White Media Is Using Transgender Murders as a Distraction — The Eye Wall

The Chynal Lindsey murder was horrible. Whoever did it needs to be severely punished. The murder of Muhlaysia Booker is disgusting. The individual(s) who is/are responsible deserve to be punished to the fullest degree, no doubt about it. The killing of Brittany White was horrific, and whatever evil and demented psycho who committed the crime […]

via White Media Is Using Transgender Murders as a Distraction — The Eye Wall

Whenever it comes to issues, ones that aren’t related with something to do with sexual preferences and sexual self-identity, that specifically affect African Americans who descend from American slavery, there is never ever ever ever a national outcry.

Systematic racism has endured for centuries because those who believe in it and practice it in different positions of power have become masters at promoting confusion amongst black society and at creating distractions to keep us from dealing with the biggest threat to democracy and to humanity we have on our hands–white supremacy.


Head on over to this blogger’s site and read the article in its entirety because every single word written there is truth, absolute truth and nothing but the truth. Brotha spells it out! And I ain’t never seen the like! Preach it! Shout it from the rooftops! You deserve a Nobel Prize for this!

I am going to forgo my usual cussing shitstorm since I want to show nothing but R-E-S-P-E-C-T for this brotha’s work! And in ALL actuality, there is nothing that I can add! He has said a mouthful. My only hope is that you whites will most definitely reap what you sow and you are certainly overdue!!!!

10 thoughts on “White Media Is Using Transgender Murders as a Distraction — The Eye Wall

  1. Shelby,

    Thank you for spreading this message out to the people. Your words are profoundly motivational. Much obliged, sista. You had me cracking up on the “forgo your cussing” part. I know you be going in heavy on white supremacy lol.

    Your comment really does mean a lot coming from a ridah and comrade such as yourself. Big shouts out to you. Your material motivates me, so thank you for all the work you put in, too.

    One Love & One Justice,

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    1. And you have me cracking up! You know that I am brutal AGAINST white supremacy and when I see their shit getting fucked up, it makes MY day!

      But I gotta tell you again, I LOVE this one! There was just nothing I could add and I am often referred to as “the mouth from the south!” You said it ALL! My hat is off to you!!!!!


  2. Shelby, thank you soooooo much for posting this! I am headed right over to reblog this directly from the site. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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    1. You are welcome, welcome, welcome! LOL!

      It is SO spot on that it needs to be seen. And I intend to reblog AGAIN at a later date. T.S.P. should win a prize for this one!

      I am sure that he will appreciate the enthusiasm for this one!

      Thanks Kreb!


  3. Obama was the clear champion of the movement to focus on identity politics while he abandoned working (and Black) people – and skillfully convinced progressives they should focus on the needs of a handful of sexual minorities while ignoring growing unemployment and homelessness and shrinking wages that affected millions. It’s a brilliant wedge issue to split apart any serious popular movement.

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    1. Obama was a stinking piece of dirty shit that should never have been scraped off the bottom of someone’s shoes. That vile and filthy sell-out sold us all out to feather his nest once he departed the White House. Many of us were bamboozled by his fake ass ‘hope and change’ shit and we bought into it twice!

      He certainly did a bait and switch with every damn thing including healthcare, Guantanamo, promising not to engage in “fighting dumb wars” and the fucked up list is endless. While everyone was focused on him lighting up the White House in rainbow colors, no one was paying attention at the devastation he was wreaking on us all. That son-of-a-bitch was the devil’s own and may the devil take him!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall because that is exactly what occurred.

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  4. Regarding these Transgender Murders, I have been reading about them and it said on one article that there is not enough outrage about these murders and I have read that the state of Texas does not want to do not a damn thing about these hate crimes and we all know why and it is because they are crimes that are being done to black transgender people but of course if it was something including white people or white transgender people also I bet it would be something done about it then.


    1. “I have been reading about them and it said on one article that there is not enough outrage about these murders”

      Well, I am standing in the “NOT AT ALL outraged about these murders” line! I don’t give a damn for those blatant and outrageous nutcases. I despise those things that claim they’ve ‘changed sex’. How the fuck can a man who was NOT born with fallopian tubes, a uterus, a vagina, a cervix, ovaries; you know, all the things that make a woman, a woman and are the reasons why women can have babies and men cannot, claim to be ‘female’? IT cannot!

      I will NEVER call a MAN that has claimed to have had a ‘sex change’, a woman. NEVER! Those debased creatures are not in our corner and they don’t represent the plight of American descendants of slaves in this shithole. Those fake fucks want to cry and whine about how motherfuckers are murdering them when all they have to do is stop with the pretense that they are something that they are not. American descendants of slaves cannot just change the color of our skin and voila, our shit is fine. And if those fake fucks want to prance around in high heels, playing make believe and some man gets excited by all the makeup and shit and then finds a dick where a vagina should be and he kills their ass, what’s that got to do with me??!!! I’ll tellya. Not a goddamn thing! And I have gone over this in multiple blogs which I shall be more than happy to post.

      I Am SO Fucking Fed Up With This Transgender Bathroom Shit!!!!

      and this one

      Transgender Rights, But No Rights for Black People

      and this one

      I Will NOT Apologize To Faggots!

      and this one

      I Miss The Days When Men Were Men

      I thank you for your comment.

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      1. You made some great points Miss Courtland, That is the truth and nothing but the truth. All of it is nothing but extreme signs of mental illness and some part of retardation because that is the real question “What makes people want to act like something that they are not and will never be?”, To be honest I think it is nothing but mental illness and mental retardation combined in people that chooses to act like that. People like that are no different than the people who are anorexic who be looking at themselves in the mirror and be thinking that their bodies are fat and the whole time their bodies are super skinny. People who are homosexual or bi-sexual is not that bad or bad at all but the ones who were born a man but then decides sometime in their life that they would rather be a woman instead is ridiculous and mental. Thanks Miss Courtland a lot for providing me with links to some more great topics you have posted, Much appreciated! =)


      2. “People who are homosexual or bi-sexual is not that bad or bad at all”

        Yes, they are! If people want to jump up and down and scream and shout about what the Catholic priests have been doing to young boys, then, yes, homosexuality IS bad! Committing sodomy used to be a sin AND a crime and now, all of a sudden, it’s not? Because so many debased creatures have crawled out of the woodwork and now can march up and down the goddamn streets screaming about ‘gay pride’? You don’t see STRAIGHT people throwing parades and celebrating for a whole goddamn month, the fact that they are straight. Why do those debased sick fucks get to prance and parade their disgusting displays of outrageous depraved sexual antics in our faces, constantly??!! I get sick and goddamn tired of seeing that shit ALL the fucking time. They don’t need to prance and parade that shit before our eyes every goddamn chance they get! And in my opinion, those who claim to be homosexual or bi-sexual are just as depraved, filthy and disgusting, vile and atrocious as those who claim to be transgender. Hell! They all fit under one umbrella and have managed to take what was once beautiful and defile it and I am speaking of the rainbow. I cannot look at a rainbow the same because those nasty fucks have taken it over as their fucking symbol. That is just beyond the end of enough! I wrote a poem about that as well.


        Rainbows, once so beautiful
        are now defiled by man.
        When I look up at a rainbow
        it is as beautiful as a rusted can.

        If a man wants a dick all in his ass
        then go at it tooth and nail
        but did you have to defile such beauty
        as you lick the ass of a male?

        The dykes are on the loose
        chasing rainbow-draped cunts.
        With tongues drooling and panting
        I don’t want to hear your grunts.

        You tarnish the rainbow’s image
        with your filthy, nasty ways.
        I wish you’d all stayed in the closet,
        all you vile and disgusting gays!

        Written by,
        Shelby I. Courtland
        ©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

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