Who’s in it for B?: B. Smith, Black Women, and America’s Normalized Contempt

“The story is both enraging and heartbreaking, depicting a black woman buried alive in a racial paradigm that thrives in her disrespect. Additionally, this story exposes B. Smith as a casualty in a much larger war against black women. Specifically, this story depicts the disrespected black woman as a spectacle rendered entertainment in a normalized evil.

Truthfully, Gasby, his child, and his girlfriend should be imprisoned for abusing a disabled woman and charged with robbery for allocating her money to fund said abuse. But because their actions are in accordance with the pervasive anti-blackness of white hegemony, B.Smith is not an abused woman, but an entertainer worthy of gossip not serious or legal contemplation. “

I am raging mad over this because this is just ‘business as usual’ when it comes to the depiction of Black women by white-owned media. Until we can tell “OUR” story, it will always be “HIS”story that is told!

What B. Smith’s husband and HIS daughter are doing to her is just absolutely unforgivable. That whoremonger lived a life of luxury and ease on B. Smith’s dime and now that she is suffering from Alzheimer’s and is not in her right mind, his lazy ass, has kicked her to the curb, while still living in her house, and has moved HIS white mistress in and so is it any wonder, he needed to take a ‘white’ mistress? He is trying to justify why he is cheating on a woman who is a saint married to garbage when all is said and done. For the love of !!!!!

Whispers of a Womanist

The most profound of black male leaders were advocates for black women. Men like Malcolm X and Thomas Sankara come to mind, their praxis and words providing enlightenment and inspiration to the black collective thoroughly vested in admiration and reverie for a lineage and legacy birthed from and anchored in the black female body. Though it has been decades since Malcolm X spoke the poignant words “the black woman is the most disrespected person in the United States” his words remain a truth lost in an environment of performative reformation. Perhaps the most imperative component of Malcolm X’s statement is that he describes the black woman as a “person,” an assertion contested repeatedly by a media and world infested by a white hegemonic ideology. 

This notion of black dehumanization is best illustrates in the news— a consistent source of anti-black propaganda. The Washington Post recently featured a story on…

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2 thoughts on “Who’s in it for B?: B. Smith, Black Women, and America’s Normalized Contempt

  1. I found this post extremely interesting, Shelby, though I’m not sure I totally understand all the implications. I think there’s absolutely no question that Black women suffer far more economic exploitation under modern capitalism than any other class and that in the minds of our twisted white elite debasing them somehow justifies this extreme exploitation. It’s good to see Black women finding the voice to call this out.

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  2. Dr. Bramhall, Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post posted an article about B. Smith. I had never heard of her until I read that article and it is heartbreaking what that woman is being exposed to and why. Her accomplishments and achievements are being exploited by her piece of shit husband and his white mistress right under her very nose since they are co-habitating in B. Smith’s house and she cannot complain or throw that white bitch and that whoremonger out since she has Alzheimer’s. If she had cancer, he would not have that white bitch living in her house because she’d at least still have her faculties and would not stand for that outrageous shit! And Jeff Bezos is using B. Smith to his advantage to sell papers and not out of some deep seated belief that she is being wronged, which she is. B. Smith and her condition are being exploited on every level and C.C. Saunders quite eloquently and succinctly brought this fact home as only she can. I’d read the article and watch the video. You’ll be just as angry afterwards as we are.

    Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall.

    Here is the link to the article.


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