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Until we have sensible intelligent white people who are strictly going to Africa to use their platform to make a difference and strive to improve the poor conditions in the Motherland……we will continue to have exploitation of Africa’s resources and the people. There are too many images of a white person standing around a load […]

The negative images of Africa is portrayed on a daily basis through social media and on the te-LIE-vision. Black people and especially African people throughout the African diaspora must wake up to the brainwashing that is going on. What money have these white-owned charities contributed to aid in propelling Africa forward?!?! Not a goddamn thing!! Sounds like systematic financial oppression to me.

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Yeah! What she said, “Fuck White Saviors!”

I am sure that many of you have heard about the white female parasite that was over in Africa pretending to be a medical doctor of some sort and who because of her fake ass pretend doctoring murdered multiple African children.


White Woman Accused Of Pretending To Be A Doctor In Africa Is Sued After ‘100 Babies’ Die

Renee Bach is a U.S. missionary with no medical training who left Virginia in 2007 and went to Uganda. By 2012, she founded a private NGO and healthcare facility called Serving His Children. She allegedly led people to believe she was a doctor and 100 babies reportedly died around her fraudulent care.

Why are those Africans still falling for that “Christian missionary” shit hundreds of years after those shits initially was over there fucking those Africans up while stealing my ancestors and dragging them over here, over yonder and every goddamn where? Why would those Africans continue to trust a ‘white’ face in the face of ALL that whites have done and are still doing to fuck up Africa and the African people? This shit just makes no sense at all.

Those same whites are over here in the states fucking us up and since even internet service should be up and running in some remote villages in Africa that could clue those Africans in on just what the fuck whites are up to, worldwide, then there is no reason in the world for Africans to still be trusting the whites. Especially seeing as how a Civil War is about to get started in South Africa since the whites that have taken over South Africa from the true Africans are hell bent on keeping land that does not belong to them and the true Africans are demanding that those white-assed devils get the fuck off their land.

And yet I have the nerve to sit here in the states and wonder why my Black ass is sitting over here when what went down that made it possible for my ass to be sitting here is still going down in Africa. Fucking seriously???!!! When has an African or an Amerikkkan descendant of slaves ever had a reason to trust those pale-assed whites? Never! Whites don’t mean any Black person, be they African or Amerikkkan descendants of slaves any damn good! Those debased rejects from who the hell knows where ain’t about shit! They’ve never been about shit and they never will be about shit and so why those Africans even let those white shits off the goddamn plane over there is also a complete and utter mystery to me because if I was in control, not a one of those white demons would land and come strolling up to me with their fake ass christian bullshit or any other shit! I know better! Trust a goddamn white??!! Never in a million fucking years and those Africans over there ought to know damn well better by now than to be trusting all up and down on those debased white monsters for what the hell comes with whites? Wars, destruction, theft, slavery and death and so why on earth would you welcome that shit with open arms and hand over your children to what has brought nothing but wars, destruction, theft, slavery and death to an entire planet? If you had any goddamn sense, you would not welcome that foul ass shit! You’d send it packing or at the very least run like hell away from it!

You don’t welcome your mortal enemy into your home, give it your children and expect your children to prosper and grow from something that ain’t even human. What the fuck is wrong with those Africans? Africans are still paying a fucking ‘slave tax’, otherwise known as a ‘colonial tax’ to France for the dubious ‘pleasure’ of having been colonized by those fucking bastards and so I guess it should be no wonder that others in Africa are still welcoming what the Indians here in Amerikkka called, “yellow eyes” and ‘he who speak with forked tongue” for the being the most evil and depraved, blood thirsty monstrous treaty breakers and murderers to ever slither and crawl up to their shores.

I don’t care if your African ass just climbed down out of a tree, you should still know that if what you are facing does not look like you, then run like hell away from it or fuck it up because it is damn sure going to fuck you up! And that is just what it did to your babies! What the hell is wrong with you???!!!!!

Over ALL of this shit, I am just too through!




13 thoughts on “Fxxx White Saviors — changingthenarrative

  1. I met a White supremacist American in the mid-60s who couldn’t wait until graduation when he planned to move to South Africa. He once put a George Wallace bumper sticker on my car. I imagine he is now living in Israel, where apartheid is a keystone family value.

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    1. And I am quite sure that the Palestinian people are just enjoying this addition to Netanyahu’s retinue; this ‘christian white supremacist George Wallace lover’ who aided and abetted the whites to take what rightfully belonged to the Africans and since he was so good at what he did, decided to take his brand of ‘moral superiority’ and inflict it on the Palestinian people. They have my sympathies as do the people of South Africa, as do the Amerikkkan descendants of slaves he fucked up over here before spreading his message of hate, intolerance, bigotry, prejudice, racism and ‘white supremacy’. I am sure he can be found standing somewhere saluting images of Hitler and loudly exclaiming, “Heil Hitler! Heil Netanyahu!”

      Thank you for your comment Bill!

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      1. White Supremacism thrives in Israel. Criticism of any war crime committed in its name is branded by Brand Israel as anti-semitism. What is actually at work is anti-supremacism. Arabs are also Semitic peoples who they criticize without fear of retribution. Here is a particularly cloying website that churns out disinformation by the gigabyte — with the full intention of destroying the lives and/or livelihood of *any* legitimate critic:


      2. Well I don’t give a damn about what Israel thinks of my comments. I believe in calling a ‘spade’, a ‘spade’ and Israel is absofuckinglutely wrong in what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinian people. If those Zionists want to scream and shout all day and all night about how horribly they were treated by the Nazis, then how in hell can they turn around and do damn near the same thing to the Palestinians that they are screeching and wailing that the Nazis did to them and so pay them for that shit?! And in all actuality they did get paid for the holocaust. Austria and Germany got out their pens and checkbooks and tried to balance that shit out.

        And I don’t know whether to thank you or not for posting the link to that website because I am not going to head on over there because the top of my head would most likely fly off, I’d be that goddamned pissed off over what I’d find. When I know that I cannot handle something, I try and steer clear of it, but I am sure that some of my readers are made of much more sterner stuff than I am.

        Bill, thank you for another spot on comment.

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  2. That is true about this savior complex. Like you, I can’t stand the misrepresentation of Africa in the media. I even wrote a poem about it Last month nonetheless and recorded it yesterday. It’s like Africa is either a war zone a giant piece of poverty porn or nothing but animals without humans unless said humans are Caucasian. Seriously, Disney fails big time when 2 of their animated movie franchises in Africa have only White human characters (Tarzan) or no humans at all (Lion King). What, was there some extinction plan that happened to the Africans offscreen before the movie began?

    To add to your point, you should check out the Kenyan documentary Preying Missionaries. It is depressing, but a very powerful watch as it exposes missionaries abusing the children.

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    1. Ospreyshire, those ‘missionaries’ are why my Black ass is sitting over here in this shithole.Wasn’t it the missionairies that were supposed to be bringing ‘religion’ to those ‘savage Blacks’ or so the missionaries thought of the Africans and instead, stole Africa’s people and deposited them on many different shores? Why those Africans are still allowing those pale-skinned parasites over there is a complete and utter mystery to me, much less should they be handing over their babies to those depraved, debased parasites. I often do despair of Africa ever getting her act together and I do know that the white media is only going to portray Africa in the worst possible light, but what happened with this fake-assed doctor is just too fucked up! Those poor babies are dead because Africans continue to see pale faces and believe that those pale faces mean them good when they mean them the absolute opposite.

      Not one of those pale-assed creatures should be allowed to step off a plane and yet they shoot the wildlife over there, kill the Africans and abscond with everything that’s not nailed down while also dumping toxins right smack dab in African villages as though Africa is a dump for the whites’ toxic shit.

      And I am already mad as hell and so I don’t think I could take watching that documentary. I’ll pass.

      But thank you for your comment.

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      1. I totally get your anger about the situation. What happened in Uganda was a travesty and we know that would never happen in Europe or America if a missionary decided to go to those places. The Africans already had spirituality before colonization and some ethnic groups actually had beliefs that were similar to the more popular religions (monotheism, covenants, taking care of others, etc.). I still get concerned about Africa being too trusting of foreigners who don’t look like them. Like you, I despise how Africa is treated in the media. One could watch some Nollywood films or the documentary Unjust Perceptions: Ethiopia and they would destroy how America portrays them.

        Exactly! How can people be so obsessed with destruction with poaching animals and hurting the natives there? I remember researching the Congolese and Namibian genocides and I’m not going to lie, I wept and was furious researching those atrocities.

        That’s understandable and I apologize if what I said made you angrier. Trust me, I don’t blame you for feeling that way. It does get very depressing watching it even if it added to your point. Thank you.

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      2. Ospreyshire, believe me, I am NOT at all angry at you. I just don’t understand how, after ALL these years, the Africans are still NOT insisting that no pale face is going to set foot in any of their countries. And not only are they allowing this, knowing that the genocides that you wrote about have taken place, they still allow those rejects from who the hell knows were to come and go as they please. And yet, has ANY African country EVER put out a bulletin calling for those of us who are descendants of Africa’s stolen people to come back to where we originated? Hell no! But yet, they will accept those who are the progeny of those who stole us from Africa. That just beats all!

        I don’t even think of Africa as ‘The Motherland’ because we are quite actually, a people without a country because this shithole has done nothing but try and eradicate us and it continues to this day for something that their ancestors set in motion. Nothing make sense.period.

        Again, I thank you for your comment. We are really on the same page.

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      3. Okay, I wanted to be sure even though we agreed on a bunch of things. I think there’s a slow turnaround, but it’s just starting from what I’ve seen so far. There were genocides I never heard of and there are some that are in hidden documents by a bunch of European governments which I’ve learned from a Dr. Mumbi video (She’s a Kenyan YouTuber who does African news and issues). The only one I can think of is Ghana with that Year of Return 2019 program, but that was de-emphasized which may or may not have anything to do with Melania Trump’s visit last year (I can’t prove it, but the timing of that visit with the announcement made me wonder).

        Is that so? I can see your argument there like how you have a diaspora across multiple continents outside of Africa. Even though I found out which ethnic groups I got late last year, I do wonder how Africans would react. Fortunately, one African I’ve been talking to thought it was awesome I had a major sample of the same ethnicity as him, but I don’t know.

        Sure thing.


  3. Whites commit the most crime, kill the most people, devise the most devious means of torture, extract trillions of dollars of resources, abscond art, steal, cheat, lie…and then keep coming back for more. How much of the incalculable wealth created from a slave system enshrined in a constitution that is worth its weight in empty promises when it comes to reducing injustice, kill off most of the fauna and flora, burn treaties — and so much more. I read detailed accounts of the celebrants at a lynching. ISIS pales pasty by comparison. Hell, even the Christian (Christlike, for Christ’s sake) missionaries sent to Africa by the thousand causes thousands/millions of times more horror than ISIS.

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    1. Bill, TRUE! I would never worry my ass about ISIS. I have nothing to fear from ISIS. But I have LOTS to fear from these racist shits over here. And so, why would I drag my ass over to the Middle East and fight against some folks that these racist shits claim are THE problem when THE problem are these racist shits? And your latest blog, certainly tells TRUTH!

      Reverse Racism & White Supremacy

      People cannot stand the TRUTH all up in their fucking grill. They want to pretend to be blind and ignorant of the shit that is going down. They don’t want to confront the truth because the truth is ugly; it’s not just unpleasant and slightly smelly, it is butt ass ugly and the stench is ferocious. People will run and hide from the TRUTH rather than face it because then they’d have to look in the mirror and do some soul searching, for those who still have a soul, that is or a conscience to even berate them for the viciousness of their depraved ass!.

      Bill, I thank you again for your most recent blog.

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  4. Shelby, first thank you for the article I didn’t know about this sad story, poor babies until I visited your site again. I don’t even know where to begin. What I thought of and would’ve said has already been said by the other commentators. I also don’t understand why anyone would trust a random 18 year old traveling half way around the world by themselves on a missions trip. Most people don’t even trust 18 year olds to take care of their younger siblings without stressing out. I’ve always been suspicious NGOS and all the different aid groups going into Uganda and other African countries as well. Reading this story my suspicious are justified. I just hope the Ugandan parents are able to sue the mess out of the Renee Bach woman. She shouldn’t have been allowed to practice medicine as soon as it was discovered that she had no credentials. I’m not in the medical field but common sense would tell you that even a medical intern would not be allowed to act as an assistant doctor let alone a surgeon without the doctor and a team of surgeons being the room with them or hours of training. Even than the intern would have to jump through hoops and loops to avoid even the smallest accident from occurring that could possibly lead to a lawsuit. It’s sad that the Ugandan moms lost their children. This is a side note but Ugandans and other African people can be so evangelic in their christian beliefs and invoke god so much to the point where the person suspends their common sense (I can’t think of another term) when needing necessary health services such as believing God is going to provide a hospital for them instead of the people building a hospital for their town or neighborhood. Or they thinks God needs to come in person to help them deal with every little thing. That’s the kind of religious people I have no patience for.

    Have you ever noticed if you watch news from African countries that if they are talking about education or the medical system, the reporters always interview some representative (always European which drives me nuts) from the UN or an international aid agency who has no experience living in the country or doesn’t understand the culture or society at all? The media acts as though African countries do not have health ministries or Ugandan civil society groups and businesses that can speak on medical system. I noticed you mentioned that you don’t see Africa as the motherland.

    Sorry for the long post but I’d say this African Americans, Ados, etc are African people and the cultural connections including food and fashion between African Americans and West Africa is still alive despite attempts by white colonialists and Western governments to destroy it. This brother Dynast Amir also discusses the hell and trauma that African Americans have gone through in the U.S. and how blacks can reconnect with Africa: Renouncing Africa while living like a 4th world citizen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x1T4PsNgGU
    Making excuses for not building Africa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNBdhAWMzfk
    Three things that made me choose Modern Africa over Modern America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-_0RxHyHw4&t=691s
    Dusty reasons for not traveling to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st09Ix_1foo&t=26s
    When people say “Africans don’t like African Americans”:

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    1. Aanafrica, I am so sorry to be getting to your comment at this late date, but so much has been going on. I don’t know where you live, but over here in the states, when the Africans come here, they don’t associate with us. Those from Somalia have formed their own communities and pretty much refuse to even learn English. The Nigerians keep to themselves for the most part and I know this to be true from first hand experience. I dated a Nigerian when I lived in Minnesota and he when we attended some sort of wedding ceremony, I was treated like a piece of dirt to the point whereas I got up and left. I’ll not tolerate the likes of those usurpers who come here and think that they are better than we are. And they do indeed think that. The Africans who come over here look at us as though we are beneath contempt because they say that our blood has been diluted by these whites over here. Who the hell is to blame for that shit? Those Africans who sold our ancestors to these devils and even if they did not outright sell our ancestors, they certainly did nothing to make sure that we our ancestors did not leave the shores of Africa headed to places far and wide to become slaves.

      I have no affinity for Africa; NONE! Those people on that continent are nothing to me and it has nothing to do with what the whites say about Africa. I’m not blind. I don’t need the whites to tell me what the hell is going down in Africa. Just re-read this post and you get a clue. The same shit that went down hundreds of years ago is still going down today. Africans are still looking at whites as though they are gods sent in to help them when whites are there for the express purpose of stealing what they can and enriching themselves to the detriment of Africa’s people. Africa is allowing ALL others to come and continue to steal her resources all the while continuing to pay slave taxes to the original colonizers. Who is that shit on? So do not sing Africa’s praises to me, for they fall on deaf ears.

      Thank you for your comment.


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