Damn Nazi Dogs!!!


In Minneapolis, Minnesota, poor Black people are still being subjected to studies akin to the Tuskegee Syphilis Study whereas the U.S. Public Health Service conducted an unethical clinical study between 1932 and 1972 on Black males who were injected with syphilis, left untreated which then caused them to pass the disease onto their children. These Nazi dogs over here in Amerikkka wanted to study the impact of syphilis on various parts of the body and so Black males were used as guinea pigs. Their wives were infected and the babies born to their wives were infected as well. 

Now fast forward to today and what has changed?

Group wants Feds to investigate Hennepin County Medical Center’s ketamine research

More than 60 doctors, bioethicists and academics signed onto a federal complaint this week alleging Hennepin Healthcare conducted high-risk ketamine research on more than 100 unwitting participants while ignoring ethical practices and federal safeguards.

Public Citizen, a consumer rights advocacy group, has asked the Food and Drug Administration and the Office for Human Research Protection to conduct investigations into whether the hospital complied with federal regulations during two clinical trials — one completed, the other suspended amid ethical inquiries — involving paramedics sedating people with ketamine before bringing them to the hospital.

Ketamine is a powerful horse tranquilizer. It is also used as a ‘date rape’ drug and this drug has been administered by EMT workers, directed to do so by the Minneapolis Police Department at the behest of Hennepin County Medical Center since the hospital was engaged in a study on the effects of ketamine as a sedative as opposed to the effects of Haloperidol which is an anti-psychotic as well as a sedative.

A board that approves research at Minnesota’s largest safety-net hospital failed to follow federal rules designed to protect patients when it fast-tracked studies on powerful sedatives, including ketamine, according to inspection reports from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Hennepin Healthcare expedited approval for at least four studies between 2014 and 2018 that did not require patients to consent beforehand, even though they included a likelihood of using “vulnerable subjects.”

This designation refers to patients who need special protections because they can’t advocate for themselves and could be easily coerced, such as children, prisoners or people with mental or physical disabilities.

These vulnerable, mostly Black people were injected with ketamine without their consent and against their wishes. The majority of the times this sedative was administered, it was not necessary. In my opinion, it was not necessary at any time. It was done because those who authorized this crime could get away with it because of who the unwitting subjects in this study were. Those who are defenseless, poor and vulnerable. Would any rich whites have been subjected to this? We ALL know the answer to that. But no poor Black people sitting smack dab in the middle of Naziville stands a snowball’s chance in hell of getting anyone to listen to their pleas for help. The same criminal Nazi shit that was going down as early as 1932 and even earlier is still going down today and these Nazi dogs are getting away with their shit!

Amerkkka never tried to murder Nazis because this shithole is Nazi central for why else would they drag the so-called World War II Nazi prisoners-of-war to this cesspool of crimes against Black humans? If any group of people were against the Nazis and wanted them dead, it was the Russians. The Russians are the true heroes in defeating the Nazis while the Amerikkkans look to some stupid show like “Hogan’s Heroes” and assume that a ragtag bunch of stupid American, English and French fuckers actually, with a pretend underground movement, defeated the Nazis. Seriously? An estimated 26 million Soviet citizens died during World War II while Amerikkka lost an estimated 400,000 Nazis. That is insignificant against the loss by the Soviets.

And now these Nazis here in Amerikkka are still at it. Where are the Russians when you need them because we do indeed, need them to defeat these Nazis over here. Take ’em ALL out! And do us a big ass favor, won’t you please! No wonder these Nazis over here would blame the Russians for a tree falling down in the fucking forest!

Ketamine, a powerful sedative, is used in hospitals as an anesthetic, and more recently, to treat depression. And now, city investigators in Minneapolis have found that their police officers directed paramedics to inject the drug into people on the street to subdue them dozens of times over the course of three years, even some people who were already restrained. 

So, let me get this straight, people who were already restrained were injected with ketamine, a horse tranquilizer because…..because….? Yeah! You tell me! Because we’ve got us yet ANOTHER Tuskegee Syphilis Study on our hands, that’s why because that shit never really ceased, it just morphed into different ‘studies’, as in the AIDS study, as in “The Incurable Clap” study and I cannot even imagine all the others that are ongoing. Make no mistake, no monkey is the cause of AIDS. AIDS is a Nazi made disease that was designed to eradicate certain members of the populace and we ALL know who AIDS is targeting. Black people are still dying of AIDS at higher rates compared to all other groups. And as if that weren’t bad enough, Black people are also the victims of a horse tranquilizer study? You fucking filthy ass Nazi dogs, I hope that you get what’s coming to you. I hope it is not too long in coming because Hennepin County Medical Center’s chief medical officer is still maintaining that the hospital “followed all standard research procedures,” even as the FDA contradicts his Nazi ass! And everyone is well aware that the FDA is next to useless and can usually be found in bed with big pharma and the food industry since it never holds them accountable for fucking us up. But even the FDA couldn’t countenance this shit!

The FDA inspectors‘ findings appear to contradict statements from Dr. William Heegaard, Hennepin Healthcare’s chief medical officer, who told Hennepin County commissioners in June that the hospital followed all standard research procedure in its sedation studies.

Just as I stated in a different post, only the Hypocritic Oath  and not the Hippocratic Oath applies when it comes to Black people since there are no ethical standards practiced by these Nazis when it comes to Black people and the medical field.

Black folks, this is why you are still marching and protesting. This is why you are still at square one. This is why there is no reason in the world to celebrate the upcoming Nazi approved holiday ‘celebrating’ no achievements and advancements by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., because these Nazi dogs over here know that he accomplished not a goddamn thing since unethical studies like the Tuskegee Syphilis Study are still being conducted on the same group today. Not a goddamn thing has changed. And while you’re at it, there is no reason in the world to even celebrate Black History Month because the same Nazi dogs that approved Dr. King’s ‘helliday’, approved that as well. And believe me, they are not going to give anything as it pertains to Black people, a stamp of approval unless it’s a setup or is useless and not conducive to your plight. And if you are unsure of this, take your ass to Minneapolis, MN and the Nazi cops there, along with the Nazis working out of Hennepin County Medical Center will clue your ass in, quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry! Those Nazi dogs there love cold weather just as those Nazi dogs who crawled over here from Germany did for what group would slither over here, sit themselves smack dab in the middle of a cold nowhere but a group of Nazi dogs who intend to continue to keep Hitler’s insane plan for a ‘master race’ alive and well? Yeah! They’re in the Midwest, also known as ‘Serial Killer’s Paradise’ and Nazi Headquarters.

And the Nazi cops were in on this criminal shit as well! Tell me, when did Nazi cops become experts in the medical field?

Minneapolis Investigates Police Use of Ketamine on Suspects

NPR’s Michel Martin speaks to Star Tribune reporter Andy Mannix about the investigation into the Minneapolis police and EMTs sedating people in custody.

Minnesota cops ordered paramedics to inject suspects with ‘rape drug’ – report

Police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, have been ordered to “never suggest or demand” that paramedics use powerful horse tranquilizers on suspects, following a report that the practice had spiked in recent years.

The new policy order comes after a report by the city’s Office of Police Conduct Review found that paramedics had used ketamine on suspects during police calls 62 times in 2017, up from just three times in 2012. In some cases, emergency personnel injected the tranquilizer into suspects who were already restrained, causing heart and breathing failure and requiring the suspects to be medically revived, reported the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

A family member called the cops for a welfare check on their loved one. The cops show up and promptly call for the EMTs to inject ketamine into the individual which then caused the individual’s heart to stop and the individual had to be revived. Once the person is transported to Hennepin County Medical Center, they are informed that they are in a clinical trial, whether they want to be or not, and are signed up in the ‘ketamine sedative study’ without their consent. They are then held on a 72 hour psych hold and administered who knows how many different types of drugs so that some damn Nazis can witness the effects. How is this any different from what we know happened from 1932 until supposedly 1972? Because I don’t believe a goddamn word coming out of the lying mouths of Nazis and that would include just about everything that’s pasty-faced and slithering around in Amerikkka.  And why isn’t anyone headed to jail over this? Because of what is conducting these studies, that’s why. Nazis, since they control and run this shithole!

There is currently a lawsuit against the Minneapolis Police Department and Hennepin County Medical Center for this crime. And it doesn’t matter if they “have been ordered to never demand that a horse tranquilizer” be used, those Nazi pigs are ‘The Law’ and so who do they answer to? 

Bill Cosby’s ass is sitting in prison for allegedly drugging a woman in order to have sex with her. So why aren’t those who are responsible for drugging people with a ‘date rape’ drug without their consent and which has been found to have been unethical by the FDA not behind bars since the ‘date rape’ drug used caused their heart to stop beating and also stopped their breathing and they had to be revived? Because those Nazis that write the laws and put them on the books, put them there in order to do such as this against the people the laws apply to, that’s why. When you write the laws, why would they apply to you? They don’t and that is why these criminals are going to get away with drugging people against their will, without their consent, forcibly enrolling them in a study and then subjecting them to deprivations on their person and face not one nanosecond in jail.

Yeah! We’ve come a long fucking way since 1932!


11 thoughts on “Damn Nazi Dogs!!!

  1. Like I said when you commented on my blog, Shelby, the people who authorized this study, are in violation of federal law and most likely Minnesota law as well. At minimum William Heegaard needs to lose his medical license. It would be useful to find out if any patients actually died in this study, because many states are prosecuting doctors for involuntary manslaughter for this type of malpractice.

    I find it unthinkable they allowed paramedics to administer a non-approved FDA drug. Until ketamine is approved for use in agitated psychiatric patients, it’s use needs to be limited to anesthesiologists who are the only specialists qualified to manage its side effects.

    If you haven’t done so already, you need to make a complaint to the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice about Dr Heegaard: https://mn.gov/boards/medical-practice/

    The Board must investigate your complaint and give you a response. Also they are required to refer the complaint to police if they believe Heegaard has broken any laws.

    Under Trump, I don’t have any confidence in the US government (which is shut down at present) dealing with this situation appropriately. In my experience state government is held to a much higher standard.

    And like I said in my blog comment, you also need to pursue civil action against Heegaard. What he has done in unconscionable.

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    1. Dr. Bramhall, I’ve got four ongoing lawsuits. I just received settlement papers from one. And I’m about to start up another one. I am SO fucking pissed off, you have no idea! The shit that’s done to people, not only has a serious and detrimental impact on them, but it seriously impacts their family members as well because they have to deal with the result of such as this. It is unconscionable what these Nazi shits have been getting away with and yet, still maintain that they did absolutely nothing wrong.

      And these Nazis over here do in fact, bring their counterparts from across the pond because they are also loaded down in Great Britain because I met many pieces of Nazi filth with a British accent all up in Hennepin County Medical Center. I tried to get my cousin to stay away from that hospital, but he continued to go there and they fucked his head up to no end. The man is a disaster! Physically and mentally from all the shit they did to him. They released him from Hennepin County Medical Center and I could see every bone in his chest, he was that emaciated. He could not even stand up. And I had to leave him like that to attend a mediation hearing over yet another lawsuit. I had to go buy him some soup because that’s all he could keep down and just hope for the best because the mediation hearing was in a different city and I had to spend two nights in a hotel away from him. The shit I have on my plate all at one time is just too much and yet how I maintain is a complete and utter mystery to me!

      People castigate me for my cussing shitstorms and don’t know a goddamn thing about the shit people I love have been put through and what I’ve been put through for that matter. And for those out there who have a problem with my language, I hope you know what you can do with your problem!

      The above sentence was not directed at you Dr. Bramhall, but I am just fed the fuck up! Thank you for the advice and believe me, I am ALL on it!

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    2. Dr. Bramhall, to piggyback on your comment, I have found information that relates to the Minnesota medical board and it is not good. Those Nazis are covering for each other.

      Minnesota medical board comes under scrutiny

      “According to the report, the state Board consistently failed to discipline clinicians despite numerous complaints. Of the 728 complaints received last year, the Board initiated 32 disciplinary actions. According to the watchdog group Public Citizen, this low rate of disciplinary action consistently places Minnesota near the bottom of their annual report ranking state medical boards. In the 2010 report, Minnesota’s Medical Board finished last — with a discipline rate of 1.29 serious actions per 1,000 cited health-care providers.

      Robert Leach, the medical board’s executive director, told Star Tribune reporters that the Public Citizen report fails to account for the state’s non-punitive, corrective-action approach to disciplining clinicians. According to Leach, the Board doesn’t usually discipline a clinician for a single issue, but rather it looks to see if there is a pattern of practice.

      However, the Star Tribune revealed that in dozens of cases the infractions were serious enough that the clinician in question lost hospital privileges, yet the Board took no action.”

      To ANYONE whose loved one was admitted to Hennepin County Medical Center going as far back as 2011, get their records. I urge you to instead of contacting the Minnesota State Medical Board, contact a law firm that handles medical malpractice cases. You have a better chance of the outcome since multiple entities have declared that what Hennepin County Medical Center, EMTs and the Minneapolis Police Department did was in fact, violate patient’s rights and was unethical.

      Good luck and keep the faith!


  2. Ethnic-cleansing fascists played a large role in the Eugenics movement and contributed to Nazism in more ways than you can count. Speaking of counting, IBM provided the Third Reich with the means for building databases to track undesirables by address. Werner von Braun was THE poster boy for space exploration when I was a kid, his V2 rockets were built with slave labor. You can’t find a friendlier place for slavers than The US of A. “Immigrant” Nazis could feel right at home.
    Cincinnati is a hotbed for racists too, one of the two or three most segregated cities. The University of Cincinnati traffic cop who murdered Sam Dubose, for example. Speaking of the former General Hospital, now University Hospital is a part of the university complex that was conducting radiation experiment for the War Department, they were more than happy to offer patients for top-secret experiments involving massive doses of radiation. I know the author of the professor who broke the story wide open, she’s a fellow rights activist and did not hesitate to expose the blatant racism — she was also heavily criticized for the temerity of even *suggesting* that race may have played some role, or perhaps it was a mere coincidence that two-thirds of the victims were black. The book is titled *The Treatment”. I actually found the table that details the “subjects'” ethnicity and demographics.

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    1. And I just read that some Nazi that was deported from Amerikkka kicked the bucket over in Germany. That piece of shit was living in Amerikkka as far back as 1949 and though state department officials knew of his identity long before now, they made sure that they got every scrap of information they could from him and only managed to get his ass deported when he was at death’s door knocking. This Nazi dog just croaked at 95. Of course he was no further use to them at that advanced age and so deport the almost dead Nazi dog. The shit over here is unbefuckingbelievable! They don’t even try and hide the vile ass shit they do! And these Nazi dogs have been experimenting on us since slavery.

      You have no idea how tired you get from fighting your entire life against an evil SO depraved and monstrous, it should have long since been destroyed! But that is what we do! And each and every goddamn study and experiment we hear about brings us that much more closer to blowing the fuck up! I have stated numerous times that I have no idea why I have not been a victim of spontaneous human combustion because I should have exploded and all parts of me blown into outer space. As a Black person, people don’t think of us turning red, I fucking turn red! And that is why I don’t know why I haven’t burst into flames. It is not for want of reasons.

      Ex-Nazi prison guard deported by US dies in Germany aged 95

      “Palij admitted to US federal officials in 2001 that he was trained at the Trawniki forced labour camp in Nazi-occupied Poland during the second world war in spring 1943.

      In court documents, the US government said men who trained at Trawniki participated in implementing the Third Reich’s plan to murder Jews in Poland, code-named “Operation Reinhard”, the statement said.”

      And they go on and on about the Jews getting fucked up by the Nazis, but nary a word is said about what those Nazi dogs have been and still are doing to Black people because we don’t fucking count as people! I gotta stop because I can feel my fucking face turning red again, goddamn it!

      Bill, I thank you for your comment. Was I surprised to know that there were even more experiments done on us Black folk? Hell no!

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  3. Hello Shelby, This comment is a little random. But I was thinking about how it is said that we as black people are God’s Chosen People and The Original People and with that being said I be wondering is that the reason we have a lot of evil people who don’t like us as black people all because of Satan knowing that. There are some of us who believes that an evil black scientist named “Yakub” is the one responsible for creating all of the demons we have to face in life like white people and all the other races in this world. I’ve read too that Yakub is also called “The Man Who Created The Devil” and then I’ve read about Esau and that God detested him and I’ve read that his descendants lived in the Europe region and that all of them later became Europeans which we all know as white people and I’ve read a comment of someone mentioning that Esau is “The Father of The Whites”. I was also reading about these black people who are stationed here in america in certain places who can’t stand white people state also regarding Esau that white people are his evil offspring. There are a lot of stories out there and it’s sad to not know which one is true or not.

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    1. Well, if you are speaking strictly on a religious slant, then I don’t know what to say because even though I was once a Sunday School teacher, as I was being indoctrinated into the christian fold, I was secretly reading anything and everything besides what dealt with religion. In fact, while in class, inside my BUYBULL, was a book, unbeknownst to my tutor in religious studies. And since all of that shit is fake-assed anyway, I didn’t miss a beat when it came to be my turn to help the brainwashing along and so I am the wrong person to speak on the subject of God, Satan and ALL things in between.

      What I do know is that my enemy is a pallid parasitic leech! That I do know. Where it came from and why? I don’t know because it’s not welcome here, it’s not needed here and, apparently, it’s not welcome back from wherever it slithered.

      ” I was also reading about these black people who are stationed here in america in certain places who can’t stand white people”

      Now, that, I don’t believe at all! No foreign born Black person hates whites! Au contraire! Foreign born Black-skinned motherfuckers who come to Amerikkka do so because they LOVE whites for why else would they come here? They are not blind when they come here. They know how whites treat descendants of slaves and yet they flock here and not one will have anything to do with descendants of slaves that is on the up and up. Africans come here and will date us, of course, but do they give a rat’s ass for us? Hell no! And the feeling is mutual.

      The Africans who come over here don’t really mix with descendants of slaves. They view us as beneath them because our blood ain’t ‘pure’. They believe that they are above us because their bloodline has not been diluted by whites and that descendants of slaves cannot lay claim to that. Like that’s on us when if not for the fact that they ALLOWED my ancestors to be removed from Africa’s shores, I would not be over here in the first goddamn place. And yet descendants of slaves will praise all up and down on those heathen tree climbers over in Africa as though they are to be worshiped when that shit should be denounced. Africa shouldn’t mean shit to us because we don’t mean shit to Africa, but you cannot get these dumbass Black people over here to recognize that fact. They’re busy trying to take up African customs, don African apparel and call Africa, ‘The Motherland’. Fuck that shit! Africa is nothing more than a continent made up of different ghettos. In fact, I was all put out when Donald Trump called Haiti and African countries, “shitholes!” He was absolutely right. They are shitholes for if not, why then are so many Africans doing everything possible to drag their tree climbing asses over here? If Africa is THE SHIT and not just SHIT, then surely, they’d want to remain in the pride and joy that is Africa to them. Surely!

      And so I refuse to believe that I owe any allegiance to some fucked up continent that cannot even keep the Europeans, Asians and Amerikkkans from continuing to this very day to steal everything worth anything and haul it the fuck out of Africa. What the fuck has changed? I wouldn’t sing Africa’s praises if a gun was to my head. And for these stupid Blacks over here to whoop and holler about how we come from kings and queens of Africa is just too ludicrous for words. There ain’t a goddamn thing kingly and queenly about any of those tree climbers over in Africa, nor anything else about Africa because I posted a video when “The Black Panther” came out and in it, dude has pictures depicting what Africa looks like and so it is no wonder that those tree climbers are hellbent on coming to Amerikkka. Hell! They’ve got another movie, “Coming To America!” that’s due out and so I guess the very ones who decry the fact that we should patronize Black-owned businesses will be the first to see that shit! And come out screaming, “Africa Forever!” just as they did when they went to see “The Black Panther.” “Wakanda Forever!” These fake ass African wannabes are just too ridiculous for words. And so I’ll leave you with the video that dude posted. He is right on point even though he is on some fake ass Africa shit his damn self.

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  4. I understand 100% Shelby, Those stories and things I posted about us being God’s chosen people or the original people of the world might not be even true and including the stories of Esau and Yakub. To be honest I just read and heard about those stories all over the internet because of being curious about a lot of things. And who knows white people might not be perishing off the face of the earth at all unless God stated in the bible or somewhere that their race is going to perish sometime in life. That might just be something that we came up with all because of the extreme hatred we be feeling for whites similar to the things that those evil white supremacists teach themselves about us. To be honest it would be nice to see them all perish and then that would make the world start healing and knowing that it would get rid of racism, terrorism, greed and corruption at a great percentage and it could also get rid of global warming. You are so right about those Africans too! Keep it up! 😉

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    1. I do believe that whites are going to “perish off the face of the earth.” The problem I’m having with that is that it is taking too damn long to occur. I want their pale parasitic asses gone, YESTERDAY! This earth is trying to get rid of them, but it needs to hasten their departure for the benefit of the rest of us. Why they were put here is a complete and utter mystery to me because they have done nothing but fuck this planet up and all the ‘humans’ and animals and plants on it. Whites have done not one bit of good for the health and well being of this planet and its true inhabitants. White parasitic leeches and those who resemble them have been the only ones to travel the globe, stealing, enslaving and waging war on every other group of people; that has been their calling card up to present day. They only bring devastation, poverty, suffering, misery and death while declaring how humanitarian and benevolent they are. They are full of shit! I despise, loathe, detest and hate those parasites and I make that fact extremely well known. And I will continue to.

      Some of the things you read may be true, I don’t know. All I know is what I see and hear and that is what I believe to be true. Others can post what they want and it us up to each individual as to what they believe or not. Just choose carefully what you believe. But one thing you can believe is that Africans are not our friends. They never have been and they never will be. Descendants of slaves have NO friends!

      Again, I thank you for your comment.

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  5. You are so right! We don’t have no friends or allies at all but that is ok though because I feel like we just need ourselves and God and His Son, Jesus Christ. You might have heard of this amazing black sista who named herself “Truthangel07” and she also has a blog and she was mentioning on there about how white people are at a negative birthrate which is nice to hear and I’ve heard on the news that their population will be decreasing in sometime which is brilliant news. Kushite Prince also be posting a lot of great information about them and about all the pure evil things that whites do in life which could be adding up for them to face total annihilation. The spiritual law of karma is giving them pure karmic backlash and I love seeing it and how miserable it makes them act. I love being anti-white and supporting anti-white propaganda and I have no regrets about it. Fuck White People/Devils!


    1. I’ve only known of ‘TruthAngel07 from Kushite Prince’s blog and so what she is saying, I don’t know and I am not a fan of “God and his son Jesus Christ.” I believe that descendants of slaves have been brainwashed into believing the ‘fake’ ass ‘religion’ of the white parasites. Those parasites don’t want to live beside us on this planet and so what makes us think that they want our Black asses living beside them in mansions in some heavenly paradise? That doesn’t even make sense. And believe me, if their heaven did exist, I wouldn’t even want to go there and meet up with that lot. Why would I want to? They’ve fucked us up to no end on this fucked up planet that they’ve fucked up and so hell if I want to see that shit for eternity. I don’t believe in that bullshit they spout. They can take that and shove it up their pallid asses. I wrote a poem stating how I ‘feel’ about religion, Jesus Christ and fake ass ‘holy men’.

      Jesus! A Minute Of Your Time!

      Some nights, when I cannot fall asleep,
      I do not ask the Lord my soul to keep.
      Once I believed, but I do not believe anymore.
      He never heals the sick or feeds the poor.

      His ‘holy’ men just take the tithes from fools,
      who by rights should get a refund from their schools,
      for believing in a fairy tale of such bull,
      and pretending that an empty cup is full.

      If I once believed in God, that ship has sailed,
      nor can I pray to a man they say was nailed.
      For if they did exist, why have they ignored the cries
      of all the ‘holy men’ who spout tall tales and lies?

      Their brainwashed flock, they will believe,
      those who get paid to lie, con and deceive.
      And who promise that the sick will all be healed
      and that Blacks will not be jailed or shot and killed.

      Next Sunday, look at the picture on the wall.
      Kneel before it and in a deep, southern drawl,
      say, “Jesus, a minute of your time!”
      “Why is Black skin at the scene of every crime?”
      “What wrong did we ever do to you,
      “that would make you hate us for it too?”
      “I listen to your word, oh Lord on high!”
      “So once again, I have to ask you why?”
      “If you exist, and there really is no sign,
      at how much evil, will you finally draw the line?”

      Written by,
      Shelby I. Courtland
      ©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

      That’s what I think of the whites’ religion and so they can keep it!

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