Amber Guyger’s Defense For Murdering Botham Shem Jean Is That She Requested, And Received, So Much Overtime That Fatigue Caused Her To Forget Where She Lived! Seriously??!!

The latest nonsense to be put forth in an attempt to win an acquittal in the death of Botham Shem Jean by Amber Guyger is to be her time sheets to point out that she requested, and received, overtime that resulted in her being too tired to figure out where the hell she lived. And if anybody is buying that load of bullshit, then buy this great ocean front property that I have and it is sitting smack dab in the middle of a desert. Come and buy it!

I have worked two jobs, that only gave me time to pick the kid up from after school daycare, drop him off at home for his father to deal with and go to my second night job and from there, drag my ass to bed for numerous years and fatigued as I was, I never forgot where the hell I lived and neither did this racist bitch!

Murder Trial Date Set for Former Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger in the Shooting Death of Botham Jean

Guyger claims that on the day in question, she returned to the apartment complex where she and the victim lived after working a nearly 14-hour shift. She claims to have mistakenly parked on the wrong level of the parking structure, thereby entering the building on the wrong floor and mistaking Jean’s apartment for hers, which was one floor below.

Guyger then claimed that when she was somehow able to open Jean’s apartment door, she believed him to be an intruder in her own apartment, and she shot him after he “failed to comply” with “verbal commands” that she issued.

NBC 5 obtained documents from Dallas police that show the amount of overtime Guyger worked in the months and weeks leading up to the shooting, including the day of the shooting. The station posits that this information may become crucial during the trial.

On the day of the shooting, Guyger requested and worked nearly six hours of overtime. The shooting happened soon after she returned home from that shift. In the days leading up to the shooting, she worked between 1 and four hours of overtime on any given day.

And so the stage is being set to conclude that racism had nothing to do with this bitch killing that Black man. She murdered him due to the fact that she was just too fucking tired to see straight? Well if that is the case, then why was she not too tired to find her way to her own vehicle? Why was she not too tired to find her way to the building she lived in? Why did she not shoot someone whom she thought was attempting to break into her car since she was too tired to even be able to know her own damn name, much less what kind of car she drove? I don’t give a goddamn that her attorneys must come up with a plausible explanation to defend their guilty as hell client, but let’s be realistic here, you cannot have it both ways. Either the bitch was too tired to even know her own car. She was too tired to know how to even get to her apartment building or she wasn’t. But to say that she wasn’t too tired to find her car and she wasn’t too tired to find her apartment building, but then fatigue sat in once she had made it to the building to the point where she, all of a sudden, started NOT recognizing shit, is just too damn much to ask anyone to believe!

And what does this mean? “Guyger then claimed that when she was somehow able to open Jean’s apartment door?” How could she, somehow, open an apartment door when the apartment wasn’t hers? I can’t ‘somehow’ open my neighbor’s apartment door because the key is not going to fit. You see, she cannot continue with the lie that Botham Shem Jean’s apartment door was ajar because it has been proven that the doors automatically close and shut, solidly. So, now, “she was SOMEHOW able to open Jean’s apartment door.” The lies are just too ridiculous for words and yet they keep coming!

What the defense is counting on for this worthless racist bitch is that she will get an ‘all-white’ jury that will take ‘her’ fucked up tall tale and disregard the outrageous lies that are so glaringly obvious in her story because she is whitey pasty assed. And because dead men tell no tales. Neighbors of Botham Shem Jean have given statements that they heard loud knocking and a raised voice demanding entrance. That does not sound like someone who is so exhausted they have forgotten where they live. Not to mention the fact that Botham Shem Jean had a red mat at his door and so we are to believe that this racist bitch had the exact same mat at her door as well?

If what this bitch claimed happened, actually happened, this would be “accidental neighbor murder case no. 18 million” because folks would be mistaking other peoples apartments for their own every single goddamn day and would commence to shooting their neighbors because of it. You don’t hear of people mistaking the apartments of others for theirs. And most people have a distinguishing item at their apartment door and even those who don’t have not shot and killed their neighbor claiming that they had worked too many overtime hours, that they had requested, and so could not distinguish their apartment from their neighbors. I don’t have to be an attorney to figure out that this defense makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and that the defense is ‘shooting’ for a ‘get-out-of-jail’ free card based on the fact that they plan to stack the jury with those who look like racist ass Amber Guyger. Not to mention, this bitch has been free to walk around and get fatigued and shoot up other people this entire time since those who protested her murdering Botham Shem Jean received more time behind bars for protesting this latest racially motivated killing than this racist bitch received. Her ass got bailed out in minutes each time she was arrested. AND..her attorneys are free of charge for her since taxpayers are picking up the fucking tab on this racist murdering bitch who is going to get off on killing that Black man based on a pack of vicious lies that wouldn’t even be believed by a blind deaf mute that’s been planted.

So for those of you who are still into protesting, get your signs ready, get your shoes dusted off because this latest circus of racist horror is to begin on August 12th. I’m done with the shit because I refuse to purchase new protesting shoes. What the hell for? They’ve done no good thus far. Just ask those who are still alive from the 60s. They’ll tell you! Nothing is to be gained from continuously protesting. Didn’t the verdict just come in that the racists that murdered Stephon Clark won’t face criminal charges despite the fact that he was ‘armed’ with a cellphone and multiple protests occurred over the fact of yet another Black man killed, who was unarmed? I’ve lost count of how many there have been. Just archive to your heart’s content, goddamn it!

Officers who fatally shot Stephon Clark won’t face criminal charges

The two Sacramento police officers who fatally shot Stephon Clark will not face charges, authorities announced Saturday. Clark, 22, was shot last year while holding a cellphone that police mistook for a gun.

And don’t forget the cop that shot 12-year old Tamir Rice was not indicted. No one was held responsible for the murder of Sandra Bland in a Texas jail cell and no one was held accountable when the cops shot and killed a sleeping Aiyana Stanley-Jones, in Detroit in May 2010 who was only seven years old. What crime had she committed? The child was asleep and was murdered by a white cop who is walking the streets, free as a bird because in the eyes of white parasites, he only killed a “nigger!”

‘She was only a baby’: last charge dropped in police raid that killed sleeping Detroit child

Aiyana Stanley-Jones was 7 years old when she was killed by a single bullet to the head. As officer Joseph Weekley walks free, another community is demanding answers about the increasing militarization of law enforcement.

But yet, some people think that descendants of slaves have got so much time and energy and prayers and thoughts on their hands left over for other groups who get themselves shot up by these white racist parasites! Really? Are you fucking serious? We are too busy moaning and wailing over the continued murder of those who look like us by those racists than to look up and recognize that others are getting fucked up by them as well. What the hell do you want us to do about what whitey parasite ass is doing to you when we cannot stop that racist shit from fucking us up? You more than likely chose to come to this racist shithole. We did not. You can get on a boat and row yourself back from whence you came because you’ve more than likely got dual citizenship. We fucking don’t. The majority of us, thanks to racist laws, have records and cannot even head to another country even if we wanted to, but what would be the point? We’d only receive the same treatment elsewhere. Unlike others who are getting fucked up by whitey parasite ass, we must deal with the shit as best we can and with no solidarity, no allegiances, no nothing from other groups. And so just as we are on our own, so are you! Get used to it! We have or get the hell on a fast boat and even then, get to rowing because these racist parasites are not going to cease and desist with their racist shit!

4 thoughts on “Amber Guyger’s Defense For Murdering Botham Shem Jean Is That She Requested, And Received, So Much Overtime That Fatigue Caused Her To Forget Where She Lived! Seriously??!!

  1. Comment from: Anonymous

    “A jury of her peers? If that happens she may be let off scott free or no more than a few years max.”

    Anonymous, that is your comment in its entirety. The only reason I did not post your comment directly is because you are new to this blog and I must monitor all newcomers in case it turns out that there is indeed, a ‘troll alert’.

    A jury of her peers would of course be like-minded racists like this bitch Amber Guyger. And there are no shortage of them slithering and crawling around. Even if I lived in Dallas, I’d never get picked for that jury, being Black-assed and all. That ain’t the right color for the particular jury that’s going to get picked to listen to the pack of lies that’ll be spoon fed them by the lawyers for this ‘accused‘ GUILTY racist!

    I already know the bitch is not going to be found guilty because Black as I am, if I go to my neighbor’s apartment and “somehow open their door,” bark some orders at them to leave their own goddamn apartment and then shoot them dead for not doing so, I’m going to be in fucking prison so fast, my head would be spinning. But since Amber Guyger did just that and is walking the streets, free as a goddamn bird, then she just can’t be guilty, so says whitey pasty ass. But of course, this just goes to show that there is a set of laws for whites and another for Black folks. Whites can break their own laws and receive no punishment for doing so because they write the laws and enforce them against Black people. Whites don’t even try and half ass keep the shit on the down low anymore. It is in our face and what the fuck are we going to do about it??!! And they say, “Justice is blind.” Fuck if it is!

    Thank you for your comment Anonymous.


  2. That is one thing that Whites are good at and that is lying and another thing that they are good at doing also is finger pointing which are two things that shows that you are a nuisance as people or as a race. I believe that Whites deserve the “Show The Enemy No Mercy” treatment especially from us as blacks.


    1. But white parasites don’t even have to be ‘good’ liars because what the fuck can descendants of slaves do against the most vile shit to ever slither and crawl all across this planet fucking up everyone and everything in Its path? Not a goddamn thing! But, thankfully, we don’t have to because Mother Nature is hell bent on getting their fucked up, no account asses on up outta here and it cannot happen soon enough to suit me! The writing is on the wall. Even those parasitic shits in Texas are dealing with some fallout from a chemical plant spill. They’re choking, having difficulty breathing, coughing, headaches and irritation to the eyes, nose and throat. And cancer causing benzene is being released into the air even as the EPA states that there should be no concern. Yeah, right! Those worthless shits are just that, worthless! Meanwhile folks are watching the fallout cover their vehicles and everything else and so they know it’s getting into their bodies and causing harm. A lawsuit has already been filed.

      Cleanup of Texas chemical plant hamstrung by new fire, spill

      Just before 4 p.m., another fire broke out, emitting more large plumes of black smoke. Samuelsen said the fire was extinguished by 5 p.m., though some smoke was still visible shortly afterward.

      After the dike breach, the company asked neighboring industrial sites and the nearby San Jacinto Texas State Historic Site to shelter in place. Authorities did not extend that order to residents. People living near the plant in Deer Park were told Thursday to remain indoors after air monitors detected elevated levels of benzene. That order was lifted later Thursday.

      The Texas attorney general also filed a lawsuit against Intercontinental Terminals Company, which operates the petrochemical tank farm east of Houston. Attorney General Ken Paxton said Texas had to hold the company “accountable for the damage it has done to our environment.”

      “ITC has a history of environmental violations, and this latest incident is especially disturbing and frightening,” Paxton said in a statement. “No company can be allowed to disrupt lives and put public health and safety at risk.”

      Wow! They’ve had a “history of environmental violations” and yet were allowed to continue to operate, but since this latest disaster could not be contained, it is now time to sue. And whites think other whites give a damn about them. Seriously? Your own kind is throwing you under the bus even as you hate our guts for being Black. Looks like you’ve got some serious issues of your own with your own kind, hiding shit from your sorry ass until it can’t be because the chemicals are billowing in the air, clogging your shit up and causing you health issues. But Black people are the problem? HA! What comes around goes around. You motherfuckers keep killing us and the shit you do is just going to come right back to you!

      mranticonservative, thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. No Problem Miss Courtland, I remember reading a comment that someone black on Instagram posted when that whole Jussie Smollett thing happened and a lot of us were outraged because of it at the time and the comment said something like this: “We need to stop targeting each other and to start targeting our real enemies.” I know that all blacks that can’t stand white people whatsoever will agree to that one without hesitation.


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