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“Friends…As Whodini so eloquently asked, “How many of us have them?” What does the term “friend” even mean really? Well, according to Merriam-Webster: “a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.” Now, notice–and this is the part of the definition I […]

Plenty of white people won’t date a black person because they don’t want to have to deal with the system of white supremacy that the black person they’re feeling has to live with every day of their lives.  They would much rather deal with someone they aren’t compatible with vs. having to deal with the black person they are compatible with, so they don’t have to deal the baggage that comes with blackness.

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Unfortunately, I must take umbrage with the second paragraph because there are indeed, plenty of those pasty-faced cows that will date Black men because they are completely aware that they hold the upper hand because they are white and they know that we must live in a system controlled by white supremacy.

Case in point is my son. There is indeed such a ‘thing’ as ‘white trash’ and where that ‘white trash’ is, my son is snuggled up to it. Only pasty-faced cows date him and he only dates pasty-faced cows(every single one that he has dated including the one he married, looks just like a white cow) and they call the kkkops on him every chance they get if he doesn’t provide them with cigarettes or beer or take them out to eat. They call the kkkops and claim that he is trespassing or that he threatened them and he promptly gets arrested. He has a record ten miles long and yet, back to the pasty-faced cow who called the police on him, he goes. Where he got that “dating pasty-faced cows” shit from, I don’t know because we never had those white devils in our home when he was growing up because I always knew that whites could never be our friend.

When I was in grade school, for some strange reason, those pasty-faced bitches just loved to try and hang around me and when I would cuss them out, I would get called to the Principal’s office because those pasty-faced bitches would go squealing and crying to the teacher that they only wanted to be friends with me and I was mean to them. I was actually sent to the Principal’s office because I was not allowed to have only Black friends. Pasty-faced bitches were hell bent on becoming my friend. This is why I despise whites to this very day because they have always been hell bent on doing to us whatever they want even when we were children. The depraved offspring of whites are no different from what sired them hundreds of years ago up to present day. And for Black people to lie down with those pasty parasites is likened to lying down with a leech. What the hell do you think you’re going to get up with? Shit that’s incurable and if you breed with that filth, you’ll bring forth something you’ll wish you hadn’t and believe me, those things will not love the “Black” parent, but will always side with the parasitic leech that it has more in common with. I’ve got two of those things thanks to my piece of shit son and believe me, I don’t claim those monsters. I have never laid eyes on one and the other, I refuse to even speak to. And don’t bother telling me that they are innocent little darlings because nothing that is half parasite is innocent.

And so no, “White people have no true Black friends,” or in other words, no Black people can or should call those white parasites, “friend.” They don’t stand with us. They don’t give a damn for us. They only use us for what they can get from us and discard us when our usefulness is over. That is not a friend. Those debased creatures will take up the gauntlet for a man in a dress and claim that is the most important thing that needs some Civil Rights, but racism is fine, bigotry is fine, revving up the system of white supremacy is fine, prejudice is fine, police brutality is fine, police murdering us every single day for no reason and getting off scot-free for doing so is fine, but a damn man in a dress needs some Civil Rights right now, goddamn it!

Unfortunately, many Black people must have been dropped on their damn heads since they honestly believe that “whites can be their friend.” You will just have to learn the hard way and believe me, you will!

13 thoughts on “Most White People Have No True Black Friends — The Eye Wall

  1. We may not be friends with white people, however I feel that a number of us are content to be in the favorite pet status and are willing to accept being the dog that gets kicked or beat. We will tolerate this as long as we get to engage in a little beastiality.

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    1. Yele66, as you can see, I highlighted your comment because it is ever so spot on! And also as you can see, my piece of shit son just loves “to engage in a LOT of beastiality” because what are whites? Beasts! And the reason my son lies down with those beasts is because no self-respecting Black woman would have his skank ass because he refuses to even brush his own teeth or wipe his own ass! And yet those white cows he snuggles up next to can smell all that AND his feet and not have a problem with it. I have not seen him in well over a year and as far as I am concerned, it can be many more years before I lay eyes on his sick and twisted ass. I do realize that I have been preaching for “unity in the Black community” but some of us are just too far gone and they need to stay that way; gone.

      But back to your comment. You are so right, many of us are quite willing “to be in the favorite pet status” just as long as those white pasty-assed beasts pat them on their hair extensions and wigs and tell them what a great job they did in moaning and wailing while getting their backs, pretend lashed’ in Mandingo, Twelve Years A Slave, Amistad and Roots. They want Oscars for that shit and then get bent-out-shape when the Oscar or Golden Globe is not forthcoming for playing a Butler or The Help or Ma, the Mammie. And for those of us who work outside of Hollyweird, there are plenty who try and suck up to those beasts if it will gain them an extra.50 an hour or the ability to sit with those damn beasts at Starbucks.

      And many of us who grew up near farming communities are quite well aware that whites do indeed, engage in ‘engaging with animals’. Those debased creatures wrote the book on that shit and have been trying their damned best to shove that shit down the throats of everyone on this planet. I have never looked at a sheep with adoring eyes and nor would I ever, but whites have gone much further than that. It is no wonder they love their damn dogs so much. Fido is so much more than just a ‘slipper fetcher’ and that’s for damn sure.

      But what I hate the most is how Amerikkkan descendants of slaves have taken up those beasts so-called ‘religion’ that makes no goddamn sense at all. Those debased creatures don’t even want to live beside us on this godforsaken planet and yet we are supposed to believe that we are ALL going to live side by side in some damn big ass mansions in some fairy tale land beyond the stars in some heaven? Seriously? Those creatures don’t even believe in their own damn religion while many Amerikkkan descendants of slaves have taken that shit up and ran with it. They don’t even realize that the whites invented their so-called brand of ‘religion’ to amass a fortune from the brain dead and the gullible while laughing over how easy it is to fleece the sheeple. And Black-assed reverends and pastors are doing the same to their ‘congregations’ and not much else because if they were doing a damn thing about a damn thing, much of what ails Black America would not be ailing Black America.

      Yele66, as you can see, your comment has gone and got me started up all over again. However, I do thank you for it. It is right as rain and so on point, it ain’t even funny.

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  2. Shelby,

    “Unfortunately, I must take umbrage with the second paragraph because there are, indeed, plenty of those pasty-faced cows that will date Black men because they are completely aware that they hold the upper hand because they are white and they know that we must live in a system controlled by white supremacy.”

    Let the records show to everyone who follows her she is100% accurate in that assessment and in that additional context. Yes, they will date and sleep with black people and still hold them in an inferior position.

    I pointed out how some of them avoid dating black people (especially one who isn’t cooning his or her ass off) and will even put up with shitty partner who is because they want to avoid being confronted with the detrimental effects “whiteness” has inflicted up-close and personal. If a white person is friends with a black person, a black person who is actually cognizant of what white supremacy is and how it operates, they’re going to be confronted with it eventually. So, they consciously avoid interactions with black people, especially interactions like friendships and relationships, and they surround themselves with other white people or other non-black people to avoid being faced with the very system they benefit from.

    A friend and I were discussing this the other day when we were talking about relationships. I told her, many white people don’t date or become friends with other white people because of love. They, because the culture of whiteness/white supremacy is to hoard all the unfairly gained resources, are just looking for some whom they can tolerate. In their eyes, as long as someone white “doesn’t get on their nerves too often,” that is qualification to marry or be friends with them. In their eyes, it’s all about, “Which white person can I network and create networks with and combine this wealth with?”

    They do things like marry and become friends with each other to maintain power. All that other stuff comes secondary. And, they avoid the hell out of us to not risk putting us in an advantageous position. Yeah, if you’re cooning it up, they got no problem with you hanging around and even letting them bang you every now and then, but, when it comes to power, look at who they share it with. Each other.

    You’re completely correct, though.

    Thank you so much for reposting this and putting the truth out there. We, as black people, need as much truth and reality as we can get. Rt

    One Love & One Justice,

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    1. You are 100% correct as well. Every word you just wrote in the above comment is absolutely 100% spot on! Those debased creatures will lie beside each other and hate the others guts but because they both stand to gain so much by continuing the status quo, they will do what they have to do. But let that wealth vanish and you’ll be hearing about another murder/suicide because ALL whites are nothing more than POSSESSIONS! Take that shit away from them and they are NOTHING! That’s their biggest fear. They don’t fear death because they are the very ones who are always somewhere sucking on a gun or hanging themselves at the first sign of financial troubles. Whites be poor???!!! Why that there is a fate worse than death and they would prefer to be dead than to be, god forbid…..POOR! They can’t fucking handle it because they’ve stolen everything of value, the world over.

      I just posted about an Attorney, Michael F. Cockson who is screwing over my cousin and the rest of those who are involved in a class action lawsuit because my cousin had the misfortune to rent a slum from a slumlord and a class action lawsuit was filed and yet my cousin received a check for $724.15 in compensation while attorney Michael F. Cockson is basically suing his own clients for more millions because he is so damn greedy, he wants more than the $6 million that the Judge awarded his damn greedy ass! Would he find $724.15 an acceptable settlement? Hell fucking no since he ain’t even happy to be walking away with $6 million. His dirty, sheisty, crooked ass wants even more than that and his clients can just sit the hell down and shut the hell up and spend their paltry $724.15 from an $18.5 million dollar settlement that he negotiated with the intent that he would come out all the more richer while his clients eat shit!

      A “white motherfucker, our friend??!!!” We’ll never see the goddamn day!

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  3. Shelby,

    Under this system, which has the entire deck stacked against us in every metric of society, the only sole thing and the ONLY that would classify a white person as a friend to anyone in black society is if they were willing to all wage war against the very system that harms every way which we live life.

    Unfortunately, good luck finding any white person that is willing to do that.

    It is still cool to do business with white people, if you can gain some type of tangible benefits out of the deal with which you can benefit your people. But, just because a white person gives you game, or if they party and drink with you, or if they even have sex with you DOES NOT DOEST DOES NOT mean they’re friends with you.

    The litmus test for friendship is and will always be, until this system crumbles, they have to be willing go to war with it. I’ve yet to meet a white willing to do that.


    I appreciate you taking the time to read and to provide us with your commentary, Shelby. It always encouraged and welcomed.

    One Love & One Justice,


    The author of this post, T.S.P. or in other words, TheStormyPoet wrote this comment to me on his blog and it is so right on point that I had to include it here. Brotha got it going on, he is that wide awake. He ain’t asleep and that is for damn sure and he gets his due props from me and that is also for damn sure!

    And this bears repeating!

    “what the hell kind of friend doesn’t do everything within their power to oppose a system that literally protects and incentivizes genocide against you?”

    A very good question and the answer is “No kind of friend at all!” Whites are NEVER going to oppose a system that has set them up extremely well. Oh, some will talk the talk, but when it comes down to putting their money where their mouth is, they got nothing for why should they attempt to destroy the system that will ALWAYS give them the upper hand over people who are here only because their ancestors were the most lazy ass good for nothings who had absofuckinglutely NO goddamn work ethic whatsoever and who dragged our ancestors over here and yet the minute there is talk about reparations, those debased creatures like Joe Biden want to screech and yell that “There ain’t no goddamn slaves today!” Is that stupid fuck for real when there are reportedly more slaves in prison today than there were when this shithole first engaged in enslaving us? And yet, no one said that when the Jews got to screeching and wailing over the holocaust, countries simply got their pens and checkbooks out and wrote numerous checks to try and balance that shit out, the same occurred for the Japanese who were placed in internment camps. Yeah! They got reparations after the Japanese went and bombed Pearl Harbor. This is exactly what T.S.P. was about when he put this piece together. You debased pasty-faced creatures ain’t about to threaten the very system that has propped your sorry asses up for hundreds of years and counting. Why, you’d think you were crazy for destroying what you have due to having oppressed those who look like me to hell and back! How you debased creatures can sleep at night, I don’t know, but then maybe I do, because you must first be ‘human’ and have a conscience and since parasites are not human, there ya go!

    But believe this, the day is coming when you will be made to reap what you have sown. And so no, don’t a one of you white-assed motherfuckers ever dare call yourselves, “my friend,” because that would be THE biggest lie ever told!

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  4. Preach Shelby 👏👏👏!!
    You are absolutely
    Be friend with them
    it’s mean be friend with Satan!
    Anyone who enter in contact with
    them become automatically evil!
    I saw so many times how blacks and
    other races,are so desperated to be
    friends with them that they will do anything for them,that just idea
    to have the access in white club,
    “It’s like they have successed in their life”
    It doesn’t matter how nasty looks
    they are!
    It’s just silly!

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    1. Exactly qnubian! Getting in bed with whites is akin to getting in bed with the goddamn devil and so it is no wonder that many Blacks in Hollywood have reportedly sold their souls for the white man’s riches. They’d have to because those debased creatures sold any type of ‘soul’ they may have had. Although truth be told, I seriously doubt whites ever had a soul to sell since they were born out of evil, depravity and are parasites that have actually latched onto entire continents and sucked them bone fucking dry and then stole people and anything they had of value all while exclaiming about how benevolent and humanitarian they are. They can take that shit and shove it up their vile assholes; the goddamn filthy assed monsters.

      And one thing about me, you will NEVER find me sashaying up to the most depraved, debased monsters to ever slither and crawl all across this godforsaken planet that they have fucked up because they ain’t got a goddamn thing I want. Why the hell would I want to mimic a parasite? Why the hell would I want some shit that’s been tainted by those devils? I fucking don’t and people who do are just stupid as hell and will get some shit they ain’t fucking bargained for, that’s for damn sure!

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.

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  5. blkpride, the truth may hurt, but those debased creatures keep falling up here to see it. I don’t give a damn for those white-assed parasites and I make no bones about that fact. They know what the fuck they are and what they are about and they are exactly what I say they are and they are about what the fuck I say they are about. I am under no illusions about what whites are and neither are they even though some are some ‘pretend’ motherfuckers.

    Thank you for your comment blkpride!

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