This Is How Racist AmeriKKKa Is – The Series, Part I

I currently reside in a small town in Virginia. It is the place of my birth and even now, I am in the process of getting the hell up out of here, but just to give my readers a clue as to how racist AmeriKKKa is and always will be, I am about to take you on my journey of racism hell that myself and those I love have been on since day one in this racist shithole called AmeriKKKa.

Some of you have most likely read about the fact that I am taking care of a severely mentally ill family member and his care since he has been in this town has been fueled by racism to the point whereas he has been lied on by these racists here and was actually thrown out of the only medical facility that is in this racist town. In fact, his new case manager attempted to find a solution to the fact that he is without a doctor thanks to racism and she got nowhere for her efforts. My cousin’s case manager called him and told him that the CEO of the facility where he was receiving racist care told him to go to another city to seek care for his medical conditions. We have just come back from having traveled over four hundred miles, round trip to get health care for my cousin and this we will have to do every single time he has to go to the doctor, hence yet another reason for me to leave this particular racist hell! Below is the letter he received from the facility that is also racist as hell! And another sad ass fact is that this racist ass facility has the nerve to be on so-called “Martin Luther King Jr., Boulevard!” Now how sick and twisted is that shit? Denying a Black man care because they want to fuck him up, but since he’s not having it, then he can just get the fuck on up out of THEIR racist ass facility on MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. BOULEVARD! Seriously???!!! This is how fucking racist AmeriKKKa is! So cut that bullshit out about some post-racial shit!

For these racists to state that my cousin “exhibited unsafe behavior toward staff” is a bald-faced lie! And to state that he refused to cooperate with their ‘care’ strategy is another bald-faced lie! He just refused to help them to further destroy his health. He never received a warning about any “exhibited unsafe behavior toward staff” nor was he ever told about how he “exhibited unsafe behavior toward staff.” And since I was sitting right beside him, I would have been privy to any “exhibited unsafe behavior toward staff,” but since I am also Black, then I don’t count as well. Newsfuckingflash! I recorded every single session he had with those vile, vicious, flaming racists and so I cannot wait to play those tapes at the hearing for this next lawsuit. This is why when you are in a one-party consent state, which means that you are the only party that needs to give consent in order to tape motherfuckers, then use it to your advantage!

The only reason those stomp down, vile, vicious, flaming racists put him out of that facility is because I filed not one, but two complaints with the medical board and received not one, but two cases since both had merit and those stomp down, vile, vicious, flaming racists did not want to continue to have their shit investigated. They want to fuck Black folks health up and do it on the down low. Expose the dirty ass shit they’re doing and they cannot have that because then they can no longer smile in our face while pretending to help us when they are doing everything they possibly can to make sure that we leave up outta this hellhole in the most agonizing manner possible because when we do, they’ve even got some fucked up hospice care waiting on us for when we are just about to kick the bucket over the shit they have done to our bodies. Below is one of the reasons why my cousin was kicked out of their facility. It had nothing whatsoever to do with any “exhibited unsafe behavior toward staff.”

The above investigation is being conducted on his former psychiatrist, Michael E. Judd. The first investigation is being conducted on his former physical health care provider. This is why, Black folks, that I have begged you to record these racists in what they are trying to do to you. There are devices out there that would put some ‘James Bond’ shit to shame. They can be looking right at a recording device and never know that they are looking into one. And if they keep playing with me, we are ALL going to be a Youtube sensation. Someone will copy what I upload before Youtube takes it down. I’ll take their fucking racist shit viral if I have to because they ain’t playing and neither am I. The shit I’ve got on these racists would curl your toes! Tape their ass! I cannot stress that enough, even if you only have your phone. Tape their ass, then it won’t be their word against yours. Oh, they can still tell their lies, but they won’t be able to get away with it in the end because you’ll have their lying racist asses on tape!

This is exactly why I have stated that we do indeed need to know who is underneath that Black shoe polish. We need to know who is underneath that Klan hood because those racist motherfuckers are our doctors, lawyers and those who sit in judgment against us on the fucking bench. This is why so many Black people are sitting behind bars, locked up for crimes they did not commit while whitey racist ass gets a free pass on the vile ass, vicious shit he/she does. And as you can see, it don’t mean a goddamn thing when these vicious ass racists post some shit about Dr. King because they are sitting all up on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Boulevard practicing stomp down racism every single day of the fucking week. And then will turn right around and quote Dr. King to your face while fucking you up at the same time. As you can see, Black folks, there ain’t no rest for us while we are alive in this racist shithole because the racists are on our ass from sunup to sundown every goddamn day all the while exclaiming that their racist shit don’t stink!

And down here in Hillbilly Hollow, these assholes are running around all over the place talking about how godly they are, how saintly they are, how christian they are and yet are the most good for nothing racists that’s ever slithered and crawled all across this shithole! This is ‘Conservative Christian Headquarters’! Yeah, right! A more vile pack of vicious hypocrites, you’ll never find anywhere!

13 thoughts on “This Is How Racist AmeriKKKa Is – The Series, Part I

  1. Oh Shelby, it’s a good thing you are as strong as you are. It’s so easy for these institutions to forget they are dealing with real human beings. The people who write these letters must be brain dead to deliberately inflict such misery on other people. Like I always say, your cousin is incredibly lucky to have you in his life. I guess you just have to stay strong for both of you for awhile. The only way for right to win out is for people to endure just as you have.

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    1. Dr. Bramhall, I just read a blog stating that whites are committing suicide at record numbers. What does not make any damn sense is that Black folks are not committing suicide at record numbers since we are the very ones whose lives are being made miserable by flaming stomp down racists and yet all we hear is how whites are committing suicide, left and right! This shit shouldn’t even make any sense except for the fact that we have been dealing with racists since before we left the womb.

      These racists don’t seem to understand that when your entire life is nothing but strife, it builds character and makes you strong. If I was white, I’d be dead by now from dealing with this shit because I would lack the fortitude it takes to deal with this shit! I ain’t going out like a punk ass bitch! No fucking way!

      And yet, this is all about whites committing suicide.

      “Deaths of Despair”: Trump and the White Working Class

      Fuck those motherfuckers! They get no goddamn sympathy from me!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Well said, Shelby! And yes, be it suicide, opioids, heroin, meth, abortions, specific cancers, and a host of other things, white people numbers are dwindling and dwindling fast. Our people have been through a lot. But as the saying goes, that which don’t kill you will only make you stronger. Tupac said, “they will never get rid of us, they will never kill us off”. So, “We gone be alright”!

        P.S. Looking forward to this series!

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      2. Yes indeed, they are dying off, but not fast enough to suit me, nor are they dying off fast enough to suit this planet because if you read the weather reports from almost ALL of the central regions of the U.S., they’re getting fucked up with bomb cyclones and some more shit that’s never before been seen. The meteorologists are having to come up with new terms to describe the weather phenomena that is occurring these days since they claim to have never seen the like. I hope their shit continues to be tornadoed and hurricaned to pieces. I hope more earthquakes shake their shit up. I hope that igneous rock continues to cover their island paradise homes. I hope the fucking planet continues to wreak havoc with their beachfront homes in Florida and in California and that mudslides slide their shit right on out to sea. They keep building and the shit keeps floating on down the goddamn washed out street. Sinkholes are swallowing their cars and even the animals are trying to eat their asses on up out of here since many have gone jogging right by alligators that have decided to eat “The other white meat!” And don’t forget that even their dogs are turning on them. This one is quite wonderful! Dog Damn Near Licked His Owner To Death! That’s what they get for sleeping and eating with dogs! But since they smell like ’em, is it any wonder they keep Fido so close. Well now, Fido’s saliva is causing them major issues! HAHAHA! It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of filthy shits!

        Since whites refuse to change their fucked up ways, there is going to come a reckoning. They have tried to kill my cousin, ways too numerous to count and yet he bounces back. The man should be declared the First Wonder of the World for he has not only survived their filthy, vile ass experiments done on him without his knowledge, he has survived throwing himself directly in the path of an oncoming train, he has survived being shot 6 times by the KKKops, he has survived being shot AGAIN by the KKKops, he has survived a broken neck, a broken back, a fractured skull and a broken right leg and yet, he only needs a cane to walk with. That mental medication shit those white parasite quacks gave him caused this man’s mental illness to spiral out-of-control which accounts for ALL of the aforementioned happening to him.

        ““Though they fight against you they shall not prevail, for I am with you, to deliver and rescue you, says the Lord. I will free you from the hand of the wicked, and rescue you from the grasp of the violent.”

        Although I am not a religious person, when I was speaking about what my cousin has endured, a woman said the above quote to me and I’ve taken it to heart because though whites think their asses are going to slither and slide through some pearly gates, they’re going to be in for a mighty big ass surprise because the only thing awaiting their foul and vicious asses is fucking purgatory. Why should Black people have to share some sort of heavenly paradise with slugs that’s been fucking them up, six ways to Sunday? They should not! And they will not! Whites don’t even believe in their own fucked up religion for if they did, why are they hell bent on amassing a shitload of wealth all the while screaming in their palaces of non-worship that “It is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle, than for a rich white parasite to get into heaven?” That shit speaks for itself right there because you don’t see not one goddamn pale-assed parasite turning in its riches so that it can claim a spot in some heavenly paradise. And it is because they ain’t got shit coming to their ass that’s got a goddamn thing to do with paradise. They’ve fucking destroyed THIS here paradise and a GOD wants their ass somewhere doing the same shit to yet another paradise?? Fucking hell no!

        And as far as I am concerned, they can just continue to board the suicide/opioid/heroin/meth train to hell! In fact, I covered that as well here and here.

        Kreb, thank you for your comment!

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      3. Miss Courtland, I am so speechless and in love with all of the realness and truthfulness that you speak and post. That is one major thing that also makes me hate and resent white people even more than I do now and with an extreme passion is when they all act like their lives are the only lives that are important and that matters. To be honest when we came up with “Black Lives Matter” I could also see it coming from a mile away of course that they was going to come up with “White Lives Matter” when that whole Charlottesville Rally and fiasco happened back in August 2017 and of course with all of them standing around the monument statue of the evil and vile racist which was Robert E. Lee and shouting in a evil and deranged manner and tone those three words as well which of course were words that were directed at our race and I truly feel that the meaning of “White Lives Matter” is of course evil and racist and that also means that Whites see themselves and their race period as being better than all of the other races and of course with us blacks being number one on the list that they truly feel like they are better than and I believe that it also means that they think that their lives are the one and only lives in this whole entire world that matters while ours is based on us being mistreated and targeted because of our race and the color of our skin when it comes down to Police Brutality and other hate crimes against us and such. When you said “Fuck those motherfuckers! They get no goddamn sympathy from me.” I also feel the same way about them as a whole as well and I wish their race the worse! Great Job Miss Courtland for letting me and others know about this interesting stuff that is going on. Much appreciated! =)

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      4. Mranticonservative, if you like this one, then by all means, check out my latest blog here! If I don’t tell it like it is, then no one does!

        I despise those parasitic leeches to no end and I make no bones about it! If they don’t like to read it, then they are free to move the hell along! And quite frankly, they all should be committing suicide because they should view themselves as the worthless shits they are and do us ALL a favor and get the fuck on up out of here! They’d be no loss! It would be OUR gain! They had no problem saturating our communities with crack and so why should we care about their fucking meth labs blowing up and some more shit? We shouldn’t. However, I am still pissed off as hell while I was typing another comment and so I am guilty of making use of my comment to you to piggyback on that. My apologies.

        Now then, to respond to you. That “White Lives Matter” bullshit was a direct insult to descendants of slaves because the only lives that matter to whites have always been whites. They don’t need to go on and on about that shit! You have only to look around and see that shit in play. They step on us at every opportunity. In fact, I just read that Black UPS workers in Ohio have had to file a lawsuit claiming stomp down ‘racial hostility’ what with finding nooses hanging all over the place.

        Black workers at UPS facility in Ohio faced decades of racial hostility, lawsuit says

        “African-American employees come to work each day not knowing whether a racist comment or conduct will confront them, being concerned that smirking or laughing white employees are ridiculing them because of their race, and walking on eggshells to avoid triggering a problem,” the suit reads.

        In a July 2016 incident, the lawsuit alleges, one of the defendants created two nooses and hung them over the desk of an African American employee while a supervisor and other white co-workers made jokes.

        Although that employee was fired, the victim was told not to speak about the incident and that he could be disciplined for taking photographs of the nooses.”

        So yes, as bad as it is here in Virginia, it is bad all over this shithole for us! There is nowhere that we can go to escape this shit and the sad fact is that we would not even be here if those parasitic leeches’ ancestors hadn’t been some of the laziest, most good-for-nothing slugs to have ever slithered over to Africa and stole our people simply because they did not want to build this stolen nation by the sweat of their brow, but instead wanted to use our ancestors to do their fucking dirty work, but we’re the problem? We’ve got a stomp down, flaming racist Governor who is also a pediatrician who has been wearing Black shoe polish on his face while also sporting a Klan hood while we also have an Attorney General that’s done the same goddamn thing. “But they ain’t racist,!” they’re shouting.

        Virginia’s Attorney General Admits To Wearing “Black Face” and Virginia’s Lt. Governor, Whose Face Is Actually Black Stands Accused Of Sexual Assault

        “Governor Northam and Attorney General Herring are not the only two politicians in Virginia who are ‘guilty’ of being blatant, outrageous, unapologetic racists. Every single white face in politics and out of it is racist, bar none. And yes, I said, “Unapologetic,” because despite their ‘forced apologies’, not one of those flaming racists is sorry for what they are, not one! Rich white men never suffer consequences for being what they are; depraved, debased sociopaths hyped up on a fake euphoria of superiority. Those debased creatures are privately lauded for what they stand for even as they are publicly shamed. And so just as there is no need for Virginia’s governor to resign, there is no need for the Attorney General to resign for what will take their place will be no different and certainly no better.”

        And this one!

        Other Prominent White Supremacists Are Calling For The Resignation Of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Over A Photo That Depicted What He Really Is, Just Another Coward In A Sheet And Hood And A Fan Of Black Shoe Polish On His Face

        “On Friday, the governor admitted that he was in the photo, but neglected to state if he was the one in the KKK outfit or if he was sporting ‘Black face’ after having just graduated from medical school, swore an oath to “Do no harm,” and then proceeded to hang his “The doctor is in” shingle up and make sick Black folks, well? And of course we are to believe that Ralph Northam is the only white piece of shit that has done this. He is an anomaly and not the norm? Is this what we are to believe by all the racists calling for Northam’s resignation as if his actions were an absolute and complete surprise to ALL the other racists who have done exactly what Northam has done, only their photos have yet to surface or have been destroyed so as not to share the limelight with Northam?

        Gov. Ralph Northam admits he was in 1984 yearbook photo showing figures in blackface, KKK hood”

        So yeah, just as I stated in this blog, we do indeed need to know who is underneath that Black shoe polish. We need to know who is underneath that Klan hood because those racists are fucking us up at our medical appointments, we are not receiving adequate legal counsel since we are sitting across from some racist shit that’s just taken off Black shoe polish or just removed a Klan hood. We are having the book thrown at us by a judge that’s just slithered out of a Klan robe. And so we are to trust these vile and vicious, stomp down flaming racists? Not on our lives, we shouldn’t! And since Charlottesville is just a mere 64 miles from this shithole racist burg with the Falwells running everything, is it any wonder what is going down is going down? Fuck no! But those worthless shits are the very ones screeching and hollering all over the place about how Christian conservative their hypocritical parasitical asses are. They need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, every single last goddamn one of those vicious racists! Everyone down here knows how the Falwells obtained their wealth. It was from bootlegging! During prohibition, they were running bootleg liquor like there was no tomorrow. It ain’t no secret and now, they’re holier than thou and their shit don’t stink? Seriously??!! And yet these stinking ass racists down here, when they kick the bucket, they bequeath their millions to those flaming racists that have cut hundreds of trees down to memorialize a mountain with their fucking initials on it that stand for ‘Liberty University’. The only reason they neglected to call it Falwell University is because the initials would read FU and we would automatically be saying “Fuck You University!”

        Mranticonservative, you have no idea how much I appreciate your enthusiasm for my truth telling here. When you come all up in here, that is what you are going to get and it is obvious that the truth does not hurt you. I thank you for your honesty and for your candor. Would that there were more like you. This world would be the better off for it being so! Thank you again, most sincerely!

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  2. When you mentioned also in your recent comment Miss Courtland about how Whites be so in love with their dogs and such when it comes to sleeping and eating with them and other things actually reminded me of something that someone else said on another blog about white people and their dogs and other animals. I believe what they said was something similar to this: “What is so superior about a race that loves fucking their dogs and other animals?”, The topic was of course dogging out those parasites and I believe it was of course about Bestiality Porn as well. The whole topic was very true and very hilarious! I can see if I can find that specific blog or website along with the link to that topic and I will be sharing it with you and others so you all can take a look at it. =)

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    1. Well, they’re down here looking like the animals they sleep with. I kid you not! The next time I’m around some of those nasty skanks, and I try not to get too close, I’ll try and take a picture and post on how so many of them look like animals down here. It is either an experiment gone horribly wrong or these nasty asses have literally successfully ‘mated’ and ‘hatched’ a half parasite/half beast. And I wish I was joking. Some of these beasts look so bad, I have, in a Victorian manner, clutched my pearls and swooned. Unfortunately, as has been discussed on another blog comment, some Black folks are looking quite NOT NORMAL, as well since they have been ‘mating’ with the most vile sloths to ever slither across this godforsaken planet. There are subhumans walking around down here with their ears in the back of their heads. Some have fins for ears. Some have lizard skin. Some should seriously be displayed in zoos, they are THAT odd. The bearded circus freak ain’t got nothing on these freaks.

      And since there are plenty of farms down here, there are plenty of barnyard animals for these parasites to fuck and it is quite obvious that they are making use of the animals in the most debased of ways. But as for whites being superior? That is just wishful thinking on their part. For how superior can you be when you have the mindset that in order to live, you must first destroy the only home you will ever have? I don’t care how many probes are launched and land on Mars. The white parasites are never going to be allowed off this planet. They need to understand this and yet that is why they are hell bent on trying to escape what they have wrought on what was once paradise until they got a hold of it. They’ll not get the opportunity to turn yet another planet into what they are hell bent on turning this one into; a cesspool of toxic people, plants and animals.

      Mranticonservative, I thank you for yet another spot on comment.

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      1. No Problem Miss Courtland, You said and mentioned a lot that is nothing but the truth and I admire and respect that a lot! Have a Great Day Miss Courtland and Take Care, I will make sure to swing around again in sometime. =)


  3. Thanks Miss Courtland again for the sweet and kind words, To be honest I did not know about the news about the black UPS employees that saw and noticed some nooses hanging all around the place. I know that Whites are inherited with pure evil in their minds and hearts and things like that but what are they trying to prove by doing these acts because we are not all going anywhere and it’s not going to change anything. I know that they want to desperately stir up things and to get all sorts of reactions from people when it comes to them displaying the evil that is in them ALL THE TIME. But they are just going to have to suck it up and get over it because we are here to stay whether they like it or not with their evil and vengeful acting asses. Boy do I HATE them!

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  4. I forgot to mention something else Miss Courtland when I was talking about this specific blog or website I was on and I was reading some very interesting things that was talking about the evil and deranged caucasoid race and someone on there who wasn’t even black who also hates white people posted a comment that was very interesting regarding the demise of the evil and wicked white race which went like this: “In 1979 scientists predicted that in the year of 3000 that Europeans and people of European descent along with Hispanics will all become extinct.” which is so wonderful and nice to hear if it is true that is because we also have to remember that similar things were also said and predicted regarding the demise of the world with claiming that the world will be coming to an end in the year of 2012 and also some other similar predictions as well. I know that is ages away and that we are going to be long gone before seeing a miracle like that to end up happening if it’s a true prediction. To be honest I hope that happens sometime soon rather than that happening to them in that specific year. Amen and So mote it be! =)


    1. Mranticonservative, it may not be as far off as you think because climate change or global warming or whatever they are calling it on any given day is speeding up the process of getting this parasitic shit the fuck up out of our face. Thus far, the majority of the shit that’s been burnt the fuck up, covered in igneous rock, done floated down the goddamn washed out street, been tornadoed to pieces, been hurricaned into the fucking ocean have mostly been the homes, businesses and vehicles of whites since they own every goddamn thing on ALL the coasts and everywhere in between. Black folks are used to picking up and moving the hell on because for the most part, we don’t own much of a goddamn thing and so we are not wailing and screeching somewhere for FEMA assistance when a disaster strikes which is what those pale-assed parasites do because nine times out of ten, we’re just renting from some pale parasitic slumlord that could care less if we even have running water. So no indeed, it may not be “ages away.”

      We are hearing terms from meteorologists that we have never heard before such as lavanadoes, firenadoes, bomb cyclones and the list is endless. This planet is tired of those pale-assed parasites fucking her up! She is tired of them fucking up the innocent HUMANS on this planet being fucked up by what’s not supposed to even be here! Those parasites slithered here from elsewhere and are not even welcome back wherever the hell they slithered from. That is why they will never be allowed off this planet because if you think for one goddamn second, that those parasites made it to the moon, you’re wrong. There were barely any functioning computers back when “man supposedly walked on the moon” and yet with all of the so-called “latest technology” to come down the pike, why haven’t they not only managed to make it ‘back’ to the moon, but have a ‘colony’ living there as well? It is because they never made it there in the first goddamn place. I’ve seen more science fiction movies looking more plausible than that so-called, “moon landing.”

      They can’t even keep a Boeing jet in the air, but they are going to send some folks that need oxygen to the fucking moon? They couldn’t even keep a Space shuttle from blowing up before it made it out of earth’s atmosphere, but they sent some parasites to the fucking moon? Whites have to pay bribes and engage in scams to get their shit for brains offspring into colleges and universities and yet we are to believe that they are so fucking smart that they can come up with the technology to send their fucked up parasitic asses to the fucking moon? That ‘moon landing’ shit is as fake as three dollar bill.

      I found this quote on another blog and it is SO true, truer words were never spoken, typed or written.

      “Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” – Michael Ellner

      Pay attention to “scientists destroy truth” because that right there should tell you that there is no truth in science especially the ‘science of space exploration’. This worthless parasitic filth is never getting off this planet and that is a fact! There is also no ‘heavenly paradise’ awaiting their vile and depraved, racist asses, but they don’t even believe in that shit as well since how many whites just LOVE being poor? They will kill themselves when they lose their goddamn job! Their so-called Jesus spoke of giving up their worldly possessions and follow him? What white parasite is actually doing that? Not a goddamn one of those hypocritical leeches! And so also pay attention to “religion destroys spirituality.” Whites have NO ‘spirituality’ because they have no soul, they have no heart. Dead white parasitical filth can lay claim to none of that!

      So do not despair that those slugs will continue to fuck us up into perpetuity. Do not despair over believing that those Hispanics will prosper because like the parasitic leechs, they too hate descendants of slaves since I’ve heard horrifying stories out of Latin America with regards to how those who are descendants of slaves are treated by that Latin filth. They’re going to get their comeuppance as well. Just you sit back and watch because the murder rate down in those countries is off the charts because of what? Drugs! And just like the white parasites unleashed crack into Black communities, now there is hand wringing and gnashing of teeth going on all up in rural and suburban AmeriKKKa over the over-the-top deaths of whites caused by those who look like them handing them the means to their addiction; their doctors. Doctors prescribe opioids to whites, get them addicted to that shit and then when the DEA comes down and closes the pain clinic, well, what’s the addict to do? Go right into the pawn shop and take granny’s jewelry and sell it for drug money. When that’s gone, sell themselves and on and on it goes. What these parasites don’t seem to be able to understand is that “what goes around, comes around.” And now the shit has come around to roost all up their ass, but of course, their drug addiction is a medical emergency whereas drug addiction in Black communities is a crime punishable via a prison term. But that will not stop the whites from becoming addicted to those drugs. As you know, suicides and overdose deaths are skyrocketing in Whitey Whiteville, USA. So add to that equation the fact of Mother Nature wreaking havoc on those parasites, their drug addiction and suicides when they lose their fucking job and that is the perfect storm of ‘white depopulation. Fear not, their time of reckoning is here!

      Mranticonservative, I thank you for yet another spot on comment.

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  5. No Problem Miss Courtland and Anytime, You are one person that I look up to and that I also see as a role model a lot. To be honest Whites are the number one and main ones who needs to stop making such jokes and things of that nature about us blacks when it comes to black on black violence because their race is killing each other as well which is so fantastic and wonderful to know and they are also doing us a major favor by doing that to themselves as well. Whites are also a major nuisance when it comes to them making jokes on our race with doing things like “Black Face” because to be honest we can also indulge in doing the same thing which would be “White Face” where we would put on some sort of white make-up and to buy wigs that resembles their stupid looking hairstyles with the parts in the middle and to the sides and such and then to act all corny like how they act and other things. I have read all over the internet on all sorts of blogs and websites about white people and their race which be mentioning things about their race as being a race that is either cursed or doomed with a major possibility of total extinction doing sometime in life and if that is really something that is going to happen to their race that is wonderful and nice to know. Thanks Miss Courtland, You are the best there is! =)


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