Dangerous Flooding As Mississippi River Rises! Glory Hallelujah!!! Capitalism’s Worst Nightmare!

This is going to be a completely ‘visual’ post because nothing says “You are fucked!” like actual pictures. And so, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Mother Nature believes that this particular city should experience a renewed GENTRIFICATION in that people should be pushed out to make way for water. Thank you Mother Nature!


And since I am quite sure that you have not seen enough, we shall continue.

Uh…that’s not going to quite do it, but by all means, keep at it!


White parasites attempting to remove the water from their precious buildings leaves me at a loss for words.

Where is dude with the hose? His ‘hose’ is much needed right here!


Everybody having fun yet?

I am quite sure that car alarms are sounding all over the place and it is most definitely NOT a false alarm. The next time you buy a car, do a thorough inspection because you just might end up with one of those.


Always try not to purchase a ‘lemon’ and so we know that one of  the cars is an Altima. Don’t buy any Altimas anytime soon, at least none of that particular color. But then again, they could repaint it and so I would just stay away from Altimas altogether. Just trying to be helpful here.

When people say they want to go out on a boat, I don’t believe they had this in mind. But hey! Make the most of it because it would appear that we are all going to need boats soon.


And if it appears as though I am completely insensitive to ALL of this, then it is because I am completely insensitive to ALL of this because we ALL know why we are experiencing this weather and who is behind the cause of it. Yeah whites, look in the mirror. You’re not done getting this mess up your ass, not by a long shot.

Would this be one of those contests whereas the first man to haul his wife to the ‘Finish’ line wins the prize?

I believe both should get prizes for effort.

Goodness gracious! Someone call Trump! Those people need FEMA funds right now! Oh, my bad! He is busy on Twitter. Never mind then. Raging flood waters, carry on!

Quick! More sandbags, PLEASE!!!!!

Now that right there is a sight to behold! Mother Nature reclaiming from the ‘whites’ what was stolen. Now remember, as soon as the flood waters recede, you can rebuild again and then….wait for it…rebuild AGAIN!

Capitalism was surely ground to a bit of a halt that day!

When you rebuild, put your shit up on stilts and then just tie your boat to one of the posts and you’re good! Ever the helpful one I am, to be sure.


No need to go to the beach, it’s come right to you! Now, I call that, ‘efficient’.

This is Naperville, IL where heavy rain overflowed the banks of the DuPage River, flooding the town’s river walk. So instead of taking a ‘river walk’, you can take a ‘river swim’. Now how cool is that! I’m heading over there to do some fishing. The fish are biting, or so I’ve heard.


I’ve got to run out and buy me a fishing rod and some bait. I’ve got some fishing in Naperville, IL to do! I’m coming guys!


This dude owns a wine shop and he stated that when the water came at him, it was like something straight out of a movie. Well, let’s see if some Hollywood actor is going to come in and do ‘mold remediation’ for you.“Would you care to have some mold with your wine, sir?”
This reminds me of that song, “Come sail away, come sail away. Come sail away with me!” Only without the sails.

I told you white parasites that I was going to post every single damn time I saw your shit get fucked up and so I am keeping my promise especially since I read a comment on one of the videos posted about this flooded shit whereas a white parasite stated that “if what is happening in the Midwest was happening in Baltimore, there would be looting instead of people helping each other.” Let me break it down for you. What the fuck is there to loot when the only thing around for miles is water and when that recedes it leaves nothing but mud. Ask those people in Nebraska just what the fuck there is to loot when they are still howling and wailing over the loss of their fucking cows and pigs. One ‘white’ motherfucker lost almost all 700 of his pigs and is moaning that he was only able to save 17. Sob! Sob! He should not have been breeding them for so-called ‘humans’ to gorge themselves on. And another ‘white’ motherfucker was complaining that he had lost most of his cattle. The same applies for him. And they are ALL wondering when help from Trump is going to arrive since the only help they have seen is from people who have viewed the videos coming out of that flood ravaged area and have sent in supplies. Those Trump supporters are receiving not a goddamn thing from their lord and master and savior, Donald Trump. Fuck em!

And your shit will continue to get fried, toasted, oven roasted, flooded, covered in igneous rock, shook up, struck to hell by lightning and hit with tornadoes and don’t forget that hurricane season is right around the corner! Mother Nature is re-gentrifying YOUR shit! Deal!

Davenport, Iowa — Severe storms are devastating the Midwest this spring. Flash floods in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, a city right outside of Detroit, left at least 100 homes under water. Fire officials went house to house to help with rescues.

Three hundred miles to the west in Naperville, Illinois, heavy rain overflowed the banks of the DuPage River, flooding the town’s river walk. Late Tuesday afternoon, the waters from the Mississippi River pushed through a temporary levee in parts of downtown Davenport, Iowa.

“Excessive rain along with excessive snow pack has led to a situation along the Mississippi River,” said Emergency Management Director David Donovan.

This is the wettest year in Davenport since July, 1993. Floodwaters reached over 22 feet. The flood stage here is 15.

Stay tuned because it’s only going to get better and better and believe me, I will be more than happy to share it with you!

9 thoughts on “Dangerous Flooding As Mississippi River Rises! Glory Hallelujah!!! Capitalism’s Worst Nightmare!

    1. Thank you Leslie! But where I am, it is sunny and 84°f. We are supposed to get some storms on Saturday and Sunday but since we’re protected by mountains, we never get much of anything.

      But thank you for the well wishes! Much appreciated Leslie!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. There’s a lot of flooding in the north of Ontario and in Quebec and New Brunswick too. I wonder if the insurance companies will pay up or find a way out. They usually cover everything except what happens.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. True! And at this rate, with storms increasing in strength and in numbers, insurance companies are going to start charging higher premiums which will make some people not able to afford policies.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Our policy just doubled and I had to fight with them to take off the flooding coverage. Otherwise forget insurance. They probably wouldn’t pay up anyway.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Insurance companies are always going to find a sneaky way out of paying claims. That’s how they stay in business, that and overcharging everyone. Car insurance in my area is out-of-control and yet, there really is no alternative because public transit is a joke. There is no ‘good’ part to insurance, not any type. Believe me, I know.

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  1. There is no right to exist if you are Black. There is no right to exist if you are Red (ethnically *or* politically). On the other hand, one dollar equals one vote, gerrymandering is fully legal, White privilege is eternal, George Zimmerman makes a legal living selling his autograph on a bag of Skittles or a Confederate Flag, Jim Crow is LAW.
    Within hours a billion dollars had been pledged to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris (a structure not built by the wealthy who funded it 800 years ago). Not so terribly far behind, at $775 million are three defamation suits filed against WAPO, CNN, and NBC on behalf of a single individual: Nicholas Sandmann, brave boy who had the guts to stand his ground at the Lincoln Memorial. The lad who would not yield to the Redskin Nathan Phillips who happened to hold a permit to march at the designated spot barricaded by the White boy who happened to be idly standing with his fellow MAGA hat patriots on the marching route precisely delineated on a permit. But wasn’t that just a piece of paper, a combustible document signed with the full legal force, authority and integrity of the United States Government. In other words, legal tinder.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bill, your comment as usual, hit its mark, multiple times! And forgive me, but I want to take this opportunity to piggyback on a statement I made within the context of this blog.

      To my readers, I want to take this particular piece and add something to it.

      “I read a comment on one of the videos posted about this flooded shit whereas a white parasite stated that “if what is happening in the Midwest was happening in Baltimore, there would be looting instead of people helping each other.”

      Now, I am going to seriously clear THAT shit up! There is no greater ‘LOOTER’ on the face of this entire goddamn planet than that of the white parasite because you worthless motherfuckers have looted this entire goddamn planet and you’re still at it and yet you have the balls to talk about who is looting shit? Fuck if I’ll let you worthless depraved sociopaths get away with THAT shit! Not only have you looted entire continents, you have looted people and everything that wasn’t fucking nailed down and you continue that shit to this fucking day. How the hell can you sit somewhere on your pale debased ass and talk about who the fuck would get to looting when you damn bastards are the very definition of LOOTERS and you make no fucking bones about it. And that ain’t a goddamn question. But you want to go on and on about who would fucking loot when you certainly don’t have a goddamn problem when its YOUR pale parasitic ass doing the looting, but if someone else gets there before you, why you’ve fucking got a problem. FUCK YOU! You bunch of filthy, depraved, debased hypocritical shits!

      I laugh when I see someone hauling your ass out of a flooded building. I laugh when I see your shit flooded the fuck out! I laugh when I read that your fucking pale ass is still sitting somewhere in a tent because FEMA ain’t fucking got around to helping your worthless ass! I get a fucking kick out of seeing what Mother Nature is doing to you and your precious shit! I love it when I see nothing but beautiful brown muddy water for miles around and when it recedes, there’s just beautiful brown mud every fucking where and your ass is sitting somewhere wailing about what the fuck you’ve lost! You are going to lose every goddamn thing that you have ever looted or stolen or absconded with and you can count on that! Your fucking white privilege won’t save you or your shit and neither will your fucked up sense of superiority! Get over your fucking selves because you are done for! You set this shit in motion and you have no one to blame for the vicious shit you’ve done and still do but your goddamn selves but you ARE going to pay dearly for the fucking nasty vile and atrocious horrors that you have and are committing. Again, fucking count on it!

      Bill, I had to get that out! But know this, I do sincerely appreciate your comment.


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