This Is Why I Give Up On So Called ‘Humans’, ‘Humans’ Will Do Anything For Money

A fellow blogger that I follow had posted some beautiful poetry and I went to his blog and he had also posted a video and when I clicked on the video, the blogger and his wife were sitting down to engage in what they called, ‘mukbang’. Now, I had never heard of this mukbang before and so when I watched what it consists of, I found that mukbang is about sitting down, eating copious amounts of food and that this trend got its start in South Korea back in the early 2000s. When I clicked to stop the video from playing, videos just popped up on the screen with people who were already morbidly obese sitting somewhere shoveling garbage into their mouths with expressions of incredible rapture on their face as though they were enjoying the nectar of the gods. It has been stated that this phenomenon has caught on for many different reasons; some being that others watch people gorge themselves and it reduces their longing for unhealthy foods, others seem to get a kick out of encouraging people to ever more heights of gluttony to the point whereas they will send them money to continue to engage in gluttony. Youtube is shelling out big bucks to multiple mukbangers who have hundreds of thousands or even a million subscribers because of ad revenue on these mukbang sites and even other corporations are using these people to promote their ‘food’ on their Youtube channel by paying for the ‘food’ these people consume while sitting somewhere with expressions of intense rapture on their face as they overindulge.

Unfortunately, the vast number of mukbangers seem to be American descendants of slaves who have, once again, picked up something that should never have been touched, much less so enthusiastically embraced. Eating yourself to death when American descendants of slaves already have a higher prevalence of diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and obesity than the general population is not something that should be embraced at all. Again I ask the question, what the hell is wrong with us that we will take up everything that we shouldn’t? I just don’t understand any of this.

Inside ‘mukbang’: How some professional binge-eaters earn thousands

In Korea, and now the U.S., people are watching strangers binge eat on YouTube. And many of the top stars are earning big bucks each monthFor years, people have been heading to YouTube to spend upwards of 60 minutes at a time to watch strangers consume 4,000 or more calories in one sitting. Not only that, many of these viewers are paying to indulge in this binge-viewing, binge-eating privilege. Today, this viral trend is only growing in the U.S.

It’s called mukbang (pronounced “mook-bong”), and it translates to “eating broadcast” in South Korea, where professional mukbangers can make up to $9,000 a month.

This is hard to watch, but I am posting this so that it may just get through to someone in that this is not something that you should take up and run with.

This woman, clearly, has no business starting this mukbang nonsense when she is as big as a whale. This is just gross and obscene. And with a small child in the house, she is setting  the worst possible example. Look at her arm. As big as she is, there is no way that this woman can wipe her own ass, much less bathe herself. She is the very last person who should be asking people to give her ideas on what foods they would like to see her stuff her face with also while stating that someone else will do the cooking, enabling her to kill herself.


And if that is not bad enough,


She has her young daughter participating in this mess!

Her child is looking up to her for guidance and this is what she is learning. Where is child welfare?


This next one is even more sickening!

She actually sits there and eats a sandwich with three ‘meat’ patties on it, a huge helping of fries, a fish sandwich and washes it all down with lemonade. Meanwhile, her young daughter sits beside her with a container of fries during this mukbang. For the love of !!!!!


In my opinion, this is a clear case for the intervention of child services. Please go to her Youtube channel and you’ll find out all her business. Her channel is called, “Toya’s Goodies” and “Goodie” is her last name. This heifer sits down and does nothing but watches TV and eats all day and night.

And next up heifer number two and ‘biggie getting bigger’!

Here we have a married couple who lives with the wife’s mother in order to continue to eat copious amounts of food and travel America meeting up with others to post more videos of this mess together.

Look at all the animals that it took to feed these obese ‘humans’ who are doing this mess to get paid by one corporation to eat dead animals prepped in Supermarkets by yet another corporation while other ‘humans’ subscribe, like and even help pay for meals for these ‘humans’ to consume. This is just whacked!



Such as this is why I hardly blog anymore because what is the point? How can any sane person take up this disgusting display of gluttony? And for money! Everyone has gone crazy!

This man claims to have just completed his nursing training. Really??!!


His wife just completed her nursing training as well, or so she claims, and she also engages in this nonsense and the two have included their children in these mukbang videos as well. Child welfare, head on over to their channel and find out their specifics and take the children. Their channel is ‘Beastmode’ and ‘Queenbeast’. Yeah! They are certainly ‘beastly’ to their two children.


The next picture is a picture of this man’s wife and one of their children participating in this unhealthy mess!

If the adults want to act crazy, fine. But to include their children in this nonsense is just beyond the end of enough!

And this woman claims to have finished nursing school. She’ll more than likely drop dead over one of her patients. And I would certainly not want her as a nurse if she can happily feed her children such as this and see nothing wrong with it.

Here is a ‘mukbang’ with both husband, wife and their two kids. I am just outraged! They called this one their “MCDONALDS FAMILY MUKBANG!! “


While doing research for this, I discovered that the majority of mukbangers are American descendants of slaves. Now, those in the above picture are Haitian. But the rest are American descendants of slaves and why we would take up something from South Korea and run with it is beyond me. Those people are not prone to fat like many in our group are. And to promote grossly unhealthy eating habits is absolutely appalling and to include your children in this mess makes it even worse. As I always say, “I no longer despair FOR us. I despair OF us!

To those of you who are reading this, think long and hard about the choices you make because they can and will have a most lasting detrimental impact on you and your health and that of your children. If you don’t care about yourself, at least try and pretend to care about your children. Are Youtube dollars worth the health, well being and safety of your children? Is eating yourself to death while pursuing a nursing degree an act of sanity? Is encouraging your spouse to engage with you in unhealthy eating really a great way to grow old together in reasonably good health? What is wrong with you? Morbid obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and much more are not worth Youtube subscribers, likes and Youtube dollars. You can’t spend money when you are dead. No one on Youtube is going to give a shit when you are no longer posting mukbang videos due to the fact that the Fire Department in your area had to come in with a forklift and get your dead carcass out of the building and to the morgue. Something to think about because this shit’s not funny. I feel so sorry for the children of these people because they don’t know any better, but the parents should!

It gets worse!

As if what they are about to eat is bad enough, in the next picture they include their child in this mess. Child Protective Services, where are you when children of parents like this need you??!!!


The child is going to grow up to be just like these two horrors!

Where are the ‘parenting skills’ because who told these two obese idiots that it was okay to include children in this gluttony?


And again!

Lawd have mercy!


Are we all sickened by this display yet?

These people do this mess, day after day after day and “Coldest Water” sponsor many of them. Is “Coldest Water” going to also pay for their funeral?


Because surely, they are headed for an early demise.

Okay, I’ve seen all that I can take at this point!

31 thoughts on “This Is Why I Give Up On So Called ‘Humans’, ‘Humans’ Will Do Anything For Money

  1. Shelby, I too had never heard of this disgusting shit! I’m literally grinding my teeth as I type this. Goddamn it! Sometimes when it comes down to our people all I can do is “holler, throw up both of my hands.”

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    1. Yes indeed Kreb, Marvin Gaye was spot on when he sang that because this does indeed, make “me wanna holler, throw up both my hands. In my opinion, Marvin Gaye was damn near a prophet because he certainly included so much truth in his music that is just as prevalent today as it was when he first put his songs to music.

      I don’t even think that it is possible to get through to the majority of us. Many are just too far gone. I understand wanting to make money because we need to live, but to do such as this to obtain it is most certainly NOT the way to go about it especially since it leads to a certain and excruciatingly painful, early death!

      Kreb, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. You are so right Miss Courtland, I have read and heard that the Whites who we know are good at using all kinds of tricks and other evil methods and practices have somehow cursed us when we were slaves with the mindset of wanting to indulge in eating bad foods so that we can have a short lifespan. The ethnic cleansing mindset that a lot of them have is extreme and it is a shame that we don’t at all formulate plans and ideas as black people so that we can get rid of them as well and I can’t stand hearing these Uncle Tom bastards state and claim that “All of them are not bad”, What have white people ever done for us? Not a damn thing! All because we are not slaves no more doesn’t mean that the “White Man” did us a major favor or did something good for all of us because we should have never been slaves in the first place since we were stolen and taken from our land and bought over here, It’s not like we came over here on our own so that we can be over here with all of them and for them to see that and not like it and then to have turned all of us into slaves. White People will forever be our true enemies and a thorn up our asses and with that being said we should never respect them or to thank them for some stupid reason.

        Great Post Miss Courtland! Keep it up. =)

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      2. Thank you for asking me to “keep it up” since it is quite obvious that I am ‘preaching to the choir’, since the very ones who need to read this are sitting up on Youtube getting paid to kill themselves for subscribers, likes, sponsors and money. Just because the white fuckers put something down does not mean that we have to pick it up. As you can see from the comments, some people, like me, had not even heard of this mukbang nonsense and if you listen to that shit on those mukbangs, many don’t even know how to pronounce just what the fuck they are doing. I don’t give a damn about those Asians who purportedly started this stupid shit, I am concerned with the gross and obscene habits American descendants of slaves are instilling in their children. This shit is not funny, nor is it cute and it would seem that many think it is to the point of including their children in this unhealthy mess. I really wish that CPS(Child Protective Services) would come on up in here and take note of this because it is indeed, a form of child abuse. Those children look to their parents to set good examples, not set examples that not only are going to lead to their parents untimely demise, but theirs as well. This shit needs to be nipped in the bud.

        But of course, white-owned fucking Youtube is gladly shelling out big bucks to those who can get the most subscribers which means that those mukbangers must continuously up the ante in outrageous eating contests and challenges. Whites will most definitely get behind anything that will cause us to die in the most horrible of ways possible, while laughing at our stupidity. There is no amount of money worth losing your health over. You can’t spend it when you’re dead and those dumb ass Black people cannot understand that? And yes, this would fit under the category of ‘ethnic cleansing’ because Youtube is paying those Black people to literally eat themselves to death and they see that those people who participate in this are including their children in this bullshit! I am still outraged, as you can see.

        Mranticonservative, I thank you for your comment. It is spot on!

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    1. I appreciate your sentiment Dr. Bramhall, but we are our own worst enemy. Just because someone attempts to hand me something, does not mean that I have to take it. And if those people in the above mukbangs have educated themselves to the point whereas they have earned nursing degrees, then they should damn well know better, but it would appear that they don’t. More’s the damn pity!

      The only reason that I am still online is because I am still down in this hillbilly hellhole and there is nothing to do, but as soon as I move up outta here, I am no longer going to pay for this shit to enable me to sit up and watch us crash and burn. I am unplugging myself from THIS particular matrix. I am tired of it all! We don’t want to do better. We don’t want to do what we should and no amount of wishful thinking on my part is going to get us to care enough about ourselves to help ourselves and stop picking shit up that shouldn’t be picked up. We enable those who want to see us dead in killing us. How crazy is that??!!! It is crazy beyond words!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment and yes, I did cry, for the children who are learning this mess from those who should know better.


  2. Shelby i had not heard of this or seen this mukbang till now and i am ashamed to see in these video’s that so many Black people are killing themselves for the love of the all mighty dollar bill. The klan used to kill us and now they rarely have to do it for we are killing each other over pieces of street and neighborhoods that don’t belong to us, and now this crazy shit. This hurts my heart and especially seeing the little ones do this madness alongside their (supposed) parents who are supposed to set the example for the children to follow.
    Shelby we can’t save everybody there will be casualties because some people don’t want to be saved. Panther Love

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    1. Thank you for your comment BlckPride! I too, was ashamed when I saw how many of us had taken up this absolute nonsense! I don’t know what is wrong with us! I really don’t. Who in their right mind can think that this is something that should be taken up? Some of these people report that they are educated. I beg to differ because only a damn fool would do this and to include their children in this mess is just absolutely appalling! I sincerely wish that CPS would investigate those in these videos who are including their children in this “nightmare of greed and gluttony for money” because that has just got to be child endangerment and neglect especially seeing as how they are soon not going to have parents anyway because they’ll be pushing up daisies from having eaten themselves to death.

      Some of the shit that people have posted on line has indeed, gotten them in trouble and this should be another case of that because the children of these fools don’t know any better, but their parents should. And so some agency needs to step in and do what’s needed so that those children will have some sort of future which they surely will not have if they continue with this mess!

      Again, BlckPride, I thank you for your comment! It is much appreciated!

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      1. When it comes to our people i don’t think CPS should be involved in family affairs, but in this instance time is of the essence to save these children. Thank you for making myself and others aware of this over indulgence of excess. Panther love

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      2. I usually don’t countenance the intervention of CPS with regards to American descendants of slaves either. It is just that when I think of the harm those mukbangs are doing to the children, it just fills me with rage. Not to mention that their parents will not be around long either since they are basically eating themselves to death. Someone is going to have to eventually take care of the children of these people because if they continue with what they are doing, they won’t be around to do so.

        Thank you for your comment.

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      3. We are on the same page. True CPS should take the children now before they pick up the bad habits that the ignorant obese parents are teaching their babies.

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      4. It is absolutely sad that the parents have no sense because they are starting their children out with extremely bad habits which if they live long enough, they will pass those bad habits onto their children and the vicious cycle will continue until there is an entire family in the graveyard and they are thanks to extreme gluttony.

        Thank you for your comment blkpride!

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    1. Well it would certainly be understood why you did because it is just so sickening to look at. I am quite astonished that like myself, so many of us had never heard of this mess especially since the claim is that it is all the rage. I am so sorry to cause you distress Prince, but I just had to post this to show how some of us are just too far gone, but they should not be allowed to take their children down with them.

      Thank you for your comment Prince. It is much appreciated.

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  3. Thanks Miss Courtland and Stuart Bramhall, This ethnic cleansing mindset that the White Man has is too stupid and extreme. What makes it stupid is that white people thinks and feels that America should be “All White”, We all know that white people thinks that all of them are right about all things regardless of facts but if America was “All White” all of them would be even more miserable than they are now and will subject to killing each other a whole lot as well and doing other terrible things to each other because of them wanting this land all to themselves. You would think that things are going to be Peaches and Cream if America was all white like none of them are going to be dissatisfied and even more upset about life than how a lot of them are acting now. SMH!


    1. Well we already know that they weren’t happy with an ‘all white’ population because if they were, what need had they to go sailing all around the world in search of others? Why weren’t they content to remain among those who look like them? And the fact is they treated each other like shit. They don’t even like those who look like them and so anyone they meet up with is going to catch hell and they did because when you are dealing with depraved monsters, the only thing you’ll find is destruction, chaos, pandemonium, theft, slaves, barbarity and death. That is what the white male parasite and white female parasite IS! That is their calling card. There is nothing humanitarian about any of them because you must first have human characteristics and they have none and that is plain to see; just take a look around the world at what they have done to it and to its people. Whites are the most miserable lot on this planet and since misery loves company, they have seen to it that they have much company. More’s the goddamn pity!

      Thank you for your comment.

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  4. That’s right Miss Courtland, Tell it like it is! A whole lot of them admire us as black people along with other races of people but of course their evil asses will never admit it. There is a lot of proof and facts out there that shows that our race is well admired. Those trolls can call me delusional until the world ends for all I care all because the “Truth Hurts”.


    1. Well, of course they admire us. Just look at how often they try and “appropriate our culture.” They are somewhere getting butt enhancements and lip injections and getting melanoma diagnoses because they hate their pallid skin. They see the beauty that is the Black man, woman and child and they hate us for that beauty. That is why they are hell bent on trying to destroy us and that includes by making it seem great to lie down with pure dead filth which is what whites are. They have an agenda and that agenda is to see us wiped out. Well, I am hoping that Mother Nature will help us in getting rid of our mortal enemy by flooding their shit out, shaking it to pieces, striking their shit with lightning and forcing those motherfuckers to need to put their fucking McMansions up on stilts. I love it when I see their shit floating down the goddamn street and they’re somewhere holding a useless ass water hose trying to drain one of their precious buildings out! To hell with ’em. If lightning struck them ALL dead, I’d celebrate like you would not believe!

      Thank you for your comment.

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  5. Good one Miss Courtland when you mentioned how they “appropriate our culture” and with getting butt enhancements, lip injections and melanoma diagnosis because of the extreme self hatred that is in them as a race. Poor Retarded Things! You said a lot of great and deep things Miss Courtland and I loved it all!

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  6. I’ve heard of feederism, but this insane, too? How can anyone love with themselves as they get paid or at the very least getting exposure for being pure gluttons? I wouldn’t be surprised if half the people in those pictures end up on My 600 lb Life or anything like that. This is masochistic eating and there’s no self-respect. What will become of their kids? Don’t drag them into this!

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    1. Exactly! “Don’t drag the kids into this mess,” is my point. If the adults want to act crazy, fine. But to encourage their children to engage in this should be against some sort of law; child endangerment or something because those children cannot eat like that everyday and not have issues early on in life. Those ‘adults’ are not even giving their children a fighting chance and that enrages me!

      This is why I say, “I no longer despair FOR us, I despair OF us!”

      I am going to get to your other comments, but right now, I am working on putting up another blog. However I sincerely thank you for this comment.

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      1. I’m glad you agree. I’m surprised situations like these don’t count as child endangerment or anything like that. There’s no way anyone can healthily ingest all of those calories and the parents should really know better. I don’t even have kids, and I know I would have better sense than that when I do have my own family.

        I certainly know that feeling.

        No problem. Just take your time with the other comments.

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