Former Somali-American Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor Found Guilty Of 3rd Degree Murder And 2nd Degree Manslaughter In The Death Of Justine Damond

I don’t think that anyone with more than two brain cells connecting and working was in any doubt that Somali born Mohamed Noor would be found guilty in killing a white woman who came here by way of Australia a few years ago.

Noor guilty of third-degree murder, manslaughter in killing of Justine Ruszczyk Damond

Former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor has been found guilty of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the fatal shooting of Justine Ruszczyk Damond.

He was acquitted of second-degree murder.

Noor sat expressionless with his hands clasped in front of him as the verdict was read, while the jurors remained calm, although one hung his head. Noor was immediately handcuffed and taken into custody. Sentencing is scheduled for 9 a.m. June 7.

Noor’s defense attorney Thomas Plunkett argued that Noor remain free pending sentencing, saying that “Mr. Noor has conducted himself professionally and honorably throughout the entire case.” Judge Kathryn Quaintance declined the request, an Noor was escorted away by deputies.

Noor is the first Minnesota police officer in recent memory to be convicted of murder and manslaughter in connection with an on-duty shooting. He faces between 10-15 years in prison for the third-degree murder charge and 3 1/2 to nearly 5 years for the manslaughter charge.

Somalis have been flown to America and relocated mostly in the Midwest because Somalia is strategic to America for some reason and that reason being that Somalia’s northern coast borders the Gulf of Aden, which leads to Bab el-Mandeb, a narrow chokepoint through which all maritime traffic from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean must pass. Avoiding this strait would take all goods from the Persian Gulf – including oil – around the entire African continent to reach European and American markets. It is also a valuable staging ground for navies to project power on to the Arabian Peninsula.

But apparently, some screeching and wailing from the whites about this influx of Somalis has reached the ears of Donald Trump who has started including Somalis in his revised travel orders and Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has called on Trump to lift the restrictions on Somalis coming to the U.S. Yeah! Good luck with that especially since Somali-born Mohamed Noor has been found guilty of murdering Miss Australian ‘Goldilocks’ Justine Damond after she dialed 911 to report a possible sexual assault outside her South Minneapolis home whereupon arriving, Officer Noor claimed to have been startled by a loud noise and so shot Justine Damond who was near the patrol car. She was shot in the stomach and died at the scene. The uproar over this was deafening and was heard all the way over in Australia with the Australians demanding justice for Justine as were her white upper crust South Minneapolis neighbors. Even the police chief was fired over this and the Mayor who was sitting in office at the time of this shooting, is no longer occupying her seat as Mayor of Minneapolis. Betsy Hodges, had the ire of Minneapolis’s upper crust turned in her direction when she stated that “Officer Noor was a fine police officer.” Well, I don’t know what her title is at wherever she works at this time, but I do know that it is not ‘mayor’ and her “fine officer” is now behind bars awaiting his June 7th sentencing hearing.

But I would like to concentrate for a minute on the obvious double standard and so this bears repeating:

“Noor is the first Minnesota police officer in recent memory to be convicted of murder and manslaughter in connection with an on-duty shooting. He faces between 10-15 years in prison for the third-degree murder charge and 3 1/2 to nearly 5 years for the manslaughter charge.”

Now remember, Philando Castile was murdered by Minneapolis Police Officer Jeronimo ‘Guacamole’ Yanez even as he complied with every command Officer Jeronimo ‘Tamale’ Yanez barked at him and yet Philando Castile was still shot dead and Jeronimo ‘Refried Beans’ Yanez was only charged with second-degree manslaughter and endangering safety by discharging a firearm in the shooting. There was also a woman and her four-year old daughter in the car. Even if they had been shot dead by Officer Jeronimo ‘Fajita’ Yanez, he would still be walking the streets, free as a goddamn bird. Why? Because Black lives don’t fucking matter! I know for a fact that if that taco cruncher, Jeronimo Yanez, had gunned down Justine Damond, he, like Mohamed Noor, would be sitting behind bars because though Latinos think they are white, whites disagree.

Philando Castile was a fine, upstanding citizen, who was murdered by Jeronimo ‘Pozole’ Yanez in July of 2016. He had worked as a supervisor at a school and was much beloved by the students. He had a conceal and carry permit and was not a felon and yet when this man told Officer Jeronimo ‘Enchilada’ Yanez that he had a gun because he had a permit, he was shot while trying to produce the evidence of that since it had been demanded of him to do so by Officer Jeronimo ‘Tortilla’ Yanez. This circus music playing, pointed-toed boot wearing, Sombrero sporting Mexican piece of refried filth was not even charged with serious crimes from the get-go and yet the measly shit he was charged with was dismissed as though he had only killed a fly.

And what else is so compelling about all of this is that Justine Damond CHOSE to come to this shithole. If she had not, she’d still be alive. Mohamed Noor CHOSE to come to this shithole. If he had stayed his ass over in Somalia, he would not be facing multiple years in prison for killing a fellow immigrant. And Officer Jeronimo ‘Frijole’ Yanez also CHOSE to come to this shithole. Philando Castile was the only one whose choice was taken from him because his ancestors were forced to come here by way of slavery and yet he was the only innocent one in all of this and he was the only one whereas justice was not served; in fact justice was nowhere to be found. That man is dead through no fault of his own, but you would think that he had killed himself since no one is ever to be held accountable for killing him. He is an American descendant of slaves and so what was he worth? To whites? Not a goddamn thing. Their fucking dogs are worth more than all of us combined and don’t you forget that; not that you could because they remind us of this shit every single fucking day here in the land of ‘white privilege’ and ‘white supremacy’ which is exactly why Somali-American Mohamed Noor was found guilty of murder/manslaughter and is going to do time for killing Ms. Justine ‘white privilege Goldilocks’ Damond. Philando Castile could not pick and choose the color of his skin and so that sealed his fate for him; murdered by an immigrant who was acquitted of second-degree manslaughter and endangering safety by discharging a firearm. Where was the charge of murder? Even third degree? Exactly! Because to the whites’, that Latino dog only killed a goddamn bug! Who gets murder charges for that? But if that taco cruncher should happen to shoot whites or their dogs, the book would get thrown at his ass and they know that shit before they even don those blue uniforms. They know who they can shoot and claim ‘they feared for their worthless life’ and who they’d better not even look sideways at. Whitey pink ass has trained every goddamn body well! Black people can get shot up every day of the week and there will be no consequences. Shoot one of them or their dogs and your ass is grass! Ask former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor. But in order to do that, you’ll have to visit him in prison while Jeronimo ‘Chalupa’ Yanez is free to walk the goddamn streets and boast and brag about killing Philando Castile and getting away with it. Talk about double standards! But one thing I do know is that you whites are going to get yours, don’t think for a second that you’re not because the spilling of innocent blood will be avenged!

10 thoughts on “Former Somali-American Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor Found Guilty Of 3rd Degree Murder And 2nd Degree Manslaughter In The Death Of Justine Damond

    1. You are SO welcome and thank you for the reblog! I am not about to let these white parasites off the goddamn hook over the vicious double standards they employ that always leaves us dead by either their hands or some immigrant they allow over here to help them do their dirty deeds against us when we are innocent human beings over here through no fucking fault of our own. Those depraved parasitic monsters are going to get called out on their foul ass shit every single time this vicious shit comes down the damn pike! And I don’t give a good goddamn who don’t like it, we don’t fucking like getting murdered for breathing and no one is held accountable for that shit, but it fucking happens!

      Again, thank you for your comment and for the reblog. It is much appreciated!

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    1. Exactly, The Stormy Poet! What the fuck happened to that “Blue Wall” or “Wall of Blue” or whatever the fuck they claim that shit is? Why aren’t those bastards in the blue kkkop uniforms sticking up for their ‘fellow’ cop who claimed to have fucking FEARED FOR HIS PARTNER’S LIFE AND SO FIRED HIS GUN! That’s the standard playbook they ALL use and get away with, but for some strange ass reason, this did not apply to Black-assed Mohamed Noor since his ass is sitting behind bars on a 3rd degree murder conviction and a 2nd degree manslaughter conviction. Why come he couldn’t use that “I feared for my fucking life” line like ALL WHITE KKKOPS have used to get away with killing unarmed Black men, women and children? Because white privilege rules the goddamn day, because ‘white supremacy’ rules the goddamn day and I have told those Black-assed cops that their fucking lives don’t matter when all is said and done and if this shit don’t show them that, then nothing will!

      Even a taco cruncher can get off scot-free in killing an innocent Black man, but Black-assed Mohamed Noor was unable to use the same defense strategy used by Jeronimo ‘Guacamole’ Yanez. That “I feared for my life” shit got tossed aside so goddamn quick, it ain’t even fucking funny and yet white KKKops can use it ALL the time and skate away from the shit they do, Sombrero sporting motherfuckers can too when they shoot and kill a BLACK person, but along comes a Black-assed motherfucker and he gets his ass handed to him on a platter for killing Miss ‘white’ Justine ‘Goldilocks’ Damond. If Noor had killed a Black woman, his ass would have been able to hide behind that “I feared for my worthless ass life” shit so fast, my head would be spinning. But that ain’t who he shot. That motherfucker should have tried to leave this shithole on a leaky boat if he had to because he was most definitely destined for prison for killing Ms. ‘White Privilege’ Damond and those Australian motherfuckers had kicked up a fuss and was wailing and screeching too? Shit, the fucker was done for. Even his so-called ‘white’ partner didn’t stand up for his Black ass! Well, Noor’s going to be doing many a dance in prison and especially in Menacesnowta because it is a well known fact by ALL the American descendants of slaves that Somalis don’t fucking like us and so he is going to have no one to watch his Somali back. But those gays all up in that prison his ass is headed for sure as hell will!

      T.S.P., I thank you for your spot on comment!

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  1. Those double standards are all too true. Mohamed Noor said he feared for his life, and he’s in jail! Also, where was the NRA when a legal gun owner was killed by a cop just for DARING to get his own ID and mentioning what was in his car that he got on the level? I bet you if a White guy got capped by a cop for the same reasons, you’d have the NRA and a ton of redneck types screaming that their 2nd amendment rights were infringed upon and everybody knows this.

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    1. That ‘double standard’ thing is also known as ‘Amerikkkan hypocrisy’. You see, since the whites write laws and enforce the laws, who is going to do the heading to jail and/or prison? Those who the laws apply to and they don’t apply to whitey pasty-ass. Everyone else is fair game and that is why no fucking ‘Wall of Blue’ or ‘Blue Wall’ stood defensively WITH Mohamed Noor because code word for ‘Blue’ is ‘white’. And the Mexicans and other refried beans eating motherfuckers are made aware of just who they can kill and get away with doing so. They’d better not shoot and kill whitey pasty-ass because their taco crunching ass would be sitting where Mahamed Noor is sitting; behind bars.

      And you know goodness doggone well that the NRA couldn’t give rat’s ass about what happens to LEGAL Black gun owners regardless of whether their permit is open carry or conceal and carry. The NRA is nothing more than an extension of hate groups. They are no different from the Ku Klux Klan or the Aryan Brotherhood and so forth and so on. These worthless shits in this shithole are not even attempting to keep their shit on the down low anymore, especially seeing as how it’s pointless because everyone with two eyes can see what the fuck’s up.

      I thank you for your comment.


      1. That’s definitely a good way to describe the situation. I didn’t see any Blue Lives Matter people when word got out about Officer Noor. Very good point about Blue being dog whistle language for White.

        Of course. The NRA is a racist organization. It was started by an ex-confederate general back then which should tell you a lot. They’re in on this hypocrisy, too. Back in the 70s when the Black Panthers were doing an armed demonstration in California to show that they need to protect their communities, they were punished despite not firing shots. The NRA would bankroll gun control laws because they didn’t want Black people being legal gun owners and it was signed by then-governor Ronald Reagan. I guess gun control is possible if enough Black people let alone other non-white ethnic groups allegedly commit crimes with them.

        Sure thing, and I’m glad we can have this dialog here.


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