R. Kelly and Michael Jackson: What’s not being discussed — Sevyn Scott


By: Sevyn Scott March 7, 2019 In case you haven’t kept up with the never ending drama, R. Kelly was busted once again for his kiddie antics. In February, he was indicted on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of four alleged victims which is considered a class 2 felony and can serve up […]

via R. Kelly and Michael Jackson: What’s not being discussed — Sevyn Scott

What’s not being discussed is why Harvey Weinstein, who in May, was arrested in New York on charges of rape, criminal sex act, sex abuse and sexual misconduct related to interactions with two women is not making headlines. What is also not being discussed is why there are hundreds of white men who have been accused of rape, criminal sex acts, sex abuse, groping and sexual misconduct but have not had their lives put front and center, been interviewed by Gayle King, have been sent to prison as is the case with Bill Cosby or is being dragged from the grave to be vilified all over again as is the case with Michael Jackson.

Where is the public outrage over these white male parasitic leeches who have all been accused of some form of sex abuse and sexual misconduct?

Let’s start with singer, song-writer, Ryan Adams and moving right along, there is also,

Portuguese professional footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo,

U.S. Supreme Court Judge, Brett Kavanaugh,

60 Minutes Executive Producer, Jeff Fager,

French Actor, Gerard Depardieu,

CBS CEO, Les Moonves,

TV host and founder of Nerdst Industries, Chris Hardwick,

Dominican-American writer, creative writing professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and fiction editor at Boston Review, Junot Diaz,

American television journalist and author, Tom Brokaw,

Canadian animator and voice actor, John Kricfalusi,

Chairman and CEO of Merrick Ventures, LLC, Michael Ferro,

Architect, Richard Meier,

Writer and Director, Sherman Alexie,

President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., Philip Berk,

Author Lemony Snicket AKA Daniel Handler,

Famed fashion photographer, Patrick Demarchelier,

Talent manager, Vincent Cirrincione,

Fashion designer and co-founder of Guess? Inc., Paul Marciano,

Actor, Scott Baio AKA Chachi,

Wynn Resorts Chairman and CEO, Steve Wynn,

World renowned illusionist, David Copperfield,

Actor Michael Douglas,

CEO and publisher at the Los Angeles Times, Ross Levinsohn,

Fashion photographer, homosexual Mario Testino, accused of making unwanted sexual advances to thirteen male models and assistants, including instances of groping and masturbation.

Stunt coordinator, Joel Kramer,

Actor, filmmaker and college instructor, James Franco,

Former Washington Post reporter, Joel Achanbach,

Former Fox News Chief White House correspondent, James Rosen

Actor Kevin Spacey

and the list is endless.

So, what’s really going on? What’s going on is that white men can get away with being sexual deviants because who controls the narrative? White men. Black men and their indiscretions must be touted out at every opportunity even upon death.

But know this, no one has a more deviant nature than the white man for his deviance knows no bounds. Even when his deviant shit hits the fan, it merely settles on the floor and is swept out the door. Who writes the history books? Exactly! And that is why the white man’s filth is (HIS)story. If there is no 24/7 news coverage of it, who is concentrating on it? Hence the reason why there is 24/7 news coverage of a Black man’s indiscretions.

Whites have long heralded the Black man as a sexual predator while Black women are encouraged to engage in sexual relations with white male deviants and the narrative remains the same. While their shit gets swept out the door, a Black man’s sex life gets lit the fuck up in an attempt to get everyone to believe the narrative put out by the white man that only Black men are sex addicts and Black women are sex objects. These are outrageous, bald-faced lies!

Halle Berry was married to Eric Benet and she claimed he wanted sex all the time and of course, Eric Benet stated that he was a sex addict and got treatment for it. Meanwhile, Berry went on to a Canadian, who impregnated her and who has tried to take her for everything she is worth and she ended up leaving his ass. Then she decides to try out one of those French motherfuckers, who also impregnated her and who she is now divorced from. So it would seem that Eric Benet was the least problem for her ass.

Likewise, Janet Jackson, who fears for her child’s safety when the child is visiting with the father, Wissam Saleh Al Mana, a Qatari business magnate, she, apparently, is not happy with what she went all the way to Qatar to find. That slut had to go all the way to Qatar to meet her baby daddy who she then turned around and had to call the police for a welfare check on her son while he was in the custody of her baby daddy. Next time, stick with your own kind! And Halle Berry needs to take note of this as well.

What all of us who make up the Black collective fail to understand or to realize is that we have a common enemy and that enemy is the white parasitic leech in ALL forms, female, male, transgender and whatever else its claiming to be changed into on any given day. I guess, a goat next.

While many of us are busy buying into the bullshit about how depraved Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson and R. Kelly is, who is doing a goddamn thing about ALL of the white male deviants that are listed above beginning with Harvey Weinstein and not ending there? Where are the interviews with Gayle King with Harvey Weinstein sitting somewhere trying to justify what he is accused of? Joel Kramer? James Franco? Steve Wynn? Brett Kavanaugh? Vincent Cirrincione? David Copperfield? Tom Brokaw? Paul Haggis? Mike Germano? Andrew Creighton? Peter Martins? Corey Lewandowski? Chuck Close? Charles Dutoit? Jack Latvala? T.J. Miller? Gene Simmons? Andrea Ramsey? Jerry Richardson? Chris Matthews? Brad Kern? Andrew Duncan? Morgan Spurlock? Eric Alexander Hewitt? Ken Friedman? Dan Johnson? Eric Weinberger? Heath Evans? Ryan Lizza? Tom Ashbrook? Mario Batali? Cade Hudson? Jon Heely? Joe Alexander? U.S. Appeals Court Judge Alex Kozinski? Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks, Bryan Singer? Donald J. Trump?

Need I continue with the list? I didn’t think so! So no, white males are not sexual deviants, are they? They’re just fine, upstanding, good ole wholesome white men? Is that right? Well, tell that to the men and women who have accused those bastards of rape, criminal sex acts, sex abuse, groping and sexual misconduct. Tell them that shit! But where is the accountability from them? Why aren’t they making headlines, continuously for their criminal sex acts, sex abuse, rape, sexual misconduct and some more shit of the like? Because they control the narrative. They control the script. They write the laws that allow them to break said laws while at the same time enforcing said laws against those whom they have accused of doing exactly what they stand accused of. How sick is that? Now, who is the sexual deviant here? The accused who is paying for any crime he may or may not have committed or the accused who will never be brought before a ‘judge’ to answer for what he has been accused of?

Black folks, there comes a time when we need to take a step back and look at the big picture and the big picture is that there has always been a war being waged against us by our mortal foe; the white parasitic leeches. They are ramping up that war and we as a much put upon group need to step up our game and ‘circle the wagons’. This is US versus them and those ‘thems’ ain’t fucking human and so have not one iota of compassion, empathy or humanity. They don’t even have a soul. They are monsters! Believe what the hell they say at your own peril! Lie down with that vile and atrocious shit at your own peril. Throw your own kind under the bus at your own peril because if we listen to what the white media throws at us about how depraved our Black men are while those pale parasitic leeches crawl and slither away from the vile ass shit they do, then we will deserve everything that those parasites are about to fling our way. We never made it off the plantation! You can’t see that? We are still on the plantation together! Now is not the time to denounce our own. Now is not the time to get on the “Fuck up the Black man” bandwagon that the pale parasitic leeches are dragging around Amerikkka. Donald “Grab Them By The Pussy” Trump was elected president and white so-called female parasites knew this before they voted for him. They then turn around and act quite shocked when he nominates Brett Kavanaugh to the highest court in the land, but yet, Bill Cosby is THE problem? Deceased Michael Jackson is THE problem? R. Kelly is THE problem? Neither Bill Cosby, nor deceased Michael Jackson, nor R. Kelly are/were in any position to lay down the law in this stolen land. Brett Kavanaugh can and so can Donald Trump, but what has happened to those two? Not a goddamn thing and it won’t. Now is the time to ‘band’ together and push back against this bullshit! It is now or never! That’s what’s NOT being discussed!



14 thoughts on “R. Kelly and Michael Jackson: What’s not being discussed — Sevyn Scott

  1. What I always found so amazing it’s the double Standard!
    Because what it is going on about R. Kelly and Michael Jackson,the truth is these two aren’t innocent,
    I don’t say that they aren’t victims,but for fame they sold their soul to Satan because in entertainment world if you want to be famous and rich you need to follow the masonic Satanic religion to reach the top!
    I don’t defence WM be innocent and angels because they are the first vile depraved monsters that the only place on Earth they deserve to live is in jail!
    How you said before,they always want to talk about how depraved,immoral and deviants people we are,
    BM have always been portrayed as brute and insatiable sexual predator and BW we move our body in a vulgar way or to attract sexual attention,we never be described as be good people or with good moral!
    I am not surprise if other cultures believe more lies above us instead about wp,because these bastards control the media!
    It’s funny that when BW are sexually assault by WM or other men no one believe us because we aren’t the image of the stereotype of innocent and pure WW!
    But unfortunately Shelby some of us as been brainwashed and conditioned by these evils,what I find humiliating and letting your body be degraded!
    I can’t open the news and always you see them doing some perverted staff but if famous or ordinary BM are involved in some case of sexual assault you will see on the newspaper article pages and pages about them!

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    1. qnubian, I posted this one to showcase the outrageous double standards when it comes down to not holding white male parasites, accountable for the same shit they are hell bent on holding Black men accountable for. White male parasites give themselves a free “sexual predator” pass while sending Black men to prison or continuing to malign their name even after their demise. No one seems to give a damn when white male parasites commit heinous acts of sexual depravity, but will rain down hellfire and brimstone on Black men. That shit stops here. I will not condone their vicious hypocrisy!

      If R. Kelly and Bill Cosby have to be made examples of, then so should the numerous sexual predator monsters that I have included in this blog who happen to be of the white male parasitic variety. They get no free pass here. It was white male parasites that came up with the term, “Hollywood casting couch” which we ALL know means, getting that role by having sex with the producer/director and anyone else who wants in on the action. And quite frankly, white female parasites should just shut the fuck up since they willingly degrade themselves by constantly screeching for the ‘swimsuit’ to be returned to the Miss America pageant. They have no problem with being scantily clad and yet will turn right around and claim that one of their species sexually took advantage of them. They cannot have it both ways.

      And yes, Black people have been brainwashed into believing that it is quite fine and dandy to do the dirty with white parasitic leeches. I’m not down with that because I am not brainwashed. Can I wake our people the hell up? Most likely not. But at the same time, I want these parasitic leeches to know that some of us are well aware of the foul and vile ass shit that they are up to.

      qnubian528, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. The whole “The big scary savage black man is out here raping and murdering everybody, so, they deserve any kind of mistreatment they get.

    Very well written indeed. The evidence on the white supremacist presented in damning.

    One Love,
    The Stormy Poet

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    1. Yes indeed, Black men were referred to as “The savage n****r buck” during the ‘early’ days of slavery since we are still enslaved and on the fucking plantation. The white male parasitic leech even used ‘breeding’ techniques to mate slaves with other slaves who were deemed fit for whatever task the slave owning white male parasitic leech would put the slave to, not to mention that the slave owning white male parasitic leech was also forcing himself on the poor helpless slaves and the result usually worked in the house and would be vilely mistreated by the slave owner’s wife. And yet, we are the problem???!! They better get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!

      There is no one more depraved on this planet than a white male and female parasitic leech. They are filth! Two sides of the same coin and yet they sit back and pass judgment on others? That is insanity in that the most depraved slugs to ever slither and crawl all across this planet are sitting in judgment on humans when those monstrosities are not even human. They are by definition, sexual deviants. And I am more than happy to put their vile ass shit, front and center even as they refuse to because if you let them tell it, even their shit don’t fucking stink. The funky ass filthy shit they deposit all over this planet will not go unnoticed by me. And if they come all up in here, they’ll find their shit exposed for ALL the world to see!

      The Stormy Poet, I thank you for your comment!

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  3. Miss Courtland, You tell the truth and nothing but the truth which is something that inspires me and that also makes me want to learn and read even more when it comes to the subjects and topics about racism and race relations and the rest. You mentioned a true fact that I happen to notice as well when it comes down between us blacks and whites committing heinous sexual acts and crimes, You mentioned how people don’t care at all when it comes down to white males committing heinous sexual crimes but will of course and without hesitation will rain down hellfire and brimstone on the black men and us period when we end up doing something terrible. You also mentioned how white people think that their shit don’t stink which is over the top the truth and nothing but the truth and of course we all know that will never ever change in them as a race and as people. I also want to bring up how people of all of the other races never says anything racist about white people but of course will end up saying something racist about us like for example when Kim Jong Un called Obama a “Monkey” and I’ve also read about this Indian/Middle Eastern model named Esha Gupta and that she called this black dude who is nigerian named Alex Iwobi “Gorilla Faced”. It just shows you that when it comes down to racism we are the number one target of it from all directions and such. Keep doing your thing Miss Courtland because you inspire me a lot!

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    1. Mranticonservative, it is not hard to tell the truth when it comes to the pale parasitic leeches because all you need add to that is that they are the most depraved, deviant filth to have ever slithered and crawled all across this planet fucking up the planet and every living innocent being on it. Those slugs represent themselves everywhere they wash up. They are synonymous with ALL things vile, filthy, depraved, deranged, barbaric, brutal and they are horrendous bald faced liars filled not with supremacy but with an evil so vile and atrocious, it should not have been let loose on this unsuspecting world!

      And those Indian/Middle Eastern motherfuckers hate our guts and aid and abet whitey pasty-assed parasite to fuck us up. I just got back from a trip taking my cousin to see a doctor and the hotel we stayed at had one of those bitches from India working the front desk and this bitch charged me double for my room and when I called her out on it, she told me that I was being charged “in case I stole something.” Seriously? I even called the customer care line, received a reference number and they did nothing about the fact that she talked to me like that and then she did not want to give me a receipt when I checked out. I had to ask her for the receipt and she gave me one that did not include the added charges and I told her to give me the updated receipt that displayed the “in case I stole something” charges on it. That goddamn hotel had not a motherfucking thing in it that I would even spit on much less steal. I have never stolen a goddamn thing in my life and yet I have seen plenty white parasites slithering and crawling around grocery stores eating shit they’ve stolen from the produce and bulk foods section. But I’m the goddamn problem???!!! And get this, that foreign bitch just had the unmitigated gall to call me just now on the phone and scream at me telling me that I had “lied on her” when I posted a review about my experience. The bitch even went so far as to flag my review and I called the customer care line to tell them to STOP THAT BITCH FROM EVER CALLING ME! The son-of-a-bitch that I spoke with at customer care asked me “What do you want me to do for you?” I had to repeat, “STOP THAT BITCH FROM EVER CALLING ME, I DON’T OWE YOUR HOTEL A GODDAMN THING AND I HAVE CHECKED OUT AND THAT BITCH STATED THAT SHE WAS FROM CORPORATE.” The guy at customer care tells me that this cow worshiping bitch is corporate. What? How so? Because her ass was sitting at the front desk at the hotel and so how could she be sitting at corporate headquarters? They are all lying and some shit is going down when you cannot even get help at fucking customer care! Shit is hitting the fan in so many goddamn ways, it ain’t even funny. “Customer care” is fucking nonexistent these days! It’s nowhere to be found!

      Trump is busy sending those Mexican motherfuckers back across the border but what he has failed to do is to look closely at the expiration date on those H1B visas that are hogged by those fuckers from India and Pakistan. It’s because they invite those racists to come over here and set up shop in our neighborhoods in the form of convenience stores that sell us bad food and rip us off on all the over-priced shit they sell! Black people need to stop patronizing their racist ass. They hate us because they are here on sufferance because if the whites, all of a sudden, start looking at them cross-eyed, then they know, that’s the end of their lucrative business of fucking over us and back to India and Pakistan, they fucking go! So, they’d better tread lightly before the whites turn in their fucking direction! They are just as good for nothing as whites are!

      But I thank you for your comment.

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  4. I want to correct something in that previous comment I’ve posted when I said that “we are the number one target of it from all directions and such.” I meant to have put “targets” instead of just “target” to be honest. =)


  5. I understand and I agree Miss Courtland, Them middle eastern people can be something else to deal with. I had to deal with their evil asses as neighbors once upon a time and it was weird too because when I first moved in this house that I am still living in I didn’t know that the neighbors living right beside me were those indian/middle eastern people which was a man who was the father, a woman who was the mother along with their son. The man wasn’t a problem but the mother and her son was, Their son would be outside a lot of times pitching rocks and of course his little evil nerd looking ass would pitch them on my property and eventually he pitched a rock over on my property and cracked my car’s window shield. Until now I still don’t know why I didn’t inform the police about that. But the mother was real evil, wicked and racist because not long after we first moved right beside them she went out and bought a german shepherd dog to bark at us and to harass us and she had a field day with calling the police on us for no reason and lying claiming that we were harassing her dog and such and also doing other things as well that was offensive like getting a fence put up on their property which we knew was directed only towards and at us. To be honest that was the beginning of me developing extreme hatred and prejudice feelings and thoughts for those indian/middle eastern people when it came to me and my family dealing with those nonsense actions and behaviors of that particular family and we also had two other different sets of those people to move in right beside us once again which was now a large group of men and only men who started giving us problems as well for no reason and then after some years have passed eventually all of those men finally moved and once again another different set of those people moved in which this time it was women and only women who were actually related to all of those men and they were way worst! I know this whole story is strange and weird but that is really what happened to me and my family, I was feeling like I was cursed at first but I don’t no more because we now have a normal and decent acting family living right beside us now that is no longer those indian/middle eastern people which is a major blessing. The purpose and reason of me sharing this story of what I had to go through because of those people is to let you and others know just how hateful, disrespectful and racist those people are as well. Thanks Miss Courtland for also sharing your story with me about what you had to go through because of them too, I appreciate it!

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    1. I am so glad that that shit got out of your face! I am sure that you and your family are the better off for it. When I lived in Baltimore, MD, I was living in an apartment and that shit from Hindu-land aka India/Pakistan was living in the building. One lived right beside me and the other one lived upstairs. Rent was $1300 a month and of course, they didn’t like it when we moved in, but they had to suck it up and deal because the only thing I had to do was give that bitch one look and that let her know that I was not to be messed with. But get this! Management sent us all a letter stating that the units would ALL be inspected by the City of Baltimore. Now, I’m like, “huh?” What the hell does the City of Baltimore have to do with inspecting MY apartment because they don’t fucking pay my rent. Guess the fuck what? The City of Baltimore was sending around their housing inspectors to inspect the units of those who hold Section 8 vouchers and so could not look like there was discrimination going on in that only those who were on the dole were to receive the notice and would you believe it? The only two units the inspectors inspected were the two that had those India/Pakistani motherfuckers sitting all up on MY fucking tax dollars in the form of a Section 8 voucher. I was like, “Get the fuck outta here! Mr. fucking Convenience store owner is living off of a Section 8 voucher!” Now, do you see how fucked up this shit is??!!

      Those motherfuckers come here and get Section 8 vouchers all while owning fucking convenience stores and India cuisine restaurants! For the love of !!!!! Meanwhile, people who have paid into the tax system here can just go to the back of a 12 year wait list while those cow-worshiping, racist asswipes climb all up on the dole and nothing is said about that shit! But let a Black person get interviewed who has a Section 8 voucher and the white parasitic leeches are all over them like flies on shit! That is yet another example of the fucking double standard that’s applied because whitey parasite ass ain’t got a goddamn problem with those cow-worshipers all up on the dole, but will rain hellfire and brimstone down on Black folks if they’re making use of a Section 8 voucher. And people wonder why I can’t keep a civil tongue in my head???!! This would be why!

      And thank you for telling your story! More people need to see the extreme prejudice, racism and bigotry that goes down in AmeriKKKa every single damn day and how descendants of slaves are on the receiving end of that shit from every fucking scumbag that slithers and crawls over here from elsewhere. We’ve got it coming at us from ALL directions. Ain’t nobody gave me a Section 8 voucher! But I’m the fucking problem? Hell if that shit is so!

      So, again, I thank you for sharing your truth! It is always welcome in here!

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      1. Thanks Miss Courtland and No Problem at all, I truly appreciate you sharing your stories with me and I am very sorry to hear about the evil people you had to deal with and encounter because when I had to deal with what I was going through it made me see and realize two major things which is knowing that there is true and real evil in this world and that we have other enemies besides white people who can be just the same and worst with their racism towards and against us as well. Thanks again Miss Courtland, I really mean it!

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