‘Make America Great Again’ is a TRUMP LIE!

“Trump may want to “Make America WHITE” but America has NEVER ever been WHITE. NEVER!”

Truth! The whole truth and nothing but!


“Make America Great Again” is just another one of Trump’s over EIGHT THOUSANDS LIES!

Trump doesn’t give a damn about making America great.  Trump only gives a damn about giving America to Vladimir Putin.

Trump may want to “Make America WHITE” but America has NEVER ever been WHITE.  NEVER!

America, before it was called America, was RED.  The American Indians, before they were known as Indians, were the only humans who lived here, and they were, and are still, RED.  Certain White Men came to this continent and tried to kill off all the “Redskins” but those White Men FAILED.  Like Trump is FAILING.

Then certain White Men forgot about the RED man, and tried out SLAVERY by bringing in BLACK SLAVES to America from Africa who would work cheaper than other white people.  So America became Red, White and Black (not blue). 

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12 thoughts on “‘Make America Great Again’ is a TRUMP LIE!

  1. A tale of two lies.
    “Make America Great Again” is a Trump lie. Yes indeed.
    “Trump only gives a damn about giving America to Vladimir Putin.” is a Deep State lie.

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      1. I did as well, nomad. And that is why I re-blogged it! He/she has said pretty much what I’ve stated many times over. I do disagree that “Trump is giving America to Putin,” but I believe that he was spot on with regards to everything else.

        Thank you for your comment.


  2. Thanks for reblogging this, Shelby. It’s an interesting post. One statement I disagree with though. The author says Trump is a good liar. He’s a really poor liar. Even his supporters don’t believe his lies. They just don’t care.

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    1. And yet another very astute observation we have here Dr. Bramhall as you are also correct in that Trump is “a really poor liar.” His supporters are just crazed racist bigots who “don’t care” about Trump’s lies so long as he continues to say what they want to hear. I was just overcome by the enthusiasm this person put into this blog. They are most definitely NOT having any parts of Trump, his lies and all things Trump!

      However, we shall see come 2020 if those of us who are outraged beyond belief over Trump’s shenanigans will be enough of a deterrent to his gaining a second term. Other than that, it will be a case of thank goodness presidents can only serve two terms.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.

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    2. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this post that Miss Courtland put on her blog but I agree Stuart Bramhall when you said that even his supporters don’t even believe his lies and that they don’t even care if he’s lying or not is so true. A lot of his supporters are so delusional and wicked that they either must think that America will eventually end up being “All White” or that Trump is going to be the president for eternity or basically feeling like both are going to happen which is absurd, sad and pitiful all together. I can’t wait to see how things play out!

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      1. Whites are hell bent on attempting to kill off as many of us as possible. I have had to take my cousin out of state because no doctor where we live will see him because I have caught them trying to do him harm and I filed two complaints with the medical board and two investigations have commenced and since that happened, my cousin was sent a “Dear Patient” letter saying that he was not cooperating with his doctors and was being “mean to staff.” Both are blatant lies and I have the tapes to prove it. Whites don’t like it when you uncover their shit and their lies. They like to smile in your face while killing you and think that you’re just going to fall for their shit. Well, I don’t and I won’t and though they make it difficult for me, I push back on their fucking ass! We are always at war with those parasitic leeches and we always will be and we cannot let our guard down for a goddamn second because those bastards are on us like ugly on a ape. Remain ever vigilant because they ain’t fucking playing.

        Thank you for your comment mranticonservative!

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  3. I agree Miss Courtland, I believe that ethnic cleansing is one major thing that is in their heads when it comes to us and jews which of course was something that Whites also had for the Native Americans when it came to them invading and stealing this land from them. I also feel like the ethnic cleansing thoughts and feelings that Whites have in them also be directed towards the people in the middle east when it comes to getting rid of those terrorist groups and organizations over there. I know that those terrorist groups and such do pose a serious threat to people and countries but I don’t think that it is all about the major/serious threat that those people pose when it comes to how Whites think, I believe it is all about wanting to get rid of them period in the ethnic cleansing manner. A lot of people choose to not see the evil, heinous, terrible and cruel things that these parasites have did to people and are still doing to people. Thanks Miss Courtland, I appreciate the kind words a whole lot!


    1. Those people in the Middle East were not going the fuck off until Amerikkka decided that their oil was what they’d steal from them and so Iraq was invaded over a vicious lie. Amerikkka had actually engaged in business deals with Saddam Hussein and then turned against him just because Amerikkka could. Likewise, Osama bin Laden. And Muammar Gaddafi certainly did nothing to invoke the ire of the shits at the helm of this collapsing, lopsided Titanic and yet he was murdered and Hillary “never saw a drone she didn’t like” Clinton guffawed over his senseless, needless death. Nothing that the people in the Middle East could do could top what Amerikkka has done to the world and that is a shameful fact.

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  4. There is something I’d like to mention and to talk about also Miss Courtland when it comes to certain things that Whites make up about us and this is basically about when you mentioned and told me about how your son is messing around with white women and about interracial dating and relationships. I have read something quite a while back that was either a quote or something like that and it said these exact words which is “The White Woman is The Black Man’s Kryptonite” and to be honest that quote or statement is not all the way true. I do feel or believe that it is 50% true and 50% not true because there are a lot of stupid and dumb black men that happens to look at them in a desirable state of mind and also lusting for them and thinking that they are some sort of trophy or prize and we have black men who are not even interested at all in white women and that don’t want to fool around with them period. The same thing applies to white women as well when it comes to 50% of them desiring a black man and being weak for a black man and 50% of them not being interested at all in black men and of course being racist which gives them that not interested feeling as well. We also have the right and authority to say the same about white women as well which should go like “The Black Man is The White Woman’s Kryptonite” even though both of the statements are part true and part false. It is hilarious how Whites think that nothing applies to them as well! Let me know what are your thoughts and feelings about the things I mentioned in this comment Miss Courtland, I truly appreciate your feedback and opinions a lot!


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