Kroger Is Now Selling Hepatitis A



This shit is absolutely beyond the end of enough!

Kroger is recalling three varieties of frozen berries due to possible hepatitis A contamination.

On Friday, the grocery chain said it’s recalling Private Selection Frozen Triple Berry Medley (48 oz.), Private Selection Frozen Triple Berry Medley (16 oz.) and Private Selection Frozen Blackberries (16 oz.) manufactured by Townsend Farms.

Kroger was informed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that a sample of Private Selection frozen berries was tested by the FDA and found to be contaminated with hepatitis A, according to a company announcement.

So, along with bringing home lettuce, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and beans from our neighborhood Kroger grocery store, we can also bring home a heaping helping of hepatitis A? Who the fuck wants hepatitis A? I sure as hell don’t!

How did hepatitis A get frozen with berries? Was there some sort of study being done as the berries were placed in their container which came straight from a petri dish in a lab? This is just too damn much!

I get so goddamn tired of hearing, “We bring freshness to you! Our products have the best ingredients. We care about your health and recommend that you eat fruits and vegetables” from every damn where and yet, frozen berries have been contaminated with hepatitis A. This is why I am totally against mass food production. This is why I rail against what whites have subjected all of us to. Whites are the ones who put this shit into play. Whites decided that mass food production was beneficial for us ALL! Says who when hepatitis A is in mass produced berries???!!!! And then I have the nerve to wonder why so damn many people are sick as hell! Even young people are sick as hell! We did not have such an epidemic of all types of illnesses when I was a child and even in my teenage years, we were all healthy. We were certainly not sick as shit!

And as horrific as bringing home hepatitis A is, now Tyson Foods has recalled more than 190,000 pounds of frozen ‘chicken’ products.

The sad fact is that the recalled ‘chicken’ was sent to schools and other institutions and so now I know why children and even teenagers are sick as hell these days. Look at what they’re eating; salmonella, e coli, hepatitis A, plastic, listeria, norovirus and who the hell knows what others there are.

Tyson Foods is recalling more than 190,000 ready-to-eat chicken fritters because some may contain hard plastic, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

According to a news release, health officials received three consumer complaints from schools of foreign material in the breaded chicken fritter product. The chicken had been distributed to institutions, including schools.

The 8.2-pound bags of fully cooked, whole grain golden crispy chicken chunk fritters were produced on Feb. 28 and came in 32.81-pound cases. They have the establishment number P-1325 inside the USDA mark of inspection.

So schools, nursing homes, prisons and other institutions received ‘chicken’ that contained hard plastic and for some strange reason, passed United States Department of Agriculture inspection. If the ‘chicken’ was inspected, how did ‘hard pieces of plastic’ get past the inspectors? The question should be, is ANYBODY inspecting ANY food that is mass produced? And the obvious answer is NO! No one is. White-owned corporations and white-governed safety inspection agencies don’t give a damn about the general public. They are all in bed together to make sure that the corporate bottom line continues to look damn good while we eat shit and then look like shit and feel like shit! And AGAIN, who set this shit in motion? WHITES!!

Welcome to HELL brought to us by the WHITES!! The very same whites who tell us that if we don’t be good, we will die and go to hell. Are they fucking serious? Who needs to first die in order to go to hell when whites have brought hell to every being that is alive today??!!! Get the fuck outta here with your bullshit, WHITES!!! Geezus fucking Christ, I hope your depraved vile asses ALL float on down the river and then into the goddamn ocean and we can be done with your worthless asses! And take your fucking berries contaminated with hepatitis A with you and chomp down on some hard plastic ‘chicken’ fritters while you’re on your way into the fucking ocean. We cannot be rid of your vile asses soon enough!!!


13 thoughts on “Kroger Is Now Selling Hepatitis A

  1. I agree Miss Courtland, Whites are nothing but satanic beasts from hell and who are people who sees evil as being good and right and we all know that will never change in them. White People are nothing but people who glorifies evil, mistreatment and racism and due to those things and how white people don’t care about the condition of the Earth as well when it comes to Global Warming shows that all of them needs to die so that we can all be at peace and the Earth as well. To be honest I can’t stand Hispanics, Middle Easterners and Asians as well and some others but I don’t see them as being too much of a problem like how I see the White Devils as being since white people are good at showing their hate on a non-stop and frequent basis.

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    1. I sincerely appreciate your comment mranticonservative and you are mostly spot on. The problem I have with the Asians and the Middle Easterners is that they come over here and treat Black people like shit! Their problem with us is that for the most part, the whites tell them where they can set up shop and they ain’t hardly happy about that. Whites only patronize Asian restaurants and take-out joints, occasionally as well as restaurants that are opened by those Middle Easterners. However, the Asians have cornered the market on Black hair care products and the Middle Easterners, for some strange ass reason, are able to come right on over here and promptly own and operate convenience stores on damn near every corner and especially in Black neighborhoods selling Black folks outdated shit at outrageous prices while Black people cannot even get a loan to open up a business. We are denied loans for houses, businesses and every goddamn thing else while foreigners come here and are given shit, tax free and that is a fact. Whites want Black people doing bad as hell and will prop up ANY and EVERYBODY over us to make damn sure that happens and so we are being taken advantage of by the whites and by those motherfuckers that crawl over here from Asian countries and from the Middle East.

      But yes, by and large, whites are our biggest and most ferocious enemy because they make sure that everyone else is set up to become our enemy as well. Whites are why we are ALL fucked up and yet those who come here love all up and down on the whites as though they are angels when those parasites, the devil wouldn’t want if there was indeed, a devil.

      Whites have managed to destroy this entire goddamn planet for us all and yet the Asians and the Middle Easterners hate Black folk’s guts. What fucking sense does that make? None! We are ALL walking toxin factories about to drop dead thanks to what whites did to this planet. Black folks did not do a goddamn thing to this planet. Like Tupac said, “I was given this world, I didn’t make it.” The white man turned this world into the toxic cesspool it is. The whites own this shit while they steadily scream and screech that every other group is the problem. Why those debased monsters don’t ALL drop dead is not because I am not wishing and hoping with all my might that it be so. That’s for damn sure!

      Again, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. Preach Shelby!
    All I wish for all them death and extinction!
    Shelby,believe me or not I don’t have any sympathy for them at all!!
    The moment they decided to creat racism and other evils things,all
    I always have wished it was extincion!
    They are the only reason why this Planet it’s fuck up,our life it’s fuck up,all human being are fuck up and all beings are fuck up!
    If you want to know what it is hell?
    This is hell,we are living now,every single days of our life is hell!
    We know very well that the things
    we see and we feel on our skin aren’t normal!
    They know what it’s coming from them,
    their time it’s running out that’s why we all see these waves of violence and madness around us!
    They are killing us but in the same time they are killing themselves as well!
    We will not see the end of this madness until them and their traitors will go with them as well!
    If tomorrow morning these motherfuckers will decide to blow out the entire planet with all of us together,
    my only wish, I want the Planet to return how it was in biginning!
    I want again the Black Planet!
    This is the only thing I just want Black Planet!

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    1. qnubian385, I laugh when I see those white motherfuckers wailing, screeching and moaning over their shit floating on down the goddamn river! I love it when I see that Mother Nature is reclaiming what those goddamn soulless bastards stole from every damn body. They have no shame. They have no heart. They are fucking NOT human! How the hell could they be?!!! They are the only parasites on this planet that have been hell bent on destroying it and us in the process and now want to screech and wail that they and their shit is getting fucked up.

      As Mother Nature continues to try and destroy them along with their shit, I will be posting it and gleefully so! I literally roll all across the goddamn floor, laughing my ass off when I see their shit floating and surrounded by nothing but that beautiful brown water that’s going to continue to come for their ass and their shit. And if they keep rebuilding, their shit is going to get flooded again! They set this shit in motion, have no one but themselves to blame and yet act as though they cannot understand why this shit is happening to them. It is coming for them and in spades! They ain’t even begun to get the shit that’s due their vile, parasitic asses, not by a fucking long shot!

      Here in the states, the flooding is SO damn bad that it’s damn near ground capitalism to a halt. Nothing can be sent up or down the Mississippi River nor the Missouri River nor multiple other rivers because they are ALL above flood stage. The shit that belongs to the whites are sitting in storage bins turning moldy and some more shit! I am SO damn glad, you have no idea!

      And the other day, those pale parasitic creatures were in Dallas, TX screeching and wailing because a storm hit there and fucked their shit up causing so damn much damage, it was a sight for sore eyes and those debased creatures were moaning and some more shit about how they had been swimming in their pools when the storm came and bust their ass up. They’re screaming and yelling claiming that the storms don’t usually hit a big city like Dallas. Well, it can and it did and it’s going to happen again and again and again.

      I long for their extinction. I hope for their extinction. If I could drum up a spell to hasten their extinction, it would already have been done! Those debased monsters are too evil for hell! And my greatest hope is that Mother Nature continues to show those pale-assed parasites just who is boss! We may not be able to do anything about the vile shit they’ve done to us all, but goddamn it, Mother Nature has had enough of their shit!

      Keep the faith, qnubian385. The whites’ days are numbered and they know this hence why they are going the fuck off. They’re like bees when at the end of summer when they know they’re about to die, get mad as hell and try to sting everything moving; that’s the whites. Mark my words, there will be an end to them. They’ll fuck some shit up, but it won’t do them any good. And they can try and aim for the Moon and Mars all they want, but their pale, parasitic asses ain’t going no fucking where. They will NEVER obtain the ability to go and fuck up some other planet and its ‘true’ inhabitants the way they’ve fucked this one up! Believe that!

      I thank you for your comment. WordPress had consigned it to the ‘Spam’ folder and I apologize for just finding it.

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  3. You are so correct Miss Courtland, We all need another great leader like Malcolm X again who would help get and keep our minds on track again and to help us understand who our enemies are and what our enemies are capable of doing to us so we can remain vigilant at all times and to start taking some action instead of doing all of that meaningless and pointless protesting demanding justice to be served against those evil white police officers and average white people who commits hate crimes against us and people like George Zimmerman and that Hispanic police officer who shot and killed Philando Castille for no reason and for us to stop doing other meaningless and pointless protesting like kneeling at a football game like that is going to change something in AmeriKKKa. What will “Make America Great Again” for us blacks is for segregation laws and interracial dating laws to be put into place and action again and for it to be segregation laws so that there will be no whites, asians, middle easterners and others living with or around us again. Even though George Wallace was white and a white supremacist I do like his segregationist slogan which was “Segregation Now, Segregation Forever!” because I feel like us blacks would be much better off living in a permanent segregation/segregated era and not with all of these other races of people who be following in the Evil White Man’s footsteps. Thanks Miss Courtland for hearing me out and liking that previous comment I have posted, I appreciate it a lot! =)

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    1. Mranticonservative, you should go here and read what Malcolm X had to say about “racial separation.” He was ALL for it. And even Muhammad Ali was ALL for Black people being with Black people and not mixing with our mortal enemy; the whites. You can go here to read what Muhammad Ali had to say about Black people mixing with whites. He was having NONE of that shit!

      People who understand that the whites are NEVER going to be our friend understand that we need to remove ourselves from them. Unfortunately, that is not possible since those depraved parasitic monsters have crawled and slithered over to Africa and took that over. The Black South Africans are having to damn near engage in a Civil War in order to get the WHITE so-called South Africans off the land that should belong to the Black Africans. It does not even make a bit of sense that there is even such a thing as a WHITE South African. Those debased shits have the unmitigated gall to crawl over there and take the land from the original inhabitants and then screech and wail when those people finally get some balls from somewhere and try and re-claim their land. This shit is beyond the end of enough!

      Not only did whites drag our ancestors over here, they also laid down claims on the land where our people were fucking stolen from. Those debased parasites don’t have an ounce of humanity AT ALL! And I will continue to put their fucked up shit, front and center. Whites are NOT our friend! They never have been and they never will be. And there is NO such thing as a white liberal that’s in a Black person’s corner because those creatures, at the end of the day are still fucking WHITE no matter what political leanings they claim to have! Fuck them ALL!

      Mranticonservative, I thank you for another great comment.

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      1. That is so true Miss Courtland, You would think with Trump being so damn evil and hateful that he would have made segregation laws and interracial dating and marriage laws to be put into place again which would be something I would support because he would be doing us a major favor and a good one at that. We should never be mixing and messing around with them. It is so sad how a lot of us never thinks about the hostile relationship that we have as blacks and whites and that we have had since 1619. It is such a shame to see that there are a lot of us who are so weak that we just got to have a white man or a white woman as a lover which is so disgusting and disturbing to think about and to see. To be honest I feel like white people do not have no right whatsoever to be segregationists and separatists since it was them who decided to bring us over here to America to be over here on this same land with all of them and now a lot of them are super mad about it now while it was their fault that we are over here with them now. We as blacks are the ones who should be the ONLY separatists and segregationists since we were bought over here against our will to live with a bunch of evil people who we didn’t have no desires of living with and being around. I honor Malcolm X and I respect him a lot because he was a fearless black hero and a fearless black leader who never stood down when it came to these Devils and he spoke the truth and nothing but the truth about them. He was the real deal because we don’t need no more Martin Luther King Jr.’s to be preaching and teaching us to get along with people who do not want to get along with us at all. Thanks Miss Courtland for providing me with some more great links, I will be checking them out and I appreciate that a lot. Thanks again! =)

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      2. Mranticonservative, I highlighted your comment because it is ever so SPOT ON! You said a mouthful!

        As far as I am concerned, they can make it a law that Black folks are NOT to mingle with the whites. It wouldn’t hardly fuck up my goddamn day. In fact, my own son would get to howling since he’d have to leave those pasty-faced cows alone and good riddance to them, I say. I’ve got not one, but two half human, half parasites produced by my son and two different pasty-faced cows and I ain’t hardly happy about that fact. In fact, I don’t recognize those two products of white inferiority and Black stupidity at all! I have never seen the one that was just recently born and I cannot even remember the last time I saw the other one and believe me, I am not suffering at all for it because we hate each other and that is another fact. I would never call that shit, “grandchildren.” Never!

        Some people say that the reason why American descendants of slaves are treated so vilely by the whites is because the whites have a guilt complex over slavery. I disagree! Those debased parasitic creatures don’t have any feelings, much less would they have guilt over something they put into play and continue to this day, hence why there are well over two million American descendants of slaves locked up in FOR PROFIT PRISONS. They would not be there if the whites had any sense of decency whatsoever. The whites make sure, as I have already pointed out, that ANY and EVERYBODY prospers who comes over here, except for those of us who are a direct result of the ones who were dragged over here, kicking and screaming; our ancestors. Like I previously stated, the Asians can come over here and promptly open up Asian restaurants, dry cleaners, liquor stores and some mo shit. Likewise, the Middle Easterners can do the same goddamn thing while American descendants of slaves are to wallow in poverty, suffering and misery before dropping dead of toxins that the whites have filled our bodies with. But believe me, they are going to pay dearly for the shit they’ve done to us. That is a fact.

        And I have stopped even posting anything about that namby-pamby assed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was all about the business of continuing to crawl and creep to those pale-assed creatures for some relief over Jim Crow laws and voting rights and some mo shit. Peaceful, my ass. We should be fucking shit up over here which is exactly what Malcolm X called for. He said, “It’s got to be the ballot or the bullet.” The fucking ballot ain’t working and so what’s left? Exactly! But the true leaders of the Black community are either dead, in prison or in exile, hence why we got nothing to work with these days because make no mistake, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and those coon heads at the NAACP ain’t about shit because if they were, Sharpton and Jackson would be dead and that no good NAACP would have been shut down aeons ago. The white motherfuckers only allow Black so-called ‘leaders’ and ‘organizations’ to function if they are doing not a goddamn thing for Black people. And that is a fact. The only reason Dr. King was assassinated is because near the end of his life, he finally figured it out in that ‘peaceful’ was just not going to get shit done. He was starting to screech a bit too loud about the “Poor Peoples March” and some more shit, but by then, it was too little, too late since he had been preachifying about that “peaceful this and peaceful that” shit! The whites ain’t peaceful like when they’re busting Black heads, are they? And so why should we be peaceful when that ain’t what’s happening with us? We get no peace from those parasites and we never will as long as they’re latched onto us. You have to kill the parasite in order for the host to be rid of it. And there is no way to ‘peacefully’ detach a goddamn parasite. There never has been and there never will be.

        And so once again, I thank you for yet another SPOT ON comment! Much appreciated.

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  4. Thanks Miss Courtland and No Problem at all, I love being of help and support and we are both alike when it comes to how we feel and the things that we post about those white parasites and demons. We are both merciless when it comes to them and there is not a damn thing wrong with that and whatever troll who decides to stroll through and read our comments about whoever or whatever race we hate with a passion and for it to be one of those trolls who are against racism and who would post things like “You are nothing but another hatemonger” or “You are a racist” and things like that as if that is going to change how someone feels about people and it’s not. What I recommend for those trolls is if racism is something that is bothering and disturbing to them then it is as simple as this which is to stop trolling and strolling on and through blogs and websites that promotes it and that glorifies it. It is that simple! Thanks Miss Courtland for being so kind and for being the best, You are an inspiration to me and You are teaching me about things that I didn’t know of and wasn’t aware of that is going on in AmeriKKKa. Thanks again Miss Courtland! =)

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    1. Believe me, I know how to handle ‘trolls’, hence why they can try me if they want, and they may get in a word or two, but as I’ve stated, I’ll handle the ‘trolls’.

      Thank you for your comment.

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  5. It’s a good thing I don’t live near a Kroger. Okay, that’s just sick how berries of all foods have Hep A infestations in it. How are they not out of business for something like that?


    1. The reason Kroger is not out of business is because what’s left? Walmart? Target? There are only a few major grocery store chains because they have eaten the smaller ones up and spit them out. Our food supply is under the control of only a handful of corporations and that is why our choices are limited. The very next day after Kroger’s Private Selection Berry recall, Costco announced that it was recalling the very same berries and for the very same reason as Kroger’s recall; Hepatitis A infected berries. How berries got infected with Hep A, I can’t even comprehend.

      When I lived in Minnesota, there were only three major grocery store chains; Cub Foods, Rainbow Foods and Walmart. Rainbow Foods went out-of-business and those stores were scooped up by Cub Foods and now, the only games in town are Cub Foods and Walmart, unless people want to go to Target and Target has been designated as the second worse place to buy groceries, only behind Walmart. Either we go back to community farming and for those who eat meat, community butchering or we continue to put our health at risk by buying food that has actually NOT been inspected by the USDA or the FDA despite what is printed on the package because if our food supply was indeed, inspected, there would not be recalls, daily. We are up shit creek.

      I thank you for your comment ospreyshire.


      1. I know it wasn’t just a Kroger issue and I hope I made that clear. So many big businesses are buying up the little guys left and right. Not going to lie, I don’t think there are any locally-owned markets that aren’t tied to multi-million dollar corporations in my current town. Costco was doing the same thing? Oh, dang. I know I have a couple of those a few towns away from me in a short drive. How do berries get Hep A of all things? That is a legitimate question to find out.

        I’ve actually have heard of Cub Foods. There used to be some in my home state a long time ago including my original home town, but they disappeared. I’ve debated about trying to grow some veggies. I think I have a little space to pull that off.

        You’re welcome.


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