Opinion: So, What’s Really Going on With All the Mixed-Race Couple Commercials — Kreb Talk

Don’t act like you don’t see all these mixed-race couple commercials on television. Do you remember the Cheerios commercial back in 2013 with the white mother, bi-racial daughter, and Black father lying on the couch asleep? Do you remember that YouTube had to shut down the comments for that commercial due to the vile racist […]

via Opinion: So, What’s Really Going on With All the Mixed-Race Couple Commercials — Kreb Talk

Both Cheerios and white male parasites are bad for Black folks. Leave both alone since they both contain toxins that are lethal to the Black body. Eat the first at your own risk and lie down with the second at your own risk. But don’t say you weren’t warned. Anything of the caucasian persuasion and made by the caucasian is pure death to Black folks and since they are touting that swirl shit, then you had better believe that there is some vile ass shit behind it.

Also from the article:

” I couldn’t find much research on what a large sample of non-white Europeans thought about these commercials. However, I had no problem finding out what many Black Americans think of these commercials. Black Americans tend to approach these commercials like we do with so many other things that are written, produced, directed, and created by white people- with a whole lot of cynicism. Most Black people I talk to on the subject don’t trust these commercials and are very uneasy with them. But they can’t quite put their finger on why they feel so uneasy about these commercials. But there’s one thing nearly all of them believe: white supremacy or white privilege is at the hearth of these commercials.”

The writer of this blog understands the fact that there is some foul ass shit behind the pairing of Black women with white male parasites on damn near every TV commercial. We are both on the same page. Below is the comment that I posted on their blog.

“It is a known fact that white women just cannot leave Black men alone and it makes no difference if they are rich or poor. I know because my own son cannot leave them alone even as he gets thrown in jail on bogus charges of ‘trespassing’ because they call the police on him whenever they get so inclined. We have stopped bailing him out; that is my ex-husband, myself and his grandmother because we cannot get through to him.

As for the plethora of ads touting the Black woman/white male scenario, that just makes my blood boil because to me, it is just another advertisement for the slave mentality of the Black woman in the cabin being visited by the slave owner or his sons. The Black female body has always been objectified and I do believe that those ads continue that objectification. Another well known fact is that Black women were not as down with the swirl as Black men are and advertising is well known for using subtle means of persuasion or in other words, employs subliminal images to influence the viewer unconsciously. It is ALL done by design and I am having none of it.

Great post!”

When the whites are promoting something and they include Black bodies in what they are promoting, run like hell from what you see because whites only view us as bodies to be used for something. Remember slavery? Well, we’re still slaves on the plantation. Some of us are more locked up than others, but even those of us who believe that we are on the ‘outside’ are just as locked up as those who only see the light of day for an hour a day. Also, who is running around on the football field for the most part, making ‘big bucks’ for massa? “Big Black bucks,” that’s who. Same as on the basketball court. And so they are not promoting that Black/white swirl shit for nothing and it is most definitely NOT for our benefit. We can guess what their intent is all day and all night, but all we really need to know is that we don’t want any part of it. And you would be wise to realize and to understand this! The whites have never had our best interest at heart and that is a fact that is never going to change! And if you don’t believe this, ask the 45 or so remaining Indians just how great the white parasite is. They will tell you to “Beware of whites bearing gifts.” And how, “White man speak with forked tongue.” Smallpox blankets, anyone? Firewater, anyone? Beads and trinkets, anyone? Worthless ass treaties? An entire nation of people were stolen and the people all but wiped out. The same over in New Zealand, Australia, Africa, The Polynesian Islands, Puerto Rico, and the list is endless. The Black bodies on Barbados, Jamaica, Bermuda, The Virgin Islands and all the Caribbean Islands are there because of slavery and yet they are just as poor today as when their ancestors were first dragged there as slaves. That’s what parasites do; suck a host bone fucking dry and that is why whites are nothing more than parasitic leeches that are hell bent on leaving this entire planet of innocent humans looking like a fucked up shell. You have only to look around at the chaos, pandemonium, bedlam and calamity that those parasites are wreaking all over this planet. May they never obtain the means to achieve interplanetary travel so that they can go fuck up some other unsuspecting world and its people to no end!


13 thoughts on “Opinion: So, What’s Really Going on With All the Mixed-Race Couple Commercials — Kreb Talk

  1. What I have learned about IR it’s black folk who engage with this mess,they become insane or mentally ill!
    I never ever met a black person who was in relationship with them and being mentally stable in the same time,this is humanly impossible!
    I don’t understand why they want to promote and force something that in reality doesn’t exist?
    In reality we don’t like each other,we can’t stand each other,why they want to force to completely different people to like each other? we don’t think and see things in the same way,as groups we are completely different,they are recessive and we are dominate melanated people you know what it’s mean?
    These folks the idea of “Black planet” it’s scare the shit out of them!
    No matter the effort they try to change the history or the past, it will never change the present or the future!

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    1. I absolutely agree with you qnubian528 because I have read some blogs by Black women who have been in relationships with Hmongs and others of the species that we really don’t want to have anything to do with and they have exclaimed over the fact that they are not welcome at the homes of their INsignificant other. Fucking go figure! Those chips off the old pale-assed parasitic leech block don’t want anything to do with descendants of slaves. They look down on us just as whites do and they hate our guts. It matters not if they are Hmong, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Cambodian, Indonesian, Korean. They are called Asians and so are part of the Caucasian persuasion and so there is no difference.

      Muhammad Ali put it most succinctly when he said,

      ““We are different. We are not the same. Blue birds fly with blue birds. Red birds fly with red birds, pigeons want to be with pigeons, the eagles like to hang out in the mountains, while the buzzards like to fly around in the desert. They each want to be with their own.”

      ” I’d rather be with my own and have a beautiful daughter, a beautiful wife that looks like me and we’re all happy and I don’t have to worry about any trouble resulting from an interracial marriage. Every intelligent person should want their child to look like them. I’m sad because I want to blot out my race and lose my beautiful identity? No! Chinese love Chinese. Pakistanis love their culture. Jewish people love their culture. A lot of Catholics want to marry another Catholic. They want the religion to stay the same. Who would want to spot up yourself and kill your race? You’re a hater of your people if you don’t want to stay true to who you are. You’re ashamed of what ‘god’ made you? ‘God’ didn’t make no mistake. No woman can talk to me, cook for me and please me like a Black American woman, no woman! And the last is a ‘white’ woman that can identify with my feelings and with the way I talk. And you can’t take no Chinese man and give him a Puerto Rican woman and holler about we in love, emotionally and physically when really they’re not happy because she’s going to hear some Puerto Rican music, he’s going to hear some Chinese music and they’re going to be clashing all the time. It’s just nature. You can do what you want, but it’s nature to want to be with your own. I want to be with my own.” – Muhammad Ali

      And his words are just as true today as when he spoke them many years ago.

      “In reality we don’t like each other,we can’t stand each other,why they want to force to completely different people to like each other? we don’t think and see things in the same way,as groups we are completely different.”

      That is SO true, it ain’t even funny! I hate, loathe, despise and detest those racist abominations and I make no bones about that fact! I have nothing in common with those leeches because I am not a monster! And that is what they are, monsters, down to the very last one of them! For if they were not, they would be busy denouncing the vile ass vicious shit others of their species engage in, but they don’t.

      And now we have to read about how those depraved slugs engaged in a scam in order to get their dumb as hell offspring into colleges and universities. But if they were so damn smart, why pay what amounted to a full tuition in order to get their shit for brains kid in college? Save the money and use it for an institution for his/her dumb ass to live their stupid life out.

      Charity masked web of fraudulent college donations, feds say

      The mastermind of a wide-ranging college admissions scandal set up a charity that wove a deep web of deception and fraud to mask bribes and payoffs, funneling millions of dollars through the tax-exempt organization under the nose of U.S. officials, according to prosecutors and tax documents reviewed by The Associated Press.

      William “Rick” Singer, painted by prosecutors as the ringleader of the biggest school admissions scandal ever prosecuted by federal authorities, is accused of funneling money from wealthy parents through his foundation, then using it to bribe coaches and others to get their children into elite universities.

      Prosecutors said he also accepted so-called donations from clients to help their kids get a coveted enrollment spot through cheating. The scheme allowed the parents to claim tax deductions for themselves.”

      Those mostly white rich racist shits even claimed their bribe as a tax deduction. But how many will actually see the inside of a prison hell? Not one, is my guess. Prisons are only built to house Black slaves in them. And this is considered to be a “white collar crime.” Ain’t it nice when whitey pale ass can even lighten his sentence by declaring the crimes he engages in to be “white collar” thus making his crime sound like it shouldn’t even be a crime since it’s a “white kinda crime?” If that ain’t just the absolute end of enough and yet Black folks want to get involved with something so depraved, it will use a charity to commit crimes and then claim the crime as a tax deduction???!!! Seriously??!!! Do those Black fools who fuck with those parasites have any idea that what they are playing with is worse than playing with fire???!!

      qnubian, I try, as you can see, I try. But it is really up to Black folks to pick up the truth of what I am putting down before them. That is ALL that I can do.

      I thank you for your spot on comment!

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    2. I agree with you when you said “we don’t like each other and we can’t stand each other and why would they want to force two completely different people to like each other?”, To be honest I wish that things could go back to being segregated again and for interracial marriages and dating to become forbidden once again when it was against the law for blacks and whites to mix and mingle with each other. We were extremely stupid with wanting to mix and mingle with a race of people who clearly and without hesitation showed that they didn’t want none of that with us and they still don’t and they never will. It is so sad that there are a lot of us who just can’t seem to wake up and to see the big picture that we shouldn’t be mixing and mingling with their wet dog smelling asses at all for Goodness Sake!

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      1. Black people were better off segregated. We actually enjoyed a better way of life when we were segregated because I remember growing up and there were no white parasites in our neighborhoods and we threw backyard barbecues the likes of which I’ve never seen since. There was no homelessness, no begging, no prostitution. The entire neighborhood would come together and hold a neighborhood get-together and the fun we had, I can still recall it. It was only after we started being forced to mingle with our mortal foe did things spiral downward to what we see today. The whites did Black people no favor with desegregation because if we had been left the fuck alone, I don’t believe there would have been a crack epidemic especially since we would not have been so easily manipulated, but we were because so many Black people were placed in high rise public housing ghettos. HUD certainly did Black people no favor either and we still cannot see that.

        Unfortunately, Black people are almost a lost cause since many have jumped the fence and seem not to be able to function without a parasite attached to them. I just read about some guy who plays football and he is screaming and yelling that he is glad “to have a light-skinned baby thanks to his white female parasite fiancee.” Now, if that don’t beat all! That piece of dog shit is just too far gone and unfortunately, he is not the only one.

        Mranticonservative, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. No Problem Miss Courtland, When I tell you that you are the best I really mean it! It is very shameful that we just had to fight for things like wanting to get along and wanting to live around and with them with their evil and heartless parasitic asses. I always ask myself this question: “What were we thinking?”. SMH!

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    1. Yeah, “what were we thinking,” is right! Apparently, we weren’t thinking because if we were, we would have run like hell away from what we ran to. It was most definitely NOT for our benefit to engage with our number one enemy, that is for damn certain. And now look at us. Our neighborhoods are being gentrified by them. Washington, D.C. is no longer known as “Chocolate City” because so many Black people have been displaced by gentrification, just as all major cities are. They are now attempting that shit with Baltimore, MD, but so far Baltimore ain’t fucking having it. I was just recently in Baltimore and the whites there are still trying to turn the area around Lexington Market into some upscale yuppy shit and even if they manage to do it, the Black folks are just going to turn those whites that frequent that area, out. Those whites are soon going to be turning tricks, hooked on drugs and some more shit because Baltimore folks ain’t the usual run-of-the-mill folks and so whitey pasty-assed parasites’ got his job cut out for him. Baltimore ain’t going out like some punk ass bitch. Crime is soaring and always will so long as the only game in town is drugs and gangs since the whites are trying to drive the Black folks out. But the Black folks in Baltimore have stamina, the likes of which I’ve never seen and so there is going to be a fight to end all fights for Baltimore. It ain’t trying to become the next DC or Detroit. Mark my words.

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    I agree 100% that segregation it was better choice and sometimes I do regret that I didn’t experience because to know the horrible things that happened on my life,I would have chosen 1000 times segregation!
    Some of us are living under the illusion of “UTOPIA”,where everything is OK and we feel comfortable about the situation,some of us are conscious what it is going on around us but other are living in WONDERLAND they are practically walking dead.
    Sometimes I wonder if these “Walking dead” do they know that we ain’t free in world? We don’t have freedom?
    I don’t know when it started this “illusion of feel comfortable” and refuse to see the truth,I do believe after the integration the mentally it started to change!
    I have met some black folk that honestly they told me that ” they never ever experience racism in their life!” I was like OK ” because being COON and UNCLE TOM” is more easy swallow the bitter medicine!
    IR it been used to wipe out whole Black civilisation and people of colour on this Planet,
    it isn’t something new that happen to day and everybody freak out behaving like irresponsible children without to think the consequence!
    The history is always repeated but it is people who don’t change!

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    1. Indeed, qnubian528, integration was the absolute LAST thing Black people needed. That NEVER should have taken place for it gained us nothing and took away, everything! We lost who we were and we have never been able to find ourselves. We are letting those parasites define who we are. We are lying down with filth that isn’t even worth our spit, erasing our culture while enabling their existence which needs to be wiped out. For only by that happening, will we ever know peace! Unfortunately, far too many of us have sold our souls to those devils for shit that they worship; false idols of every type.

      Black people were spiritual people. We were not lovers of idols. But that is what we have become. We have been taught the grasping, reaching, greedy ass ways of the white parasite and that was nothing to strive for. We are losing our humanity unlike the whites that never had any humanity to lose. When the day of reckoning comes, there will be many of us who will follow the whites into the depths of despair from which there can be no return.

      The coons and Uncle Toms that play the fool for the whites aren’t going to like what’s going to be their lot, but they’ll have no fucking choice. When you choose to lie down with parasites, you can’t expect to get up and they won’t. But don’t despair qnubian528, the day of reckoning is upon us.

      I thank you for your comment.

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  4. The real and true black people from back then like Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and others knew that what we were doing wasn’t right and not good at all. Martin Luther King was basically a curse to our race when it came to him protesting and marching for togetherness and also with him creating and speaking the “I Have A Dream” speech. People like him and other blacks who wanted togetherness with the evil white race was a terrible curse to our race. What a Shame!

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    1. That is true! I have often said the same exact thing about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Though he was jailed and had dogs sicced on him and had high-powered water hoses turned on him, his message was not the one that descendants of slaves needed to hear. I have much respect for Malcolm X who I thought was often spot on with regards to his beliefs. He was not about that ‘namby-pamby’ peaceful this and peaceful that and it has been stated that Dr. King recognized this near the end of his life, but if that is so, by then it was too late. The damage had been done.

      Black people at one point in time brought capitalism to a screeching halt which is what is needed because the Montgomery Bus Boycott showcased the power of the boycott. Only we refuse to go that route, nor would we sustain it for any length of time and this is quite well known by those who put this shit into play. Black people were far better off when we didn’t even have to see a ‘white’ face. In my years of growing up, I cannot recall ever seeing a cop. I wish I could say that today, but nothing fucking doing. Those racist bastards are everywhere!

      And I certainly hear you in regards to Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. That shit is worthless and descendants of slaves got no time to dream. We are living a goddamn nightmare and so where is some worthless ass dream? Whatever ‘mountaintop’ Dr. King ascended to and saw his ‘dream’ fulfilled was just wishful thinking on his part because after all these years have passed, there is no sign of his dream and there never will be. If anything, things have only gotten worse. However, I highly doubt even Dr. King would be sitting still for that ‘peaceful’ shit with what is going down today. Even he would be able to see that that is not going to get it done!

      What a shame, indeed!

      Mranticonservative, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. I know right, He basically was a delusional and a delusional sounding man when he made that “I Have A Dream” speech to be honest.

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      2. He was something, but he was not right! Because like I’ve already stated, descendants of slaves have got no time to dream since we are living a nightmare. We were back then and we still are and so how his ‘dream’ came into the picture, I don’t know. Because the last thing that was going on back then for Black folks were some damn dreams. That shit does not even make any sense!

        Thanks for pointing that out!

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