Attorney: Mentally ill woman left alone in jail cell while giving birth — Canoe — Kreb Talk

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A pregnant Florida woman was left alone in a jail cell for nearly seven hours after asking for help and eventually gave birth alone, her attorney said Friday. Public defender Howard Finkelstein demanded an immediate review of medical and isolation practices in a letter to Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony. “I […]

Finkelstein said his 34-year-old client complained of contractions and bleeding in the early morning hours of April 10. Jail staff attempted to contact an on-call doctor rather than take the woman to a hospital, the letter said. The doctor advised that he would check on the inmate when he arrived at the jail.

via Attorney: Mentally ill woman left alone in jail cell while giving birth — Canoe — Kreb Talk

While Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was touring a southern border facility, screeching and complaining about women there having to drink toilet water while enduring other harsh conditions, an Amerikkkan descendant of slaves was in a Florida jail on drug charges. She was also pregnant and had requested assistance because she was having contractions and was bleeding. The jail personnel merely “attempted to contact an on-call doctor rather than take the woman to a hospital.” The mentally ill, drug addicted Amerikkkan descendant of slaves eventually gave birth, alone in a jail cell. Who knows how long she had sat holding her newborn baby before a guard noticed that she was inside her cell holding a baby. Then and only then, was she taken, along with her baby, to the hospital.

Which case has garnered national and international attention? The southern border facility story, of course because what happens to Amerikkkan descendants of slaves is just ‘business as usual’ and so who gives a damn, right? Right! Certainly not the so-called ‘Black’ democratic contenders for president and certainly not the CBC(Congressional Black Caucus) because they are too far up whitey’s ass begging for donations for their campaigns and protecting the so-called front runners, Joe “I’m Stupid” Biden and Kamala “Yes I Am Black Enough” Harris.

One thing I can say for Ocasio-Cortez is that she will attempt to bring attention to the plight of those who speak one of the same languages she speaks, Spanish. Ocasio-Cortez’s father was born in the Bronx to a Puerto Rican family and her mother was born in Puerto Rico, hence why she could go to a southern border facility and find out from the illegal immigrant families being held there, and in their own words, just how they were being treated.  She also “accused half of all border agents of being wrapped up in a violent culture and questioned their treatment of illegal immigrant families. She also said the abhorrent abuse she witnessed was them on their best behavior.”

So tell me, what’s new? Whites have been abusing their victims for centuries. Who is surprised at what is going down inside those southern border facilities? Certainly not one Amerikkkan descendant of slaves because the majority of us have found ourselves inside a jail or prison hell and so we know firsthand just what those illegal immigrant families are enduring. But the difference is, even though this shithole has made it extremely difficult for those people to remain in their own countries thanks to sanctions, coups initiated by this shithole and the fucked up list is endless, those people still CHOSE to come here. The woman who gave birth to her baby in a jail cell did not choose to come here. Her ancestors were dragged here, kicking and screaming. Her ancestors were whipped, shackled, raped, beaten, molested, stripped and poked and prodded and bought and sold. Her ancestors were slaves and yet last month, Ocasio-Cortez “compared southern border detention facilities to Nazi concentration camps and received backlash from Holocaust survivors, and several high profile Democrats for going too far.”

What are prison hells? What the hell are jails? Nazi concentration camps! And please, a “Holocaust survivor,” bring your ass on up in here and screech and wail and complain about this all you want, but that shit don’t cut no ice with me! What was perpetrated against my ancestors does not pale in comparison to what these Nazis did to you. According to you, no one has suffered more on this planet than holocaust survivors. Well, I am pretty sure that if any one of my slave ancestors were alive today, they’d fucking duke it out with you over that claim. But at least you received reparations for your claim. Us, not at all. The only thing we are still receiving is enslavement, whippings, shackles, chains and brutality since there are almost three million Black bodies slaving away in FOR PROFIT PRISONS today! Amerikkkan descendants of slaves rank number one when it comes to horrifying statistics of disparities in health care, maternal mortality, infant mortality, employment, incarceration, addiction, homelessness, food insecurity and the fucked up list is endless. And so don’t screech and wail to me about your plight when myself and those who look like me have our own plight.

And now whitey pasty-ass has extended that plight to those south of the border who are coming here because of untenable living conditions in their home countries brought to them by, yep, you guessed it, whitey pasty-ass. Every damn body has got some no account whites to thank for why they’ve got a goddamn plight! We are ALL screeching and wailing from Puerto Rico to a concentration camp in Florida to a southern border concentration camp over what whites are doing to every being on this godforsaken planet while most politicians are begging corporations for donations and at the same time, talking about what they are going to do for the individual citizen if and when they get elected. Shut the fuck up! You ain’t going to do a damn thing for anybody! You’re going to fatten your goddamn wallets and take your ill-gotten gains and do exactly what Barack Obama and George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton did for us; take ALL our tax dollars and fund wars, wars and more wars while the shit hits the fan for every damn body, but especially for Amerikkkan descendants of slaves. And why those people south of the border are trying to come here is still a complete and utter mystery to me because they cannot be blind to what the whites are up to. There is nowhere to go to get away from those depraved parasites. And by coming into the belly of this goddamn beast, you are asking for it and that is why you’re being told to drink toilet water and eat dirt.

Why the hell do you think the whites are going to treat your asses any better than they do ours? Because some of your relatives own a Mexican restaurant? Or are you going to go and work for Uncle Gonzalez on his Taco Truck? Well, good luck getting out of that concentration camp on the southern border because I hear tell that the next largest group of incarcerated folks are Latinos. You wanna join them just as soon as you escape the concentration camp you’re in?

This is exactly why I try and re-blog the posts of others who look like me because we are the only ones who are telling our story; trying to get our voices heard. Everyone else has someone speaking FOR them, Amerikkkan descendants of slaves have no one to speak for us and I will be damned if I will sit somewhere and not call this shit out! If Black folks want to believe that any one of those worthless Black-assed motherfuckers who are trying to become president is going to do a damn thing for you, are you still believing that shit??!!! Because not one of them has visited a prison hell where sits millions of us and declared that to be their top priority in rectifying that shit. In fact, Kamala “I Am So Black” Harris is the reason why so many Amerikkkan descendants of slaves are sitting up in prison hells otherwise known as concentration camps. That debased bitch is not going to do a damn thing for any one of us despite her fucked up rhetoric and neither is Cory Booker or any other Black-assed or white-assed politician, for that matter. When.have.they.ever.

That poor mentally ill Black woman who just gave birth in a Florida jail hell did not belong there and she would not have been sitting up in there if she had been Becky or Scott or Ian and was from some rich suburb in Georgia. She would have been sent to rehab for her addiction and given all the treatment she needed to overcome a heroin addiction. Amerikkkan descendants of slaves are still being incarcerated for their addictions, are being left to give birth on their own while incarcerated and mentally ill and suffering from withdrawal and yet the national and international focus is on some illegal immigrants being likened to sitting up in ‘concentration camps’ on the southern border. This entire goddamn stolen ‘nation’ IS a concentration camp for Amerikkkan descendants of slaves. What the hell else is it??!!!

12 thoughts on “Attorney: Mentally ill woman left alone in jail cell while giving birth — Canoe — Kreb Talk

  1. AOC has also signed on as a staunch defender of the propagandist’s twisted understanding of antisemitism — the “understanding” that criticism of Israel is antisemitism, conveniently not including the largest group of Semites on the planet: Arabs, such as Hebrews from Africa, and for the same racist reasons. Mizrahi Semitic peoples are continually marginalized in Israel, but open arms are ever extended for the Ashkenazi who come from Europe. White supremacists have become the “chosen” people, people without Semitic characteristics get to call people like me “antisemitic,” because we appear to be what I shall call antiWhitic.

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    1. A quote from an article on racial profiling in Israel:
      “Anti-Blackness also exists in Israel. Until a social worker exposed the practice, Ethiopian Jewish women immigrating to the country were given the contraceptive Depo-Provera without their knowledge or consent. This resulted in a 20- to 50-percent decline in the birth rate of Ethiopian Israelis from about 2003 to 2013. Israel is home to an open-air prison for Eritrean and Sudanese asylum-seekers, whom Prime Minister Netanyahu has called “infiltrators.” There have also been racist rallies against non-Jewish Africans supported by government officials.
      I was targeted at the intersection of Israel’s Zionism and anti-Blackness. I was targeted at the intersection of the global War on Drugs and the War on Terror. I was targeted for being a young Black male. The international marker of “Blackness as criminal” superseded the global mobility of a U.S. passport. ”

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      1. I have always known that those goddamn Zionist pigs were not friends to Amerikkkan descendants of slaves. They fucking think that no one can say a damn word against them because of the holocaust, like no other group on this entire fucked up planet has suffered a holocaust. No other group has had horrifying shit brought down on them! That is a bald faced lie! You would think someone had insulted Jews if they even look at them cross-eyed. I am not about to sit still for their nonsense in that they are the only ‘put upon’ group and every other group needs to take a back seat because the shit that happened to them was more horrendous than any shit that’s ever happened to anyone else.

        I have been in Jewish neighborhoods and believe me, it was only by pure chance. It was not because I lived there or anything, hence why there are ‘Jewish’ neighborhoods; entire sections of cities. They keep themselves aloof from everyone else as though they are some sort of gods and their shit don’t even stink. I knew a man once who worked for one of those Jews and the stories he told me merely proved to me what I already knew about Jews and that is that they are racist as hell!

        So your above comments do not surprise me in the least. I only wish they did.

        I sincerely thank you for your comments, Bill.


  2. Amen well said… And bravo to you Ms Cortland you are real and raw with your words ..i love it cause I spits the same shit.and young Man you are spot on..we are the most hated copied admired people on the planet. Can’t love our culture and hate our people shit don’t Rock like that..hell no…when me and my brown many of whom were Afro Latino like me were building hip hop culture from the burning fires of hell of the south Bronx there was no we are the world and my brown Rican bros along with the dirt poor asf Black people were herded in S isolated neglected area of the south Bronx.all we had was drugs 40 percent unemployment and gangs corrupt cops and burning fires of people’s housing units and each other… And yet us so called inferior black and brown people gave rise to the greatest youth culture movement in human history..and the hip hop culture is ours made by us and for us to survive the horrors of the south called NYC did not give a fuck about us. No one did now all of a sudden you want to take our creation as it now “belongs to the world” FOH!! It’s ours and everyting else we create is ours.i ain’t sharing shit no more. Over on You tube on social conscience YouTube pages I let them kkkrackas have it..poor white or middle class I gives a tired of them and we need to get away from em. Like how the fuck you going to emulate the shit u hate!? Makes no fuckin sense.. Shit is retarded son! Shelby is beast along with tSP and all of the rest of the few champion black bloggers we have trying to wake our dumb asses up.. That’s how we act sometimes smfh..i for one ain’t going for it..we are the real children of Israel scattered to the 4 corners of the earth.. WS knows we are the creators people here that’s why they do the shit they do..and as a pioneer of hip hop I will continue to rally our people against the bullshit I see them doing..shit will end along with them… Keep doing your thing on here young warrior. And you to ms Cortland.. Keep giving it to them real and raw.. I am Derrick “D Rock” Martinez I am a original founding member of one of the greatest street dance crews in history the legendary rock steady crew formed in the summer of hell itself in 1977 by our amazing black and brown Rican bros…..shalom

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    1. Wow Derrick “D Rock” Martinez, I am almost at a loss for words. I do the best I can. Sometimes I wonder what is it all for because it does seem that many of our people want to stay sleep or are on some “loving all up and down” on their sworn enemy time. The white parasites hate us but want to steal our culture, erase our history and claim everything that’s ours for themselves. We need to stop giving them the ‘rights’ to our shit! We need to do what Nipsey Hussle was doing and give back to the ‘hood’ by uplifting the ‘hood’. Many Black people who have made it big are not doing that. And shits like Bill Cosby tried to “put us in our place” with his ‘pound cake’ lecture and now I hear tell that he is lecturing other inmates in prison. Go figure! And don’t even get me started on that Oprah Winfrey bitch. That bitch got her start on a local news channel in Baltimore, MD and was hooked on crack and now she pretends that even her shit don’t stink. She will do a photo op of opening a school up in Africa after having flown over public schools here that haven’t enough books, have NO computers or any of the things that whites have in their private schools. We need to know who our friends are within the Black collective and who are NOT our friends and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are NOT our friends, neither are those coonhead sellouts that call themselves Black politicians. They are no better than their white counterparts. And Amerikkkan descendants of slaves need to understand this. Just because a ‘Black’ face is standing before you, does not mean that ‘Black’ face is FOR you.

      And as long as I am able, I am going to put the hard-hitting truth out there and I don’t give a goddamn who don’t like it. We don’t like the shit we’re having to deal with, but we deal. But I want whitey pasty-ass to know that he ain’t bamboozled ALL of us with his gadgets designed to hypnotize us and to get us brainwashed, clueless and conformed to his wicked ass ways. Those lousy motherfuckers have been attempting to suck every goddamn body bone fucking dry; that’s what parasites do and that is why I call them, parasites. They don’t give shit. They only take until there is nothing left and then they move on to the next. And that is exactly what they have been doing for aeons all while proclaiming their benevolence and humanitarianism. Those creatures are loathsome and lower than slugs.

      Welcome to my blog and thank you for your comment. It is sincerely appreciated. And keep keeping on!

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  3. Shelby, we and our ancestors tried to tell them they would come for them. They won’t stop until they eat their own women and children. Thanks for reblog!

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    1. Kreb, yes we did and the stupid fucks refused to listen. If we don’t know any damn thing else on this planet, we know the white parasite. We don’t want to, but unfortunately, we were forced to. And I despise, loathe, hate and detest those demons more and more each and every single day!

      And it was an honor to re-blog this! Thank you for posting it!

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  4. The elephant in the White room: Black People in this racist place did not emigrate from Africa, they were brutally and self-Whiteously identified as “human resources” that would lower the costs of production for the bidders at the slave block who recognized that paying nothing to the most productive workers provided the return on investment that free-labor brings. They didn’t ask the Africans if they would mind climbing into the cargo hold. *No* White immigrant would work for zero wages, they left poverty in Europe to better wages on this continent. White Slavery is an urban myth. The colonial empires of Europe created a version of settler colonialism that profits off the backs of Black People. That system created the elites that benefit still. Reconstructionism was Slavery 2.0. Jim Crow has never been more brazen and nasty. And I quite agree, Whites do not hesitate to abscond Black culture as if it were their birthright.

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    1. Bill is again, spot on with his comment. Whites have attempted to re-write history because of the vile and fucked up shit they have done and are still doing. They are trying to make everyone believe that Africans immigrated here alongside the Irish and ‘other immigrants’. That is a bald faced lie! Whites always want to strut around and puff their chests out and proclaim how ‘humanitarian and benevolent’ they are when those debased monstrous creatures are so vile and evil, they had to invent a hell and proclaim that others would burn there for an eternity when their ‘hell’ would be too good for the likes of those parasites.

      And yes, ‘white slavery’ is a myth put out, once again, by the whites to try and downplay what was perpetrated against my ancestors. These whites over here are rich thanks to our ancestors and yet they want to sit around and proclaim that “they’ll be damned if they are made to pay for the sins of their fathers and grandfathers” over slavery. That is what that racist stupid fuck Joe Biden had to say on the subject of reparations and I hope his debased, filthy ass does NOT slither inside the Oval Office. That moron lacks the sense gawd gave a goat and yet he is somewhere attempting to get everyone to understand that he is not a racist. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a goddamn duck. And Joe Biden is racist as hell! Fuck him and ALL his kind!

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  5. @ resurrectedfromthedead, those illegals coming here do NOT like descendants of slaves. I know this for a fact because when I lived in Minnesota, I experienced, first hand, their dislike of us. But then, no other group likes us. We don’t have ANY friends and that is why I will NOT take up for any other group because we have it so goddamn bad, I cannot even keep up with the vile ass shit that’s perpetrated against us each and every single day. What would I look like stating that those Latinos need some damn assistance now when, like I said, they CHOSE to come here. We did not and yet ALL the focus is on them being told to drink water out of the toilet. That’s nothing compared to what our ancestors were forced to do and us as well. Why should I get all bent-out-of-shape over what happens to some folks who hate our guts when they get here and they chose to come here to be subjected to the shit the whites are subjecting them to. If they don’t like the situation, then they can just turn around and go back from whence they came. We cannot do that and the reason ALL other groups hate our guts is because they WANT to come to this shithole and so they hate us because we had the goddamn nerve to be BORN here. Like that shit’s on us! All other groups can just kiss my ass and deal with the shit whitey-pasty ass dishes out to them because if they continue to show up on the borders and on the shores of this shithole, then they are not blind to what they are going to receive for their efforts.

    Those south of the border drink what amounts to ‘toilet water’ every day in their countries and that is why so-called ‘gringos’ cannot even go there and drink the water. Those who come here from south of the border are used to the parasites and other organisms that are in their fucked up drinking water and food. Their systems have become accustomed to the garbage they eat and the filth they drink. Why do you think we started hearing about bed bugs and e coli and the like? Because of those coming here from south of the border and they have no sense of hygiene whatsoever and yet, they’re ‘cleaning’ hotels and fixing burritos and tacos and some more shit in restaurants. That is why Chipotle is always in the news for drowning in e coli. Those from South and Central America don’t bother with hygiene. You’d never find my ass sitting up in a Mexican restaurant attempting to eat some guacamole or some re-fried beans or some other mashed up shit on a plate. I have no sympathy whatsoever for their plight. They can just cry me a river!

    I thank you for your comment.

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  6. They are racist as hell!
    But if you call them out,they will deny and deny it until their death!
    That’s what they are good,deny and deny it!
    What can you except from these savage animals?
    They aren’t full human being,that few DNA that share with monkeys and other animals,they can’t treat you as human being!
    For them that poor BW wasn’t nothing and her child as well!
    Maybe they felt upset that BW and her child both them survived,because we all know very well,what the nasty things these bastards do to BW ,when we are pregnant!
    They will treat us less and worst than an animals,and they will make sure and during pregnancy and labour,we will face and go through hell until
    we will lose our life!
    These bastards,they will make sure that we will not survivor!
    What I can say,because there aren’t places for them in society,
    because they don’t have the ability to understand humanity and their feeling.
    Why these cave savage beast why they can’t go to live with animals?
    They said”they feel more connect with the animals”
    Or why they can’t go straight way to hell and don’t come back again?
    Unfortunately even the animals they don’t want them!

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    1. True! Even the animals don’t want them. And even their dogs have begun to give them diseases. They are sick to death of them as well. And the alligators are killing ’em off one by one. Every single day there is yet another killing of one of those white-assed creatures getting killed by an alligator. Just the other day, a white arm and leg was found inside an alligator and on the same day, an alligator ate another one of those paled-assed creatures and then spit it the fuck back up. Apparently, the “other white meat’ don’t go down so well.

      And you are right again, those jail guards were hoping that the Black woman and her baby would die, hence why they did not seek to help her by taking her to the hospital. This is why there is a huge disparity when it comes to Black women dying in childbirth as opposed to those white female parasites. It is ALL done by design because there is no reason in the world for Black women and their babies to be dying in childbirth in this so-called ‘developed country’. You would think those Black women and their babies who die during childbirth were in Mozambique or some damn where like it.

      But you see qnubian, time is running out for these debased white-assed creatures and they know this.The news out of this shithole is horrifying for them from one end of this shithole to the other. On Monday, Washington, D.C. was flooded so damn bad, even the basement in the White House was flooded and those creatures had to evacuate the basement. Hell! The subway station’s infrastructure is so goddamn bad that water was pouring through the roof and down onto the platform and the subway trains as they came into the station. New Orleans is flooded, included the infamous French Quarter that these pale-assed parasites just love to head to and get drunk and strip. Those in California are sleeping on mattresses in front of their homes thanks in part to two earthquakes that just shook them the hell up. Alaska is baking and on fire. Hawaii has just put out an alert that there is activity underneath a huge volcano.

      So, qnubian, these whites are going to be made to pay for at least some of the vicious, vile ass shit that they have done and are still doing to us. And believe me, they haven’t even begun to get what’s coming for their nasty, disease dripping asses. And you can take that to the bank!

      Thank you for your comment.

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