Ancestrydotcom Re-Wrote History…”Love In The Slave Quarters”..Coming To A Theater Near You!


According to an ad by Ancestrydotcom, there was mutual love and respect going on all up in the slave quarters between the slave woman and her ‘master’. The love was so tender, true and real that the slave woman’s ‘master’ put a ring on his slave’s finger, got down on one knee and said, “Let’s run away to the North so that we can be together because without you, our story ends now.” The slave woman threw her arms around her white ‘master’ and said, “My love, shall we go? Harriet Tubman is awaiting us. She, along with her fellow co-conspirators have planned our escape well. We shall be going by way of the Underground Railroad and so darken your face and we shall be on our way.”

Her white ‘master’ looked down into the face of his slave love and said, “My dearest darling, I would do anything for you but that. I cannot blacken my face for I would look like a nigger and if I am captured, can you imagine what would become of me?” Whereupon his slave love said, “But darling, you would be whipped and chained, shackled and lashed like what your father did to me. That is why you found me attractive because I was tied naked to a post and these things were done to me and when you saw my helplessness, why you came to me in the slave quarters that night to watch the other slave women apply ointment to my naked flesh and you turned me over and inserted your dickVienna Sausage inside me and I think that I should tell you that I am pregnant with a part human/part parasite creature and so we had better get going.”

And so according to Ancestorydotcom, that is how mixed race couples escaped to the Nawth during the Civil War era.

Ancestry pulls slavery-era ad after backlash

NEW YORK — on Friday apologized for an ad that showed a mixed-race couple discussing escaping to the North during the Civil War era.

It depicts a white man holding up a ring and telling a black woman wearing Civil War-era clothing that they can be together if they escape to the North. The woman says nothing as the scene fades to black, with the line: “Without you, the story stops here.”

Critics pointed out that the ad ignores the fact that mixed race couplings during the slavery era were usually not romantic love stories but instead due to rape and violence against slaves.

So there you have it, according to Ancestorydotcom, a site that has seen more descendants of slaves send in their DNA to get tested, took their money while being racist as hell is the next company to deny that slavery ever existed. Yes indeed Black folks, keep sending your hard-earned dollars to these racist white-owned companies that continuously try and ‘whitewash’ history so that the foul shit they do gets downplayed so damn much that they have you believing that slavery never existed.

Your Black ass is in AmeriKKKa because your ancestors willingly indentured themselves alongside the Irish and others to come over here until they worked their indenture off and sashayed away from their servitude. Slavery is just a figment of our imagination because there was nothing but love going on all up in the slave quarters. There were no lashings, rape, shackles, chains, mutilation, whips, pedophilia; none of that shit! What the hell for? Slaves didn’t exist. They were ‘love children’ in the eyes of their white ‘masters’. What need had they to escape up Nawth, I don’t know because with so much goddamn love going on all up in the slave quarters, the indentured slaves didn’t need to run anywhere. Harriet Tubman was just starting shit when she joined up with the Underground Railroad to get those indentured slaves up Nawth where the pay was better. Hell! Everybody was a goddamn mulatto that she helped escape up Nawth for a better paying position since the Sawth just wasn’t paying premium wages to their indentured slaves. And there were just so many mulattoes because of all the ‘lovemaking’ going on in the slave cabins at night between the indentured slave woman and her white master and the indentured slave man and the white master’s wife.

For the record, there was only rape and other extreme acts of violence going on in the slave quarters and even though Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson’s coupling for want of a better word has been painted as some sort of love story by the whites, the truth of the matter is that Thomas Jefferson OWNED Sally Hemings; she was his SLAVE! She was his wife’s sister and yet we are to believe that what happened between Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson were mutually agreed upon sex acts that resulted in multiple children. Whites will continue to whitewash history to cover up the vile and vicious shit they do and they will continue to come up with ways to get Black people to pay them money by getting them to fall for the bullshit about who they are and that the only way to find that out is to send their DNA and some money to Ancestrydotcom or 23andMe and they’ll tell you just who the hell you are. Black folks will fall for anything. You are so damn pitifully stupid that you will look to the same devils that are responsible for why you are over here to tell you your history. That is so goddamn sad, it is pathetic. The only thing you need to know is that you are fucked up! Your children are fucked up and millions of you are locked up on bullshit drug charges. Your communities are being gentrified, economic inequality is rampant as is drug addiction, gang violence, prostitution and your children are being herded from the classroom into a prison cell, but there you sit somewhere giving Ancestrydotcom some damn money and your DNA to tell you where the fuck your ‘indentured slave ancestor’ crawled over here from. Now, if that is not just the absolute end of enough, I don’t know what is! And newsflash, FamilyTreeDNA has been giving your DNA to the FBI and any other government agency that requests it. takes DNA ownership rights from customers and their relatives

A word to the wise: Read the complete terms of service.

Don’t use the AncestryDNA testing service without actually reading the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. According to these legal contracts, you still own your DNA, but so does

The family history website is selling a new DNA testing service called AncestryDNA. But the DNA and genetic data that collects may be used against “you or a genetic relative.” According to its privacy policies, takes ownership of your DNA forever. Your ownership of your DNA, on the other hand, is limited in years.

This points to how stupid you are because you just gave up the rights to your own DNA and you paid  them for the privilege of doing so. And FamilyTreeDNA has admitted to sharing your DNA with the FBI. Think for one second that your DNA is safe in the hands of Ancestrydotcom and that the company wouldn’t share your DNA with the FBI or any other entity for that matter and you are even dumber than I thought.

FamilyTreeDNA Admits to Sharing Genetic Data With F.B.I.

The president of FamilyTreeDNA, one of the country’s largest at-home genetic testing companies, has apologized to its users for failing to disclose that it was sharing DNA data with federal investigators working to solve violent crimes.

In the booming business of consumer DNA testing and genealogy, FamilyTreeDNA had marketed itself as a leader of consumer privacy and a fierce protector of user data, refusing, unlike some of its competitors, to sell information to third parties.

But unbeknown to its users, the Houston-based firm quietly and voluntarily agreed in 2018 to open its database of more than two million records to the F.B.I. and examine DNA samples in its laboratory to identify suspects and victims of unsolved rapes and murders.

And Black folks, you know that YOUR DNA is all up in the FBI database because Black folks are the most incarcerated group on this entire fucked up planet and yet you sit somewhere helping your number one enemy come after your ass! For the love of !!!!! Seriously??!!! Put down the ‘smartphone’ and start using your brain or have you forgotten that you have one? Yeah, I know, you’ve forgotten that you have one. More’s the damn pity!

6 thoughts on “Ancestrydotcom Re-Wrote History…”Love In The Slave Quarters”..Coming To A Theater Near You!

  1. The most honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote. The Blackman loves the devil cause the devil gives him nothing. It’s the way they run their game “if you play we win either way.” Beside a feel good moment ( I guess) when the results comes back you have so much percentage of European blood! It changes your historical lineage how? I bet the owners of these dna sites get a mental orgasm ever time they send us the results. America is a country that had/has historical records of the so called negroes landing in America when the ships arrived and who (owner)brought (slave’s)whom and where they were (plantation)sent. If we cannot trace our lineage(most of us) past a few generations (parents/grandparents) in america that should tell us who we descendant from and it does not support something that is designed feed other (FBI etc) entities with our blood making profit off of us as it has been since we were 1st brought here.

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    1. Yele66, your comment is why I say, “I no longer despair FOR us, I despair OF us!” What the hell were those people thinking when they paid some company to process their DNA to tell them what? That they are ‘allegedly’ from some area in West Africa? We fucking know that our ancestors originated in Africa and so what the hell more do we need to know? And why the fuck are we still finding ways to hand our hard earned money over to whitey parasite ass? Because just as you say, whitey parasite ass is laughing ALL the way to the goddamn bank because of the fact that Black people are so goddamn needy and stupid, that they will willingly hand over money and their DNA to hear some bullshit about where the fuck in Africa some of their ancestors are purportedly from. How does that help them in any way, shape or form, deal with racism, homelessness, mass incarceration, income inequality, joblessness, underemployment, a school-to-prison pipeline, gentrification, drug addiction, prostitution and the fucked up list is endless? It doesn’t, because what fucking African nation or country has extended an open invitation for Africa’s stolen people to drag their asses back over to the so-called ‘Mother Land’ that we laud all day and all night? We are somewhere donning dashikis and African head wraps and jumping the goddamn broom and celebrating Kwanzaa when none of that shit matters because we are still enslaved, mentally and physically to this very goddamn day!!! What the fuck is wrong with us? Oh yeah right! What the ‘honorable Elijah Muhammad said; “The Black man loves the devil cause the devil gives him nothing.” And that is exactly what they get from Ancestrydotcom and 23andMe and the rest of those bullshit DNA companies; absofuckinglutely nothing!! And yet those companies are taking their fucking samples and handing them over to ALL and sundry to make use of in trying to arrest as many of them as possible in order to lock their damn asses up in ‘For Profit Prisons’ that will further enrich companies by paying inmates nothing for producing shit that’s going to get sold all over the fucking world! We sit somewhere and happily enable our oppressors to oppress us to no goddamn end! Black people ain’t got the sense god gave a goat and that’s a sad ass fact! And I ain’t braggin’, I’m just sayin’.

      And if whitey pasty-parasite ass is offering a service, run in the goddamn opposite direction because it is NOT for our benefit. Just look at our history in this shithole! Nothing whitey pasty-parasite ass has done has been for our benefit and that ain’t gonna fucking change! But most of us, apparently, was dropped on our damn heads at birth and so are dumb as all hell!

      Plus we fucking know that we got that parasitic sludge running through our veins because we know that our ancestors was raped to hell and back. We don’t look like those Africans do and that is one of the reasons why they would never accept our asses over there and that is also one of the reasons why they have nothing to do with us when they drag their fucking African asses over here. The Somalis that are loaded down in the Midwest, especially in Minnesota wouldn’t spit on a descendant of slaves if they were on fire to help put it out. And I know this for a fact. They even have their own malls, medical facilities and housing facilities and you will not find a descendant of slaves anywhere near their shit! That is also a fucking fact!

      And since we already know who our grandmother is, our great grandmother, great grandfather, etc., that is ALL the fuck we need to know because, unfortunately, even they can’t or won’t help our Black asses when we need it or there would not be so many Black people in dire ass straights in this shithole! So what the fuck do we need to know about some shit that’s across oceans for? They’re not going to do a goddamn thing about our plight here in this hellhole!!! They didn’t kick up a fuss when our ancestors were being dragged from over there and to this very day, they are so stupid that they are still paying ‘slave taxes’ to the colonizers of African countries. That shit don’t even make a damn bit of sense, but that is what is happening because I know for a fact that at least 14 African countries are still paying ‘slave taxes’ to France and yet I am going to get all upset and some more shit about some Cathedral almost burning down to the ground. “Let the motherfucker burn! It don’t need no water! Let the motherfucker burn!” is how descendants of slaves should have carried it when we heard about that shit going down. Fuck that shit! The parasites in France ain’t even good enough to kiss my ass! France could burn down from one end to the other and it wouldn’t hardly fuck up my goddamn day. My day is already fucked up by these ungodly monstrosities slithering around over here with their racist shit because when those Black churches were burned down in Louisiana by some supposed ‘white supremacist’, Trump’s ass said not a goddamn thing about that shit nor did ‘whitey parasite ass call for funding to rebuild those churches, but everyone including billionaires is putting together funds to build that shit back up over in France. Fuck that shit and those motherfuckers! I’m glad that shit got fried, toasted and oven roasted! Too bad any of it got fucking saved!

      Damn! I’ve turned this into a blog unto itself.

      Yele66, I thank you for your comment. It was just so spot on, I had to run with it!

      14 African Countries Forced by France to Pay Colonial Tax For the Benefits of Slavery and Colonization

      Did you know many African countries continue to pay colonial tax to France since their independence till today!

      When Sékou Touré of Guinea decided in 1958 to get out of french colonial empire, and opted for the country independence, the french colonial elite in Paris got so furious, and in a historic act of fury the french administration in Guinea destroyed everything in the country which represented what they called the benefits from french colonization.

      Three thousand French left the country, taking all their property and destroying anything that which could not be moved: schools, nurseries, public administration buildings were crumbled; cars, books, medicine, research institute instruments, tractors were crushed and sabotaged; horses, cows in the farms were killed, and food in warehouses were burned or poisoned.

      Like I’m about to wail and screech about a Cathedral in France burning the fuck up??!! Yeah, right! That’ll be the fucking day!!

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    1. Exactly Dr. Bramhall! And they are capitalizing on that shit! I fucking try my best not to feed the ‘Capitalism’ beast, but I am in left field all by my lonesome, it would appear. It would never dawn on me to offer up my DNA to a company and pay them for the express purpose of telling me some bullshit about where in Africa my ancestors were reportedly stolen from and how does that help me in my situation of dealing with racism, gentrification, income inequality, inadequate health care, homelessness, food insecurity, drug addiction, mass incarceration, a school-to-prison pipeline and plenty more fucked up shit??!! It doesn’t. I would be wasting my money in handing it over for what Ancestrydotcom and 23andMe want to do with it, but descendants of slaves are all on some needy ass time and, apparently, have money to waste since they are handing it over gladly to find out some bullshit that can’t help them in any way!

      Like I stated in the above comment to yele66, we know what the fuck we need to know in that we are getting our asses kicked by the very ones we are sending our DNA and money to to find out who the fuck we are. I know all I need to know about who I am. Ain’t a goddamn thing Ancestrydotcom and 23and Me can tell me that will help me navigate this racist ass shit that I have to navigate and survive every goddamn day. Is Ancestrydotcom helping with that? Hell fucking no! But if they tell me that my ancestors originated from West Africa, why I is gonna don a dashiki and an African head wrap and get arrested in that getup for driving while Black-assed and when I get thrown in jail, I am going to say to the guards, “But…but..but..I’m originally from West Africa!” And the guard is going to say, “Shut the hell up or I’m going to bust your goddamn head open with this billy club, nigger! ” That is ALL we are to these parasites over here and that is ALL we need to know despite what the hell Ancestrydotcom has to say about who the fuck we are!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


  2. Not satisfied with controlling the narrative every moment of the day, the Whiteous insist on further charming themselves by dredging up their criminal colonial and slaver (in perpetuity) heritage to proclaim their Evilized way by DNA. The first people of the entire planet are from Africa, an enormous continent that some think is a country (like Australia). Maps become a stage that extends over the entire planet, somehow “discovered” by “explorers” that populate the narrative to every extent possible. Yesterday was a celebration of White blue-eyed Holy Families and Friends (sound like a Fox program). The One Holy Roman and Apostolic Church have a Black congregation in these “In God We Trust” States that amounts to a few percents of adherents, the direct result of blatant racism that is as obvious as it is denied. There can never be too many trips to “The Holy Land” — a geography presently occupied by an occupying force created by White Europeans in search of a Land without a people for a people without a land. However, the original Semitic (too dark for polite company) Palestinians (who look like the historical Jesus) were ethnically cleansed in that Most Holy Land. That occupying entity (I try not to speak the name of an unspeakable government that is trying to go to the right of Fascism. However, our Fascist Fuehrer is becoming a conjoined twin of the Fascist Fuehrer of ******, a country that did not even exist before 1948, but somehow Palestinians don’t exist and never have. Out of sight, out of mind: a proper Whiteous perspective, isn’t it?

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    1. Bill, you are on point as usual. You may not believe this, but I didn’t even know it was Easter until long after I logged in and finally saw some Easter bullshit staring me in my face. That’s just how much I pay attention to the white man’s hellidaze. I don’t celebrate any of that bullshit and never will I.

      What’s really sad is that no one seems to be able to think for themselves. Everyone jumps on every goddamn bandwagon that rolls through town, scared they’re going to miss out on all the bullshit, I guess. People have been brainwashed to the point of no return and yet I have the nerve to wonder what the hell???!! I need no longer wonder because we are finished; done, the fat lady done sung because we got nothing to work with what with all the brain dead, hypnotized morons wandering around staring down at something that has taken the place of their brains that they happily call, a ‘smartphone’ and don’t even see how fucked up that is.

      And Black people are the most easily bamboozled of them all on this entire goddamn prison planet because I have never seen any other group so willing to make every other group except themselves, rich. Black people will pay the Asians for ‘soul food’, will also pay the Asians for ‘Black hair care products, will pay the Asians to get them drunk and fat by patronizing their liquor stores and carryout joints and will then turn around and scream, “We need to patronize Black-owned businesses!” Seriously?!!! That fucking ship has sailed. Black folks will pay the white man thousands of dollars for a TV worth a few hundred bucks just because they want instant gratification. They will also hand over the title of their paid for vehicle to a ‘Title Loan’ store and then when they cannot pay back the loan, screech and wail when the fuckers take their vehicle. They cannot wait for payday, but will instead, head inside a ‘Payday Loan’ store and pay interest out the bazooka in order to get some fast cash. I just don’t understand it. And now, they are paying their mortal foe to tell them where the fuck their ancestors originated from and have no problem turning their DNA over to those bastards when whites have never done us any good at all, but millions of us seem to forget that every damn day! More and more, I am questioning why I even fucking bother because it is quite obvious that this shit is just going to continue here in this fool’s paradise!

      Bill, again, I thank you for yet another spot on comment! Believe me, I feel for the Palestinian people. What is happening to them, sickens me.

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