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I am a dark skin black woman who was born in the UK and was raised in the USA. I moved back to the UK and have been living in the UK since 2006. I do not identify with being American or British because neither of the two respect or honor black people and wish […]

I am so lucky to be raised in USA because it has opened to eyes to see how black people in the UK are treated and we are NOT treated better than black people in USA. We are systematically kept from connecting with each other and realizing our potential as well as knowing and learning from each other.

via Power Of The Black Collective — changingthenarrative

This bears repeating!

“We are systematically kept from connecting with each other and realizing our potential as well as knowing and learning from each other.”

And by this, she means that we are SEGREGATED from each other! Never mind being ‘segregated’ from the whites. I’d love that! I wish we’d always been ‘segregated’ from the whites. If we had, we would not be where we are now. Segregation was more helpful for us than we will ever know.

What does segregation mean?

the enforced separation of different racial groups in a country, community, or establishment.

the action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people or things or being set apart.

Because we allowed ourselves to fall for the whites’ shit in supposedly ‘desegregating’ us from them, what we allowed to happen was the fact that we ‘segregated’ ourselves from one another. After that, we became enemies. Where once we looked out for one another, now we no longer are willing to help pull each other up. We look at one another as enemies instead while the whites sit back in glee and watch us crash and burn.

All you need do is take a look around and see why ‘desegregation’ was not a good thing for Amerikkkan descendants of slaves because for those of you who grew up in the 70s and early 80s, tell me how many Black prostitutes, homeless people and drug addicts did you see? I can honestly say that when I was growing up, I never saw a prostitute or a homeless person. In fact, it was when I was almost an adult was when I first became aware of drugs and that was in the mid 80s when I heard about crack. I had only heard of weed once before I was married and my ex-husband’s friend asked him if he could smoke some weed in our house and I said, “Hell no! We don’t allow smoking in here!” The first I heard about weed was when I found out that my baby sister had been smoking it with her boyfriend, but even then I didn’t even know what it was. That’s how clueless I’ve always been about illicit drugs and why I am SO against drugs, it ain’t even funny.

Maybe because I am from a small town and not a big city is why I was never bombarded with all of the horrors that can be found in big cities. Yes, my baby sister did eventually take up crack, but that was after I was gone from the home and so no, crackheads were certainly not streaming past me every single day. I had to hear by way of a long distance telephone call that my sister was on crack and I’m like, “What’s that?” Nowadays, who the hell can say that? We allowed the whites to introduce that shit into our communities and it was to get us to fall apart in more ways than one and that is exactly what happened.

When we were segregated from the whites and had our own communities, we were the better off for it. There were no whites in my neighborhood and we all got along. Neighbors looked out for the children of their neighbors. Backyard barbecues became neighborhood barbecues, but that does not happen now and do you know why? Look where we’re at? In HUD housing slums. In inner city hovels owned by slumlords that do nothing but collect the rent and take it back to their gated communities. When I was growing up, Black people owned their own homes, businesses and invested in one  another.

A sad fact is that the Black people of yesteryear who were school teachers, lawyers, doctors, business owners and well-paid factory workers are either elderly and ailing or dead and what’s out here now can’t even read, “See Dick and Jane run!” Now how sad is that? There is no such thing as an inner city education. There is no such thing as a two-parent household. There is no such thing as a mother going to school when the teacher sends home an adverse report card on their child. If I brought home a report card that didn’t look right, my mother made it her business to be over at the school getting to the bottom of why because I was always a straight A student, on Honor Roll and some more shit! Likewise, I was the same way with my son, but that cannot be going down with what I see happening with Black children today. And how I know this is because I have ridden city buses when school was let out and the Black children on those buses were screaming, cussing, yelling, fighting and carrying on. That would not have been going on in my day. That wasn’t even going on in my son’s day, but it sure as hell is going down today.

What in the world do you think is going to come out of that? Certainly not another Maya Angelou, nor another Frederick Douglass, Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, Zora Neale Hurston, James Baldwin, Alice Walker, Octavia Butler, Alex Haley and I could go on and on. But there will be none to follow them if our children are allowed to drop out of school or be herded from a classroom straight into a prison cell simply because we are aiding and abetting the white man in his continued enslavement of our minds, our bodies and our souls. We were better than what we are becoming. We were never, as a people, down for disrespecting our bodies, flaunting our wares to all and sundry, taking up the perversions of the sick whites who are a given when it comes to debauchery, sadism, masochism and all things perverted and unnatural. That was never who we were and I damn sure as hell refuse to take that shit up and neither should you. If you have to stand alone, then stand alone, but it is much better to stand alone than to descend into the depths of depravity which is where the white man can be found; lasciviously salivating over ALL that is perverse, deviant, warped, twisted and sick. And that is what the whites want for us. Just look around you because it is ALL around you! Black rappers are mostly gay. The Black man is becoming emasculated right before our very eyes. Beautiful Black women are being encouraged to mate with white parasites and they are doing so and what they are helping to produce is not even entirely human. For what could be brought forth from whites when all you need do is look around at what is going down with this planet to see what makes whites tick; greed, death, disease and destruction. That is all you will get from whites and the proof is what you see each and every day when you open your eyes. They promote nothing but evil, wars and hatred because that is what they are. But that was never us and it is certainly nothing that we should be having anything to do with or even get next to.

If there is to be any segregation, then segregate yourselves from your mortal foe; the white man. But never segregate yourselves from each other. Come together and get back to understanding that we must find what we once shared. We have got to reach out and help one another because we only have enemies outside of our kind and our kind are those of us who are Amerikkkan descendants of slaves. No one on this planet has the background that we do and no one can understand us like we can understand each other if only we will open our eyes, our hearts and our minds to the fact that we need to get it together, my people! I truly hope that we can. Prove me right, I beg you!

8 thoughts on “Power Of The Black Collective — changingthenarrative

  1. Hi Shelby, you possess a genius for detecting the con-artist deflection, for knowing that the “art” of the con is keeping the mark’s attention constantly controlled — while his (White, a male of course) other hand slips into your pocket and snaps handcuffs onto your arm in one slick motion. White supremacism holds up a facade of respectability, culture, tradition, values, history, manners, schooling…that are then reflected in popular culture, high society, ivy-league credentials, nepotism, capitalism, wealth-management… Each of these they adore with an ardor for inclusion, of free speech for “me” but not for “thee.”
    I have just read a just-published long read by the only lawyer alive today who is not a liar, a cheat, and a thief — the one in a million. The article connects the dots, dots the i, crosses the t. A sweeping indictment of nested and criminal actors that serve the artists of war.
    Your post points directly to the theme.

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    1. Bill, I simply gasp at your brilliance! Your comments never fail to move me, indeed they do! And I most sincerely appreciate the compliment on this one.

      This may sound foolish, but mystery and suspense books have always been my genre of choice and I am quite ashamed to say that I have read more fiction than I have non-fiction, but I do believe that even mystery fiction has its merits, especially when you get to the point where you know who did it before you’re even one third of the way into the book. It has certainly honed my detection skills to a fine point. I pride myself on sitting back and looking at the big picture, but not before I have studied it from every possible angle.Notice the little things, search for clues. Sometimes, things are hidden in plain sight and so get overlooked because some people tend to believe that everything has to be complex when in reality, sometimes, you don’t need to dig for the truth. And in this instance, I know who ‘did it’; whites, since they have taken this world over for themselves, killed off many species of plant, animal and human life, filled the oceans with plastic, radiation and other toxins, reduced our drinking water to toxic cocktails of uranium, arsenic, lead, cadmium and other lethal chemicals, destroyed entire rain forests for the sake of pursuing their almighty dollar, fenced themselves in and armed guards because they are afraid of those whom they have caused to hate them with a ferociousness that I cannot even produce words that come close to describing, dropped atomic bombs where they may, tested atomic bombs where they may and the list is endless. No other group on this planet has as much to answer for as whites and no other group ever will. And to be at the, dare I say, “Mercy?” of the most debased monsters to ever slither all across this planet is to be destined to suffer untold agonies, which most of us are doing.

      And though I don’t doubt that you believe that you have come across a lawyer “who is not a liar, a cheat, and a thief — the one in a million,” you must forgive me for shaking my head in disbelief for you know that I have posted not one, but two posts on the shenanigans of lawyers and the ones that I have had the displeasure of knowing have not at all been what you suggest your learned, published lawyer to be like. I do know that I have stated this before and I state it again, not one lawyer that I have ever had dealings with would dare stand anywhere near “integrity” for if they did so, they would instantly burst into flames for being the most corrupt, dishonest, crooked, shady, underhanded, lowdown, deceitful swindler on the planet. It is no wonder that the next step for lawyers is into the political arena and we ALL know what’s sitting up in the halls of congress; crooks.

      However, I sincerely thank you for your kind comment on this post. I really do appreciate ALL your comments. As you say on your most excellent blog, “comments elicit comments.” That is so very true!

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      1. Hi Shelby, thank you from my heart for the very kind compliment and for this thorough and impassioned reply. Fiction is a means for conveying hidden motives that might otherwise invite libel suits. I would contend that it gets closer to reality than comfortable facts. The most brazen crimes occur in broad daylight among a throng of witnesses. Our con-artist-in-chief whistles to his base base in coded language and brash body signals, intended for

        “the most corrupt, dishonest, crooked, shady, underhanded, lowdown, deceitful swindlers on the planet”

        Riling up his “militias” to defeat the “enemies of the state,” to follow the Führer’s instructions to cold-cock the opposition. Kurt Vonnegut famously sketched an asterisk to allude to a part of the anatomy: *
        The following two words describe the POTUS in just this way: He is a ra*ist and he is a ra*ist.


        I hope to write a post this evening about the lawyer who breaks the mold.
        Again, thanks for your support.

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  2. Simply brilliant! This piece will serve as a link to a piece I’m currently working on to eloquently help explain many of my points. Thank you so much for this piece, Shelby! Bravo!

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    1. Kreb, likewise, you are giving me a big head! I am truly humbled and honored by your comment. I am also glad that this piece has some value to you. And so please, use whatever you like here, I am always thrilled when what I do gets shared.

      Thank you!

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    1. Bill, I hope you are not upset that I posted your comment because, in my opinion, it should not have been consigned to the spam folder. But if it is your wish, I will consign it to oblivion. You have only to let me know, but until you do, it stays up because I see no reason for it not to. I love it!


      1. “I hope my reply is in your spam folder because I overwrote it with a last-minute link.”
        That was ambiguous, was it not? Actually, I feared that a 45-bot had obliterated my reply because it spoke ill of our GREAT GOD-BLESSED-AMERICA POTUS. Perhaps it took a moment for the bot to copy it to my unAmerican activities file. 🙂


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