The Faux Revolution: Foe to the Black Collective

“As delineated on a previous post, R.Kelly’s media lynching serves to distract black people from the true sexual predator. The black man is not the enemy. But watching the news, this is the projected image. Malcolm X once said, “if you’re not careful, white supremacy will have you loving your enemy and hating the oppressed.” This is exactly what the media aims to do in its portrayal of the R. Kelly scandal. “

There have been multiple white men accused of sexual misconduct and not one of them has been prosecuted and yet, R. Kelly is being touted as some sort of sexual deviant by the white media which has largely ignored the parade of white men who have been accused of sexual assault.

Bill Cosby is languishing in prison and is considered a sexual deviant by the same vile white supremacists who are branding R. Kelly as such. And so this bears repeating:

““if you’re not careful, white supremacy will have you loving your enemy and hating the oppressed.” – Malcolm X.

C.C., great post!

Whispers of a Womanist

“Symbolism is the death of progress.” 

In battle, it is imperative—- not convenient or even strategic—to know your opponent. The contemporary climate obscures the enemy in a masterful attempt to control the masses.

We live in a world where it’s simpler to prove everything that isn’t true and increasingly difficult to justify everything that is. Western culture has tried to present the illusion of progress by twisting the perception of truth.  bc627a50b6b48e71a5b9805ae9ec4577--black-girls-rock-black-girl-magic

Altering the perception of truth, the oppressor appears as ally, and perhaps most violently,  perpetuates the revolution as having already taken place. White supremacists guised as liberals have orchestrated both the race war and the race revolution. This is perhaps best illustrated by Colin Kaepernick. After careful examination, I contend that Kaepernick was hired by the NFL to perpetuate a revolution anticipated and staged by the NFL amidst mounting racial tensions. I believe the NFL staged this…

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5 thoughts on “The Faux Revolution: Foe to the Black Collective

    1. Indeed I have Leslie. But then the French know how to put on a real civil revolution. Macron may want to keep his neck hidden right about now. Has he forgotten Madame Guillotine? Unfortunately, this makes me long to be a French citizen since I know for a fact that nothing like what’s taking place in France will ever go down here in the states. These scared, stupid, cowed morons over here won’t even massively protest a foolish government shutdown, even as they whine and complain about their inability to pay their bills. The French would stand for none of this! And so I look on with longing as the French dig in for what looks like the long haul and hope that the French citizens will prevail.

      Leslie, thank you for pointing out the fact that not every country’s citizens are afraid to do what is necessary. We, here in the states are the exception. We simply swoon when facing austerity, government shutdowns and the like.

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