James Baldwin – I Am Not Your Negro — The Most Revolutionary Act

I Am Not Your Negro Directed by Raoul Peck (2016) Film Review This documentary is based on the unfinished manuscript of African American author James Baldwin’s book Remember This House. Narrated by actor Samuel L. Jackson (in the voice of Baldwin), the film explores the history of racism in the United States through Baldwin’s reminiscences […]

via James Baldwin – I Am Not Your Negro — The Most Revolutionary Act

“To ALL you pale-assed parasitic racists out there! I am NOT your Negro! I am NOT your Black! I am NOT your African-American! I am NOT your Colored! You will NOT continue to define who I am. I am NOT your fucked up mentality. And you will NOT continue to hold me responsible for why you motherfuckers are the most deranged and debased psychopaths to ever slither all across this fucking planet! Deal with your shit! It ain’t on us to deal with it. We are sick and tired of your vile shit! So hell no! I am NOT your goddamn Negro!”

And don’t think for one goddamn minute that I am buying the bullshit that you are just too psychotic and deranged to know what the fuck it is you are doing and why. You debased monsters don’t even care about those who fucking look like you and so I am to believe that you could ever give a shit about me? Fuck if I do!

But you sit on your ass and laud Robert F. Kennedy and shed crocodile tears for his dead ass as though he was ‘The Shit’ when in all reality, he was just filthy, stinking shit because you motherfuckers even believe that your shit don’t stink. Well, it’s funky as hell! In fact, your shit is so funky, it would send a skunk, packing!

Yeah! So bring your debased ass on up in here and you will indeed, get a heaping helping of reality because you don’t do reality at all. You’re on some, “I can’t do anything wrong shit because I’m so goddamn benevolent and humanitarian.” Fucking shove that shit up your pale parasitic ass because you are full of it! James Baldwin had to leave this godforsaken shithole in order to get enough peace of mind to continue with his writings because he damn sure as hell could get no peace from the likes of you depraved slugs. And he only came back because he got to thinking of those who look like him who were still over in this shithole getting their ass kicked by the most vile and loathsome worms to ever slither across this planet. But how he got any peace over in France is a complete and utter mystery to me especially seeing as how those creatures over there are just as debased as what’s hatched over here! Ain’t no goddamn where to go to get away from you racist pale-assed parasites, though we fucking try! So, if you think that I am going tread lightly for fear of hurting feelings you don’t even possess, fucking think again! I don’t give a damn if I have ZERO followers, I’m fucking telling it like it is ’cause I fucking keep it real! Fuck you motherfuckers!

And to show how fucking debased you are, this is the latest to come down the goddamn pike!

Police release body-cam video of fatal officer-involved shooting at Charlotte Burger King

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has released video of the moments leading up to and after the fatal police shooting of Danquirs Franklin.

The 27-year-old was shot by veteran CMPD officer Wende Kerl, who has been a part of the department since 1995, around 9 a.m. on March 25 in the parking lot of the Burger King on Beatties Ford Road.

That Black man did not aim a gun at the KKKops, but he was shot dead anyway. And a white female parasite shot him! And didn’t yet another white female parasite shoot and kill Botham Shem Jean in his own damn apartment and claim that he was the intruder in his OWN DAMN APARTMENT, and therefore, deserved to get shot dead by her since he refused to obey her commands for him to leave HIS OWN DAMN APARTMENT??!!!

And Black men, you fucking lie down with that filth when it can kill you just as easily as its counterpart can and it does! Those debased creatures are NOT human and so how you can lie down with what’s underneath shit is a complete mystery to me! Flies wouldn’t even land on that foul ass shit and yet you will! Well, consider yourselves warned! Pay no heed and it WILL cost you your life!

But of course, right on schedule, the protest marches have begun. What the hell for??!! Because they have worked SO well thus far! Haven’t they? You still marching and protesting? Why? Has it stopped the murder of us by racist ass KKKops? Hell fucking no! Your lame ass protests don’t mean shit! So don’t even pretend like they do! All the protesting in the world can’t help us! All the great Black writers and their words can’t help us. Black folks like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., having dreams and some more shit can’t fucking help us! Nothing can help us because we are at the mercy of the most godless, depraved, deranged psychopaths to ever slither and that ain’t gonna change! So, fucking save your breath because shouting, “No justice! No peace! Stop the racist police!” ain’t doing a goddamn thing. Wearing out the soles of more shoes ain’t doing a goddamn thing! But go ahead! Waste your fucking time because that’s all you’re doing! But don’t wait for me to join you because I fucking know better! Fuck that shit!

10 thoughts on “James Baldwin – I Am Not Your Negro — The Most Revolutionary Act

  1. Paul Robeson receives such little attention for some reason. That “some reason”: racism trumps reason every time. He had to fight enormous odds for every inch and for every one of his many gifts and achievements. Even the little recognition meted out gets drowned out by petty racists functionaries, such as the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities that “black”listed Robeson. The bar is very low for those privileged by a system that colors every line in its history of thefts, thievery flaunted with impunity.

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    1. Well, I should be ashamed to admit that I had to go to wikipedia to find out just who the hell Paul Robeson was; a dead man who was, as you say, “black listed.” Hell, WE are ALL “black listed,” while the Klan and other skinhead groups are never investigated for the vicious shit they’re up to because they fucking make up the FBI and the CIA and the NSA and any other government entity that’s invented for the express purpose of fucking us up!

      Why I should be ashamed to admit that I had to go to wikipedia to find out any information as it pertains to this here Paul Robeson is because I don’t know if my lack of knowledge on him is on me or on the ‘public fool system’ that I attended. We were never taught a goddamn thing about Black History, slave history or anything else pertaining to those whose skin’s like mine. We were busy being taught about what the Egyptians looked like and according to whitey pasty ass, they look like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, we were taught where Portugal is and about Beowulf and some stupid shit of the like, but never about how the fuck Black-assed as we are, how the fuck did we land in AmeriKKKa? That shit was never fucking mentioned. Go figure!

      So I do indeed, thank you for mentioning him Bill! Our history is to be downplayed, swept under the rug, locked behind bars, kept out of sight, out of mind and better yet, to remain absolutely unknown as if it and we never existed because we are both being annihilated; descendants of slaves AND our history!

      Bill, thank you for your comment and for the great information on Paul Robeson.

      For those of you who are, unfortunately, like me, kept stupid and decided to remain that way, here is a bit more history on Paul Robeson.

      Paul Leroy Robeson (/ˈroʊbsən/ ROHB-sən; April 9, 1898 – January 23, 1976) was an American bass baritone concert artist and stage and film actor who became famous both for his cultural accomplishments and for his political activism. Educated at Rutgers College and Columbia University, he was also a star athlete in his youth. He also studied Swahili and linguistics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London in 1934. His political activities began with his involvement with unemployed workers and anti-imperialist students whom he met in Britain and continued with support for the Loyalist cause in the Spanish Civil War and his opposition to fascism. In the United States he also became active in the Civil Rights Movement and other social justice campaigns. His sympathies for the Soviet Union and for communism, and his criticism of the United States government and its foreign policies, caused him to be blacklisted during the McCarthy era.

      Returning to the United States in 1939, during World War II Robeson supported the American and Allied war efforts. However, his history of supporting civil rights causes and pro-Soviet policies brought scrutiny from the FBI. After the war ended, the CAA was placed on the Attorney General’s List of Subversive Organizations and Robeson was investigated during the age of McCarthyism. Due to his decision not to recant his public advocacy, he was denied a passport by the U.S. State Department, and his income, consequently, plummeted. He moved to Harlem and from 1950 to 1955 published a periodical called Freedom which was critical of United States policies. His right to travel was eventually restored as a result of the 1958 United States Supreme Court decision, Kent v. Dulles. In the early 1960s he retired and lived the remaining years of his life privately in Philadelphia.”

      So, as you can see, descendants of slaves, the fucking filthy ass U.S. government is NOT our friend! Never has been, never will be!! And that is why we are getting our asses kicked, BIG time!


  2. Folks, years ago, I wrote a poem titled, “The Rose Of Black Is Sacred,” and Leslie over at https://swo8.wordpress.com/2018/11/26/the-rose-of-black-is-sacred-music-by-swo8-blues-jazz-lyrics-by-shelby-courtland-4/ put the poem to music and plays that song for ALL the Black people murdered by KKKops over on her most excellent blog.

    And though I don’t even like the poem anymore, below is the poem in its entirety. Leslie, put it to music and she posts it on her blog every single time a Black person is murdered by the police. It matters not if it happens in the U.S. or Canada or wherever. If Leslie hears about it, she posts this song. Leslie, I thank you and I am including a link to your wonderful blog as well. We would love to ‘retire’ that song because of it being not needed anymore, but we aren’t stupid, we are resigned to the fact that it never will be, ‘retired’, that is.

    The Rose Of Black Is Sacred

    Though forever is forbidden
    and love can be a stranger.
    In my darkest of dreams
    there is a sense of danger.

    Oh, what beautiful roses!
    They mark the edge of never.
    And push to the limit
    a bond, I cannot sever.

    Here, there is no summer,
    no magical, sparkling night.
    In the dark, I cannot find you,
    though I try with all my might.

    I am on a collision course.
    My soul, I bared to you.
    I could not play it safe,
    this rose of the blackest hue.

    I may be Black, but I am not dead,
    My thorns are sharpened blades.
    And when I prick my enemies,
    over the cliff, their blood cascades.

    Who are these beautiful roses?
    No one knows from whence they came.
    They appear to claim their own.
    We are one, we are the same.

    The rose of Black is sacred
    and must never be allowed to die.
    A virgin river feeds it.
    Petals open to the sky.

    Bird of night, go fly away.
    For you are not our prey.
    and though the rose is strong,
    not one innocent, will it slay.

    Written by,
    Shelby I. Courtland
    ©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

    How I wish, oh how I wish that Leslie need never post that song again! But alas, I cannot engage in wishful thinking for that is just foolishness rearing its useless head. SIGH!


  3. Shelby, watching “I am Not Your Negro” made me realize how courageous Baldwin was for his time – a Black person of prominence directly confronting whites on their bullshit. It sure doesn’t happen now in our so-called “post racial” society. In fact, you’re the only Black person of prominence I know who’s willing to confront white bullshit.

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    1. Hot damn!!!! Dr. Bramhall, no wonder Worstpress consigned YOUR comment to the ‘trash bin’ because what a compliment you just paid me! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Because you have most definitely upset some folks with that comment and quite honestly, this entire blog is upsetting some folks because I am constantly having to pluck comments out of the ‘trash bin’. Go fucking figure! If I’m not writing about sunbeams, sunshine and all things bright and beautiful, then shit gets consigned to ‘trash’. But I shall keep on keeping on until I can’t anymore and so ‘they’ can just shove their shit up their fucking ass!

      With so many people having nothing to lose, you’d think that I’d not be the ONLY one to go the fuck off, constantly. You’d think that I’d have plenty sounding just like me, but the fact of the matter is, we’ve got some weak, scared ass, punk ass bitches tiptoeing around these days! There ain’t nothing to work with like what people had to work with in the days of the Black Panther Party and Movement. All we got today are coonhead sellouts who would throw their own grandmother under the bus for 30 pieces of the white motherfuckers silver. That ain’t me! I ain’t a fucking sellout! That’s why I don’t look at that shit on TV. Everybody is always talking shit about some Empire mess and Star shit. That shit don’t mean shit. They’re out there getting their ass kicked and all they can scream and yell about is some fucking bullshit on TV. We got some weak ass motherfuckers crawling around these days and if you look around, you can’t help but see that I am right!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you kindly for that most wonderful compliment! It is much appreciated!


  4. I saw that documentary about a couple of years ago and it was a sobering watch. So many people need to get off their high horse and realize we’re not in a post-racial society. There was a great quote from that documentary where James Baldwin says that is a Black man acted exactly like John Wayne in the movies, they’d be enemies of the state and seen as madmen.


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