New York Lawmakers Introduce First Statewide Bill To Decriminalize Sex Work — The Most Revolutionary Act

Lawmakers in New York introduced a first-of-its-kind bill to decriminalize sex work throughout the state on Monday. The Stop Violence in the Sex Trades Act is a legislative package that “decriminalizes and decarcerates” the sex trade in New York, according to a press release from organizers at the Decrim NY coalition. If passed, it would […]

via New York Lawmakers Introduce First Statewide Bill To Decriminalize Sex Work — The Most Revolutionary Act

Below is a comment I posted on this blog.

“Sex work is work and should not be criminalized by the state,”

Well, it’s not work I’d want to be doing. But anyway, what about Nevada? Aren’t there already areas in Nevada whereas prostitution is legal seeing as how there are whorehouses there? In fact, the guy(Dennis Hof) that owned some of those whorehouses ran for public office but dropped dead before the election and yet still managed to win. I guess he is representing his constituents from the grave? Hey! I’m not knocking it since all politicians may as well ‘govern’ from the grave since they basically act dead by getting not a damn thing done, year after year after year.

Below is the response I received.

Good point about Nevada, Shelby. It’s also legal in several European countries – and here in New Zealand. We have 2 brothels here in New Plymouth (that’s how they’re listed in the Yellow Pages). Benefits are very low here and with the scarcity of living wage jobs for females, sometimes it’s the only way women can make sure their kids get breakfast and lunch and have shoes to wear to school (there’s still far too many who go shoeless).

Now, my response to that.

“Dr. Bramhall, I have had nothing in the fridge and even less in the freezer and still, turning to prostitution never entered my mind. My body is just too precious to me to risk getting multiple STDs by having multiple sex partners when we know that condoms are not absolutely foolproof. Who is going to take care of those children when the prostitute mother is dead from AIDS? There is no excuse for prostituting oneself. That is a cop-out if ever I’ve heard one.”

I do understand that many people believe that prostitution should be legal since it has been proclaimed as “the oldest profession in the world,” but be that as it may, with what is going down today, what with the ‘incurable clap’, AIDS, herpes, genital warts and the list is endless, continuing to justify prostitution and ALL things of a sexual nature as being fine and dandy is, in my opinion, not the best way to go about empowering people.

Is anybody aware of the statistics of sex workers who are filled with STDs? My cousin went to a doctor’s office in Baltimore, MD and he told me that there was a bulletin board up with multiple vaginas on it, all from Black females, and the vaginas were loaded down with the most horrible stuff he’d ever seen. It was meant to encourage people to take their health seriously and to understand that there are plenty of gross and nasty disease riddled people out there who are just spreading diseases around. I asked him if there was a bulletin board set up showcasing what infected dicks looked like and he said “No.” The concentration seems to be on what the woman’s infected vaginas look like so that men, if they see that nasty looking shit, should steer clear of it.

I would rather starve to death than take up prostitution and believe me, I have starved. Poverty is damn near every American descendant of slaves, birthright. If no one on this planet knows poverty, we do. And when my apartment burned to the ground, I was homeless and walked by two men after having left my burned out shell of an apartment with the few items I could find that hadn’t been burned beyond hope and both looked at me and one said, “I know you’ve got nothing since you’ve just been burned out. How about coming upstairs with us and make a little money?” Their fucking ears are still ringing and that was so long ago, it ain’t even fucking funny! I cussed their damn asses out SO goddamn bad, I blushed! But NEVER did I EVER think so little of myself as to lie back and have some sort of ‘sex’ with strange assholes for something to eat. I’d take myself to a soup kitchen first.

And AGAIN, to state that prostituting oneself is okay if you need to put food on the table for your kids is just what I’ve stated, a cop-out because who is going to put food on the table for the kids when the mother is in the hospital, breathing her last because of complications from AIDS? This shit out there is killing people and to encourage prostitution in this day and age is to give someone a death sentence. This shit ain’t fucking playing with our asses! Who in hell wants to walk around with jelly bumps on their private parts? Who wants cauliflower type shit on their private parts? And if you said, “Yes!” Really?

When I lived in Minnesota, in the public library, I overheard a conversation whereas this woman was telling a man that she HAD genital warts but that she was cured. I’m saying to myself, “Bitch, please! You still got genital warts. There ain’t no cure for THAT shit!” People are seriously deluding themselves if they think that the shit they pick up can be cured with a shot of penicillin.

What I don’t understand is why are we hell bent on making every sex act including sodomy; legitimate, lawful, legal and some more shit? What the fuck is wrong with us? No one has any morals, decency, principles or values any more. That is quite obvious. More’s the goddamn pity!

But hey! If you want to go out there and put your health at risk as a way to feed your kids, go right ahead. If you want to risk your health and that of your unborn child, go right ahead because babies have been born with diseases because the mother received no prenatal care and the baby was born, fucked up. Go ahead and make every excuse in the book as to why prostitution should be legalized on a nationwide level. We are already about to legalize weed on a national level and so we can all just cough our lungs out while burning something awful in our private parts and die happily ever after. Sound good? Of course it does because that is what everyone besides me wants!

4 thoughts on “New York Lawmakers Introduce First Statewide Bill To Decriminalize Sex Work — The Most Revolutionary Act

  1. Shelby, I realize we come down on different sides of this question but I’m very happy to agree to disagree. My personal experience is that criminalizing this behavior doesn’t change it – it only results in locking up more people in prison (usually people of color because they can’t afford good legal defense). Also as the original article points out, criminalizing prostitution also makes it very difficult to stop sex trafficking because the victims are afraid to go to police.

    I’m certainly not advocating that women take up prostitution to support their children. I have worked with a number of prostitutes professionally who really had no other options financially – either because they were mentally ill, deeply traumatized or, heaven forbid, intellectually handicapped (IQ below 70). And there were always men around (pimps) to take advantage of their compromised circumstances.

    In my view, the best way to end prostitution is to end child poverty, which is increasing, rather than decreasing in most developed countries. It is a national cancer and disgrace that should fill our middle class academics and professionals with shame.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, no one need prostitute themselves either here in the states or over in New Zealand where you are or elsewhere if not for the fact that whites have stolen everything of value ALL across this godforsaken planet and then want to sit somewhere and take the high road. Seriously??!!!Those who look like you put this shit in play and now whites want to sit back and say, “Look at me, I am part of the solution because ‘I worked with a number of prostitutes professionally who really had no other options financially…..’ and so, there, that absolves me of being part of the problem.”

      You are over there in New Zealand, along with the rest of those who look like you making life miserable as hell for the Indigenous population. The Maoris that you whites haven’t outright incarcerated are out on the streets, selling themselves and you think that because you have ‘counseled’ a few Maori prostitutes that you are the solution to the problem of Maori women having to go out there and sell themselves for whatever reason??!! I get so goddamn tired of whites speaking on what others need especially when others need because of shit that whites enacted to begin with.

      Not one of those Maoris would be over in New Zealand prostituting themselves if whites weren’t over there having taken everything of value for themselves and left the Maoris with absofuckinglutely NOTHING. And now you want to take the high road and claim to be helping with some damn counseling. How about you whites get the hell out of New Zealand and leave those people what belongs to them, but you won’t. You want to sit up and say that “I may be over here in New Zealand, where I am not originally from, but I am helping the Indigenous people to see that there are other ways to feed themselves and their families without having to resort to prostitution even though I, alongside my fellow land grabbers are responsible for why these people are having to resort to prostitution because we have stolen every goddamn thing of value.”

      You are actually what I abhor since you are also a retired psychiatrist and we ALL know that psychiatrists ain’t about shit especially when it comes to dealing with people who are not white. The lack of a conscience on your part is why you can look at the Maoris situation in an abstract manner and not really ‘feel’ a thing for those people because if you did, you could not in all honesty, continue to enjoy your white privilege in a place you’ve no goddamn business being in in the first damn place.

      I have been on your blog and I know for a fact that you sit up and proclaim about how you march through the streets over there protesting fracking, climate change and some more shit when, once again, that shit would not be going on if white asses were not over there taking over every goddamn thing of value while shitting on the Maoris and telling them that it’s merely re-fried beans falling from the sky. Whites will sugar coat the hell out of the vicious and vile ass shit they do. They will proclaim to ALL and sundry about how benevolent and humanitarian they are when they are fucking over people, left and right. I see through you whites. I know what the fuck you are and what you are capable of and believe me, nothing that you do is FOR the good of any of us HUMANS, which whites are not! So don’t try and bullshit me with that, “I am concerned about people and so I counsel them” bullshit. That is too little, too late!

      Whites put laws on the books, then take them off the books, then throw the fucking book away and it’s ALL good because everyone must be aware that if whites are changing something at a certain time, then it must be a good thing. Why were the fucking laws put on the books in the first place making prostitution illegal if now, all of a sudden, prostitution should be legal? People are sick and goddamn tired of being at the whim and mercy of the most depraved, debased parasites on this planet. You’re not doing us any fucking favors; that’s not the calling card of whites. If whites are doing anything, it is for their benefit and so don’t now turn around and say what a good thing whites are doing in decriminalizing prostitution when they are the very ones who criminalized it and now that everyone is walking around filled to bursting with incurable STDS, let’s now make whoring legal. Fucking seriously???!!!

      And so I suppose the newly legal whores out on the street are going to form their own union, fund their own medical plan and everything is going to be hunky dory just like what’s going down in the porn industry. That industry is supposedly regulated and yet look up how many porn stars have AIDS. Look up how many have other STDs that they cannot get rid of. You can attempt to make this law look like the answer to every whore’s prayer if you want, but I ain’t buying it, not a bit of it! I stand by every word in this post.

      Thank you for your comment.

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  2. Shelby,I am with you,for me sex worker is another way to kill us all!
    They did in propose to create STDs,because you are unconsciously deceive by the feeling of pleasure,but you are killing your body!
    For me once you get STDs you have already condemned yourself,it’s far more horrible than
    to be kill by a gun or knife,because you can died quick,end the story,
    but once you catch one mortal STDs like AIDS and others,gradually and thoroughly,
    you will die of agony, you will experience all the effects of the disease that is destroying your body inside,and you will watch your body suffering and you can’t do nothing to prevent!
    It’s funny they want legalise every things in nature and humanly immoral!
    I like they always use “sex worker” as excuse to feed your kids,but there are 100 different way to feed
    your kids,and you don’t lose your respect for yourself instead of degrading your body!
    You still feed children instead spread your legs,and let everyone infect you and in the same time
    you infect somebody!
    I am working as domestic cleaner in hospital,for me work as “CLEANER” is the most respectful
    job in the world,even if some hypocrites don’t think like me, for me when a woman choose
    to be sex work,as because she is lazy,she doesn’t like hard jobs,she wants easy and quick moneys,
    she wants expense life and she doesn’t want dirt her hands!
    Wp are the most hypocrite evil monsters that they didn’t have right to come in this Planet!
    The history has showed that the Original Aboriginal people of this Planet have died because of STDs
    and others diseases that these demons have brought with them!
    When they went around to destroy the cultures of Original people,they introduced to the local female “prostitution” ,and they infected them with syphilis!
    This is how they do,they destroy culture,people and let children being orphans!
    Is funny that they come all the away to teach us and tell everyone look “let’s legalise sex worker!” because that woman,she can’t afford to feed her children!
    Shelby in ancient Africa times and any places in ancient times, you couldn’t never ever see
    any women be sex worker,this is European culture that unfortunately has infected everybody!

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    1. qnubian385, I have flipped burgers,went door-to-door working for a company that put phone books together, mopped up at a convenience store, made sandwiches, been a legal assistant, a secretary, a corporate teller. I have stood on assembly lines moving products down a conveyor belt, standing on my feet for twelve hours at a time, I have worked in retail at various department stores and some more shit, but never did I ever and nor would I ever take up whoring myself out. And just like you say, those white parasites love to try and ‘pretty’ shit up by calling what whores do, “sex working” out of ‘brothels’. They are nothing more than used up, washed out whores selling themselves in whorehouses or out on the streets and ain’t a goddamn thing glamorous about being a whore. There are drug addicts out on every street corner looking like shit because they are so filled with deadly STDs, they are being eaten alive and then some ‘John’ comes along and catches something from them and he takes it back home to some unsuspecting wife who will turn up infected and die leaving behind her children. Those people are out on the streets, selling themselves because white parasites put them out there because ‘good’ paying jobs are gone. Whites are deliberately setting people up and those like Dr. Bramhall are pretending to be a part of the solution when she is no better than the rest of HER kind.

      The Indians, Indigenous to this fucked up country the whites call, Amerikkka, did not have syphilis, those white parasites came over here and dripped syphilis all over the goddamn place, deliberately, killing off millions of innocent Indians who did not even know what they were dying from, not to mention those white parasites also gave them smallpox and millions died from that since they had absolutely NO immunity to it whatsoever. Whites ain’t doing no goddamn human on this fucking planet no fucking favors while trying to get us to understand that they are. I am most definitely NOT buying their fucking bullshit and neither are you.

      And as you can see, they are ALL alike. How in hell can they sit somewhere and justify the vicious and vile ass shit they do and have no remorse over it at all? It is because those nasty pale-assed parasites are NOT human, that’s how! They have no conscience to berate them for the depraved and atrocious shit they do to us humans.

      How in the world are they going to drag their asses to a country that is already inhabited by humans, take it the fuck over and then proceed to talk about what ‘good’ they are doing for the original inhabitants when they have jailed most of them and told the rest to take up prostitution to feed themselves and their family? What kind of shit does that? No ‘human’ would and that is why I say that those debased creatures are monsters; parasites, but they sure as hell are NOT human, not a one of them.

      Dr. Bramhall is sitting her white ass over in New Zealand, enjoying her white privilege while speaking of what she is doing for the Maori people who have no political representation whatsoever in their own goddamn island country that was taken over by her and those who look just like her. Seriously?!!! And you can best believe that the majority of those who are prostituting themselves are the Maoris because if it was mostly whites doing that shit over there, that shit would NOT be legal because they’d see to that but because it is the Maoris who are dying from killer STDs, ain’t a goddamn thing wrong with that. According to those white shits, everything is RIGHT about that shit!

      Whites are why there is SO much damn disease. No other land mass that did not have a white parasite on it was filled with deadly diseases. It was only AFTER whites started showing up that those people who were the original inhabitants of their continent, country or island nation started getting the diseases of whites. And we ALL know that whites have been experimenting on all of us HUMANS because we know about the Tuskegee Syphilis Study over here in Amerikkka that was done on poor Black farmers. We know about the Guatemalan STD study that the whites did on the poor Guatemalans and don’t forget what they did to the people of Puerto Rico and the fucking list is endless. Vietnam is still a cesspool today because of Agent Orange and Napalm that the whites used over in that country. Those debased creatures are too fucking wicked even for the hell that they go on and on about. They don’t care about no damn hell because if they did, why are they hell bent on amassing fortunes in this life if they were so damn ready to wait for their ‘heavenly reward’? They fucking know ain’t no goddamn heaven awaiting their nasty, disease dripping, putrid asses!

      The oceans are loaded down with plastic and who did that? The whites. The oceans are loaded down with radiation and who did that? The whites. The food we eat is filled with toxins and who did that? The whites. The water we drink is filled with carcinogens and who did that? The whites. The whites even invented a weed killer that causes cancer and now want to deny that it does. Children shouldn’t even eat cereal anymore because it contains the weed killer ingredient, glyphosate that causes cancer. That shit has been found in Cheerios, Quaker Oat Meal, Bran Flakes, Granola Bars and many other breakfast items and who did that? The whites. The whites dropped atomic bombs killing hundreds of thousands of people and yet they want to sit somewhere and take the goddamn high road? They better get the fuck outta my face with their outrageous bullshit! And now they want to whine and screech about their shit floating down the river! They can just shut the fuck up because now, it is THEIR fucking turn!

      They’ve got Black folks and folks the world over believing in that bullshit christianity that they spout all day and all night while fleecing the damn gullible brain dead sheeple.

      So now, all of a sudden, they want to make prostitution legal, now that damn near everyone is dripping with diseases the whites infected them with. This is just further ‘human depopulation’ and the fact that those white parasites know that their days are numbered and they want to take as many of us out with them before their number is up as possible. This sun is burning their damn asses up and what the sun ain’t doing to their ass, the flood waters have taken up where the sun has left off. That is why now, all you hear is that NASA is sending some white shits up to the International Space Station. To do what? Sit up there and look stupid? They are still going to die, just like the rest of these pale-assed parasites because only by this planet expelling every single white ass on it, does this planet stand a chance. And it is doing its damned best to get rid of the most vile creature to ever be allowed to slither and crawl among us. May they ALL drop dead soon!

      qnubian385, I thank you for a SPOT ON comment!

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