Joe Biden declares LGBTQ rights his No. 1 legislative priority. Amerikkkan Descendants Of Slaves Rights? Who Needs Em?

Vice President Joe Biden addresses National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington, April 9, 2015. Biden spoke at NDU about U.S. military successes defeating ISIS. (DoD News photo by EJ Hersom)


Well, Amerikkkan descendants of slaves, I hope you know where you stand with this joker!

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden declared Saturday that the Equality Act would be his top legislative priority, an effort to enshrine LGBTQ protections into the nation’s labor and civil rights laws.

The former vice president shared his hopes of signing the legislation as part of a keynote address to hundreds of activists at the Human Rights Campaign’s annual Ohio gala on the first day of Pride Month. In a half-hour at the lectern, his remarks ranged from emotional tributes to his audience and their personal endurance to condemnations of President Donald Trump.

“It’s wrong and it is immoral what they’re doing,” Biden said of the Trump administration. Among other Trump polices, he cited attempts to bar transgender troops in the U.S. military, allow individuals in the medical field to refuse to treat LGBTQ individuals, and allow homeless shelters to refuse transgender occupants.

Those of us who are here through no fault of our own have no rights. We never had any and we still don’t have any and yet, Joe Biden is proclaiming himself to be the champion of the gay community. Amerikkkan descendants of slaves? Not so fast!

I am so damn tired of hearing about the rights of men who claim to have ‘changed their sex’ to the point whereas I want to scream. First of all, you debased creatures cannot turn yourselves from men into women. Where is your vagina? Where are your fallopian tubes? Where are your ovaries? Where is your uterus? Where is your cervix? And getting breast implants does not make you, female, fool! When a man can give birth, then come talk to me about how you’re not a man, you’re now a woman. Putting on some damn high heel shoes and tarting yourself up to look like a stripper in a nightclub is doing nothing but setting your depraved ass up for a beat down. I don’t blame some man for killing your ass after finding out that you are perpetrating a fraud. You portray yourself as female knowing full damn well that you’re a man trying to pick up another man and then get bent-out-of-shape when he pulls a gun out and shoots your damn crazy ass on the spot.

And this shit is what Joe Biden has decided needs some damn rights! Never mind us innocent descendants of slaves who have no goddamn rights and never did, some man who claims to have changed his sex needs some damn rights, right now, goddamn it and Joe Biden aims to see that he gets some damn rights.

Meanwhile descendants of slaves, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up about the school-to-prison pipeline. Shut the fuck up about mass incarceration. Shut the fuck up about income inequality. Shut the fuck up about gentrification. Shut the fuck up about mass homelessness among us. Shut the fuck up about underemployment and unemployment. Shut the fuck up about police brutality. Shut the fuck up about poverty, drugs and crime-filled communities due to the fact of mass unemployment and underemployment which leads to crime, because as far as Joe Biden is concerned, we got nothing to complain about seeing as how we got it so good since we ain’t over in Africa needing to worry about catching Ebola. The only thing we need to worry about over here in Amerikkka is catching hell from these Nazis and what problems could we possibly have sitting smack dab in the middle of a big ole Nazi campground? Heil Joe Biden, goddamn it!

Meanwhile, another Black man just got shot and killed in Memphis, TN because he had some warrants and the Klan went to pick him up and is making up lies on the dead man saying that he rammed their Klan cars and then exited his vehicle, armed with a gun and of course, they “feared for their lives” and shot him dead.

And of course, right on cue, the protests have erupted. The Klan patrols are spraying tear gas at the Black protesters and telling them to get the hell off the streets and wait their turn to get shot dead for breathing while Black, walking while Black, talking while Black, studying while Black, running while Black, eating while Black, yawning while Black, coughing while Black, being sick while Black, watching a movie while Black, attending college while Black, barbecuing while Black, swimming while Black, sitting in your own home while Black, selling loose un-taxed cigarettes while Black, playing with a toy gun in a park while Black, driving down the goddamn street while Black, taking pictures of a house you just bought while Black, selling bottled water while Black, sitting in a Starbucks while Black, making onion rings while Black, dancing while Black, crying while Black and the goddamn list is endless when you are Black. But yet, transgenders and queers(what’s the difference?) need some damn rights! Seriously???!!!

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Armed officers and an angry crowd faced off after a Tennessee man was fatally shot by U.S. Marshals in a working-class Memphis neighborhood, leaving more than two dozen police officers injured.

People in the crowd threw rocks and bricks, with 25 officers suffering mostly minor injuries during the tense clash Wednesday night in the Frayser community in north Memphis. Officers cordoned off several blocks near the scene. By 11 p.m., officers had used tear gas and most of the crowd dispersed, police director Michael Rallings said at a Thursday morning news conference. Three people were arrested.

Sigh! When will we ever learn that no matter how many protests we attend, no matter how many times we march, the killing of us that is sanctioned by the government of this Nazi cesspool will not cease. And to prove my point, take a look and tell me, what has changed?

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So again, what the fuck has changed? And yet Joe Biden finds nothing wrong with the fact that we have every reason in the world to understand that as Amerikkkan descendants of slaves, we still have no rights in the year 2019 when we ALL know that our people have been fighting for the right to live in this shithole since our ancestors were dragged over here, but Joe Biden wants to make sure that a man in dress and makeup gets the right to parade his dress wearing ass all up and down the streets of every city in this shithole. What’s stopping them? They’ve been at it since this month started because isn’t this ‘Pride Month’ or some such shit? That shit is everywhere, in our face, all over the place and some more shit. And if the Klan is on their ass, all they have to do is step out of that dress and rub off that makeup. As Amerikkkan descendants of slaves, we cannot change the color of our skin. And that shit’s on us? Apparently so, according to Joe Biden’s ‘man in a dress loving’ racist ass!

And for more on this, read the post by TheStormyPoet. He spells it out completely.

Black folks, Joe Biden is NOT our friend, he never has been and he never will be. I encourage you to do some research on him. You will find plenty of reasons why you should steer clear of him. Just because he was Obama’s VP means nothing since what the hell did Obama do for Black people? Not a goddamn thing but he sure as hell did plenty for gays and that’s Joe Biden’s intent as well. So in addition to lighting up the White House in rainbow colors, I guess Joe Biden intends to rename Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day as “Transgenders Need Some Damn Civil Rights Day!” A man with some makeup on and sporting a damn dress needs some civil rights! I am too through especially seeing as how Amerikkkan descendants of slaves are being systematically slaughtered on these mean streets at a pace  that makes my head spin while a transgender motherfucker gets fucked up for perpetrating a fraud every once in a blue moon. Yeah! I see who needs some Civil Rights, big time!




10 thoughts on “Joe Biden declares LGBTQ rights his No. 1 legislative priority. Amerikkkan Descendants Of Slaves Rights? Who Needs Em?

  1. Regarding that Black dude that was killed in Tennessee and what is sad about it is that Whites are going to look at us as an eradication target 100% more than another race but we don’t never look at them as being a terrible threat and people who needs to be eradicated as well but of course we are real good at eradicating each other instead of our real and true enemies. All we are doing is giving them a possible chance of getting rid of us for real because we are reducing down our population all the time and to the extreme. That is one reason I feel like we need black leaders like Malcolm X around again because to be honest we might have engaged into doing stupid and dumb crimes like killing each other a lot when it comes to the dollar bill all because of brave and great leaders like Malcolm X leaving us and what I mean is that we don’t have no leader like him to set an example for all of us and to tell us what we should be doing and teaching us to fight back and to stop fighting and being hostile towards each other which is giving our enemies an advantage over us. If we could start teaching our kids to hate Whites like how a lot of them be teaching their kids to hate us that would be both great and excellent! Thanks Miss Courtland for letting us know about this stuff that is still happening as usual. Your blog is the best and I am so glad that I have found it.


    1. Mranticonservative, Black people are killing each other over drug turf wars because they cannot find decent paying jobs and this is due to the fact that ALL the jobs that Black people used to do that were well-paying have now been outsourced. There are no manufacturing jobs left because when corporations realized that they could get their shit made more cheaply in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Mexico and other countries, the manufacturing base dried up here in the states and so what are jobless people to do? Well, whitey parasite ass found a ‘cure’ for that. Introduce drugs and guns into Black communities and let them fight it out among themselves for the few crumbs that can be found from the drug addicted. Black women are prostituting their precious bodies into serious STD diagnoses ALL because this shit was originally put in place by debased white parasites who are our mortal enemy. And it makes no difference if another Malcolm X came on the scene, they’d just kill him because the government was behind the murder of Malcolm X.

      You can tell that the so-called ‘Black leaders’ of today ain’t about shit because they are still breathing. Those coonhead sellouts like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have not been assassinated because what the hell are they doing FOR Amerikkkan descendants of slaves? Not a goddamn thing. So whitey parasite ass leaves their useless asses alone because they are no threat; none at all. Just as the NAACP is no threat and how you can tell is this, why is the NAACP and the Urban League the only organizations still operating after all these decades while all other Black Power Movements and organizations have been destroyed? Because they are doing not a goddamn thing to help Amerikkkan descendants of slaves. If those organizations were about shit, their fucking doors would be closed.

      Our only hope is Mother Nature rendering this shithole to a watery grave.

      Thank you for your comment.

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  2. No Problem Miss Courtland, Much appreciated as well because that is the truth. Whites deserve to all die so that the Earth can be cleansed of that satanic filth.


  3. Shelby,I am glad that you spoke about this garbage!
    Because if we don’t speak out it looks like we agree about this rubbish!
    They are pushing this skickness at hight level,there aren’t days that they don’t speak about this garbage,they want to convert everyone to accept as something normal and they are pushing this sickness down to our throat,doesn’t matter if we are adults or children.
    Right now they are teaching our children and all children in the world that is OK!
    Really God helps us all against this elviness!


    1. Thank you for your comment qnubian. Yes, I had to speak out on this because like we’ve both mentioned, it is shoved down our throats whether we like it or not and I most definitely do NOT like it! There is such a fuss being made over these debased creatures that I am THAT fucking tired of it! This much fuss, even the Civil Rights Movement didn’t garner. How in the world can it be that these creatures get more sympathy and more coverage and more rights than innocent people who are here and who are being fucked up for no reason other than the color of their skin by those who are the progeny of what dragged our ancestors over here? This shit makes no fucking sense at all! And they are directing that debased shit at children, trying to get them confused and wanting to take up the habits of those debased lunatics that claim to be able to change their ‘sex’ just because.

      For some damn reason, those sick fucks don’t want to just come right out and say that they are men wanting sex with other men. Oh no! They’ve got to dress it up and call it’ transgender’ when those debased creatures are NOT women. You will never hear me refer to those ‘things’ as ‘she’ because I fucking know better. A man cannot get a uterus, a cervix, fallopian tubes or a vagina and get pregnant and since he cannot, he is not a ‘she’. He is just a man who wants to try and ‘pretty’ up the fact that he is a man chasing dick and then when that dick he is chasing has a problem with finding out that there is indeed a man underneath all the makeup, the fucking dress, high heels and wig and he gets to beating that creature down, well now, we are all to get out the box of tissues and cry because some crazy ass whack job got fucked up. Hell if I am going to sob for some faggot that wants to get butt fucked. To hell with em!

      qnubian, again, I thank you for your comment.


  4. Exactly! To be honest, I wasn’t too familiar with Joe Biden’s record until recently. I can’t stand how people give him a pass or think he’s not racist because he was Obama’s VP. No, it doesn’t work like that it was just race buffering in hindsight. I didn’t want to support him because I knew he’s an establishment candidate, but I got my wake-up call when I saw a 90s clip of him talking about the 1994 crime bill. He actually authored it and his speech about that law that locked up Black people wholesale was one of the most racist speeches I heard with all the dog whistles and foghorns thrown in. Also, how bad does a politician have to suck when Strom Thurmond was more moderate on coded anti-Black laws than Biden? Think about THAT for a minute.

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    1. When have whites been anything other than flaming, stomp down, vicious racists???!!! They are NOT our friend and people should understand that Obama was NOT a friend to Amerikkkan descendants of slaves and regardless of what they believe to the contrary, Obama showed us in every way possible including his ‘pick’ for VP that he was totally against us. But us Black folks went nuts because we saw a man with a permanent tan and took him at face value; something we were never supposed to do. Obama’s background is NOT ours and he made sure that his nest would be feathered well when his debased ass exited the White House, and yet throughout his tenure in the White House, Black Amerikkka was fucked up and still is!

      And Biden is not the only serious piece of filthy shit that Black people need to steer clear of; Kamala Harris’s ass also needs to sit the fuck down and she needs to shut the fuck up because her reign as district attorney and then the state’s attorney general, served to lock numerous Black people up for low level drug crimes. And now, she claims to have done a complete about face. Yeah, just in time to try and get our vote. That debased bitch would never get a vote of mine and neither would Joe Biden’s depraved, vicious racist white ass!

      Read this shit and weep!

      “Black Amerikkkans, Don’t Even Bother Showing Up At The Polls Next Year. Let The Whites Re-elect Donald Trump And Watch This Shithole Crash And Burn!

      I thank you for your comment.


      1. Reminds me of John Henrik Clarke’s famous “You have no friends” quote. Obama certainly didn’t do anything for the Black community and should’ve known better especially during his 2nd term.

        I definitely agree that Kamala shouldn’t get the vote. She had a bad prosecutor record and was basically an attack dog for WS politicians.

        No problem, Shelby.

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