A Tale Of Two Coons

First up, we have old school coon Jesse Jackson, who is all bent-out-of shape over what Donald Trump served the Clemson Tigers at the White House.

Jesse Jackson: White House serving Clemson a fast-food meal was ‘disgraceful’

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said he was “offended” that President Donald Trump served fast food to the Clemson Tigers at the White House after they claimed the College Football Playoff national championship.

“The national champions deserved better,” said Jackson, a native of Greenville, South Carolina.

With the White House staff on furlough because of the federal government’s partial shutdown, Trump paid to have a buffet of burgers and pizza brought in Monday to feed the Tigers.

Now, I will admit that I couldn’t give a shit for sports. Hell, I didn’t know anything about the Clemson Tigers down to the fact that they played football. But quite actually, I don’t care about what is fed to some grown ass men who are chasing some ball around in the hopes to head to the NFL. If they didn’t want the shit Trump served them, then they did not have to eat it. What I do care about is the fact that there are people about to lose their housing assistance and their food stamps and that will impact many, many children who are already living in poverty. What has Jesse Jackson’s coonhead ass said about that? Not a goddamn thing and he won’t because he has never been about a damn thing that counted because if he was, he would have been assassinated long before now. Any so-called pro-Black civil rights leader or Black nationalist from the 60s who is still walking around, free as a bird, is a coonhead sellout. Because the true warriors for Black people have all been either assassinated or are sitting up in prison or have died in prison or are in exile. Jesse Jackson’s ass does not fit the profile of a ‘true warrior’ for Black people.

Jesse Jackson finds it ‘disgraceful’ what some mostly white men were served at the White House when he is not concerned at all about the plight of millions of mothers and their children who will be sitting out on the streets if there is no end to this government shutdown, who will go hungry if there is no end to this government shutdown. Apparently, that is not ‘disgraceful’ to him because he ain’t about shit! Why did he have not a goddamn thing to say about the fact that those rich whites in congress and in the White House are sitting all up on the dole and are still receiving their ill gotten gains while those who also paid taxes to this shithole, since everything in this bitch is taxed, are about to lose their housing assistance and some paltry ass food stamps that don’t even extend throughout the entire month, because if they did, I would not be carting people to food pantries to supplement what their low wages and food stamps don’t cover? And some of the people I haul around are working two jobs and yet, they are shamed as though they are living the good life, sitting back feeding their children filet mignon while living high off the hog. That is so not happening. I am almost in tears when I see what is sticking out of the tops of the grocery bags because it’s not fit for children to eat, but since it stretches, that’s what they eat; cheap hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly, white bread, hamburger, Hamburger Helper, Ramen noodles and more shit of the like. And what’s sitting at food pantries is hardly any better. And I have seen white folks in those places begging for toilet tissue to wipe their ass, it’s that bad since obviously food stamps don’t pay for toilet tissue and so food pantries stock some and they run out of items of that nature real quick.

This is why the Black community is in horrible shape because the so-called Black leaders use the ‘bully pulpit’ for ALL the wrong reasons. Instead of calling out congress and the president over this childish display of foolishness in that Pelosi called for Trump to reschedule the SOTU wherein Trump responded with grounding Pelosi’s plane from taking her to Afghanistan and elsewhere, Jackson instead admonished Trump over what he fed some well-fed football players completely ignoring the immense impact this shutdown will have on millions of innocent people including children. Someone asked me the other day, “Are there any adults in the room?” To which I responded, “Quite actually, no and more’s the damn pity!”

And now we come to another old school coon, Gladys Knight, who just commented that she is most proud to sing the National Anthem at the Superbowl.

Gladys Knight Comments on Colin Kaepernick and Super Bowl: ‘I Am Here to Give the Anthem Back Its Voice’

“I understand that Mr. Kaepernick is protesting two things, and they are police violence and injustice,” “It is unfortunate that our National Anthem has been dragged into this debate when the distinctive senses of the National Anthem and fighting for justice should each stand alone.

“I am here today and on Sunday, Feb. 3 to give the Anthem back its voice, to stand for that historic choice of words, the way it unites us when we hear it and to free it from the same prejudices and struggles I have fought long and hard for all my life, from walking back hallways, from marching with our social leaders, from using my voice for good — I have been in the forefront of this battle longer than most of those voicing their opinions to win the right to sing our country’s Anthem on a stage as large as the Super Bowl LIII.

“I pray that this National Anthem will bring us all together in a way never before witnessed and we can move forward and untangle these truths which mean so much to all of us.”

What is unfortunate is how stupid Gladys Knight really is in that she thinks that a song that symbolizes what this nation stands for which is theft, slavery and genocide, in her opinion, “needs its voice back, uniting us when we hear it, bringing us all together.” Who the fuck is she kidding and how many times was she dropped on her damn head? Oh yes, she will sing the first stanza of the Star Spangled Banner, just as ALL who’ve gone before has done. But what she will not sing is this!

No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

And so what does the above mean? It meant that slaves joined up with the British to fight against their tormentors; their ‘owners’. And isn’t that what white men are called in the NFL? Owners of those mostly ‘Black’ players? Indeed!

The orders given to the Royal Navy’s Admiral Sir George Cockburn read:

“Let the landings you make be more for the protection of the desertion of the Black Population than with a view to any other advantage. … The great point to be attained is the cordial Support of the Black population. With them properly armed & backed with 20,000 British Troops, Mr. Madison will be hurled from his throne.

Whole families found their way to the ships of the British, who accepted everyone and pledged no one would be given back to their “owners.” Adult men were trained to create a regiment called the Colonial Marines, who participated in many of the most important battles, including the August 1814 raid on Washington.

So when Francis Scott Key penned “No refuge could save the hireling and slave / From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,” he was taking great satisfaction in the death of slaves who’d freed themselves. His perspective may have been affected by the fact he owned several slaves himself.

After the U.S. and the British signed a peace treaty at the end of 1814, the U.S. government demanded the return of American “property,” which by that point numbered about 6,000 people. The British refused. Most of the 6,000 eventually settled in Canada, with some going to Trinidad, where their descendants are still known as “Merikins.”

Francis Scott Key got his ass kicked by a regiment of Black slave Colonial Marines and he didn’t hardly appreciate that fact and so penned that vile shit and called it, “The Star Spangled Banner” and yet many Black singers have bellowed that vile shit out and they had to have known about this verse as well even if they did not take the time to read up on the history of that disgusting pile of shit of a song. The British refused to turn over what the U.S. government deemed its ‘PROPERTY’! And what the fuck has changed? Not a goddamn thing because descendants of slaves are still viewed as PROPERTY by this hated and most viciously vile ass government. You stupid, dumb ass Blacks like Gladys Knight, Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, Diana Ross and yes, even dead ones, Natalie Cole, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin just to name a few have all sung a song that stands for a nation steeped in the blood of Indians and slaves dragged from Africa. A nation that proudly, to this day, confirms that it still stands for slavery and genocide seeing as how there over 2 million descendants of slaves incarcerated which is more than were original African slaves and the Indians are still segregated on reservations experiencing hunger, illness and abject poverty while the descendants of those who put them there are still waging war on the descendants of slaves and the Indigenous population.

So no, Gladys ‘dumbass’ knight, by your singing that shit, it will NOT bring us ALL together. It will NOT unite us. It will just make you look like the fool you are; massa’s fool and he will laud you for it even as he laughs at your stupidity. But since you’re obviously so played out that you need the gig, go right ahead. Step right up and display your cooning abilities since that is what many Black people are good at, especially those who can stand and say they marched for Civil Rights and against Jim Crow and yet will sing a song that calls for the return of ‘PROPERTY’, meaning slaves you are descended from. Yeah coon, your massas are loving the fact that they can get Black people to do anything! Hand them a few dollars or the ability to sell some of their music thanks to their face at the Super Bowl and they can forget and forgive slavery, Jim Crow, three-fifths, the one-drop rule, discrimination, racism, bigotry, police brutality, gentrification, mass homelessness and income inequality visited on Black people, not to mention the introduction of crack into once vibrant Black communities that left them devastated. Gladys Knight can overlook ALL of that for her 15 minutes upon the stage to sell a few songs on iTunes. You go with your coonhead ass Gladys Knight. Until those of your era die out, we will continue to see coons do fuck all when given an opportunity to speak from the bully pulpit.

No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Sing that verse, why don’t you Gladys Knight and see how fast your mic would get cut the fuck off. But you don’t have the balls to do that, coonhead!

Key got his ass kicked by many a slave,
who valiantly fought, each was so brave.
What Amerikkka wanted was for them in a grave
but they boarded a ship and from a distance did wave.

There! I fixed it for them! Now sing that, you lousy coonhead fucker! Two coonheads who could have used the bully pulpit to shed light on the plight of those who look like them if this government shutdown continues, but instead, one decided to take umbrage over what Trump served some game playing motherfuckers at the White House and the other goes on to defend a racist national anthem. And I have the nerve to wonder why Black America has made no gains. With shit such as this in our corner and white enemies on our asses daily, is it any wonder??!!

10 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Coons

  1. In his book about white supremacy, Ta-Nehisi Coates refers to Jesse Jackson as a “helicopter activist.” In other words, Jackson helicopters in to lead a protest or two in response to police killings and other atrocities against the Black community and returns to his life of comfort – without offering disenfranchised African Americans what they really need – namely assistance in building the kind of grassroots movements that bring about real change.

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    1. I can buy that and include Al Sharpton’s coon ass into the mix as well. Those Black motherfuckers who can get a mic placed before them, don’t do shit that will help. They are ALL on some, “What can I get out of this?” bullshit! And they are always going on and on about how they marched, protested and some mo shit. What the hell did that do? Not a goddamn thing since folks are still doing the same damn thing today. But at least they could denounce the foul ass shit that is still playing out all across Amerikkka, but they won’t. They just want a few minutes in the spotlight and to make a few dollars and then slink on back to the hole they crawled out of. Like I always say, “I fucking despair OF us, I no longer despair FOR us!” That ship has sailed.

      Dr Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. This is a great post Shelby, No disrespect or offense for what I’m about to say Shelby but I believe that we(Black People) blame things a little bit too much on white people a lot of times when it comes to white supremacy and other things. I do believe that 70% or 80% of the problems that we have to face as a race is their fault but 20% or 30% is also our fault too when it comes to how a lot of us live when it comes to living in the projects and such and how a lot of us don’t be trying to strive for the best in life when it comes to going to college, getting a job and doing other things so we don’t look like people who are low down to the ground. I’m not defending white people at all but I do feel like we are part of the problem as well with feeling enslaved/oppressed. The things that don’t make no sense that a lot of us do is when those dumb and ignorant ones of us be shooting and eradicating each other and then we think that it is best to blame that all on white people. I have heard and read that white people have used a technique which is something like “Divide and Conquer” on us back to when we were slaves so we can hate each other and kill each other but I still don’t think that is somewhat entirely the cause of us doing that to each other because I feel that we all have a brain and a mind as black people but it seems like there is a lot of us who don’t know how to use them.


    1. “I believe that we(Black People) blame things a little bit too much on white people a lot of times when it comes to white supremacy and other things.”

      Disrespect and offense meant and so take it for what it is; absolute disrespect and offense. I knew something was ‘off’ about you when you first came to my blog and stated that you wanted my email address to contact me about something ‘good’ you had to say. If it was all that good, it could just as easily have been said right here since you didn’t have a problem posting the above comment. And if your intent was to get me to blow up, you failed, miserably. This blog is filled with the reasons why whites are to blame for the majority of our problems and I stand by every post that I published. I have told people that they only need archive to their heart’s content and that is what they do. I could post a list that would wrap around this globe more times than I can shake a stick as to why whites are to blame for the plight of descendants of slaves in this shithole because if not for them having dragged our asses over here, we would not have a plight. We would not have the ‘problems’ we have. So, that nips your little nice/nasty shit in the bud right there and the rest is just icing on the fucked up cake that whites are writing books about claiming that slaves were happy to bake birthday cakes for their owners and shit of the like is endless and now you want to step in and try and subtly and underhandedly get your little digs in. Take your sell-out ass somewhere else because apparently, you’re either a troll running around the internet with ‘Black face’ on seeing what you can stir up or you’re one of those African tree climbing motherfuckers. “True Black Panther?” Yeah, right. Ain’t nobody buying that fake ass shit you’re peddling.

      And so with your comment, I now have “A Tale of THREE Coons!” Come correct or I’ll put you in check. You should know that I’ll tolerate no shit or bullshit and if you keep flinging it, you will notice that your comments will no longer post. Try me!


  3. As much I love black people and I respect them, doesn’t matter which countries they are from and which language they speak,but some of us who doesn’t want to wake up,Shelby for me they can go with their lover white masters!
    We should let them go,because they will not weak up or understand that we are all victim of brainwashing!
    I am tired about Coon and self-hatred,when I see them on my daily life I just walk over because is really shameful to see these brainless walking zombie without any black pride inside their hearts!
    It’s true that being black is hard but I prefer being self conscious instead being a vile coon who blame other blacks for problems that we didn’t start!
    Isn’t all our fault,we didn’t create all these shit and other disgusting staff that daily basic unfortunately we see!
    For me being self-hatred and coon it’s mean being mental illness!
    Again and again some us still waiting for white hope,white saviour,for wp who we will save all of us,
    this it will never happen,we can wait how many years and years we want, they will never help us because “They don’t give a shit about us!”
    More we go and more they are happy,the value of our life for them it’s nothing, I don’t want hear that some of them “are good!”,if they are so good,so why they don’t ask their white brothers to stop harass us,stop kill us and stop to try to exterminate our people?
    Why your white lovers don’t do anything to you? Because the truth ” they don’t give a shit about you!”
    I believe that some of us don’t want us to be free,is very sad to say but the truth is black people hate each more they hate wp,some of us will do anything to stop our freedom!
    I will never say thank you or bow my head to wp for what I have now,I prefer die!
    Sometimes I wished if our ancestors were more ruthless when they saw these motherfu@@ coming,they could kill all them at first sing!

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    1. The reason why it matters which countries they come from is because Africans who come to Amerikkka do not associate with descendants of slaves. They think that they are above us and they carry themselves like they do. That is a fact. And is probably the reason myself and others are sitting here in Amerikkka dealing with the shit we are dealing with especially seeing as how Africa still can’t get its shit together to this day because if it could, then there would be no need for Africa’s people to strive to come to this country, but they do and the reason they are treated better than descendants of slaves is because when the whites over here hear that accent those Africans have, they don’t have to worry about experiencing any guilt like qualms because they know that those Africans CHOSE to come to Amerikkka. The whites over here know that we did not and so they hate our guts for something that their ancestors put in play and they continue the dirty ass shit their ancestors started. That is why we are doing so poorly over here and why Blacks from other countries can come here and fare well and they do. But now Trump wants to throw their asses out and I have no problem with that. The only problem I have is that those Hindu motherfuckers and I include those from India and Pakistan in that because many of them are here illegally on expired visas and then somehow are granted citizenship.

      They take jobs away from those of us who are citizens by birth because when I went back to my hometown, the company that I used to work for had almost been taken over entirely by those from India. There were hardly any Black people to be found and so it was whites and those Hindu motherfuckers working there. So, I am anti-immigration because we have it bad enough without having to compete with those who came here illegally and then are granted citizenship and are actually sitting up on the dole because when I was in Baltimore, MD, the majority of those who are now holding Section 8 vouchers are those who crawled over here from India and those motherfuckers own the convenience stores. How that is even possible, is a complete mystery to me, but I know this for a fact. I saw it.

      Thousands of Indians are living in the US on expired visas

      More Indians tend to overstay their US visa validity than nationals of any other country.

      The highest number of visa overstays in the “other” category in 2017 came from India, according to an analysis of the department of homeland security’s latest entry/exit overstay report by Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), a non-profit, which favours immigration reduction. This group mostly comprises guest workers or other employment-related visas. A few “pre-immigrant” categories such as fiancées are also included.

      And the numbers are only growing. Overstaying Indian nationals in this segment increased 19% from 8,061 in 2016 to 9,568 a year later.

      Also, I am with you in that Black people need to understand that there will be no savior to come in and save the day for us. And whites are never going to get hit with an epiphany and understand that they are vile, vicious and too parasitic for words and cease and desist with that shit. That’s never going to happen because that is in their DNA. It is what makes them the atrocities they are. And no, there are no ‘good’ whites because if there were, they would be denouncing the racist shit their own kind engage in, but they don’t and that speaks volumes. This shit didn’t just start. It is ongoing and so each generation of whites perpetuate this shit that is visited on us. They intend to keep ‘white privilege’ alive and well and in order to do that, they must keep the status quo as it is and they will. It is up to Black people to do something about this shit. What? I don’t know because whites write the laws, use the law to incarcerate us because nothing they do is wrong. They are the vile creatures who slither all across this planet stealing, enslaving and blowing people to bits and yet, sit in judgment on them. What kind of outrageous shit is that? Only the most depraved psychopath would do that. Whites are insane for why else are they the ones who are hell bent on destroying the only home we will ever have? No other on this planet has done more to cause the demise of this entire planet than whites and yet they are the ones who will then turn around and call for an end to ‘global warming’ when they are the very shits who set that shit in motion. How sick is that?

      And finally, yes, I too, wish that our ancestors had been as ruthless as whites have always been. Hell! Those motherfuckers are depravity, defined the minute they’re hatched. And it only gets worse. It’s bred into them and so there is nothing to work with and yet Black people will continue to march right up to those parasites expecting relief? They need to get real and understand that that ain’t never gonna happen. Whites are incapable of exhibiting any humane qualities which consist of compassion, empathy, love and kindness because they are not human. That is the truth. And you need look no further than at the foul ass shit they do, daily.

      qnubian528, I thank you for another great comment.

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  4. Indeed what you said it’s true about African people,they believe that we African diaspora we are the only one who are descendants of enslaved,kidnapped and raped people but what African people don’t understand it’s,their ancestors have been through the same fate of our ancestors!
    It’s just that all of them suffer of deep amnesia,they aren’t better then us or different than us,
    they have our same suffer,but they refuse to accept the reality, fact they just want to believe every single bullshit wp tell them!
    I had a very deep conservation with an African man,he told me things the majority African people today don’t have no any idea what happen in the past,he told me about how wp have divided African countries in different separate countries to make African people against each other,how Africa has been conquered and invaded by different European invader,how they raped African people,”the mulattoes” have been already in Africa, these devils they already did all these shits in Africa long centuries before they brought our ancestors in Americas!
    Africa still prey of wp and also Chinese people are taking over the continent,African people don’t even realise the colonialism for them it never ended,if some African people have the never tell me that we African diaspora we are the only one have been conquered I will throw out every single things about their history!
    I always loved studying history because from the past you can learn and understand the enemies!
    For the foreign as Indian and other communities outside US who are taking over the jobs,wp just want to have cheap labour,they prefer give the jobs to outsider instead to give their fellow citizens!
    Also they tolerate only people who kiss their ass and Indian people and other people colour are really welcome to bow and kiss their ass,what African American people aren’t gonna do it!
    Plus wp hate blacks with passion,so they will do everything to make our life harder and miserable,they prefer give the jobs at Indians and other instead to give jobs to black people!
    Because what I said once,they don’t want to see us have fortune,money,doing good in business,all our family are together,happy not be broken,everything they have,they just want to keep for themselves,
    the reason is simple they are the most vile greedy and selfish people that I have ever seen on my life!
    Shelby also black wall street has proof that black people if we want,we can build another black wall street,I mean who care,I don’t see the reason to be afraid!

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    1. What you say is SO true qnubian528 in that Africans believe that descendants of slaves are the only ‘conquered’ Black people when in fact, ALL areas of Africa have been conquered or in other words, ‘colonized’ by outsiders and what did the Africans do about it? Nothing. What are they doing about it? Nothing, unless we count tribal skirmishes that only kill other Africans doing something about colonialism. The Chinese and all white motherfuckers from that side of the pond are over in Africa stealing everything that’s not nailed down and hauling it the fuck out of Africa. What is Africa doing about that? Again…nothing! And yet, those Africans want to come at us about ‘our heritage’? Really?!!! I’ve had about enough from them. They need to get THEIR act together before coming at us with their bullshit because if not for their bullshit, we would not even be looking at one another as enemies when we ALL have a common enemy in the form of Asians and Caucasians. They are one and the same despite the rhetoric coming from the White House regarding trade wars with China. The Chinese all over Africa like flies on shit and the Africans just let them do whatever the hell they want and yet I have heard that Africans who immigrate to China are treated like dirt beneath their feet. The Africans will let any group come over there and yet when they head elsewhere they are treated vile and they cannot understand that they need to kick that shit out of Africa…ALL the way out! Those so-called African leaders are some real punk ass bitches who refuse to see to the needs of the African people, but who will in turn, allow the rape and pillage to go on and look the other way so long as they reap some sort of benefit from letting the status quo continue.

      And the Pakistanis and the motherfuckers from India bow and scrape to these white parasites over here because they know that if they don’t,, their ass kissing asses will have those visas declared ‘null and void’ and back to their original countries they go. That is one reason why they hate descendants of slaves because they try and impress whitey pasty ass with that shit and also because they hate the fact that we are not here on a visa and they are. Tough shit! They can take their visas and stick them up their fucking ass! I would send them ALL packing and so they’d better be glad it’s not up to me to decide if they get to stay.

      You are right again in that we did indeed have a Black Wall Street. We also had our own communities and did not even see a pale white ass, but the whites saw that we were doing good all on our own and put a stop to that by burning down our Wall Street, burned down an entire town and bombed a Black neighborhood because just as you say they don’t like it when we excel and especially when we do it without crawling to those slimy parasites because those depraved leeches want everything for themselves and no one must prosper besides them. They are the most vile and loathsome motherfuckers to ever slither and crawl all across this planet bringing with them destruction, disease, wars, plagues, famine and death. May they die out soon! I wish the sun would burn their asses to the tiniest crisp ever to be crunched.

      qnubian528, I thank you for another wonderful comment.

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