Call Me “Crazy!” But I returned To Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Inner Harbor


I know! I know! I said that I would never, ever go back to Baltimore, MD, not after the horrific shit that happened to me and to my cousin, but the truth of the matter is that no matter how horrible things are for you in one place, they can be even more horrible in another place. And where my cousin and I live right now is even worse than Baltimore’s shit. In fact, the reason why we returned to Baltimore, MD is because of where we live now. He was thrown out of the only medical “game” in town and by that I mean that here in Lynchburg, VA, the only medical “game” in town is called, “Centra Health.” They are over every single medical office here in this city. They have the monopoly on the fucked up shit they call ‘health care’. Never come to this city if you want decent health care because these idiots will kill you and that is a fact! If someone actually did research on this shithole burg, they would find plenty of evidence to back up what I have just written about this fucked up mess they call ‘health care’ here in Lynchburg, VA. Hell! Even spellcheck is trying to check my spelling of this damn burg because, apparently, “Lynchburg” is not something that is ‘kosher’, since why would you want to name a city “Lynchburg” in the first goddamn place if you didn’t want to be perceived as racist as hell??!!! Of course, the word from the white parasites that run this shithole burg is that the first white parasite to set up shop here was named John Lynch and so “Lynchburg” was born. HA! Right! It’s because of all the lynching that went on is why this hole is called “Lynchburg.” They even had a lynching tree and the whites here cried all over the goddamn place when the lynching tree was struck by lightning and that was it for that fucked up tree. But as usual, I digress.

Since my cousin was thrown out of the medical system here, we had to go elsewhere for him to receive his medical care and he wanted to go back to his doctor in Baltimore, MD and so we went. In fact, this is our second trip to Baltimore. We went last month because he had a doctor’s appointment and we made another appointment for Monday of this week, but his doctor called us and told us that it would not be necessary for him to be seen so soon since he was doing well. She told us that we were still welcome to come and see her and just have a great time with her talking about our trip and our plans for seeing the sights in Baltimore. Now remember, his doctors here in Lynchburg lied about their reasons for denying him access to their facilities by stating that he “exhibited unsafe behavior towards staff,” and yet his doctor from when we previously lived in Baltimore, MD, not only welcomed him back with open arms, but was quite willing to have us just visit with her. So, who is the goddamn problem? Newsfuckingflash! It’s not my cousin or me! It’s this racist shit here in Lynchburg! And we can’t get out of here fast enough to suit us, goddamn it!

Here I shall post some pictures that we took on this latest Baltimore trip and I fell in love with Baltimore all over again!

Baltimore Inner Harbor by night is just lovely!

And this one!

Beautiful! Just beautiful!


And this one as well!

In the mid 90s when I lived here, I was always at the Harbor.


I also took a few day time pictures.

The Baltimore Inner Harbor by day


And another one by day!

Pretty tree by the harbor in bloom!



We stayed at the Days Inn Inner Harbor Hotel. It was okay, but I didn’t like the setup whereas the sink was outside of the bath/toilet area.

The tub/toilet is located behind the wall where the picture is and across from that is the sink. Not a great setup at all.


At least it had a fridge/microwave. But that was all it had to say for itself. I had some Wyndham rewards points to get rid of since I used to stay at the La Quinta in Bloomington, MN lots of times and now La Quinta is owned by Wyndham and my points switched over to Wyndham. I won’t be staying here anymore.

The microwave was fucked up because the tray didn’t fit and was always bumping up against the microwave.


And the decor of the room was not too bright.

I would not recommend Days Inn Inner Harbor Hotel.


The ‘motor’ or whatever in the AC/heating unit was carrying on something awful. The only reason we did not request a different room is because the unit that was in the hallway was carrying on equally as bad.

No frills here!


Or here!

I finally get around to showing you a picture of where the sink is, outside the bathroom proper. Seriously??!!

But I guess I should not complain!

I would much rather have been here than where the person in this next picture is.

We ‘humans’ find much to complain about and yet, when I went outside and down to the Inner Harbor, I encountered….well…see for yourself.

A homeless man in a wheelchair down by the Inner Harbor

This is exactly what I mean when I say that we ‘humans’ are some real shits when we can sit somewhere and whine because our hotel room is not up to our standards and then turn right around and pass by a homeless person, whose situation is much, much, much worse! And I am not leaving me out in this “we are some real shits” scenario because I pissed and moaned and threatened to go to the Front Desk and complain, but my cousin talked me down from the fucking ceiling. And it did not help that we gave the homeless man some money. He doesn’t need that. What he needs is some mental health care case management, a social worker, some health care and a goddamn roof over his head and I am pretty sure that if I had given up my hotel digs to him, he’d not have complained one goddamn bit! But I am a hypocrite for calling others out when I am just as guilty of being hoity-toity and think my shit don’t stink. It doesn’t because I eat healthy, but that’s beside the point! I am a shameless hypocritical shit for carrying on so about a hotel room when a man is sitting somewhere sick and some mo shit and is uncomplaining while ‘humans’ walk right on by him complaining about their phone needing charging or their fucked up hotel room or about they need their nails done. We are some real sick and twisted shits for not caring about people while we put our stupid asses above those who are the real and true humans who are suffering, mightily. Like this next woman!

A poor homeless woman at the Baltimore Inner Harbor at night.

Yeah! I’m caterwauling over the fact of my hotel sink being outside of the bathroom proper while this woman doesn’t even have a bathroom at all! Again, we gave her money, but what she needs is for people to care enough about others and do something about the seriousness of homelessness over concerning themselves over what’s not up to par for them like a microwave tray banging up against the inside of the microwave or about an AC/heating unit making some fucking noise. And again! I am including myself in this and to show you just how fucking hypocritical I am. I was just relaxing in a bar before heading to the Inner Harbor in order to witness that poor homeless woman slowly making her way around the harbor.

The money we spent on White Zinfandel wine and draft beer could have gone to a homeless person. And I should know better.

And so while we wined and dined, people were out in the streets, with no place to go and no one to give a thought for their well being. But there we sat, just a’swilling drinks while I complained about my room.

My third one! And remember, I gave up drinking til today. And you’ve probably been wondering why my previous pictures were tilted. This would be why.


I have said this before and I say it again, “I can’t make you care!” Hell! I am guilty of having a ‘no care’ attitude. But it needs to stop! I need to put the needs of others who are in worse shape than I am in, first. I need to stop with this ‘me first’ attitude. I need to step up to the plate because I am faltering. Yes, we live in a cold, cruel world of people who seem to be immune to the suffering we see all around us on a daily basis and that is a bad way to be. This is why folks shit is flooded out! This is why horrific shit is going down, daily! This is why folks……because we are treating each other like shit and that is going to come home to roost all on our ass! If we continue down this road, there is going to be no hope for us. Bet on that!

4 thoughts on “Call Me “Crazy!” But I returned To Baltimore, MD

  1. Lynchburg is a very good place…to be way far away from. I took a short tour with the Google Searcher to get the low-down on that lowdown place. A well-named town it seems. Lynch and burg evoke a clear enough Proud Boys kind of postcard image.
    Putting all your medical facilities under one corporation is a very bad sign indeed, particularly in a burg named Lynch — very glad to read about the welcoming you’ve received from that previous doctor 🙂
    Thanks for the photo album too, and the absence of photos of Lynchburg. I know someone who lived there for a couple years and didn’t take pictures of it either.
    The discrepancy between the uber-ultra rich, those with homes all over the world and the absolutely desperate and homeless bothers me enormously. Cincinnati is among the most segregated in the country, police vigilantes show it (all vigilantes matter?). Racism is the single most evil aspect of the whole damned country. It knows no parallel but there are some other countries in contention for that honor — Israel and the US governments mirror each other in all the worst ways, the results of last Tuesday’s election only underscore the depth of the decadence and depravity flag-waving contemptable, fascist-branded policies, militarized police complete with training exchanges with the most racist police departments, each weeping crocodile tears for the victimization of their white populations. Throw ten stones in Tel-Aviv and you’ll strike one Semitic person, throw ten stones in Gaza and you hit ten Semitic persons (antisemitism may only be argued by the one weeping crocodile tears of victimhood. The solution is to drop a few hundred bunker-busting bombs on Gaza, makes you feel better about being depraved racists. This country sends 3.8 billion dollars to Israel every year, yet Israel has national medical care, we have places like Centra Health.

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    1. Bill, this comment like ALL other comments from you leaves me absolutely breathless in its truth! You always somehow manage to hit so many nails squarely on the head, it just leaves one wondering where to start. We made the mistake of our lives coming back to this piece of shit burg. We really did. Unfortunately, we are waiting on something that should come through either the end of this month or the first week of next month and then we are out of here. All I can say is that it involves lawyers and leave it at that.

      I am not bragging when I state that I was born here, but it was my misfortune to have that distinction and I have been running screaming from this place since I was 15 years old. And the police had to drag me back and I went running from here ever after. At the time when my cousin and I were living in Baltimore going through some horrific times, this was about as far as I could drive and so we came back here. This burg has nothing to offer any damn body and you may not believe this, but few people ever leave here.They claim to be afraid, even the Black ones. I have never seen the like anywhere else.

      As with every city across this shithole country, there are the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ and of course, the ‘haves’ care not for the ‘have nots’ but will puff their chest out and strut around with a Bible and spout worthless Bible passages at the poor and downtrodden while denying them access to any sort of ‘medical care’. I won’t say ‘good’ medical care because that’s not to be found here.

      What is here is a system that is set up to send the poverty stricken straight into poor health and then into a fucked up hospice and then to the undertaker. There have been so many who have died since the last time I was here in 2013, it is a goddamn epidemic. Since I have been here, I have found that the Community Access Network ‘medical facility’ was put in play for the express purpose of ridding this burg of undesirables. There is a pharmacy attached to the facility housing Community Access Network and it is called ‘Hill City Pharmacy’ and the prescriptions there have either expired or are placebos or both.

      When my cousin was waiting to see a ‘doctor’, a woman brought in her child and she was telling the front desk clerk that she was returning because the doctor who had looked at a sore on her child’s side had prescribed antibiotics, but that not only did the antibiotics not work, the sore on her child’s side was getting worse. How that is even possible has to be because either the antibiotic given was either outdated or was a ‘sugar pill’. The patients sitting up in that facility look like death warmed over and yet they are too apathetic and complacent to even bother to try and figure out that it is ALL being done by design. The shit I have observed since I have been here would curl your toes. And the Black people here act as though they are still on the plantation and quite literally doff their hat and bow their heads when passing by the whites down here. I am SO not kidding. It is sickening!

      Not to mention the fact that those goddamn hypocritical Falwells run this racist burg and there you have it! They’re somewhere singing hymns in church and screeching about GEEZUS to the top of their lungs with racism dripping from their ass all over the goddamn place. Of course no one mentions that they were the biggest bootleggers during prohibition. That’s supposed to be a dirty little secret not to be bandied about.

      And I am sure that when you did the Google search, you found that we are encouraged to walk the ‘Confederate Trail’ over on Fort Avenue right through a cemetery. Not to mention, we can also live on Plantation Road and Confederate Avenue and there are Confederate flags flying all over the place here. But believe me, we can’t wait to get the hell on up out of here and when I leave this time, the hounds of hell cannot drag me back! Whatever awaits me where I wash up, I’ll just have to deal with it, but I cannot go out like a punk ass bitch in this particular racist neck of the woods.

      And yes, I had read about how Trump’s filthy ass praised and applauded Netanyahu’s supposed ‘victory’ in winning the latest election. I thought his vile, racist ass was going to be serving time in prison since I had read that he was facing charges of some sort. But then, with what’s been going down with Trump, what with everyone around him either heading to prison or facing indictments while he remains unscathed, it should not surprise me that Netanyahu is to continue as Prime Minister. Hell! We’ll more than likely witness a second Trump term. Stranger things have happened.

      Finally, there is not a goddamn thing worth posting a picture that’s of Lynchburg. There never has been and there never will be. And every politician in office here has some serious criminal shit behind them. One was married to the son of a man who went to prison for 14 years for being a drug kingpin and another one refused to press charges against two workers who stole millions of dollars from the company she founded. The Feds should be having field days with those two but, apparently, the wealthy can’t be touched especially seeing as how the home one of them lives in was originally purchased with drug money. Nothing that goes on in small towns can be kept secret and if I don’t post after today, then I am sure that these gun toting hillbillies will have seen to it that more of their dirty little secrets don’t get out because remember, I tape everything. And believe me, these shitheads down here are up to no good and have been trying their damned best to make things as difficult for me as possible, but I fight back! And I will continue to fight back until I’m dead! And they can take their shit and shove it up their ass! I’m not like the rest of these “Yessum boss!” motherfuckers down here!

      Bill, thank you for your comment! It really is spot on and right as rain!


  2. I’m so pleased to hear that your cousin is doing better, Shelby. That must really take a load off your shoulders. In my experience, racism is even more damaging to a person’s mental health than the alleged “chemical imbalances” that supposedly cause it. For me the hardest thing about practicing psychiatry was the extreme limitation in effective treatments I had to offer. In most cases, what seemed most important to patients was that I keep trying new treatments to help them – their biggest fear was that I would give up on them. Hopefully as scientists refine their knowledge about healthy gut bacteria, we will have a lot more treatments soon.

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    1. What we really need to do Dr. Bramhall, is get the hell out of this racist ass hellhole we are living in. We are already working on that. In fact, within the next few months, we are hoping to have seen the last of this vile and filthy cesspool of racist ass parasitic filth! Neither of us are doing well here and we need to get going.

      Never have I felt so hemmed in by a place in all my born days, but this hole is stifling me and I need out! And since my cousin has been put out of the ‘medical system’ here, we really have no choice but to leave and those racist fucks think they’re fucking us up when they are doing us a big ass favor by giving us more of an incentive to get the hell out! And believe me, we cannot wait to show this piece of shit a clean pair of heels, for the last goddamn time!

      I thank you for your comment.

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