Black Amerikkkans, Don’t Even Bother Showing Up At The Polls Next Year. Let The Whites Re-elect Trump And Watch This Shithole Crash And Burn!

Margaret Kimberley over at Black Agenda Report makes some excellent points when she states:

The 2020 election will end in disaster for black people no matter who becomes the next president. Dumping the democrats is the only solution to what ails us. They don’t want to change and they aren’t even likely to win. If Biden crashes and burns another puppet will be presented as the savior. Black misleaders will prop up that person too and their constituents will be the losers.

The democrats are not better for Black people than are the republicans. And Trump is already the ‘devil we know’. Biden is as well since what did he do as Vice President to that Kenyan-born asswipe, Barack Obama? Tell me, how did Black Amerikkka fare under Barack Obama and Joe Biden? Just as bad as its faring under Donald Trump and Mike Pence. So what difference does it make what party gets its warmonger elected? It doesn’t matter and it will never matter because there is nothing that ANY candidate is going to do that is going to actually be advantageous for Black Amerikkkans. When have they ever?

And even though I did not waste my time watching the democratic debates, I could not help but read about how Kamala Harris supposedly confronted Joe Biden over his ‘work’ with pro-segregationists.

I do not believe you are a racist. And I agree with you when you commit yourself to the importance of finding common ground,” “But I also believe – and it’s personal and it was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country.” – Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris does not believe that Joe Biden is a racist??!!! Fucking seriously???!!! But then of course she wouldn’t believe that Joe Biden is a racist any more than she would believe that her Jew husband is a racist. Don’t be fooled by Kamala Harris’s supposed ‘Black’ background. It ain’t all that Black and that piece of work is responsible for why there were so many Black people locked up in California’s prisons. And even her daddy had to take her to task for her stupid comments about smoking weed, saying that “she disgraced her Jamaican family over a weed joke.” Kamala Harris threw Jamaicans under the bus when she made references that Jamaicans mostly sit around smoking marijuana all day, getting high as the proverbial kite and how she is totally down with that shit. Yeah! She is so down with it that in her days as a prosecutor in California in 2014, she declined to take a position on Proposition 47, a ballot initiative approved by voters, that reduced certain low-level felonies to misdemeanors. She laughed that year when a reporter asked if she would support the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Ms. Harris finally reversed course in 2018, long after public opinion had shifted on the topic.

Time after time, when progressives urged her to embrace criminal justice reforms as a district attorney and then the state’s attorney general, Ms. Harris opposed them or stayed silent. Most troubling, Ms. Harris fought tooth and nail to uphold wrongful convictions that had been secured through official misconduct that included evidence tampering, false testimony and the suppression of crucial information by prosecutors.

This bitch sent innocent Black people to prison on evidence she knew had been tampered with, but now, all of a sudden, Black people should just disregard this bitch’s record on criminal justice and vote for her sorry ass anyway. One thing I am SO damn glad about is the fact that I KNOW Kamala Harris is NOT going to sit her debased, privileged ass inside the Oval Office, no matter how much her ass is getting propped up by some unknown group of assholes who are hell bent on shoving this piece of filthy shit down our throats. Kamala Harris is NOT Black in the truest sense of the word because even though her father is from Jamaica, her mother was originally from India and those dotted forehead shits don’t like Black people, as a whole. I guess Jamaicans are tolerable, but those of us who are Amerikkkan descendants of slaves? Not so much! But still, you’ll be ‘tolerable’ so long as Kamala Harris feels that she can get your vote. Don’t be fooled by this piece of shit just because she has a tint to her skin. Barack Obama did as well and look how we were bamboozled by his fake Black ass!

And another fake assed Black motherfucker that I know is not going to sit his ass in the Oval Office, is Cory Booker and so that’s all that needs saying about his fake ass. Are there any other so-called ‘Black’ candidates that I have neglected to mention, if so, let me know and I will be more than happy to throw their no-account ass under the bus as well?

So yeah! Ain’t a damn thing to vote FOR if you are a descendant of slaves. And one good thing is that the majority of the old white men who are running are ALL over 70 and look like they’re over 90 and so maybe at least three of ’em’ll drop dead before the election or a few days thereafter. And who in their right mind is paying any attention to Elizabeth “I am an Indian, I swear it” Warren? And while we’re at it, who the hell is Beto O’ Rourke? Other wise known as ‘Beta Rook’, a computer bird game.

Yes indeed, as you can see, I am taking ALL of this very seriously. I am not going to even waste my time standing somewhere for hours waiting to cast a vote for any one of those filthy, crooked pieces of shit and don’t bother telling me that I am not going to be able to complain when the shit hits the fan. I complained when I did stand somewhere and vote for shit and it did me no good and so why should I actually stand there and vote for something that I know I am going to complain about? At least I will get to say that I did not waste my time voting for what everyone else is complaining about. Not one of those assholes is going to do any of us any good since we don’t have billions to take to the halls of congress and pad the pockets of the politicians like corporations do. Since we are not corporations, we don’t count for shit! And you mean, you did not know this by now? Well if you didn’t, now you do!

And so I’ll leave you with a few more truths from Margaret Kimberley for you to let sink in.

There is no pretense among the CBC(Congressional Black Caucus) and up-and-comers like Stacy Abrams. They protect Biden because they are told to do so. They have no independence from the Democratic party donor class and they won’t drop Biden unless the 1% clique tell them to.

For now the dim bulb former vice president[Joe Biden] is hidden. He makes few appearances and doesn’t talk to the press. That is because he is as they say “gaffe prone.” He isn’t just a cynical opportunist, he is also stupid and can’t be trusted to be unscripted with the media. No wonder Democrats miss Obama, who is very smart and could convince everyone that he was on their side. They are now left with the dregs, an old school party hack who can’t hide his mediocrity.

I certainly hope that you are paying attention to this truth!

5 thoughts on “Black Amerikkkans, Don’t Even Bother Showing Up At The Polls Next Year. Let The Whites Re-elect Trump And Watch This Shithole Crash And Burn!

  1. I believe by us acknowledging that none of the parties mean us any good it will increase our discernment. Decieving ourselves into believing that the politicians will acknowledge our humanity will not only empower them to keep stomping on us, we will stymie the God force within us because we chose to believe in a known lie when the truth is obvious to us.

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    1. Thank you for making plenty of sense Yele66 especially seeing as how there are many Black people who are just so thrilled to have ‘Black’ faces standing before them seeking to be president, that they will ignore the obvious and vote for shit that’s going to do not a goddam thing about gentrification, income inequality, the school-to-prison pipeline, mass incarceration of us, police brutality, racial profiling, racist police killing us and getting away with it or any of the other serious issues that Black people in this shithole called ‘Amerikkka’ face, daily. When has any president or other politician did a goddamn thing about any of that? Never!!!

      You would think that Black people would indeed, be more discerning by now, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Any smooth talking snake oil salesman can get them to believe in whatever shit they are selling. I have long since taken off my rose-colored glasses and stomped the shit out of them. I fucking know better.

      If a politician’s lips are moving, then that means they’re lying. Oh yeah! If elected they promise to erase student loan debt, they promise to fix the infrastructure, they promise affordable health care for all, they promise this, that and every goddamn thing when they are beholden to corporations who bankroll their fucking campaigns. Who in their right mind can believe that a politician that owes his/her entire campaign fund to corporations is going to do a damn thing FOR individual citizens and Black folks should surely know that we are STILL NOT considered to be citizens of this fucked up shithole. Hell! Slavery is still the law of the land for if not, then why are there almost 3 million Black bodies slaving away in FOR PROFIT PRISONS? Exactly!

      Me? Stand somewhere and vote??!!!! Not a goddamn chance!!!

      Yele66, I thank you for that spot on comment.

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  2. Shelby,

    The fact this only got 2 likes is a disgrace.

    Black people, as you so eloquently articulated, have completely checked out on voting x or z candidate. The older boomer generation can’t be relied upon for the black vote anymore, and so them dems are desperately trying to outsource that vote somewhere else, when it can’t be outsources. The young black voters, who have to endure the foot of white supremacy directly, under, more than anyone, what’s like to be the direct precipitants of systematic oppression.

    Yes, 45 will be reelected, because white folks are so hell bent on voting for candidates who are not going to give us any tangibles once elected. If we don’t receive anything that will put us in an advantageous position, then, we ain’t screwing with it. The benign neglect is over. Black people are all about #CutTheCheck now, and the rest of white society is still hoping thing can go back to where, they might not outright be blaring racial slurs or saying they hate black folks, but they sure dam are benefiting from that white status at the same time. You are nothing short of relentless.

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    1. “The fact this only got 2 likes is a disgrace.”

      T.S.P., I look at it this way, I must be doing something right because if people ‘like’ all up and down on what I write to the point that the ‘likes’ are off the scale, then I know that I am doing nothing but showing how brainwashed my Black ass is and since I am damn sure NOT brainwashed, the “want to be brainwashed” folks cannot handle the truth and so, of course, will not ‘like’ this. I write to put the truth out there and most people can’t handle the truth, as you can see. Most people want a ‘savior’ of some sort to rescue them from their fucked up lives and that just ain’t gonna happen, regardless of who sits their debased ass inside the Oval Office or in the halls of congress.

      And the stupid, dumb as all hell whites cannot even see that the shit is coming for their asses as well. What corporation is going to need millions of them to sit somewhere and collect excellent wages when automation takes over? A robot is also coming for THEIR jobs. Oh yeah! It’ll impact Black folks first because everything BAD that comes down the pike always does, but it eventually scoops up everybody’s ass and by then, the wailing and moaning and shrieks you’ll hear from the whites will be from those who are left behind after a father, brother or husband has gone and sucked on a gun because they can’t handle being without a job and poor and sitting up in a tent with hookworm dripping out their ass. This shit’s coming for their asses as well, but they ain’t hardly trying to hear that shit right now. They are too busy hating on us while their own kind is about to pull the rug from underneath their fucking feet as well.

      Those whom they call the 1% or the ‘elites’ are not going to need their asses in the near future and the future is now. Watch what’s going to go down within just a few short years. It is not going to take decades for this shit to become unglued, I give it a couple of years and this shithole will be burning from one end to the other, at least what’s not flooded, because what’s to come is going to make ‘The Great Depression’ of the 1930s look like child’s play.

      T.S.P., I sincerely thank you for that wonderful compliment on this one. It is greatly appreciated, as I am sure you know!

      P.S. You are relentless as well. Keep it up!

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      1. Shelby,

        You are, as usual, spot on in your commentary. I have nothing to add nor detract from what you said. You broke it down sufficiently. Carry on, oh wise sista.

        Much Respect,

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