Virginia’s Attorney General Admits To Wearing “Black Face” and Virginia’s Lt. Governor, Whose Face Is Actually Black Stands Accused Of Sexual Assault

My home state of Virginia just cannot get itself out of the news as it pertains to scandals. With three prominent politicians swept up in scandals, I wonder how many more will “come out of the woodwork,” so to speak.

Crisis in Virginia: Scandal sweeps up 3 Virginia officials

Attorney General Mark Herring issued a statement saying he wore brown makeup and a wig in 1980 to look like a rapper during a party as a 19-year-old student at the University of Virginia.

Herring — who has been among those calling on Northam to resign — said he was “deeply, deeply sorry for the pain that I cause with this revelation.” He said that in the days ahead, “honest conversations and discussions will make it clear whether I can or should continue to serve as attorney general.”

Then, within hours, Vanessa Tyson, the woman whose sexual assault allegations against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax surfaced earlier this week, issued a detailed statement saying Fairfax forced her to perform oral sex on him in 2004 during the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

Virginia’s governor Ralph Shearer Northam has already developed amnesia over a photo that surfaced depicting him either in “Black face” or in a KKK outfit. At first he stated that he was in the photo and then a day later, he stated that he “believes then and now that he is not in the racist photo.” And though many are calling for him to resign, as of today, he has not done so.

And now, Virginia’s Attorney General, Mark Herring, has stated that he too, wore ‘brown face’ and an AFRO wig to a party to represent a rapper that he loved to listen to. Now, if I liked say, Pink, I am not going to wear ‘white face’ and color my hair ‘pink’ to showcase my love for Pink’s music. Descendants of slaves celebrate holidays and we don’t go around buying up white shoe polish and spreading it all over our faces to depict our mortal enemy. But meanwhile, our mortal enemy is busy buying up black shoe polish to depict those whom they hold racist attitudes towards and think it funny and entertaining to do so. This is why I have often stated that we do indeed need to know who is underneath that hood and who is underneath that black shoe polish because how are we to retain any semblance of health if our doctor has just scrubbed off black shoe polish and then proceeds to don that white jacket and come at us with some medical advice? We need to know if judges have just taken off a white hood, thrown off their white sheet, only to don a judge’s robes and proceeded to throw the book at us because of their racist attitudes. We don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell because our enemies are not just ‘good ole boyz driving busted up pickup trucks and sporting raggedy ass mouths’, they are our doctors, lawyers who misrepresent us, judges who throw the book at us because it is their privilege to do so thanks to racism, prejudice, bigotry and white supremacy. Racism kills, racism imprisons, racism is why Black America is in the condition it is in today.

Governor Northam and Attorney General Herring are not the only two politicians in Virginia who are ‘guilty’ of being blatant, outrageous, unapologetic racists. Every single white face in politics and out of it is racist, bar none. And yes, I said, “Unapologetic,” because despite their ‘forced apologies’, not one of those flaming racists is sorry for what they are, not one! Rich white men never suffer consequences for being what they are; depraved, debased sociopaths hyped up on a fake euphoria of superiority. Those debased creatures are privately lauded for what they stand for even as they are publicly shamed. And so just as there is no need for Virginia’s governor to resign, there is no need for the Attorney General to resign for what will take their place will be no different and certainly no better.

As for Black-assed Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who is alleged to have forced a woman to perform oral sex on him, he may have to answer for that in a court of law seeing as how his accuser has been shopping around for a law firm. And though Fairfax has stated, for the record, that the sex act was consensual, apparently, his ‘victim’ disagrees.

What I am not understanding is why they are just now calling this, “A Crisis In Virginia,” since there has always been this crisis in Virginia since Virginia is loaded down with stomp down racists and sexual predators. This is nothing new. This is not shocking news. The history of this state proves that. Streets are named for Confederate generals, statues commemorating the confederacy are everywhere. Confederate flags are seen more than the national flag, which stands for the same thing the confederate flag stands for and so why two flags, I don’t know since they are one and the same. Who’s fooling who? Because if descendants of slaves are to pick which flag is more racist, there is no contest, both are equally racist. We don’t have to physically live on Confederate Boulevard, but we know we do because our history up to present day proves that we do. We don’t have to live on Plantation Lane to know that we still live there because we never made it off the plantation. We don’t have to walk the Confederate Trail because the confederacy is all around us. We live and breathe the confederacy every single day of our miserable lives, made miserable by ‘good ole boyz’ like Governor Northam and Attorney General Herring. We are systematically murdered by racists in white coats in hospitals and medical centers all across this shithole. We are systematically incarcerated by racists in black robes all across this racist shithole. We are systematically herded into ghettos every single day thanks to gentrification put in to play by racists all across this shithole. There is no aspect of our lives that is not controlled by racist shits like Northam and Herring and we know this and so no, this is not a ‘new crisis’ for us. It is an ongoing crisis that is a direct result of culture of systemic racism perpetrated against us by the most vile and deviant filth to ever suck air! It is a crisis of invention; a crisis of intention, the intent is to eradicate us even as ‘so-called’ fun is being poked at us. How sick is that???!!!!

15 thoughts on “Virginia’s Attorney General Admits To Wearing “Black Face” and Virginia’s Lt. Governor, Whose Face Is Actually Black Stands Accused Of Sexual Assault

  1. Richmond became the Capital of the Confederate States of Amerigo in 1861. The Whitest House on Pennsylvania Avenue — de facto Confederate States of Amerigo — is 108 miles from The Governor’s Mansion in Richmond.
    The Electoral College, an institution created by the White framers to keep the country safe for Slavers in perpetuity, was created as a last-ditch insurance policy for the Gentle Gentry who keep every investment opportunity open, inexpensive, and profitable for Whiteifying entire neighborhoods at a time. Leveraging, they call it.

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    1. Bill, thank you for your comment which is truth in its entirety. Who in their right mind thinks that what went down hundreds of years ago, has simply been erased? Anyone with more than two brain cells connected should be able to see what is right in front of their eyes. And yet, many willfully ignore the sanctity bestowed upon an institution dedicated to slavery, white privilege and hate. Many believe that it is okay for them to graduate from medical school and other so-called ‘schools of higher learning’ with racism dripping from their asses. How can anyone be considered ‘educated’ and still remain so goddamn ignorant, racist, prejudiced and bigoted? They cannot! These racists whose past actions are coming back to the forefront did not give a rat’s ass if this shit surfaced because if they did, they would not have been so blatant and open with their obvious racist acts. Placing their racist shit in yearbooks is an ‘in our face’ insult even as the racist pretends to have some sort of awakening, but only after his ass is called out on the shit he has done. What does a goddamn worthless ass apology do? It does nothing. It solves nothing because the racist has not learned a damn thing. He has not ceased to be racist and he will not.

      Every single white politician has done the same thing Northam and Herring have done. And how on earth are descendants of slaves ever expected to receive a fair shake in this shithole when we need only look to what is ‘in power’ in this shithole to know that we don’t stand a snow ball’s chance in hell of catching a break, not with the shit we have to deal with, on a local level, on a state level and on a national level.

      How can anyone say that descendants of slaves are free and then turn right around and quote Thomas ‘slave owning’ Jefferson? Or George ‘slave owning’ Washington? Whites love to refer to those two depraved, filthy deviants and laud them as the ‘founding fathers’ because they embodied the principles by which they all live by; white privilege, white supremacy and white rule over our so-called ‘three-fifths human ass’. Whites speak of the Civil War as though that accomplished something when descendants of slaves fight a war each and every day and whites don’t know the fucking meaning of battle because they don’t fight the battles that we fight against their vile asses every day. Bill, I’ve got to stop here because I am just ‘white’ hot with rage.

      But again, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. There is one soundbite for every event taught in American classrooms, 99% of them are either grossly twisted, are outright sanctified falsehoods, or are events not complimentary to sensitive Whiteous feelings. Genocide on American soil is slathered over with sugary white icing. Indigenous Americans from a tapestry of tribes should be thankful for being “saved” from savage ways. Blacks from the tapestry that was Africa before the Europeans arrived should likewise be thankful for being saved and for the generous very nice plantation system that was far better than the lives they would have lived if not enslaved. Somehow most White genealogies trace back to families that were very very nice to their slaves. Who the hell ever learns about the Black Stock Market of Greenwood, OK that was burned to cinders:
        Here is something that inspired me, something for my next post:


      2. Bill, I cannot find it in me to thank you for the links because they did me no good at all. They only fueled the already, white hot rage that is building still. I read both and so, I can write no more.

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    1. Bill, I am not upset with you for posting them. I am glad you did, it is just that I am impotent in my fury and I don’t like that feeling at all. When I can do nothing about something so heinous and hideous as what we are dealing with, it just makes me boil over. I am always the one for getting things done and not being able to do anything about this is beyond aggravating. The injustices perpetrated every single day against innocent people is just something I am having a hard time coming to grips with.

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      1. Helplessness in the face of the heinous and the hideous devastates those who recognize the enormity of the injustice, while others dish out collective shrugs — an agony that goes way-way beyond aggravation for those who refuse to shrug along with their nihilism.


  2. Hello Miss Courtland, I’m new on here and I just love all of the facts that you speak and post. I happen to live in Virginia and when I saw this whole black face thing on the news about our evil governor’s past I wasn’t surprised at all because when it comes down to white people period there shouldn’t be no such thing as trust when it comes to who they are as people and especially to us as black people. I studied Malcolm X’s teachings about these evil people and I admire them and the teachings that Minister Farakkhan warned us about when it comes to white people. To be honest I HATE white people just as much as whoever else does!

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    1. Mranticonservative, welcome and thank you for your comment. We must be neck and neck in our hatred of whites otherwise known as parasites otherwise known as leeches. Those parasitic leeches latch onto a host and suck it dead ALL over this planet, leaving nothing behind but an empty, fucked up shell of what was once a human or a plant or an animal. They have managed to damn near destroy this entire planet with the vicious, vile, atrocious and fucked up shit they drag behind their parasitic asses and then are the very ones who have decided that it is now time for them to become vegans and “Go green!” Are those nasty ass shits for real? They cannot be since ALL other groups on this planet were managing to live as one with this planet besides those depraved, pasty-assed parasites. The only consolation I get is when I see their shit flooded out, covered in igneous rock or burnt the fuck up as in the California and Washington wildfires. I cannot wait for hurricane season. I cannot wait for another earthquake. I cannot wait for another volcanic eruption to wipe them and their shit the hell on up outta here. I cannot wait for the sun to burn their asses to little crisps for me to step on on the sidewalk. Their demise is ALL I beg, hope and wish for and I would be lying if I said otherwise. I make no bones about the fact that whites are the worst species on this planet and they are fucking NOT human. May they ALL drop dead soon!

      Mranticonservative, again, I thank you for your comment. Finally, a kindred soul!

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      1. You are so right Miss Courtland, They are parasites and leeches! They can be some annoying and sickening people or as you can say an annoying and sickening race of people. I don’t know what is wrong with some of us blacks that we just love mixing in, messing around, dating and having sex with these cave devils and seeing that is too sad and shameful! The White Race will ALWAYS be our number one sworn enemy and a constant thorn in our side as Black People. I happen to have an extreme prejudice and hatred for The White Race and I don’t see nothing wrong with it because if there was a way that these other people of other races could put themselves in our shoes for a change they will know and see that we do actually have the right to hate them in a extreme manner if we choose to think and feel that way about them.

        Thanks Miss Courtland for liking my previous post, I appreciate that dearly!

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      2. “. I don’t know what is wrong with some of us blacks that we just love mixing in, messing around, dating and having sex with these cave devils and seeing that is too sad and shameful!”

        My own son has chosen those parasitic leeches over me. We are no longer speaking because he just cannot leave that depraved filth alone. I was going to celebrate his birthday by taking him out and buying him whatever he wanted and had planned it well in advance. On the day of his birthday, he informs me that I must also haul around his parasitic leech girlfriend and I flatly refused. He then decides to bass on me and that is the end of that! Some Black folks done lost their goddamn mind when they will choose our mortal enemy over their own mother. He has already managed to help produce two half human, half whatever species white parasitic leeches are a member of and I have only seen one a couple of times because she refuses to even acknowledge ‘our’ side of the family and the other one I have never laid eyes on and don’t intend to. Those parasitic leeches that my son lies down with have called the cops on him multiple times for ‘trespassing’ just because they can and his ass has been locked up on some trumped up ‘trespassing’ charges, but has that deterred him from wanting to sniff up behind those skanks? Not a bit of it. His father bailed him out once. His grandmother bailed him out once and I’ve bailed him out once and now he can just rot inside for all we care because we are done!

        And you should “have an extreme prejudice and hatred for The White Race” because to have anything else for those depraved monsters would be criminal as well as crazy. They mean us MUCH harm and never you doubt it!

        Again, thank you for your comment.

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  3. No problem Miss Courtland, I’m here to help and support you in any way that I can. If you ever need help or support when it comes to them clowns and white like a ghost parasites I will be there. I’ll help you with bashing those hair infested with lice parasites!

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  4. Behind every great fortune lies a great crime — and a supporting cast of racists. How many Blacks can you name behind a great crime? I can’t think of a single one, can you? Only Whites control the narrative. Only Whites write the history books for all K-12 curricula, each of those books must pass Texas standards before use in every single State. I remember the very brief period that brought significant aspects to the law of the land and the SCOTUS that protected them. Clarence Tom-Us replaced Thurgood Marshall 30 year ago now. The Originalists like the Constitution as written by slavers. Five of nine Supreme Court Justices are Catholic, yet less than five percent of Catholics are Black. WTF.
    Nixon was as much a racist as Trump, but he kept it under wraps. He also got as many winks and nods from Democrats as were needed to stoke the New Jim Crow. Fortunately, he was paranoid and recorded everything, including the real racist reason for his War on Drugs. Hell, I even have memories of Nixon from the 1950s for crap’s sake. I graduated from university in 1969 and witnessed the impact that the Black Panthers were achieving. I read Malcolm’s autobiography the year it was published (1965), it impacted my life deeply. I’m also glad to learn the Arabic language now, it parallels with my support for Palestine. Arabs comprise the largest group of Semites, but crimes against them do not count as antisemitism. You can throw ten stones in Tel-Aviv and one will hit a Semitic person. Throw ten stones in Gaza and you’ll hit ten Semites. WTF too.

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  5. Bill, thank you for a most excellent comment. Sorry for the delay in a response, but I have been overwhelmed while traveling and was not able to blog or even log onto a computer.

    I cannot name one Black person that is “behind a great crime.” Not one! That’s a distinction only for whitey pink assed parasite who gets to throw the book at Black people for doing not a goddamn thing that even remotely comes close to the vile, vicious and atrocious shit he does. How whites can sit in judgement on others is just beyond the end of enough especially seeing as how they are the most deranged, depraved lunatics to ever slither and crawl all across this planet wreaking havoc everywhere they slither. Why this planet does not forcibly eject such vileness, I don’t know because it should have. It needs to and the rest of us would be the better off for it.

    Thurgood Marshall is but an afterthought seeing as how there is hardly anything commemorating him, but I am sure that when Clarence “Long Dong Silver” Thomas curls his toes, there’ll be many an honorary mention of him on buildings, streets and damn near everything else because of what he’d lie down for, the filthy dog!

    And I also heard about how they are giving some member of congress a hard time stating that she said something that was anti-Semitic. I get so sick and goddamn tired of hearing that no one had better tread on the feelings of Jews and in fact, they’ll soon be putting people to death for looking cross-eyed at ’em. Never mind the “Holocaust of slavery.” The Jews, apparently, are the only group who can have a horrible time of it and everyone else and their serious shit must take a back seat. This just pisses me off to no end. I am just tired of ALL of this shit!

    Bill, again, I thank you for your comment.


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