The Maoris Of New Zealand Are NOT Muslim And So Why Are So Many Muslims In New Zealand To Begin With?

The Muslims have no business in New Zealand, nor does their killer, Brenton Tarrant nor does the Prime Minister Jacinda Arden who is protecting the killer by not releasing his photo. Well, there he is, front and center! Just another self-proclaimed neo-Nazi parasite!

By now, we have all heard about yet another white male parasite shooting up two mosques in New Zealand. What was he doing in New Zealand in the first place? How did he obtain so many weapons and why are there so many Muslims in New Zealand since the original inhabitants are not Muslim since Muslims are not even known to be from that region?

First of all, right out-of-the-gate, this shit is so wrong on so many levels, it stinks to high heaven. If you look at the press conference given by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, did she look ‘Maori’ to you? She did not look ‘Maori’ to me and that is because she is just another white parasite that’s gone slithering all across this globe, taking over what’s not theirs to take over, but they do it anyway.

The only reason Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, was born in New Zealand is because her forefathers slithered over there and put down roots over the objections of the original inhabitants. The original inhabitants, the Maoris, were then fucked up, relegated to third class citizenry, jailed, murdered and the remaining ones were told to “Assimilate or else,” because whitey parasite was taking over. Then came the rest of the lot; those convict rejects from England that were transported to Australia to form the Botany Bay Penal Colony, who in turn, fucked up the original inhabitants of Australia, the Aborigines and since they could get away with that, then there came every other white parasite that wanted to step foot in New Zealand from any land of white parasitic leech filth.

The reality is that the Maoris control NOTHING! They have no control over their own lives. They cannot even purchase weapons to protect themselves since the majority of them have criminal records thanks to everything they do getting criminalized by the white parasites that have taken over New Zealand. The vast majority of New Zealand’s original inhabitants are living in extreme poverty and are homeless or are housing insecure and food insecure while shits like this terrorist can mosey on over to New Zealand from Australia any time he damn well pleases, amass a shitload of weapons, give all sorts of neo-Nazi signs and then commence to shooting up mosques all over the place. He then of course is merely apprehended, not shot so full of bullets that he looks like Swiss cheese on a slab in the morgue after the coroner digs the bullets out. That shit would have happened if a Maori had gone into a Starbucks and shot up some white parasites sitting all up in there getting their caffeine fix for the day. But as long as you’re a paraswhite, you can do what you damn well please, go where you damn well please and by ALL means, fuck up as many folks as you damn well please before they capture your ass and refuse to release your fucking mug shot.

But what I would also like to know is why are there so many Muslims in New Zealand to begin with? Once again, the Maoris are not Muslim and so there is no reason in the world for there to have been a huge Muslim presence in New Zealand to begin with. Oh my bad! They relocated there from elsewhere because they could. Not one Maori could have objected to other folks moving to their island country which is not really theirs since it has been colonized by paraswhites because that’s what white parasites do; colonize entire continents, countries, island nations and then suck everything possible from the land and its people and take it over for themselves, thus getting fat, rich and bloated while leaving the inhabitants looking like shit. Yeah, take your ass on over to New Zealand and you will find exactly what I have stated here and worse with regards to how the Maoris are forced to live.

And so no, I am not offering up any prayers or thoughts to those usurpers who got themselves shot up because they had no business over there in the first damn place and don’t tell me that many were refugees from elsewhere because if they were refugees, guess who turned them into refugees? Newsfuckingflash! They don’t look like me. They look exactly like the piece of white parasitic filth that shot up 49 Muslims. I don’t owe anyone a sympathy thought, prayer or card because people who look like me are also on the receiving end of exactly what slithered over to New Zealand and shot up those Muslims. We deal with Brenton Tarrants on a daily basis and so we have no reason in the world to scream and fall to the floor and swoon over what happened in New Zealand. White parasites refuse to do a damn thing about how depraved, brutal, deranged, debased, warped, sick and twisted they are and since they will not, then shit of the like will continue. So don’t even bother putting away the purple crepe and the Black armbands, for those of you who got them out, because whites are never going to change from the vicious shits they are. Until this planet or some such crushing disease takes their damn, filthy asses on up out of here, we are going to have to suffer through the madness that is the pale parasitic leech!

To give you a clue as to how the true and legitimate inhabitants of New Zealand are treated, read this and weep!

In that year, English navigator and explorer COLONIZER Captain James Cook (1728–79) initiated a permanent European presence in New Zealand. As a result, Maori culture would be dramatically changed in less than a century.

In 1840, some 500 Maori chiefs signed the so-called Treaty of Waitangi with the British government. The treaty promised the Maoris that they would keep their lands and property and have equal treatment under the law as British subjects. However, the British later seized Maori lands and made the people move to reservations. As a result of war and disease, the Maori population fell drastically by 1896.

Sound familiar? Of course it does because this same shit played out all over the world! It happened to ALL other Polynesian cultures. It happened to the Indians Indigenous to AmeriKKKa, to the Aborigines Indigenous to Australia, to those of the Marshall Islands which the U.S. government turned into a nuclear test site, exposing the islanders to horrific cancers and genetic mutations and then said, “Meh!” And to this very day, the Marshallese are either nervous to marry people from the exposed atolls, for fear of passing genetic mutations to offspring, or keen to do so, because it means tapping into trusts that barely pay anything, and we know this, because the U.S. values the people of other nations, islands, continents and countries as shithole dwellers. And on and on it goes. Paraswhites have taken over every damn where and then get to designate who can come and who can go, hence why 49 Muslims, who did not even belong in New Zealand in the first place, got shot up and why a neo-Nazi was granted the ability to amass a shitload of weapons, who originally hailed from Australia and who was most likely a descendant of one of England’s convict rejects who was deposited at the Botany Bay Penal Colony since Australia was also colonized by the British.

As long as there is white filth slithering, crawling or twitching, this foul ass shit will continue to play out! So cut that bullshit out about thoughts and prayers. Save your breath because you are wasting it because whites will never cease with killing because that gets their jollies off like wealth and possessions never have and never will!

23 thoughts on “The Maoris Of New Zealand Are NOT Muslim And So Why Are So Many Muslims In New Zealand To Begin With?

  1. I pray for these people and their families who lost their love ones!
    One thing I just want to say about identity and Nationality! I had the misfortune to met some Australia people here in UK,one my ex-colleague was WW from Australia,she wasn’t only racist but very nasty woman that unfortunately I worked with her,the thing that I find interested about European people that they claim to be “Australia,America,European,Africa ecc!” whatever they want to call themselves no one will ever question their origins, even if for me not that it change all of them as group, they have the same features made with the stencil!
    But if a black person of person of colour claim to be “America or other Nationality!” I noticed that wp always question your citizenship and origins,like you are trying to commit some crime!
    For example no because I care,I just want to express what I have experienced on my skin,I know my ancestors came from Africa but I want to tell you about the hypocrisy behaviour of wp!
    I am black Brazilian woman and I have Italian Nationality,when people ask me especially wp “where I am from origin!” I say to them that ” I was born in Brazil!” they start to look at me wrong or say ” you don’t look Brazilian! why there are blacks in Brazil?” for them be Brazilian people it’s mean be white or mixed people,they don’t want acknowledge the fact that there are blacks in Brazil! This kind behaviour also white Brazilian people have!
    Is the same for when I say that ” I am Italian”,Italian people they have always treated me like a third citizen, refuse to fully acknowledge my rights even I speak perfectly Italian.
    The Italian immigration even if I speak with them in Italian, they can clear hear my Italian accent,they can’t help themselves to check my passport at least 5 times or more!
    They want to make sure if my passport is true or fake,how it is possible a black person be Italian?
    As if I want to cheat the law!
    Because this I call “white privilege” I don’t want fuck hear no more excuse from them,they can’t fool me or say bullshit to us!
    Once I saw a video of this insane white American man,he was telling to these Native America man “to get out from America!” I mean did he lose his damn mind? How dare him to say a Indian person to get out?
    He is the invader no the Indian man,that man and his ancestors they lived in American century before,
    European people came!
    For me these people are insane when they claim to be “Native America,New Zealand Maori,Aboriginal Australian or Tasmanian Aboriginal” or what hell is Afrikaans? They aren’t happy to be who they are?
    Did you ever see a bunch of WM performance Haka the Maori dance? It’s really cringe to look!
    The Maori people were brown in beginning but now most of them are all whitening!

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    1. Qnubian528, I don’t pray for those people. What the hell for? They willingly went over to New Zealand from who the hell knows where and like I said, they had no fucking business over there. The only people who should be residing in New Zealand are the Maoris, just as the only people who should be residing in Australia are the Aborigines and the only people who should be residing in what has been named Amerikkka are the Indians Indigenous to Amerikkka and the only people who should be living in Hawaii are the Polynesian people who are from that region and who were the only people living there until those islands were colonized by white parasites and the list is fucking endless.

      And I am not surprised that you were confronted by a racist Australian because those convict rejects think their shit don’t stink and continue to fuck up the ONLY lawful inhabitants of that land, the Aborigines, to this fucking day! Those convict rejects have the unmitigated gall to believe that they are better than the Aborigines. That shit fucking beats ALL! The spit of the Aborigines is worth more than the whole lot of convict rejects from the original Botany Bay Penal Colony. Those worthless fucks are direct descendants of convicts and so they need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up because they have not one goddamn leg to stand on. England didn’t want their damn asses and so shipped that shit over onto the poor, hapless Aborigines to deal with who got fucked up and some shit by the likes of convicts! And for any of those convict rejects who don’t like the truth, they can kiss my ass!

      Also, I am pretty sure that you’ve had some seriously nasty experiences in Brazil because those Latinos hate Black people and believe you me, the feeling is reciprocated to the ninth degree! To those green shit eating motherfuckers, know this, we hate your goddamn asses too! Just so you know where we stand; not with you! And so Trump can just send your Guacamole eating ass right on back across the border because we are tired of dealing with your bedbugs and your e coli because you don’t know a damn thing about hygiene. You’re why Chipotle can’t stay out of the news for having e coli poisoning going on all up in there. You couldn’t pay me to eat that shit they call, food. YUCK! A fucking pile of mashed green shit on the plate or a pile of brown looking shit called ‘re-fried beans?’ Fuck that shit!

      Finally, I am not at all surprised that a white male parasite otherwise known as a ‘paraswhite’ told an Indian man to git ta steppin’. Those parasites are known for being the most arrogant cocksuckers to ever slither all over the place taking it over and then telling the original, lawful inhabitants to leave. Fuck those bastards! Their time is coming! If opioids, job loss, depression leading to suicide don’t take their asses on up outta here, Mother Nature will! It’s happening now!

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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    1. Thank you! Thank you! I humbly take my bow! Everyone should have realized that I was going to be the ONLY one who would tell it like it really is for what the fuck do I have to fear? I’m living the nightmare as is every descendant of slaves in this shithole run by those damn ‘paraswhites’!

      Again, thank you for that most outstanding compliment on this one! It is most sincerely appreciated!

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    1. I can understand them killing him, but he should not have been eaten because he could not have gone down very well. Not to mention, the taste of him alone, should have been off putting. If only the Maoris had decided to do that to every single one of those colonizing bastards. But sadly, somehow, I don’t think it would have mattered since the vileness that is the pale parasitic leech will stop at nothing to steal, enslave and kill. But I do sincerely believe their time is coming. We are seeing shit the likes of which we have never seen before and it will only get worse.

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  2. I agree Miss Courtland when you said “I don’t pray for those people. What the hell for?”, I wouldn’t pray for them neither because I know that they wouldn’t pray for us as blacks if something similar was to happen to us and I believe that they will never admit the truth and the fact that white people are the “Enemies of The People” and the “Real and True Terrorists” even though this has happened to them by an evil white supremacist and terrorist. When it comes to Whites no one ever thinks or says anything terrible and heartless about them or just telling and admitting the truth that they are a major problem but when it comes to us Blacks nothing but hellfire and brimstone is going to rain down on us though just like what you said Miss Courtland on the topic about R. Kelly and Michael Jackson. When it comes to White People they are innocent people and When it comes to Black People we are a true problem, That is how I will always see it!

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    1. Mranticonservative, what I cannot understand is why ANY Black person would feel the need to care for or pray for some shit that don’t even view Black people as human. Muslims despise and hate Black people! They are the very ones who own convenience stores on every corner alongside the Pakistanis and those fuck heads from India and they are all overpricing their fucked up products and cheating us out of our hard-earned money and they are also selling us out-dated shit that’s making us sick. The whites have told those bastards where they can sit up shop at and it’s not in THEIR neighborhoods and yet Black people are responsible for the lavish lifestyle those vicious racists live. Black people are responsible for sending their kids to the finest colleges and universities and yet they still despise our ass. Whites don’t patronize their shops. Black people do and we need to just stop it already and that would send those thugs packing!

      Black people suffer from ‘derangement syndrome’ or something because many are truly deranged when they will jump on the “let’s pray for some Muslims who got fucked up” bandwagon. I refuse to jump on that fucked up bandwagon. Those worthless Muslim shits don’t pray for us when they hear that one of us got shot dead by some racist KKKop just because. They don’t stand in solidarity with us and so why should we stand in solidarity with them? I can’t even take my Black ass over to New Zealand and yet, they are all up in New Zealand, helping whitey parasite ass take it over from the Maoris and I’m supposed to ‘pray’ for THAT shit! Not bloody fucking likely! I got standards and those bastards are below my fucking standards! I keep it real! I’m not going to lie and say that I give a good goddamn about those fucking Muslims when I know I don’t and I truly don’t! So they got shot up! AND???!! We get shot up every single goddamn day in this shithole and no Muslim is saying a damn prayer about that, but I’m supposed to find some ‘praying time’ for some fucking Muslims? To hell with them! And to hell with anybody who don’t like what the fuck I write about those Muslim bastards. I didn’t turn their fucking asses into refugees. Whitey parasite ass did that and yet they love all up and down on those monsters while believing that Black people are the problem? Seriously??!! Yeah! They got some sort of ‘derangement syndrome’ as well!

      Those fucking white parasites that have taken over New Zealand are now all ‘lovey dovey’ with those damn Muslims to the point where they are going up to what even looks ‘Muslim’ and exclaiming, “We’re with you!” One guy had to tell those pasty-assed parasites that he ain’t even Muslim. Oh yeah, whitey parasite ass is FOR Muslims today, tomorrow, it’ll be a different story if a Muslim goes the fuck off and shoots up a church. Motherfuckers run hot or cold depending on what’s going down on any given day, doncha know. I trust Muslims as much as I trust whitey parasite, Latinos, Koreans, those Hindu motherfuckers from India and that shit from Pakistan and don’t even get me started on the Chinese, Japanese and the fucking list is endless. Not one of those nasty ass fuckers like Black people and we should not patronize them. And we damn sure as hell should NOT be praying for their worthless asses!

      Mranticonservative, thank you for another spot on comment.

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  3. I agree Miss Courtland, What I would like to see since this has happened to these people all because of a white supremacist and neo-nazi is for non-white people that are not even black to feel the need of wanting to eradicate them in the same fashion as well. I know that we might think that the other races who are non-white are against us 100% as blacks but we might be doing a little bit of overthinking and assuming that people don’t look at them as a problem at all, To be honest we might be wrong because I do think that those terrorists from the middle east were doing a GREAT job with attacking and eradicating them in different parts and areas of Europe and also doing things to them like capturing one of their evil asses and subjecting them to torture and then beheading their bitch asses which could have been a sign of total hatred and disgust for them and if it was that is fantastic. I do hope that with them seeing non-white people as a major threat and problem to their evil race when it comes to them attacking other non-white races will cause other non-white people who are not even black to indulge in wanting to attack and to eradicate them as well which would be pure karma for them and of course their race is going to be all furious and all bent out of shape if something like that was to end up happening to them as if nothing bad isn’t suppose to happen to their race at all. I know that their evil race feels threatened and outnumbered when it comes to the whole non-white race population in the world and I hope with them feeling like that will cause terrible things to happen to them as well. Amen to that! =)


    1. If some of those people in the Middle East have a problem with whitey pasty ass, all very well and good, but that has nothing to do with descendants of slaves in AmeriKKKa. History has shown, time and time again, that descendants of slaves are on their own. No other group of people, regardless of whether or not they feel that they have been oppressed by whitey pasty ass gives a shit about descendants of slaves. How many have you known that have stepped up and said that what whitey pasty ass is doing to descendants of slaves is fucked up? Not one! When the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing, how many countries issued ANY statements condemning the shit that the whites were visiting on people who were peacefully protesting for basic human rights? Not one! How many countries have extended an open invitation for descendants of slaves to seek asylum in their country? Not fucking one! They’ve accepted folks from Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan. They are why so many Muslims are over in New Zealand, but has New Zealand opened the door to descendants of slaves who are basically refugees as well since we are oppressed to hell and back? Hell fucking no! So, like I’ve already stated, descendants of slaves are on their own and we’d better get used to that fact and stop believing that we have to show solidarity with motherfuckers who show us none. Descendants of slaves don’t owe anyone a goddamn thing and especially no allegiances! No one has helped us! We’ve got quite a time trying to survive what whitey pasty ass is doing to us every goddamn day! We fucking have enough to deal with!

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  4. I agree Miss Courtland and Well Said, That was some real and deep stuff that you mentioned which is nothing but the truth. Much appreciated!


  5. Shelby, thanks for the article on Moaris. Yes I was thinking of them an the aboriginals in the aftermath of the attack on New Zealand. And it is terrorism which some of the new media ie CNN and MSNBC alright call it. Just going back to Maori and the gruesome history of colonialism, I wanted to share a documentary about the brutal ways that the U.S. and U.K. used the Pacific islands as a nuclear testing ground and destroyed not only the land but the people as well. The documentary is called the Coming War with China: Although it is produced by Australian director John Pilger, he does not hold back on visually showing and chronicalizing cancer, injuries, deaths and the displacement the islanders on Bikini Atolls, Mariana and Diego Garcia faced when nuclear testing was going on in the 1940s to 60s. Also the Americans and British purposefully pushed the Diego Garcia islanders named Chaggosians off their land and didn’t even allowed them to return to build a U.S. military base on Diego Garcia. The Chagossians who are also African people like the Seychelles and Cape Verdans are still fighting to go home in the international and British courts. Most of the Chagossians were sent to Britain after being forced displaced in the 1960s. They have a right to return to their homeland. As with everything vile that the Western countries ie UK, US, Australia and New Zealand does it is usually covered up or sugar coated. But everyone sees right through the sugary lies and the media deception has been broken. Again here’s the link in case you missed it the first time: Coming War with China

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    1. Thank you for your comment Anonymous and also for posting the link. I have already watched the video and it brought tears to my eyes. This is why I don’t hold back when I am denouncing the foul ass, vicious and vile, depraved and monstrous shit these parasites visit on innocent people, the world over. I will not sit back and silently condone what those pasty-assed parasitic leeches have done to the world’s innocent people and it continues to this very fucking day, especially when their skin has much melanin in it!

      And others also have no problem in helping whitey parasite ass fuck up other people and run roughshod over them such as is the case with those Muslims taking over New Zealand and expecting everyone to swoon and some more shit because they fucking got shot up. The world’s innocent people are long suffering thanks to whitey parasite ass and they can clearly see this by watching the video you linked in your comment. They don’t have a thought or a prayer for those innocent people who got themselves fucked up by whitey parasite ass, but yet we are all supposed to join in and grieve and wring our hands and gnash our teeth because some Muslims chose to go over to New Zealand to get fucked up? Not fucking hardly! I’ll save my hand wringing and tears for the truly innocent victims of whitey parasite ass! And I will continue to denounce the vicious atrocities they commit in the name of nuclear testing and colonization, the stomp down flaming racist ass pieces of filthy shit!

      Anonymous, again I thank you for that spot on comment and for the link to the video.


  6. You actually put a new perspective on the Christchurch attack in a way I didn’t even think of. You’re right about the Maori people being subjugated on their own land. Even the Polynesian immigrants (Samoans, Tongans, Fijians, etc.) deal with racism over there. Good call with Australia. It’s a miracle the Aboriginies even got reparations this year which was unheard of. Also, the native Tasmanian people were annihilated to extinction and the colonizers never owned up to it.

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    1. I am not surprised that those devils never owned up to annihilating the Tasmanian people, have they stepped up and ‘owned’ up to slavery over here? Hell no! They’re trying to re-write textbooks to state that Africans IMMIGRATED over here to work ‘good paying’ jobs alongside the Irish. Nope! No slavery! The Africans jumped into those boats and demanded to be brought here to slave away for ‘good paying’ jobs for which they decided not to take any pay for. That’s whitey’s version and he is going to stick to it. You betcha!

      Thank you for your comment.

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      1. You’re absolutely right. I can’t name a single White-on-Black genocide besides the reparations to the Aborigines where the guilty party truly owned up to it and gave tangibles. No, I’m not talking about empty apologies. They didn’t do it when it came to the Holocaust, Japanese survivors of internment camps, or what little they gave to some Native American tribes.

        I’ve been seeing that and it is beyond insulting. The Irish’s indentured servitude is NOT the same thing as slavery, and people know this. Even Ben Carson was talking about how the Africans were immigrants (freaking sellout buffoon). This wasn’t some consensual travel or healthy work conditions. No pay, no safety, and there was a genocide going on with the Middle Passage, slave catchers, and The Devil’s Punchbowl which was an American concentration camp in MS!

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      2. Barack Obama actually said almost the same thing that Ben Carson said regarding Africans ‘immigrating’ to Amerikkka. That is why I have been saying for some time now that he didn’t give a shit for us since his history is not ours. He could never relate to us. He has more in common with whites than he does with Black people and that is a fact.

        No one told the Jews to just accept an apology and get over it; the same for the Japanese. But when it comes to Amerikkkan descendants of slaves, all of a sudden, whites “will be damned if they are going to accept responsibility for what their fathers and grandfathers did,” or so said Joe Biden. And the rest of those white devils have the same mindset that he does. What the fuck is wrong with them? Because the shit that went down in the 1600s is still going down today, else why are there over 2 million Black slaves working for free for corporations in FOR PROFIT PRISONS? And those of us who are not actually inside a prison, are faring almost as bad as those who are.

        And you never hear them speak of a concentration camp when it comes to the slaves, but now, everyone is all up in arms over what some people who CHOSE to come here are sitting all up in on the southern border. The hypocrisy of this shithole is just beyond belief!

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      3. I wasn’t aware of the Obama quote. He would certainly sound smarter with something like that, but the message would still be stupid if that makes sense. Not so much more in common, but who he caters to although I totally see what you’re saying.

        That’s right! Good point with that quote from “Jim Crow” Joe Biden. Sure, slavery as a private institution is illegal, but not as a public institution with the prisons. I didn’t even know about The Devil’s Punchbowl until a couple of years ago and I was beyond sickened. The slaves actually begged to go back to the plantations with how bad they were treated. Want to know the kicker to it? They were overseen by UNION soldiers who ran the concentration camp! Think about that for a minute. Men, women and children were separated from each other, there was hard labor, and many were starved there. They were in mass graves and there is a peach grove where the bodies are. Even the people in Natchez, MS don’t eat the peaches because they know what the fertilizer is.

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      4. Here is the quote from Obama.

        Obama also referred to slaves as ‘immigrants’

        “And perhaps, like some of you, these new arrivals might have had some moments of doubt, wondering if they had made a mistake in leaving everything and everyone they ever knew behind. So life in America was not always easy. It wasn’t always easy for new immigrants. Certainly it wasn’t easy for those of African heritage who had not come here voluntarily, and yet in their own way were immigrants themselves. There was discrimination and hardship and poverty. But, like you, they no doubt found inspiration in all those who had come before them. And they were able to muster faith that, here in America, they might build a better life and give their children something more.”

        Slaves as immigrants? Seriously? And he is Harvard educated?!! Really??!! Well whoever paid his for his education should get, at the very least, a partial refund.

        I am NOT surprised that Union soldiers ran the concentration camp since the slaves who ran up North had severe hardships as well. All was not rose petals and sunbeams for them. Many only escaped the South only to endure the same fate in the North. Not everyone in the North was an abolitionist. All I know for a fact is that our ancestors had to be some of the strongest people on this planet to have survived what they did and we know they survived it because we exist. We should be trying to do better than we are. I feel that we are actually shaming their memory and what they endured by refusing to do more for ourselves than we are. The shit we take up and run with is ridiculous. We don’t even respect ourselves especially when we take up the most derogatory word in history and apply it to ourselves. No other group has taken up what the whites call them that’s derogatory. You don’t hear the Chinese referring to their people as “Chinks.” You don’t hear the Mexicans referring to their people as “Wetbacks.” And yet we call each other the “N” word and say that it is a “term of endearment.” I do believe the slaves would beg to differ. We should not be acting this stupid.

        Thank you for your comment.

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      5. Wow, that quote is beyond intellectually insulting especially for someone with a Harvard education.

        Yes, and that was the case. Malcolm X said “If you live South of Canada, then you’re still in the South.” Those words were so true. That’s right, and I’ve never seen other racial groups call each other slurs in my life. I’m glad I have never called anyone the N word before and it saddens me when I see people do that.

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