Me? Celebrate Memorial Day? Not Bloody Likely!


On a blog I posted in April of 2018, titled, “Americans Are Too Stupid To Realize That America Is A Fake Ass Disneyland! Smoke and Mirrors, People! Smoke and Mirrors! Read The Comments On This Article And Get A Damn Clue,” a comment posted on that blog made me sit and think for a spell. Below is the comment from qnubian528.

“People who aren’t from America had always see US “the big apple,the land of the thousand opportunities!”
That’s bullshit! What I always understood isn’t country of thousands opportunities,where “inequality” is a host,you can’t call civilize country where its own people can’t have free access on healthcare,but you can have free access to guns or every accessories that can kill human being!
Wow America country of thousands opportunities one of the bullshit I’ve ever heard!”

This bears repeating: “civilize country where its own people can’t have free access on healthcare, but you can have free access to guns or every accessories that can kill human being!”

That is so indicative of what this fucked up country stands for, it ain’t even funny. And millions do not have access to free healthcare and for those who do have access to healthcare, that healthcare is substandard. Only the rich can get great healthcare. The rest of us are dealing with healthcare that is comparable to what passed for healthcare in 1810 since what the fuck has changed as it relates to healthcare since? More women, especially Black women are dying in childbirth in what is supposed to be a ‘developed’ country than ever before, but in all actuality is more like a third world country. How in the world are people dying from childbirth in America? That makes no sense whatsoever, not unless it is ALL done by design and then it makes perfect sense.

And what about the shit that’s always on the news, the fact that yet another American has gone on a rampage and murdered multiple people and after the fact, law enforcement then finds a stash of assault weapons, multiple rounds of ammunition and enough guns and ammo to kill thousands. Meanwhile, the shooter’s mental health is questioned.

But now it is time to celebrate why hundreds of thousands of Americans have died in so many wars, I’ve lost count. It is time to celebrate the fact that this country loves war. America is in love with war and don’t say that it is not because if America was not in love with war, why then in the year 2019, is this country STILL at war and STILL trying to find some country to be at war with? War is ALL this country has ever known. The first ‘illegal’ colonizers warred with the Indians for this land and that set the standard; if you want something, go to war. If you want someone else’s land, go to war. If you want to build the country on the backs of another continent’s people, battle those people for their people, subdue them and then take the people from that continent. If you want some country’s oil, go to war and kill them and take over their oil. If you want an American company to be able to strip another country of its natural resources, go to war against that country. For whatever contrived reason, this country MUST be at war.

However, I refuse to celebrate war because that is exactly what we are doing when we celebrate Memorial Day. We are honoring, not a need for people to have died in wars, we are honoring the fact that people fought in elective wars. And what does ‘elective’ mean? It means we ‘chose’ to go to war. We did not have to, but because this nation is a nation of warmongers and war hawks, this is why we celebrate war. Don’t hand me that bullshit about how we are honoring our ‘war dead’ since they did not have to die. They did not have to suit up and be sent to foreign shores to die over an elective war; a war of choice. It has been stated that this country has been at war for over 220 of its 242 year history. This is what we are celebrating and believe me, that is nothing to celebrate. You people are sick and twisted who go around celebrating this shit with parades and cookouts and some more shit!

People don’t have free healthcare because our money is being spent on killing people and claiming what’s not ours to claim. We glorify guns and screech about the 2nd Amendment as if that is the only Amendment that’s worth a damn! All other Amendments pale in comparison to the 2nd Amendment especially seeing as how the 13th Amendment did not abolish slavery for if it did, there would not be over 2.3 million Black slaves sitting all up in prisons on bullshit drug charges, slaving away making shit for free to be sold by corporations and quite frankly, the 1st Amendment don’t mean shit either since what the hell is free speech these days when people can be jailed for publishing the fact that this shithole committed untold war crimes and crimes against humanity and free speech is being curtailed even as I type this? If some platform that I use to get my message out has a problem with my message, then my message gets shut down. And we all know that only whites own the platforms that people use to be heard. The news coverage is brought to us by white faces. Those who own the networks are all white. Those who own the newspapers and magazines are all white. Every media platform is owned by whites and whites have long been known for re-writing history to gloss over the vile ass shit they do and they are at it to this very day. And of course, whites are behind the celebrating of war with this Memorial Day celebration bullshit whereas we celebrate people who have died fighting in elective wars by hosting parades, throwing cookouts and watching baseball games. So go to a parade, munch down on a hotdog and then attend a baseball game, but don’t forget to take advantage of all those Memorial Day savings at the few remaining brick and mortar stores or better yet, order some plastic shit on Amazon and demand that it get to you the same fucking day because you’re celebrating war!

This bears repeating! “”Americans Are Too Stupid To Realize That America Is A Fake Ass Disneyland! Smoke and Mirrors, People! Smoke and Mirrors!” And I am quite sure that there are thousands of stupid ass Americans who will be lined up at Disneyland and at Disney World to celebrate war! And when Disneyland and Disney World close for the evening, that fake ass Cinderella will drag her tired ass to Motel 6 until her ‘magical’ shift begins the next day. Don’t fucking think about that or about the fact that those workers at Disneyland and Disney World are living like shit! Their lives are certainly not the stuff of dreams, but of nightmares of food insecurity, no healthcare, back breaking work, long hours in the heat and rain, motel living quarters and thankless Disneyland patrons.

Me? Celebrate Memorial Day? Not bloody likely!

War Is Always Such A Blessing!

War is always such a blessing
It never is distressing or depressing.
I know all too well that this is true.
War has been good for me and you.

You proudly give your lives up for the rich.
For us, life never is a bitch.
In a blaze of glory, you go out.
And really, that’s what it’s all about.

The drone operators are so brave
as they send little children to their grave.
Since the world has become a battleground,
the drums of war make a lovely throbbing sound.

Teach your sons and your daughters about their duty.
And one day, when they are dead, we’ll make a movie.
It will honor their brave and noble deeds.
The wounded, we shall see to all their needs.

Through war, we bring peace unto this earth.
And though you break out in dubious peals of mirth,
the last laugh will always be on you,
for none of what is written is ever true.

When we put a lethal weapon in your hand,
and send you to die in a foreign land,
your life means nothing, you should know,
but you never give pause, you just go.

War is not only just a blessing,
to us, it is also quite refreshing,
that you are so willingly prostituted,
and it’s all because you are just too stupid,
to understand that if it were not for you,
no drone would ever strike on cue!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Yes indeed, war IS ALWAYS such a blessing! War is a blessing because we get a day off to attend parades, eat hot dogs, drink beer and be thankful over how ‘free’ we are that we can still board an airplane after having been molested and radiated. We are free!

Yes indeed, war IS ALWAYS such a blessing! War is a blessing because we get to sit on our fat asses and forget about all the people who were killed by our sons protecting what? Freedom? We don’t have ANY freedom! Try not going through security to board an airplane and your ass will land in jail so fast, you won’t even have time to collect your wallet. Try protesting longer than your ‘permit’ allows and you’ll find your ass in jail so fast, your head will be spinning. Try lounging around on a sidewalk while homeless and see how free your ass is. You’ll be locked up before you can count to two. Try selling some un-taxed cigarettes on a New York street and if you’re a descendant of slaves, you’ll be choked to death and your killer will walk free. Try being a child descendant of slaves playing in a park with a TOY gun and you’re dead, two seconds after the official slave patrols pull up on you! Try driving down the goddamn street and you’ll end up dead, hanged in a Texas jail because you’re a Black woman. Try going to the hospital because you feel ill and you’re Black-assed, you’ll end up in the morgue. Yeah, wars are fought to protect NO freedoms that we go on and on about since we love the illusion of freedom which is why we love Disneyland and Disney World. We love our illusions! War is for other people to fight! But you’re fine because you’ve got a ticket to Disneyland!

Yes indeed, war IS ALWAYS such a blessing for the warmongers and war hawks who are in bed with the makers of the war weapons(Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Crew), you know who the warmongers are. They are AmeriKKKa’s politicians; Barack ‘Nobel Peace Prize Insane’ Obadroner, KillarE ‘Whitewater scandal Benghazigate Emailgate Big ass Jockstrap’ Clinton, Bernie “I believe in the drone program” Sanders, Combover “Build A Wall to Keep THOSE Illegals Out, Never mind us pink-assed motherfuckers, Indians? What Indians?” TrumpDump! And who makes the war machine possible? Why, our sons and soon…our daughters because the military generals have said that it is high time women saw some combat action. And guess why women are now necessary for the military. Can’t guess? You’re celebrating WHY! The ‘troops’ are dead, dying and committing suicide from being fucked up in the head after having been deployed too many goddamn times! You don’t get that? No, of course you don’t because all you know is that today gave you an excuse to sit back and indulge in too much alcohol, hot dogs and sun! Burn motherfuckers! Burn! Because one of these days, your turn is coming. So, eat, drink and be merry since you don’t really give a damn for the war dead because if you did, the last thing you would be doing in honor of their memory, is eating, drinking and sitting at a goddamn parade!

And when the troops do make it back to America from having whored themselves out to the warmongers and war hawks and they need some anti-suicide help, where is your ass after you finish sitting at the parade grounds, stuffing your face on hotdogs? You are nowhere to be found to man the suicide hotlines for those fucked up in the head soldiers that make it back.

“VA Suicide Hotline! Hold, Please!”

The VA, has been swamped with calls since opening in 2007. The volume increased from fewer than 10,000 in 2007 to more than 500,000 last year, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report.

A 2010 calculation by the VA estimates that 22 veterans kill themselves each day. The VA, which has not updated that estimate, says the hotline “rescues” 30 veterans from suicide each day.

Some workers handle only one to five calls each day and leave before their shifts end even though phone lines have gotten busier, the emails say. As a result, 35% to 50% of the calls roll over to back-up centers where workers have less training to deal with the emotional problems of former service members.

So, the people who are trained to deal with potential suicides handle only one to five calls a day? For real? And after having listened to one suicidal former service member, they are out the door and oh what a great day it is, eh? Then, those who are on backup are sitting somewhere looking cross-eyed for lack of training or know-how in dealing with the ’emotional problems’ that they are hearing from the former servicemen. Go figure!

You sit somewhere on your stupid ass and think that “thank you for your service” gets the job done when you know damn well that a fucked up in the head veteran needs more than your worthless ass ‘thank yous’. What the hell are they supposed to do with a “thank you?” Cure their mental illness with it? House themselves with it? Stop drinking because of it? Take it and use it as a prosthetic? You brain dead, dumb as all hell Americans make me sick with your reasoning that you should always be able to take the easy way out. As long as you don’t have to suit up and kill someone you’ve never met, what’s the big deal? Well the big deal is that this is yet another reason why you are going to pay for this shit. This is why your shit is continuously getting flooded and hit with tornadoes and some more shit because you don’t give a damn about anybody besides your own worthless hide. I am SO very glad that millions of you are sitting somewhere moaning and wailing over the fact that life as you know it has ended. And I am SO very glad that millions more of you are soon to join them and so believe me, you have absolutely nothing to celebrate! I guarantee it! Fuck you and fuck your Memorial Day celebrations! They and you are meaningless!

6 thoughts on “Me? Celebrate Memorial Day? Not Bloody Likely!

  1. Shelby, I know all who reads this won’t agree with it and I know you already know this, Shelby. I just hope they read the entire piece and can appreciate your point of view. Thanks.

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    1. What I can appreciate about your comment is the fact that you did indeed serve in the armed forces and yet you still hope that others “can appreciate my point of view.” You know that my own father ‘served’ in the Marines and you have read what I’ve said about him because it did him no good to have ‘served’, but nevertheless, I have never applauded those who have ‘served’ in the military and I won’t and for my own reasons.

      But, again, I thank you for understanding why I have the “point of view” that I have. I wish you well, you know that and I thank you most kindly for your comment Kreb!

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  2. Bravo, Shelby, excellent post. Pressuring people to celebrate holidays like Memorial Day and Veterans Day (though am I right that celebrating VD is falling out of fashion?) is the worst kind of mind fucking there is – the image of forcing someone to eat dog shit comes to mind. I have a pretty high tolerance for other kinds of pain, but no way will I be mind fucked.

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    1. I absolutely love your comment as well Dr. Bramhall. We just mindlessly pick up anything that is placed before us. Everyone is mindlessly running around spouting that tired ass shit, “Thank you for your service,” as if they’ve actually done something, concrete about the fact that those who make it back from deployments only need some worthless ass “thank you” that is often, offhandedly made. These morons over here don’t care about the ‘troops’, they just thrust them forward in the spotlight when they want to condemn someone for taking a stand like what happened with the NFL players taking a knee when the national anthem was played. They were perceived as ‘disrespecting the troops’ even as the VA suicide hotline is basically unmanned for want of volunteers. Why don’t those racist bastards put their time where their mouth is and actually make a believer out of us in that they actually give a damn about the ‘troops’. You’ll never find those racist hypocrites manning the VA suicide hotline because they are all just fucking hot air and bullshit and that don’t get shit done.

      And the fucking Pentagon is paying the NFL to host that ‘tribute to troops’ bullshit in the hopes of recruiting more brain dead morons to sign on the dotted line. It has nothing to do with ‘honoring the troops’ and everything to do with recruitment because the ‘troops’ are eyeball deep in mental illness diagnoses and limb losses. Meanwhile, tomorrow, we are to celebrate this shit with hot dogs, parades and baseball. Fuck that shit! I’ll not continuously be told what the fuck to do, when the fuck to do it and how the fuck to do it. Those who put this shit on our calendars can kiss my ass and then go straight to hell!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.

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  3. Every time a “thank you for your service” bomb gets dropped on a cannon-fodder fool, an angel of death gets its wings. When have you ever heard anyone even mildly suggest that? How many times has the urban myth of “war protestors” spitting on Vietnam War veterans as they were returning to their home airports is repeated endlessly, it receives nods of autonomic approval. Yet, no such incidents ever occurred. Not a single witness to a single spitting scene ever came forward. The Big Lie and its innumerable believers and proud lie repeaters have made this into a platinum hit. My father would never tire of recounting that crap. It’s the stuff that keeps the truth encased in concrete. Racists, White Supremacists, flag wavers everywhere, in-your-face T-shirts with jar-head heroes and assault-rifle fanatics, the freedom-fry patriots, the mind-fucked calendar followers who loyally buy plastic landfill-bound film souvenirs. The Disneylandification of the movie-fed minds. The mind-fuck myths stoking the “never forget” memorials to remember the neverland events that stoke the love of war, cause you are

    “proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free
    And I won’t forget the men who died
    Who gave that right to me
    And I gladly stand up next to you
    And defend her still today
    ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land
    God Bless the USA”

    God Bless War.

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    1. “proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free
      And I won’t forget the men who died
      Who gave that right to me
      And I gladly stand up next to you
      And defend her still today
      ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land
      God Bless the USA”

      Let me change that shit up for them. Keep it real!

      “proud to be an idiot, where at least I know, I’m dumb
      And I don’t care that anyone died,
      Who gave that right to me
      And bullshit I will gladly spew
      and be stupid everyday
      ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love being dumb
      Now fuck the USA”

      There! I fixed it for ’em. They can ‘thank’ me anytime. Hell! I need to fix a few more of those so-called ‘patriotic’ songs that are pure, fucking bullshit!

      Bill, you’ve said a mouthful as usual. And the biggest thing I took from that is just how fucking brain dead millions of these dumb fucks are. I am SO very glad that I started thinking for myself eons ago because I refuse to follow blindly, some stupid shit just because someone tells me that I need to do so in order to be perceived as ‘patriotic’ and if I don’t, then I am disrespecting the troops. Not one of these brain dead cretins give a shit about some fucked up in the head troops because if they did, they’d be millions deep in front of the White House calling for an end to the reason we are supposed to be celebrating Memorial Day, but instead, they’d rather be at the parade grounds eating a dead animal while waving some plastic shit that’s going to end up in the belly of a dead whale. How much goddamn sense does that make? These morons are stupid as hell and why I even bother, I just don’t fucking know. Maybe it is because I just want it known that there are at least a few of us who weren’t dropped on our fucking head or who are at least non-conformists. Fuck that ‘follow everything that someone puts before me’ bullshit. “And don’t forget to go out and buy a new mattress, throw out the old one because today, there is a 10% Memorial Day discount on mattresses. Come and get them.” How the hell is that honoring or saluting the hundreds of thousands who have died in mostly ‘elective’ wars? It’s fucking not, but millions will be driving to the few remaining malls to shop for those Memorial Day savings deals or will be busily on their computers purchasing some shit on Amazon. I give! I just fucking give!

      Bill, I sincerely thank you for that spot on comment. It is right as acid rain!

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