a plate covered in the blood of a dead animal? Pish! Tosh! And wash it all down with a Chardonnay; a dry white wine, goes exceedingly well with oysters, clams and smoked salmon to start the meal and then a nicotine rush to follow. What more could one want? Certainly not to enjoy ‘good’ health.

      The subtle mind games they play. They’re real good at it because billions fall for it each and everyday even as it hastens their departure to a cold and lonely grave or to an urn to sit atop the mantlepiece. Some people have even told me that tis better to leave this earthly realm looking like you lived, for what use is there in being a beautiful corpse? To that I reply. You have to die first. Being dead is not the problem, the dying is.

      Bill, as usual, you have said a mouthful and it is spot on. I cannot thank you enough for your comment!

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  2. Geez Louis, you’re brilliant. I admit, I still eat fish and the occasional organic beef and eggs, but that is about it. More and more, I’m going away from eating meat, and I don’t miss it at all. There are so many alternatives–some that actually taste better–to meet out there.

    I’ve recently discovered the magic of organic cherry tomatoes. I put them with a number of different dishes, and the are amazing. Also, I’ve been making my own vegetable broth out of all the old veggie peelings I collect whenever I chopped them up. I use the broth to make vegetable soups and it tastes amazing.

    I can say I’m full vegan nor vegetarian, but please keep preaching that veggie knowledge. I love how you took your own pictures btw. word up.

    Keep kicking ass at life, Mrs. Courtland. Word.

    With Best Regards,

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    1. Taking baby steps is good! You’ll get there and I am sure you feel healthier for having completely given up pork. I was in a discussion with a lady the other day and she said that she refuses to eat pork and that she feels the better for it. Of course I figured it was the perfect opening to initiate a nudge about going for broke as in quitting ‘meat’ entirely. She said she’d give it some thought especially seeing as how she noticed a difference in how she feels now that she’s given up pork.

      Also I am encouraged by your comment because the more people who see this, they can get that there are indeed, delicious alternatives to ‘meat’ because you and others have posted some of them. Just as soon as I can cook without setting the fire alarm off, I am going to post pics of my cooking. Uh oh! I’ve got 911 on speed dial, of course and so hopefully, it’s ALL good! LOL!

      T.S.P. I sincerely thank you for that wonderful compliment and comment on this one. It is much appreciated as I am sure you know.

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  3. Seafood has always been disgusting to me, and since I’m allergic to it I really hated it. I don’t understand how anyone can eat seafood nowadays, especially with all the radiation in the water in the Pacific ocean, were if you live in the us, you get a lot of your fish from, and seriously how can crustaceans or bottom feeders like shrimp lobster and crabs be appetizing knowing that they basically eat the oceans crap, and all kinds of other nasty stuff. I’ll stick to eating plants and the occasional dairy product (cheese and cake), since I’m a vegetarian, well I’ll be a vegan soon, whenever I find a good cheese alternative I’m trying this recipe my cousin made recently for a cheese alternative, since she said it was good, I just know it has to be good since she is a vegan chef and baker. If only she wasn’t so dang far, I would’ve gotten a nice vegan cake for myself, I need something sweet every once in a while, when I’m exhausted from work, dealing with rude people, and a mom who has a mental condition, at least my job pays well. Oh and as an update on my comment from another post of yours I managed to convince my mom to go on a vegetarian diet. I showed her you previous post on meat eating, and it helped me at least get her to try be a vegetarian for a month to see if she can handle being a vegetarian or vegan, since she really wants to improve her health after a recent doctors visit. Thank you Shelby for your brilliant writing, it really is more helpful than you think.

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    1. Mary, I am over the moon and overwhelmed as well! You cannot know what your comment means to me! Your mother is going to be in my thoughts. I am not one for prayers because if they did a damn thing, no one would be sick, or dying or suffering and that includes the animals of this planet; on land and sea and of course, I’m including the birds.

      Mary, it does a body good to know that what they do is, hopefully, not in vain. Sometimes the ‘shock and awe’ approach is what is needed. Sometimes when something looks so disgusting and you know that you are putting that into your body and you’re sick as hell, it can only be from what you’re putting inside your body; meat that looks like ‘death warmed over’. I am SO hoping that your mother can get through the first few weeks and transition to a more healthier way of living and that that improves her health. We’ve only got this one body and when we mistreat it, it is going to be a most painful payback that we suffer. And in many cases, some of that suffering is needless if only we will make a few changes. How we can eat something dead and expect to live a healthy life is a complete mystery to me, because we cannot.

      Mary, I am going to include a few links to some excellent sites that should have some vegan recipes and alternatives to cheese that taste good. Let me know if you get any ‘good’ vibes from these because I have been on websites looking for delicious, yet simple vegan recipes for dummies. I’m the dummy since I cannot even steam broccoli without setting the fire alarm off. ‘Cooking’ has never been my forte.

      and one more!

      I hope these help.

      Another excellent point you made is the fact that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster that occurred in 2011 has decimated the Pacific Ocean with hundreds of thousands of tons of radiation and still is. Just because people aren’t walking around ‘glowing in the dark’, does not mean that they are eating seafood that’s not been contaminated with radiation. And governments, worldwide, don’t give a shit for their people because they should be warning them of the dangers of eating radiated seafood. Dying from cancer is something NO one should have to do. And cancer is caused by man made shit because it was not prevalent thousands or even hundreds of years ago. What man is doing to this planet is causing people along with this planet to die, and in a most horrible manner. And ALL for profit and convenience. And just as you say, add the fact that crustaceans are bottom feeders and that is even more of a recipe for disaster because it has been stated that shrimp eat parasites and if the shrimp are eating parasites, then so are the ‘humans’ who devour the shrimp. Talk about a double dose of toxic poison and no wonder a body has a medicine cabinet loaded down to bursting point.

      And the very reason I posted pictures is because mere words don’t have the same impact. People need to SEE what they are actually putting into their bodies. They actually need the visual effects of dead meat sitting in a supermarket bin, looking disgusting as shit before they will sit up and take notice. And those pictures in that post do indeed, speak a thousand words. Nothing I could have said would have had the same effect or impact. And I will continue to use this approach because words don’t do a thing.

      Mary, again, it does my heart good to hope that I’ve done some good and you made my day! And once again, my sincere hope is that your dear mother will, if need be, go back to that post to help encourage her to take care of herself. She’s worth it! Please tell her I said so and like I stated before, you have a beautiful soul Mary.




      1. Sorry for the late reply, I just want to thank you so much Shelby for the lists, I bought some vegan cream cheese for my mom. She loves cream cheese and thanks to you I found a good cream cheese alternative that she likes, and those dessert recipes where really good, I made a delicious chocolate cake for my grandfathers birthday recently, and he loved it he couldn’t believe it was vegan, he said it was “the best cake he ever had.” He’s been sick lately, he’s in the very early stages of Alzheimer’s, and he injured himself in a nasty fall recently, so I wanted to give him something healthy yet delicious for his birthday so I made a vegan feast for him it’s been almost a week since his birthday and he still has food, I may have over did it with the cooking but at least he will have lots of healthy food for a bit, and he’ll be able to eat more often since I plan to start cooking a week worth of meals for him every week since I’m more closer to where he is now. I’m hoping his Alzheimer’s doesn’t get worse he’s been more like a father to me than my real dad, wherever he may be.


  4. That salad looks awesome!

    I’m actually a vegetarian, so I’m not even tempted to go after the meat whenever I’m at a grocery store or a restaurant. I feel like I have a good amount of energy and I’m rarely sick, so I guess I’m doing something right.


    1. My guess would be that you are indeed, doing something right! Keep doing it. People cannot understand that “you are what you eat.” Eat a cow and what do you think you’re going to look like? A cow. Drink a cow’s milk and how is that healthy for humans? A cow’s milk is for a cow, not a human. It really is that simple and yet people are just too stupid or pigheaded to change.

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      1. I guess so! Haha! I’m glad I stopped eating meat half my lifetime ago nor am I tempted to go back. There have been good ways to get protein like legumes and I was glad a vegan friend introduced me to seitan.


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