What It’s Like at an Alabama Clinic Still Performing Abortions (HBO) – VICE News Published on May 20, 2019 — The Most Revolutionary Act


The day after Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican, signed a bill that put her state on the path to banning almost all abortions, a 20-year-old woman from Tennessee walked into an abortion clinic with an ex-boyfriend and underwent the procedure. “I’m a single mom of three kids,” said the woman, who asked […]

via What It’s Like at an Alabama Clinic Still Performing Abortions (HBO) – VICE News Published on May 20, 2019 — The Most Revolutionary Act


I had promised myself that I was not going to get into this abortion debate since I believe that this mess was started up AGAIN to take the focus away from the serious shit that’s going down, worldwide, what with  the U.S. starting shit in Venezuela and minding those folk’s business while at the same time, threatening war with Iran simply because this shithole is collapsing, left and right what with half the country damn near flooded out and even as I type this, people are being rescued from raging flood waters and the fucked up list is endless. So, in order to get us distracted from the fact that WE ARE FUCKED, follow the bouncing ‘ban ALL abortions ball’.

First off, why are a bunch of white males figuring that they should have a say over women’s bodies especially since they are so depraved, some woman should have aborted their filthy asses in the first goddamn place? It takes two to make a baby and I have said this before, here and here and still it would seem that I must give a lesson on how babies are made. There is a dick involved in ALL of this and yet dick gets to go on to the next vagina, go all up in it and help make another baby. Not one of those white dicks that are screeching and wailing that there needs to be an end to abortion is screeching and wailing that dicks need to stay covered and never see the light of day in order to end up in some woman’s vagina.

And quite frankly, I am sick and tired of white women screeching and wailing about women’s rights when it is the shit that’s projected from between their legs that’s claiming to have the right to speak for us all. White females will vote in shit that believes they should just stay barefoot and pregnant and shut the fuck up and the sad fact is that many white women do just that. It is Black women who spearhead any and all movements that actually get any damn thing done. What the hell we need you white women for, I don’t know because all you bitches do is get in our way!

Although I have never had an abortion, I do believe that is not my business what another woman does with her body. I have heard of women having to get abortions because the man they laid down and got a baby with gave them the money to get an abortion because, apparently, it is much more cheaper to pay for an abortion than to pay for condoms. And though no method of birth control is completely reliable, save for sterilization of either the female or the male and in the male’s case, I am not exactly sure if a vasectomy is 100% reliable, it still beats doing nothing.

For one thing, it is way too easy to get pregnant. The reason why males and females are made the way they are is to perpetuate the species and this was made extremely easy to do. However, if a woman, for whatever reason, decides that she does not want to carry a baby to full term, then she should have the right to terminate said pregnancy. And for those of you who think otherwise, tell me….how many children have you adopted who are sitting somewhere in foster homes waiting to be adopted. You strut down the goddamn street with your big ass sign stating, “Thou shalt not kill!” and yet you don’t stand outside of a Texas prison with that same sign when Texas is about to execute someone for murder. Why is state sanctioned murder fine with you and yet what a woman does is not? Selective outrage, much? Why do you holier-than-thous not stand somewhere outside of police stations after the police just finished murdering yet another unarmed Black child, woman or man? I don’t see you standing there day after day after day with your damn hypocritical ass exclaiming to the police that, “Thou shalt not kill!” If you claim to stand on religious principles that “Thou shalt not kill!,” then you are the biggest hypocrite alive because you’re nothing but a showoff! You just want others to believe that you stand for something when you are nothing but a hypocritical blowhard hyped up on a fake ass sense of  self-righteousness. You’re not fooling me with your blatant and outrageous “All life matters!” bullshit. Nor are those fucked up white men who posture and self-congratulate themselves on having the ability to fuck with other peoples’ bodies just because they can. What the fuck has changed since the Salem Witch Trials? Not a goddamn thing!

The only women who I truly feel sorry for are young Black teens who find themselves in the ‘family way’ and Black women who are always put upon and who are told that they are the ‘face of abortions’. If they are, why would they want to bring a Black child into this world to suffer the same fate as they do? Why should another Black child be subjected to racism, bigotry, prejudice, poverty, discrimination, homelessness, drug addiction, incarceration, a school-to-prison pipeline and the fucked up list is endless? And for those of us who are born, we are subjected to the most vile shit to ever have been born and believe me, many of you whites should have been aborted. It would have saved us much trouble! Now, go print a sign about that and then strut down the goddamn street, you fucked up hypocrites!

6 thoughts on “What It’s Like at an Alabama Clinic Still Performing Abortions (HBO) – VICE News Published on May 20, 2019 — The Most Revolutionary Act

  1. Thanks for reblogging, Shelby – and for the great commentary. Don’t doubt for a minute that the rich white bastards who try to make abortion illegal don’t hesitate for a second to get abortions for their own teenage kids when they need them.

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    1. Thank you for putting that out there Dr. Bramhall, that is showcasing the blatant hypocrisy of those who don’t want other women to be able to get abortions, but are most definitely making sure that their offspring who get in the ‘family way’ are able to get rid of the evidence. Those who scream and yell the loudest about how Christian conservative they are are the absolute definition of flaming, stomp down hypocrites! And they’ve no conscience to even berate them for the foulness of the stinking shit they spew!

      Thank you again for originally posting this! I absolutely loathe, hate, despise and detest hypocrites and that would include those who are making it a crime for women to get abortions if they need to.


    2. I agree Stuart Bramhall! To be honest this might sound like a joke but it’s not though but what if one of their daughters was to go to a sperm bank and was to get some man’s sperm injected into her and she thinks that the sperm was from a white man like she wanted but then finds out that the sperm bank that she went to has injected her with a black man’s sperm. That right there is something to think about that will cause these people who are against abortions to want to have an abortion if something like that was to happen to them.


  2. The Catholic Church is an overwhelming White, propertied, privileged, righteous, arrogant, obsessed, paranoid …
    They have a 5-4 majority in SCOTUS, believe they are persecuted, block the distribution of contraceptives anywhere on Earth, forbid vasectomies, close clinics, shut down Planned Parenthood, identify secularists as representing the culture of death, deny post-fetal rights to the already born, keep the brain-dead body-fed, deny right to death for the terminally ill…
    There is no progressive voice on any of their media behemoths, they back Trump’s rump, wink and nod at the KKK/WhiteSupremacists/WhiteBirthRight/Islamophobics, promote blue-eyed Jesus’, allow genocide to proceed in Palestine, deny that White Terrorists even exist, understand White Terrorists, understand White Serial Killers, understand White school shooters, understand White mosque and synagog bombers, populate the NRA, spend billions on Holy Land Tours, want to reinstate Benedict XVI, fight a fictitious World Communism, fund Fascism, fund Steve F’ing Bannon, re-elect Trump, welcome World Fascism with a warm embrace…

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    1. Bill, I would not think of adding anything to what you’ve just said. I do believe that you have just about covered it all! Once again, I am struck at how you lay it ALL out!

      Thank you for posting that! It sums up the situation so succinctly!

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      1. I agree Miss Courtland, Bill Ziegler has put it all out there with all that he has said in his comment. When Bill mentioned this in his comment “The Catholic Church is an overwhelming White, propertied, privileged, righteous, arrogant, obsessed, paranoid …” For some reason made me think about how the White People who are Christians be hating Jews while Jesus Christ himself is Jewish and the word “Christian” comes from the name “Christ” in Jesus’ name. I will never understand that at all!


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