The Forgotten Tale of How Black Psychiatrists Helped Make Sesame Street, the children’s television show entranced preschoolers—and helped teach impressionable black kids. — The Most Revolutionary Act

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Photos Getty In the wake of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 1968, a newly formed group called the Black Psychiatrists of America began to challenge their white colleagues to think about racism in a new way. Its members had been discussing for some time the […]

via The Forgotten Tale of How Black Psychiatrists Helped Make Sesame Street, the children’s television show entranced preschoolers—and helped teach impressionable black kids. — The Most Revolutionary Act

Below is a comment I posted on this article.

“There is no way that Black people, who are mentally ill, can go to whites and expect and receive help because the main reason why many Black people are mentally ill is due to the horrendous racism that we are exposed to, constantly. How then are we supposed to get relief from the very ones who are why we are mentally ill?

When I was in Minnesota, my cousin was seeing white mental health ‘care’ professionals and they filled him so full of poisons, I went to that mental health ‘care’ facility and threw fits. I pointed out the obvious in that the place was filled to bursting with descendants of slaves who had been sent to that facility by the courts which are set up to set up descendants of slaves. I pointed out the fact that there were no Black doctors or therapists on staff and I even filed a complaint with the board. I’ll have you know that the next time I visited that establishment with my cousin, he was asked if he wanted to see a BLACK psychiatrist and a BLACK therapist. There had been none before that time! I refuse to sit somewhere and allow us to get mistreated. If we don’t speak up for ourselves, we will continue to be mistreated and I am having none of it!

He now has to see a Black psychiatrist via Skype since no Black psychiatrist in their right mind would come down here to Hillbilly Hollow, but he requested to see a Black psychiatrist and even though it is via Skype, that is who he is seeing. He requested a Black case manager and that is who he has. His primary care doctor is Black and everyone he sees for his care is Black. We insist upon it and we ALWAYS will. If one refuses to come to us, we come to them or via Skype, but we would have it no other way! And it shouldn’t be any other way! And Black psychiatrists are very much aware of why Black people request them! They know the deal! Just as those depicted in this article knew the deal. It may be a ‘forgotten tale’, but this shit cannot be ‘forgotten’ by us since we still suffer from untold atrocities from being caught up in a system we wanted no part of because we did not immigrate here, our ancestors were dragged here. This shit’s not on us!”


American descendants of slaves, I cannot stress to you enough that enough is enough! If we don’t stand up for ourselves, no one else will. We are not here to win a popularity contest and I don’t care who hates my guts, I am going to tell it like it is. When I see fucked up shit, I call it out! If you don’t, you will continue to get shitted on. Get up off that stupid dumbass Facebook and Twitter shit and take a stand against the shit that’s shoved down our throats, daily. You see that I don’t take shit shoved down my throat and you don’t have to either. Whites ain’t fucking playing with us and I ain’t fucking playing with them. You have no idea how much you can accomplish if you simply stand up for yourself and believe me, when you do, you are also helping someone else who looks just like you! Try it! You’ll find out just how right I am. The white devils count on us thinking that we’ve got no choice but to put up with their shit. Show them that you ain’t no punk ass bitch that’ll put up with their racism, prejudice, bigotry and some mo shit! I don’t tolerate their shit and you don’t have to either! To hell with them and their shit!

Why do you think that this article is titled, “The forgotten tale of how Black psychiatrists helped make Sesame Street, the children’s television show entranced preschoolers-and helped teach impressionable Black kids?” It is because everything that we do that’s wonderful is to be ‘forgotten’, overlooked, ignored. The only shit we are to be recognized for is for being criminals and drug addicts, but that’s not who or what we are.

When I lived in Minnesota, I lived in a small town in the middle of no goddamn where that didn’t even have bus service. When I looked at my first electric bill, I noticed that the bill contained a ‘transit tax’. Now, I’m thinking, “What the hell am I paying a ‘transit tax’ for when there is no ‘transit’ out in the middle of this godforsaken nowhere? I picked up the phone and called Metro Transit and asked about that shit. Guess the fuck what! Those worthless white-assed motherfuckers had decided to bring mass transit to the area and after multiple plans and charts and drafts had been drawn up, decided that it just wasn’t feasible to bring bus service to that area. And yet, they continued to charge everyone who lived in that small town, a ‘transit tax’ even though those white fuckers had scrapped bringing transit to the town. Now, this town had mostly white asses in it and yet they were too stupid to look at their electric bill, see that they were paying a ‘transit tax’ and yet there was not a bus or light rail or subway stop any goddamn where! You see, this is how stupid whites really are and yet, they try and portray us as the damn dummies! I screeched and hollered and threatened to go door to door and tell every damn body in that town that they had been paying a transit tax for FOUR, that’s 4 goddamn years for nothing! I told MNDOT(Minnesota Department of Transportation and Metro Transit that I was filing charges of fraud against them for defrauding people out of their money since that is exactly what they did. Guess the fuck what! Transit was introduced to that goddamn city and I was called by the City Administrator and was told that “thanks to you, bus service is being started up and that there was going to be a ribbon cutting ceremony and that I would be requested to speak.” When the bitch found out that I was Black, all that shit changed. The white bitch that they had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to for her land on which to build the Park and Ride, was featured in the newspaper. The Park and Ride was named for her ass and I was never even an afterthought. But even so, when Metro Transit came in, they took away that goddamn sign with her fucking name on it and put up “Metro Transit Park And Ride.” So the city authorized and paid for, with our tax dollars, a big ass brick sign with her name and ‘Park and Ride’ chiseled on it, all for nothing. Whites are lethal and ferocious in their fucking racism!

Now do you see how fucking racist whites are?!!! Were you ever in ANY doubt because if so, I’ve erased any and all of it! Those racist bastards never publicly acknowledged that I was the reason bus service was brought to that area and they never will, but I got the satisfaction of pissing off multiple whites while at the same time, helping the few Black people who lived in that area have reliable transportation to and from Minneapolis, MN. This is what we can do Black folks when we put our mind to it! And even though we don’t get recognized for our accomplishments and achievements, don’t let that deter you from trying. It has never deterred me and it won’t. Those white bastards want us to give up when we never receive recognition for the great and good things we do, but it ain’t about their awards and shit, it’s about the fact that we don’t give up and we help one another out! So keep on keeping on, but you ain’t going to get it done by sitting all up on Facebook and Twitter. That shit is meaningless. Do something meaningful for a change and you can make a difference! Believe me, I know!

13 thoughts on “The Forgotten Tale of How Black Psychiatrists Helped Make Sesame Street, the children’s television show entranced preschoolers—and helped teach impressionable black kids. — The Most Revolutionary Act

  1. Thanks for reblogging, Shelby. One of the most damaging effects of Black patients seeing racist white psychiatrists is the way it internalizes racism – which is extremely damaging to self-esteem.

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    1. The pleasure was ALL mine Dr. Bramhall. You keep posting what gets my goat up and I’ll keep reblogging it!

      I thank you for your comment and you are right, it reinforces internalized racism just as it is designed to do. They’re not fooling us. They think they are, but they’re not as you can see. I don’t buy bullshit samiches and eat em and I’ll not start now.


  2. You are so right Miss Courtland when you said that “Whites are so lethal and ferocious with their racism”. You have made a good and accurate point right there! Albert Einstein said it best that “Racism is America’s Greatest Disease, Racism is a Disease of The White Man.”, We all know that there are racists in other races but White People win with being the most racist people on Earth and racist all the time.

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    1. And since racism is mostly a white motherfucker’s disease, then they and it need to be eradicated! Both are not needed or welcomed. Who the fuck NEEDS racism?!! And since we don’t fucking need racism, we don’t fucking need whites!! Both need to get ta steppin’!! I am way past done with treading lightly for the sake of those motherfuckers! I’m waaaay past that shit! They ain’t got no feelings because they ain’t fucking human! And I say it to their face! Fuck em! Whites are THE most foul ass disease to every blade of grass, every animal and every human on this godforsaken planet that they are hellbent on making uninhabitable. Those debased creatures are the devil’s own and yet he don’t even want to claim their ass!

      Mranticonservative, I’ve got to stop here before my fucking head blows off from sheer rage!

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      1. I agree Miss Courtland, I’ve heard on the news that someone wanted to bomb a white supremacist rally that was being held in California. I wish it would have happened to all of them! =)


      2. Well, at least you can count on the fact that THEIR 5G technology IS going to kill them first especially since it causes MELANOMA and who is sitting ALL up in Dermatology clinics now asking some quack to look at a suspicious mole on their ass? Newsflash! It ain’t Black folks. It’s those pale skinned rejects from hell! And believe me, they are starting to get worried about that shit! And when they finally destroy this planet that was once a paradise for us humans, they’ll have no goddamn where to go because despite NASA and China’s and Russia’s space programs, those pale-assed motherfuckers ain’t going no goddamn where. If any one of those motherfuckers had ever made it to the moon, they’d have been back before we could blink. But they haven’t and so not a goddamn one of them EVER made it to the moon since why is it that they kept sending space shuttles up until those space shuttles started blowing up, but never sent another so-called ‘manned’ mission to the moon? It is because there never was a ‘manned’ mission to the moon. Hell! They couldn’t even keep a space shuttle circling the planet, much less do they have the ability to send a ‘manned’ space shuttle to the goddamn moon and back. I’ve seen movies that looked more real than that fake ass ‘moon’ landing shit! Whites will make up lies just to seem smart when they are about the dumbest fucks to ever slither all across this planet, fucking it up. Because who fucks up, intentionally, the only home they’ll ever have? Dumb white fucks, that’s who!

        Mranticonservative, thank you for your comment.

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  3. I know right, White People are dumb and retarded because a lot of them be acting like us but are suppose to hate our guts to the extreme. That is all I see is them stealing all of the words, dance moves and of course twerking and a lot of other things that we have created and a whole lot of them saw those things as niggerish, thuggish and ghetto but now a whole lot of them see it as something that is either attractive or fascinating since now a lot of white women has to have a big butt and big lips now and at first white women were disgusted with the whole having a big butt thing since it was something that the black woman was blessed with having and the white woman never ever wanted no kind of features that resembled something that the black woman had once upon a time. One example of a white woman that wants to look like a black woman is Kim Zolciak since now she has big lips all of a sudden. White People needs to make up their minds, Hate Us or Admire and Love Us? LOL =)

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    1. ‘They’ say that “Imitation is the highest form of flattery,” well, I am not flattered by those rejects from hell! I remember back in the day, whites were laughing at Black peoples’ so-called, ‘big lips’ and now they’re somewhere busy plumping those thin lines they have. And of course, butt implants are all the rage for those flat-assed white parasitic females.

      They hate us because we are what they can never be and they know that shit. Just the other day I saw an article whereas one of those white female parasites was beseeching other white female parasites to stop using tanning beds since she had had about 86 operations to remove skin cancer. They ain’t gonna listen to her stupid ass. They don’t like their pale bodies any more than she did. That’s why she’s fucking dying to look like us! Hell! Let ’em. It’s one less for us to have to be bothered with.

      Mranticonsertave, thank you for your comment.

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      1. No Problem Miss Courtland, They are always telling us to get over whatever whether it is about slavery or something else while they are the ones who needs to get over the fact that Jews and Non-White People are not going anywhere whether they like it or not. They are always telling us and other non-white people to go back to where we came from as if they haven’t came from somewhere their own damn selves. They all need to go back to Europe while they are so busy telling everyone else to go back to wherever. Thanks Miss Courtland for liking that previous comment I have posted, Much appreciated!


  4. I certainly wasn’t aware of that when it came to Sesame Street.

    Going to the real seriousness of your reblog, I’m really sorry to hear about your cousin not getting the help he needed at first and how you never got credit for the transport in MN. That infuriates me to no end and not just because I’m working on an album based on forgotten innovators, inventors, and artists who got ripped off (a bunch of the concepts involve Black people being undermined for their contributions, by the way). You deserved way better and they should name something after you when it came to that transport plan. Unbelievable. People not getting credit or having their works stolen makes my blood boil and the racist aspect makes it far far worse.

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    1. Ospreyshire, now you see why there are examples all over this blog about how my blood is boiling. I don’t fucking hold back and I am not about to start. I don’t give a flying fuck for the so-called ‘feelings’ of whites. What the hell for since it is quite obvious that they don’t have any. All you need do is look around at the state of this planet to see that don’t even give a damn about the only home they will ever have since they have done everything possible to fuck it up and then want to deny their culpability. Those useless, vile fucks are too evil for their own hell and yet they up the ante by the day in making people suffer needlessly. I am tired as hell of their shit and yet, just like everyone else, I get up and face another day in hell. What the fuck is there to look forward to? Not a goddamn thing.

      I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Exactly and I share similar feeling about this and other pressing issues. I can see that apathy or abject destruction going on in the planet with all the pollution and climate change. Like you, I don’t have many positive things to look froward to especially when I get farther and farther into truth. Sure, I’ve been pessimistic for most of my life, but I never realized how I was proven right in ways I didn’t know.


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