Opinion: The Real Reason for All the Fuss and Rage Over Abortion from White Nationalist/Conservatives — Kreb Talk

I purposely did not post any news and stayed away from any discussion about the so-called “heartbeat” bill the Georgia governor signed into law today. As for the current governor of Georgia, I’m not in the mood to even mention the name of this lowdown, racist, cheating, irrelevant, illegitimate, shell of a man. In a […]

I’m sure many of you who reads pieces like this have heard about the serious negative population growth for Caucasians all over the world and in the U.S. When you top that with the opioid crisis, abortion, morning after pills, the methamphetamine crisis, declining sexual intercourse amongst millennials, the mainstreaming of LGBTQ people and lifestyle, etc., white men are having fits. Again, I’m not saying that the Global Majority community is not having some of these same concerns, but most of these concerns are ravaging the American white community and they want absolutely every white baby that can be born, be born. So, dear white conservative man: we are not fooled by your hidden agenda that you are so prolife for all people while committing and watching the genocide of my people at the hands of cops and the federal government. No, sir. You’re watching your numbers dwindle and you’re panicking. I don’t claim to be a religious scholar or anything; but, may I suggest you read a few of the religious holy books to help guide you on what your very near fate may be.

via Opinion: The Real Reason for All the Fuss and Rage Over Abortion from White Nationalist/Conservatives — Kreb Talk

The above paragraph hits the nail on the head! Those so-called white conservative male parasites are screeching and wailing because they don’t want ANY white baby parasite aborted. They want those things hatched because they are very much aware of ALL reports out that state that whites are in the decline ALL over the world. Why do you think that inbred ape ‘Mince’ Harry over in England married a half-breed, it is because they need that melanin because those redheads are the first to get melanoma diagnoses and so to counter that shit, what’s hatched by those two needed a bit of color and so in struts Meghan Markle’s half white ass to do the deed.

And former Minneapolis cop, Mohamed Noor was found guilty of murdering white-assed Justine Damond while cop Jeronimo ‘Guacamole’ Yanez was acquitted of murdering Philando Castile because only ‘white lives matter’! And Justine Damond was engaged and would more than likely have had a baby and since she was not allowed to do that, someone had to pay for that and so the ‘Blue Wall’ that’s protected kkkops when they kill people came crumbling down on Noor since he couldn’t get away with claiming that “feared for their worthless lives” bullshit. How dare ANYONE murder a white, but you can murder ALL other groups all day, everyday and nothing is done to your ass because if whites gave a damn about everyone getting murdered that’s innocent, Jeronimo Yanez would not have gotten off scot-free for murdering Philando Castile. He was just as innocent as Justine Damond.

So, of course you are correct in that the only reason white so-called conservative males are kicking up a fuss against abortion is because they don’t want WHITE babies aborted. To hell with anybody else and don’t we ALL know this! They are not fooling anyone with their hypocritical stance on abortion. They wouldn’t give a shit if every Black woman in AmeriKKKa aborted a Black child, since all whites do is attempt to kill every Black woman’s child anyway since that is exactly what they are doing. For why else are Black bodies showing up at the morgue in record numbers, put there because of having been shot dead for no reason by white-assed kkkops who get off on some bullshit about how they “feared for their worthless ass life?”

I am glad whites are on the decline because they need to be on the decline because they are parasites and the only thing parasites do is suck a host bone dry and that is what those parasites have been doing to ALL other people all across this godforsaken planet that they have managed to make damn near uninhabitable for us all! They cannot become extinct fast enough to suit me!

Thank you for this post!

6 thoughts on “Opinion: The Real Reason for All the Fuss and Rage Over Abortion from White Nationalist/Conservatives — Kreb Talk

  1. Great Post Miss Courtland and Kreb, I apologize Miss Courtland for this comment being a little off-topic but I’ve stumbled across another blog and it was talking about the crimes and the crime rate statistics that us blacks and whites commit and the charts shows that White People are the ones that are doing the most crimes while a whole lot of them be pointing fingers and telling lies claiming that we are the ones that are committing the most crimes. Someone also made a point on that particular blog and the person said “How are we the ones that are committing the most crimes while it is less of us and more of them?!?!” which was a great point. The main two crimes that I saw on the charts that I knew White People were going to be the leaders of when it comes to committing these crimes were “Arson” and “Embezzlement”. LOL =)


  2. I hope that the Abortion Bans will not help them out at all! This is nothing but pure pettiness all because White People are afraid of their population reducing down that a lot of them thinks that it is best for them to control what women decides to do to their bodies. Doesn’t matter if the woman was raped or nothing. White People are so damn EVIL! SMH!


    1. Abortion bans won’t help them. The recent blog that I posted titled, “Cancer Causing 5G Technology Coming To A Flooded Out Tent Near You!” is proof of that since 5G technology comes with an almost certain skin cancer diagnosis and we all know who is usually sitting all up in Dermatology getting a suspicious mole on their ass checked out. And even though this technology will affect us all, it will affect whites first and foremost and they will be the ones doing the croaking first. Of course lawsuits will abound, but those lawsuits won’t help those who are screeching and wailing in pain while dying of skin cancer. And there is no way in hell that I could happily spend some lawsuit settlement money received thanks to a loved one having died horribly because of 5G technology.

      Whites continuously find ways to kill us all and then sit somewhere and moan and whine when the shit actually kills more of them. And white women have only themselves to blame for this abortion mess because it is their parasitic, filthy ass white males that are behind this shit! They give birth to those abominations that then turn right around and say, “Fuck you!” Some fucking thanks for enduring hellish labor pains in order to bring forth something so monstrous, it should have been aborted.

      Mranticonservative, thank you for your comment.

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