As Unprecedented Flooding Continues All Across America, America’s Fucked Up Infrastructure Is Not Up To The Challenge

As this empire in decline continues to decline or in other words, while Rome floods, the emperor tweets, people die and the flooding gets worse.

Historic flooding kills three, forces hundreds from homes across the Midwest

Heavy rain and melting snow that overpowered the Missouri River forced hundreds of families out of their homes and forced the base that is home to U.S. Strategic Command to sharply scale back operations on Sunday.

At least three people are confirmed to have died in what the National Weather Service called “major and historical river flooding” along parts of the Missouri and Mississippi river basins.

The Missouri River reached 30.2 feet in Fremont County in far southwestern Iowa on Sunday, breaking the record by 2 feet and topping levees in the towns of Bartlett and Thurman. A levee was breached on the Platte River near North Bend, northwest of Omaha, Nebraska, on Sunday afternoon; authorities urged all residents to move to higher ground immediately.

U.S. Strategic Command, or StratCom, which oversees the U.S. strategic nuclear forces from Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, said Sunday that floodwaters had overwhelmed the southeastern side of the base despite the deployment of more than 235,000 sandbags and 460 flood barriers.

Base commanders told NBC affiliate WOWT of Omaha that the flooding was affecting as much as two-thirds of the more than 16,000 active-duty and civilian personnel at the base — which, in addition to hosting StratCom, is home to the 55th Wing, the largest wing within Air Combat Command.

The situation is so bad here in America that yet another military base is basically in shutdown mode because it is overwhelmed by water even after the “deployment of more than 235,000 sandbags and 460 flood barriers?” Here is an idea! Get your damn asses out of Venezuela starting up some shit there and come back here where you are needed by assholes who live by the cliché , “Build, baby build!” Are any of the affected civilians impacted by these floods wondering why there is no real help? If so, wonder no more especially since the military cannot even keep its feet dry nor can they keep their asses from starting shit in other countries and those shits are what is supposed to see us through disasters? How so when they cannot even see themselves through disasters and so we are to believe that we should live in fear of ISIS coming over here and fucking us up when ISIS, the Taliban and Alibaba and his forty thieves need not even bother since Mother Nature is sick and tired of whites’ shit and rightly so and is fucking their shit up to no end? Thank you Mother Nature! But I am quite sure that just as soon as Trump completes his ‘Twitter storm’, he will head right on over to the affected areas and pitch in and rescue trapped and stranded whites, he will also help with sandbagging and of course will see to it that every single last one of his supporters is taken care of. Remember how he told California to just “Rake those fires on outta there!” Good advice! “Rake that water right on outta there and head back in and assess the water damage to your fucked up homes.” Then send the bill to Trump!

How many of you are laughing at the poor Black Katrina hurricane victims now? How many of you racists think that what happened to the Black Katrina victims couldn’t happen to you? Now, your ass is sitting all up in some makeshift Red Cross shelter waiting on some assistance and some word on when you can go back to your water-logged homes to see if anything can be salvaged. That shit ain’t so funny now, is it? From all reports, your asses are going to be sitting up in shelters for some time to come, so dig in and laugh about it! And from what I’ve seen, every last ass that’s impacted by that flood shit has been pale-assed! Go figure! I probably can count on one hand the statistics of Black people sitting up in Nebraska and Iowa, but of course, even if some Black folks were affected by the flooding, no news coverage will they receive. That’s only for lily-pale ass!

And the good news is that this is not over! Since levees have been breached and rivers have risen way beyond flood stage, the danger is not over because the flooding is expected to continue into Wednesday. Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and many other states have all been impacted by major flooding to the point whereas many states’ governors have declared a ‘State of Emergency’. I have no idea who they are going to call to help with the situation seeing as how military bases have had to be shutdown due to flooding. Yes indeed, we are SO ready for war. We are so ready for war that our military bases will be fighting the war from beneath a flooded base. I hope the world is paying attention to this shit!

As for the folks who died; one was asked to help rescuers that had been stranded on a bridge, but the bridge gave out. Another one drove past a road barrier that was placed on the road asking drivers not to go forward, but dumbass drove around the barrier and ended up floating down stream somewhere. And yet another one died because of refusing to leave their home. There are 11 million people across 14 states that are being affected by flood waters. What does that tell you? It tells me that this planet has had enough. When folks continue to build and ignore the fact that there is no place for water to go when there is concrete and asphalt every damn where, this is what you can expect. If they had a fucking teepee, this shit would not be occurring, would it? But no, you have got to cut the trees down and build a big ass house and a long ass driveway to store your 8 vehicles and then wonder why your shit is flooded out. Seriously???!!! Oh, but those assholes are going to gather in a circle once the flood waters recede and sing “Kumbaya,” and exclaim that they are going to rebuild. GOOD! So, next year this time, we will watch this shit play out all over again! And don’t forget that hurricane season is just around the corner and so those who are on the coast will join you in getting flooded out again especially since they have not yet recovered from last year’s hurricane season. Not to mention the folks in Paradise, CA are still trying to get their act together from the recent wildfires in California. Is anyone taking notes? Anyone paying attention? Keep on building those McMansions. Keep on driving your Hemi-powered pickup trucks and your GMC Trailblazers. I hear tell that SUVS and big trucks are all the rage here in the U.S. and since that is a fact, expect more of this shit to occur because it would seem that you are not going to listen until your ass is floating down the goddamn street in your big ass truck! Bon voyage, dumbasses!

And as always, we know who set this shit in motion by thinking that they are the smartest shits to ever slither and crawl all across this world They have the answer for everything! All the other groups who were living as one with this planet was going about it ALL wrong, right? If your ass is pale, you have no one to blame but those who look like you for why you and your shit are flooded out! Own this because it is yours to own! Yeah, think on it because right about now, you’ve got ALL the time in the world because you’ve got nowhere to go. So try and do some ‘soul-searching while you’re sitting up in that Red Cross shelter. Oh, damn! What am I talking about? Whites don’t have a soul! Never mind.

10 thoughts on “As Unprecedented Flooding Continues All Across America, America’s Fucked Up Infrastructure Is Not Up To The Challenge

  1. As a member of the Global Majority and a retired combat veteran, I cosign much of what’s in this post. True patriots don’t run around the country with flags draped over their bodies skirting military service while screaming how unpatriotic all non-white christian men are. By the way, wearing the flag or its likeness on the body is a crime. Yeah, that’s right, I’m your damn kryptonite and your vibranium. So, what are you going to call this Black man who served over 20 years on active duty and deployed to every major and most minor U.S. foreign wars and conflicts since 1989, while you were riding around in your overpriced F-150 with your flag bandanna on being indoctrinated by Rush Limbaugh. Yeah, I thought so.

    My ancestors have been on this soil since 1619 (truth be told, even earlier than that- Moors). How long have your ancestors been here? True patriots are critical of his/her country and sound a lot like Shelby. True patriots never practice blind allegiance to anything. Your current and historical actions and the way your ancestors commandeered this land has likely cursed it. I believe the only way the curse can be broken is through the weeping spirits of the ancestors of the native peoples and the displaced Africans.

    Another good, hard-hitting post, Shelby. Keep making ’em uncomfortable. It’s what the country needs.

    “I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.”~ James Baldwin

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    1. Kreb, I absolutely love you for posting this! And I thank you to no end! They also need to see what you have written. Poor Black men have had to sign on the dotted line to go and get killed or come back fucked up in the head because of poverty and because they see joining the military as the only way to feed their families. And even then, many of them are still too poor to piss straight what with their military pay qualifying them for food stamps. That shit doesn’t even make any sense, but that is how ‘highly’ Amerikkka values those they ‘offhandedly’ “thank for their service,” while not even caring that there are millions of homeless vets and that many of them are not even receiving the care they should be receiving because the VA is useless.

      They are lauding some students for marching to bring attention to climate change, but nary a word was said about the need to end these useless, needless wars that also cause climate change. They don’t think that all of those missiles blowing up is having a catastrophic effect on this planet? The U.S. has much to answer for in that it has deployed more bombs than all other countries combined and are still at it to this day. This country is going to go down first because it has too much to answer for. And it is going to answer for each and every vile and atrocious thing it is guilty of. Each and every white ass is going to rue the day he/she was ever born because not one of them has an ounce of empathy, compassion, heart or humanity for if they did, what they are doing, they would not be doing, but they are. What they have allowed to continue, unabated in their name is something they are going to have to answer for. They have the most to lose because they have made sure that the rest of us have nothing to lose. They have far to fall and when they fall, they are going to fall, hard.

      The buffalo that was murdered in order for the white man to starve the Indian will be avenged. The Indian, whose land was stolen and his family killed and he had to walk the ‘Trail of Tears’ to a reservation will be avenged. The slave who was whipped to within an inch of his life will be avenged. The slave woman who was brutalized and forced into sexual bondage will be avenged. Her child who was ripped and torn from her arms and sold to another white-assed parasite will be avenged. Whites have so damn much to answer for and they will be made to answer for each and every single crime that they have committed against the innocent. They have not even begun to get what’s coming to them, but they will!

      And so I thank you again, for writing what you did Kreb! Keep the faith!

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      1. And Again, no prob, Shelby! I feel your passion and understand your frustration. That said, I’m not sure if your non-Global Majority readers and followers feel and understand you correctly so I just feel a need to reassure you (probably not necessary).

        I come from a large family and was the only one to join the military. I was often asked why such an unapologetic Black man joined the military. I had two answers: 1) Nearly all my uncles were drafted during the Vietnam War and sent to the front lines and I understood that the same thing could happen to my brothers if someone from every family didn’t volunteer. I was the vibrant one and didn’t want any of my brothers to get drafted. 2) I saw white supremacist/nationalists joining the military to get tactical and strategic training to protect or defend themselves from the government potentially harming them and I thought, maybe I need to do this too.

        I feel very lucky to have left the military in one piece- mind and body considering all the combat tours. I get a kick out messing with the heads of these bible-thumping, gun-toting, flag-dragging, military-skirting “lip-patriots” as I call out their pseudo-patriotism somewhere towards the end of their conversation with me. I get a real kick out of disrupting their idea of what they thought the ideal veteran is. Little do they know; most Black military veterans share my national and world views.

        By the way, in no way was I trying to insinuate anything by suggesting that you’re patriotic. Patriot also means loyalist. I believe and respect the loyalty you have in the cause and struggle of your quest of your cousin’s good name and, I’m sure, several other examples of your loyalty. The beauty is in the way we all have different ways of showing white people in this nation the suffrage they’ve caused so many others in this land, while showing our resilience simultaneously.

        The worst of them are the so called liberal and progressive whites who are so complicit in their silence. They feel that if they’re not openly xenophobic and bigots, then they will avoid the wrath you mention in your pieces. They’re the true sheep in wolf’s clothing. Judas. We must have each other’s back. Keep ‘em coming, Shelby!

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      2. Kreb, thank you for understanding that I absolutely abhor this stolen nation even as I have numerous relatives who joined the military and many of them have retired and are quite wealthy. My mother’s brother is living the good life and has paid for the funeral services for many poorer relations in the family. He has impressed my mother to no end with the vehicles he drives and with the homes he has. My own father served in the military and was honorably discharged. He was a Marine. It turned him into a cold, heartless person who could never love and I have always hated the military because of that, because none of us were ever “Daddy’s little girls” because he was just so cold and distant. He never showed us any love. He never showed my mother any love. Whatever they did to him in the military, it messed him up for life. And when an entity can take a human and turn him into a machine with no feeling, then I have no love for that entity and that is why I have been on what I call, “an anti-military crusade.” All throughout this blog, I am cussing up a shitstorm about the military and I have my reasons.

        Also, I am glad that you recognize that we are all individuals and as such, we have different ways of getting our point across. I am not hardly trying to be subtle or nice. I started out on this blog just as gentle as a lamb, but no more! My experiences and what’s going down has affected me greatly and so I am not the one to stand still for no shit as my readers can see. And I make no apologies. What I say is what I mean.

        And I am also glad that you mentioned those “so called liberal and progressive whites who are so complicit in their silence” because I have blogged about them as well and they’ve certainly got no ‘kudos’ from me, quite the contrary. If they deserve it, they get thrown under the bus in here and those asswipes have been thrown under the bus by me, countless times and I will continue to do so. And so please know that I have no desire to let up on speaking out on this shit that we have to deal with! They don’t let up and neither will I. Count on it!

        Again, thank you for another spot on comment! I absolutely love hearing from you!


      3. Shelby, unlike some in the military community, I fully understand that just because someone is critical of the military, doesn’t mean they’re critical of me for being in the military. Like no other thing in my life, I didn’t let the military define me. I’ve also been an elected official, educator, and a for-profit executive and many people decry all those things as well; but I don’t take it as disparaging me personally. Like your uncle, my service in the military has provided me a very comfortable life financially while paying next to nothing out of pocket for a higher education all the way to a post-graduate degree.

        I’m so happy to know that your uncle didn’t allow his service to defeat him, while I’m saddened to hear that your dad didn’t enjoy the same victory. Surviving the military emotionally has much to do with the type of personality you bring to it. For instance, the things I witnessed in war with children is the reason that I became an educator and mentor to young people. It also brought me even closer to my family, especially my children. I wish that had been the case with your dad; but military experiences are typically very unique and personal.

        Also, contrary to popular belief, most service members understand that you having the right to criticize the military is the primary reason they serve. It’s just like when they tried to make Kaepernick taking a knee about disrespecting the military. If you talk to most modern-day service members, they would laugh at that notion and remind people that if the lie about Kaepernick was actually true, then that’s why they serve.

        So, this is your blog and I don’t have to tell you that that gives you the right to say whatever you please. It’s people like you who screams foul on the military and other governmental entities that prevents the these agencies from going totally rogue. I’m able to appreciate the passion and commitment with what you write about without taking anything personal. Continue to keep ’em on their toes sister! I’ll be reading, learning, and supporting!

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  2. Good post, Shelby. As far as I can see, the government of the US has ceased to function in any practical sense. The ironic thing is despite their military deployment in virtually every non-communist country in the world, they are clearly incapable of winning any wars.

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    1. Dr. Bramhall, just as you say the US military is “incapable of winning any wars.” The US military is incapable of fighting its way out of a paper bag nor a flooded base. This shit is supposed to come to the assistance of civilians when their shit gets ‘disastered’ and yet, they cannot because their military issued shit is flooded and they need to be evacuated. Don’t that fucking beat all? Anytime, the rescuers are needing to be rescued and the rescuer for the rescuers end up dead because the bridge collapsed shows you just how fucked up everything is over here.

      I have been saying for quite some time now that this shithole is being allowed to finish collapsing because there is nothing else to be gotten from it. People are working low wage jobs and even the news out today is stating that there are not enough workers for all the low-wage jobs that are available. The reason for this is because those who would be working are stealing or selling themselves to buy drugs. Hell! Even that man looking thing that’s calling itself “Wendy Williams” just announced that its been hooked on cocaine for years and is an alcoholic and is addicted to prescription painkillers and is living in a ‘sober house’. Even those with money are sitting somewhere high as the proverbial kite. This shit is done for over here and so that is why the government is completely ignoring the fucked infrastructure of this shithole and is just continuing to wreak havoc all across this planet. The planet is to look like this shithole if the US government has anything to say about it. That’s the plan. Meanwhile, you’re standing on the roadside with your sign exclaiming about “climate change” and being investigated while neo-Nazis are not even given a second glance when they post their ‘manifestos’ and the like. None of this shit makes any damn sense at all and Michael Ellner was spot on when he said,

      “Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” – Michael Ellner

      …and as I’ve stated before, truer words were never typed, written or spoken.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


      1. Great reply, Shelby! But I promise you, the planet will not end up looking any shithole. The worst any of us can do to Mother Earth is make her cough just enough for us to become the phlegm she spits up. She’ll fully recover within a decade after humans wiped themselves off her skin. We’re nothing more than a case of bad acne to her.


      2. With that comment, you have restored my hope and my faith in our planet. I was extremely worried. But now I do believe that man will go the route of the dinosaurs and this planet will still be here just like it was after the catastrophic event that wiped out the dinosaurs. Man, and by ‘man’, I mean white parasites have been hell bent on destroying this entire planet in their quest for everything that’s not nailed down. It pains me that sea life, animals and plants have died or become extinct because of all the atomic bomb testing in the oceans and on land. Some things were never meant to be used in the way whites have used them and the destruction has been terrible. I so hate to see innocence destroyed and whites destroy innocence every single goddamn day and that needs to end! The shit they do needs to be stopped! And with all my heart and with all my soul, I hope that this planet has decided that enough is enough and has started expelling their vile and vicious asses on up outta here! For the continued survival of ALL other species, this must occur!

        Kreb, I thank you for your comment.


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