“It was really tough this morning when I couldn’t go next door to buy a cup of coffee because I didn’t have the money in my account!”

That is the toughest thing about not receiving a paycheck while the government is partially shut down? The inability to go next door to Starbucks to buy a cup of coffee? And some people are actually wondering why the stupid Americans are not out in the streets by the hundreds of thousands demanding an end to the government shutdown. This is why. When not being able to buy a cup of Starbucks coffee is the ultimate insult, how can anyone expect nothing but this from a group of people who are so embarrassingly stupid, it should be against the law?

The average price of a Starbucks drink in the U.S. is $2.75, but New York City is the most expensive location coming in at $3.15 for a tall cappuccino. And if you go for a decadent seasonal beverage with all the bells and whistles, it can run you over$5.00.
“In my freezer, as you can see, I have no meat here,” Belkys Colon, who works for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban and Development, told Inside Edition. “I have pasta but they expired.”
“I’m just sad because maybe I’m gonna get thrown out of my apartment because I haven’t paid my rent,” she said. “I don’t know what to do.”
This woman works for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
(HUD) and she has no idea what to do since she is about to become evicted and these are the very people who are to see to it that poor, vulnerable people are housed and do not face evictions???!!! The people who are eligible for HUD assistance call such as this when they need advice and so is anyone still not understanding why HUD is absolutely useless? With employees like Belkys Colon working for HUD, I need look no further. Every department of the federal government is absolutely useless!
A lapse in pay could result in agents being late on other bills, which could in turn prevent them from securing or renewing security clearances as a result of the rigorous financial checks that the agency performs regarding its agents on a routine basis.
Even those who work as FBI agents are moaning and whining about how the lack of a paycheck could affect their security clearance. Well, since you know this and you know that there have been other government shutdowns, why aren’t you more prepared? Not one of us ‘regular’ citizens should gnash our teeth over your supposed plight since it is dogs like you who enforce fascist laws against law abiding citizens which led to this:
According to FBI documents, one of the purposes of the COINTELPRO program was to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize the activities of the Black nationalists”. They wanted to prevent the rise of a black “messiah” and Martin Luther King Jr. had been amongst the candidates until his assassination in 1968 when the attention shifted to Huey P. Newton. Of the 295 documented actions taken by COINTELPRO to disrupt Black groups, 233 were directed against the Black Panther Party.

Yeah! Like I’m about to give a shit about your lack of a paycheck because the actions of the FBI led to the imprisonment, torture and assassination of many Black people who were only about the business of trying to lift their people out of poverty and to level the playing field so that Black people would no longer be underneath the boot of Jim Crow, racism, bigotry; the whole nine yards. And now that Trump and congress has thrown you worthless, lousy motherfuckers under the bus, you want to wail and whine about your fucking security clearances? About the fact that you’re now ‘junk’ status? Go fuck yourselves! You are finding that you are just as dispensable as the rest of us and you ain’t fucking liking it none. Well, suck it up and deal! That’s what we’ve had to do thanks to the likes of shits like you at the FBI! I’m fucking laughing at you worthless shits! Lose your goddamn security clearance! What meaning has your security clearance for us? A gnat couldn’t wipe its ass on the amount of meaning your security clearance or lack thereof has on me. I am so glad the government is shutdown, you wastes of skin have no idea and I hope the shutdown continues into perpetuity. Take that and shove it up your, hopefully, security clearance-less ass!

Apparently, the only requirement to be a federal worker is to have the ability to take crayon and coloring book and color ‘inside’ the lines. If you can do that, then you’re hired. Fucking babies could do your jobs and with most likely, better results. And it is quite obvious that even those with federal jobs have no sense when it comes to having a rainy day fund. And so is it any wonder that Americans cannot come up with even 6 months of living expenses for when shit hits the fan? They cannot even come up with $500 for even a minor emergency because they’ve got to head to Starbucks everyday for a goddamn cup of coffee that they’re now whining about not having the ability to wrap their stupid hands around. When even FBI agents cannot even keep enough money in the bank or even in one of their funky ass socks to enable them to keep their security clearance because it is not as if this is the first partial government shutdown, then we’ve obviously got some dumb ass federal employees.

I have not one ounce of pity for these fools, not one! And anyone with two eyes and more than two brain cells connected should not have any pity for them because they are too stupid and useless for words. And don’t even get me started on TSA agents. Those fools on average ‘earn’ $30,000 a year and that’s before taxes and so they are basically taking home what amounts to roughly $24,000 and depending on their family size, that would qualify some for food stamps and instead of leaving those airports and seeking a different job, they are working double shifts for no pay.  How incredibly stupid is that? They can ‘earn’ that paltry amount at Walmart. So, we now know how important TSA and FBI agents are. We know how knowledgeable those morons are who work out of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. No wonder the government is absolutely useless.


And now, they are trying to shame Americans who don’t work for the government by stating that there is a divide between those who are federal workers and those who aren’t because those who aren’t are going on about their business, unaffected by the partial government shutdown. Why should we give a fuck? Those useless, stupid assholes don’t do shit for us! As far as I’m concerned, the government can just remain shut because what ‘good’ has the FBI done any descendant of slaves? None! What ‘good’ has the Department of Homeland Security done any descendant of slaves? None! And all the Section 8 housing is going to immigrants and so what good has the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development done for descendants of slaves? None. Because if you consider putting us in urban ghettos, doing us a fucking favor, then you’re just as stupid, useless and moronic as federal workers. Sink motherfuckers! Sink! Join the rest of ‘US’ in  this Titanic. It’s about time your asses were brought down to our level. Enjoy!

Count me on the ‘OBLIVIOUS’ side!
The shutdown’s day-to-day impact on Americans — both federal employees and the people who depend on the services they provide — shifts radically from workplace to workplace and neighbor to neighbor. On one side of the divide, the shutdown is inescapable; on the other, it is all but invisible.

Also count me on the ‘invisible’ to it side because why should I care that federal workers, who have excellent benefits and get an exceptional number of paid holidays, are now either working without receiving a check because they have been deemed, ‘essential’ or who are not working because they are not ‘essential’? If you are not ‘essential’, then you’ve no business taking my tax dollars to pay your mortgage/rent, utilities, car notes, insurance, medical and food bills. Why are you even collecting a salary if you are non-essential? What the fuck are you doing every day if you are not necessary to a ‘functioning’ government which at this time, is not functioning at all? And in fact, the entire government is non-essential because seeing as how it’s shutdown, it hasn’t negatively impacted my life, nor that of millions of other Americans.  I can almost see the ‘Libertarian Party’ hosting a party to end all parties since this partial government shutdown because this just feeds into what they have been saying all along in that the fucking United States government is a useless entity that was designed to steal our money and give fuck all in return. Ask Shirley Henderson what the U.S. government is doing for her!

Yeah, this is a bad time to be poor and elderly and living in a HUD funded building.

The government shutdown means that the long-leaking roof of San Jose Manor II Apartments won’t be replaced anytime soon, says Alma Ballard, who oversees the building for low-income senior citizens in Jacksonville, Florida.

“That’s definitely not going to happen,” said Ballard, executive director of the nonprofit Family Housing Management, who said that water has at times dripped into some residents’ rooms.

House Democrats have begun investigating HUD’s management of the shutdown, criticizing the department’s “failure” to salvage the expiring contracts ahead of time and questioning what happened to $400 million in backup funding for the Section 8 rental assistance program.

Shirley Henderson is having a serious roof leak and I haven’t seen one goddamn GoFundMe page set up to assist her and the rest of the seniors who have been impacted by this latest partial government shutdown. And an investigation has commenced to try and locate $400 million that no one seems to be able to locate that should have been used as backup funding. Here is a suggestion. Go look at what fixtures Ben Carson has had added to his HUD office. I hear tell that Carson and wife, Candy, have been spending our money like they just won the lottery.

This is exactly why we have a government; to steal our money and do nothing that benefits the people the money was stolen from. And yet, all I hear are the moans, whines and wails from those who ‘work’ for the federal government about how they can’t pay their credit card bills, the car payment, car insurance, yada, yada, yada. Go ask your bosses who have stolen ALL our money to ‘give over’ and let you have some of their ill gotten gains or better yet, here is a novel concept. Live within YOUR means. I don’t have a car payment because I SAVE up and buy my cars OUTRIGHT! I have managed to purchase, not one, not two, but three vehicles and I don’t owe a penny on either one of them. I don’t have credit cards, not one and somehow, I manage to get by. I also don’t have a gym membership at ‘Fitness Pro’ because…..and wait for it….I purchased my own treadmill (without the use of credit cards) and if the weather is good, I go outside and walk!!! Can you believe it? And it works! And though I don’t drink coffee, if I did, guess what….AGAIN? I would buy a can of cheap ass coffee and ‘perc’ it my damn self because I am a firm believer in non-conformity. I don’t have to be seen with a Starbucks container in my hand. Fuck Starbucks! But apparently, Starbucks is the very breath in your body! Well, fine. Go on into Starbucks and take along with you that worthless piece of paper that was given to you by your bosses explaining about the shutdown. Maybe Starbucks will take pity on you and give you a cup of their cheapest coffee. At least you will still look like you can pay your damn bills!

4 thoughts on ““It was really tough this morning when I couldn’t go next door to buy a cup of coffee because I didn’t have the money in my account!”

  1. Yet, when I inform Whites that Racism is a deeply rooted and insidious evil, the evil with the longest taproot, greatest crime-bosses and killers, most thieves, most murderers, most rapacious marauders, greatest assaulters of inalienable rights, most smug and self-righteous White supremacists, history stealer, history-fabricating educators, believers of a myth that they were created in the very image of God, guardian of Western Civilization (the gold standard for haute culture), the real terrorists, the most geopolitically interfering, the race with the most serial killers and gun nuts, colonizing tyrants using the most modern sophisticated weaponry on innocent civilian populations (non-White), biggest slave-bosses and human traffickers, Orientalists, fascism aficionados, most efficient ethnic cleansers, ham-sandwich planters, detainers, evidence alterers, police-state friendly militants, generational thieves, mafia bosses, human and animal experimenters, self-pitying, Holy-Land Crusaders, largest empire builders, “White” collar criminals…
    I could go on and on and on (and plan to), but a few to get me started.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bill, I just HAD to highlight your comment because as usual, it was ever SO spot on!

      I’ve stated this before and I state it again. You come at folks with gunz a’ blazin! Smokin’ hot them gunz are! I love it! Because you don’t hold back. Ya let ’em have it! And believe me, they fucking need it! And that is why I give it to ’em as well!!!

      You will not find me starting up a GoFundMe page for these punk ass bitches who can only sit somewhere and whine and complain about some shit they know is going to go down. Like I’ve previously stated, this ain’t the first goddamn government shutdown and it fucking won’t be the last. Who the fuck are they kidding? These simple ass moronic federal employees want us to believe that they are just too lost and confused because this shit “ain’t never happened before? Seriously? Why would I find some damn sympathy for some shits that’s got no problem with government shutdowns because if they did, they would have found another job before THIS government shutdown? I don’t have any fucking sympathy for those crying ass babies. They can just cry me a river!

      And it’s not like they’re homeless. I don’t expect homeless people to take to the streets to demand an end to homelessness because unfortunately for them, they are dealing with 3rd world conditions what with having hookworm and typhus making a comeback. But those who work for the federal government are in a position to fend for themselves, but instead, they are looking to churches to come up with funds for their ass. They are looking to GoFundMe pages. They are all up on Craigslist selling shit. Yeah! Fucking good luck with that! They’ll mess around and contact some creep who’ll meet with em and fuck em up!

      And I have said time and time again, that whites think the ‘elites’ care about their pale ass, do they still fucking BULEEEDAT shit?!!! When even the goddamn FBI is moaning and wailing that they can’t pay their fucking bills after only one missed paycheck? Seriously? And yet, they are somewhere spying on us, trying to get us caught up in some shit and they’re now finding themselves caught up in some shit! And those fuckers at the Department of Homeland Security? Same fucking thing. I’ve read stories that they are having the same problem as those in the FBI. Can’t pay their fucking bills after only missing one goddamn paycheck. Good! Go belly up! It won’t upset me none.

      This shutdown, in my opinion, is absolutely beautiful. Thank you Donald Trump!Thank you! Like I stated in yet another blog post, Donald Trump is “The Perfect Storm!” Donald Trump is every single piece of filthy ass racist, Nazi white shit in Amerikkka! You are reaping what you have sown! I am SO damn glad, I am laughing ALL over the damn place!!! This is seriously fucking funny to me!!! Keep it up Donald Trump! Hell! I’d even head to the polls and vote for him next time around. I sure as hell would!!! I told these white parasites that karma is a bitch and that bitch is the bitch that keeps on coming around for their ass! You can’t turn this world into a cesspool, stealing everything that’s not nailed down even when it does not belong to you. You can’t continue to steal people and enslave them and expect the shit not to come home to roost all up your ass. This is only the beginning. I’ve told those white assed motherfuckers that play time is up!

      Bill, thanks for your comment, I’ve almost written another blog! Thank you AGAIN for that wonderful comment. It inspired me, as you can see!

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  2. Living in New Zealand, I haven’t read any of the news reports you cite, Shelby. It almost sounds like they’re deliberately trying to make federal workers look foolish with their trivial concerns. Do you think they’re trying to make them look bad on purpose? I can’t believe TSA agents only make $30,000. Why would anyone want to hang on to such a horrible job with such low pay? You’re right. Americans are like children with no idea how to look after money or themselves.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dr. Bramhall, you stay on over in New Zealand because believe me, you don’t want to come back here. I’ll give you a front row seat to this disaster! I’ll be more than happy to keep posting the good news for you to read because this is indeed, good news!

      No one has to make these stupid fucks over here look stupid! They do a grand job of that ALL on their own. These stupid shits featured in this blog contacted news outlets to give them the scoop on how the shutdown is impacting them and these stupid government workers are the ones who told that nonsense to different news outlets. No one forced them to come forth and share their stupidity. That shit’s on them! And don’t you know, everything is ‘trivial’ to Amerikkkans because what do they do about EVERYTHING? NOTHING! So Amerikkkans are foolish and trivial and so that is what they focus on, the foolish and the trivial. When you can moan, whine and wail over a lack of ability to buy a cup of Starbucks coffee, that in and of itself tells the complete story. No one should have an ounce of pity for these fools! I know I don’t! And I hope it shows. My concern for those clueless shits couldn’t fill a thimble.

      And why would TSA agents work for $30,000? The same reason that almost ALL federal employees are whining about the fact that they are only one paycheck away from destitution, they’re stupid. Like I’ve previously stated, this is not the first government shutdown and so if you know this, why would you not have a contingency plan? If you had even a gnat’s ass worth of common sense, you would, but these stupid pricks don’t even have that much sense. And I would have long since found a different job if I had to always worry about the fickleness of congress and presidents. Hell! Damn near every single presidential administration has had at least one government shutdown.

      So, no I don’t believe that anyone or any entity can make these stupid federal employees look stupid. They do that on their own. It is the only thing Amerikkkans are good at; being stupid!

      Finally, I have not even covered the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to the stupidity of federal workers and ALL Amerikkkans for that matter. And just like I stated, babies could do the job of federal employees since all they need in order to be hired, quite obviously, is to have the ability to ‘paint within the lines’. So why would such as that know a goddamn thing about how to look after their finances or even take care of themselves? They fucking don’t as you can plainly see. How the hell are they federal employees and live paycheck to paycheck knowing that there are government shutdowns and do fuck all about that fact? What if there was no GoFundMe? Or Craigslist to sell shit on? What the fuck would they do then? Sit out on the goddamn streets, that’s what. And if this shutdown continues, there’s going to be some of that as well. Count on it! So, they’d better start asking the homeless how to deal with typhus and hookworm!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


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