Opinion: Stop with All the White Women and Other “White Minority Groups” Helping Us Out Nonsense — Kreb Talk

Listen Black people, if you haven’t learned by now that white women and other so-called “white minority groups” generally falls in line with the agendas and policies promoted by white men, then you need to wake your ass up! How many times do these “groups” have to show you that when all is said and, they understand that their white skin (privilege) trumps whatever so-called minority group they identify with or belong to. […]

via Opinion: Stop with All the White Women and Other “White Minority Groups” Helping Us Out Nonsense — Kreb T

Hear! Hear!

Why are Black people still believing that white female parasites are less problematic for us than white male parasites?

White female parasites are actually far worse than their male counterparts and make no mistake, white male parasites are our mortal foe; our number one enemy and yet even before him, the white female parasite is a billion times worse.

Throughout our history in this shithole, it has been white female parasites that have caused lynchings of Black men thanks to their vicious lies. They have caused an entire Black city to be destroyed….again, over their vicious lies. They have sent many, many Black men to their death all because they lie just as easily as they suck air.

It was a white female parasite that lied on Emmett Till and got him murdered in one of the most depraved and horrendous ways possible.

It was a white female parasite that lied and her lies resulting in the Black city of Rosewood getting burned to the ground.

There have been multitudes of white female parasites lying on Black people that resulted in them getting lynched, jailed or beaten to within an inch of their lives and yet through all of this, Black men will still lie down with those depraved slugs. They will marry those debased creatures and help produce something that is not even wholly human for nothing that is half parasite is human. What is wrong with you???!!!

“White women haven’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since the early 1960s. Once the Dixiecrats (racists Southern Democrats who left the Democratic Party) left the Democratic Party in favor of the Republican Party in the 1960s, white women left right along with them. Fast forward to the present, a great majority of white women voted for Trump and the known pedophile Roy Moore from Alabama.”

White female parasites are so damn vicious, blood thirsty and depraved that they will vote FOR a pedophile and so what does that say about what they even think of their own damn offspring? White female parasites, almost to a one, voted FOR Donald “Grab them by the pussy” Trump and then turned right around and put on pink pussy hats and strutted through the streets of Washington, DC, claiming that they were protesting Donald Trump’s misogynistic ass. What the hell for since they voted him in???!!! How are you going to vote for something and then five seconds later, proclaim that he is against your pallid flat ass?!!! That doesn’t even make any sense.

The reason white female parasites voted FOR Donald “Grab them by the pussy” Trump is because he stands for exactly what they stand for; white supremacy, white privilege, racism, bigotry, prejudice and hatred for Amerikkkan descendants of slaves. That is why those same debased creatures voted FOR a known pedophile, Roy Moore in Alabama.

And the only reason, Black men, that those white female parasites will have anything to do with you is because they hold the upper hand on your ass at ALL TIMES! Step out of line and the kkkops will be on your ass so fast, you’ll not have time to blink. They are your mortal enemy and yet, after all this time and after all that they have done to countless Black men that has resulted in their being lynched, set on fire, beaten to death and incarcerated, you will still snuggle up to THE most depraved and debased monster on this planet??!! What the fuck is wrong with you???!!!!

“How often do you see the white LGBTQ community support their Black and brown counterparts? Where was the white LGBTQ community’s support with the Pulse nightclub shooting? Although I have some troubling personal beliefs about the current Black transsexual killings, where are white LGBTQ community on this issue? They also represent a large slice of the community who are gentrifying Black communities all over this country.”

Yeah! Why don’t we talk about that??!! For the Black folks who claim to be LGBTQ, where is the WHITE LGBTQ crowd when it comes to denouncing racism, gentrification, a school-to-prison pipeline, mass incarceration, income inequality, drug addiction, homelessness, food insecurity and some mo shit? Where the fuck are they? They are not rubbing shoulders with you and denouncing that vile ass shit because they are busy trying to push and shove your LGBTQ Black ass out of the way to make way for their LGBTQ asses to take over where you used to live. The white LGBTQ community ain’t thinking about your Black ass even as you sit somewhere at some so-called ‘pride parade’ droning on and on about how you “feel the love” from THE most ‘love’ deprived slugs on this planet. Those things don’t love. They don’t even know what love is and so what the hell you’re feeling must be gas because it damn sure ain’t love coming from those debased monsters; those creatures.

Keep thinking that ANY white is your friend and you are going to find out the hard way that whites will never be anything more to you than just THE means to YOUR end! Not a one of those motherfuckers has our best interest at heart and the only way that you are going to have YOUR best interest at heart is to stay away from something so vile, it should never have been allowed to slither and crawl all across this planet dragging nothing in its wake but disease, destruction, war, misery and death! And that is exactly what you are courting when you mess with that shit! Fuck with it and fuck it at your own peril!


19 thoughts on “Opinion: Stop with All the White Women and Other “White Minority Groups” Helping Us Out Nonsense — Kreb Talk

  1. What do I see in the eyes of the very nice and fine ladies adorned in finery? I see them at a proper tea party, holding delicate china cups while above them hang the strange fruit, the lynched bodies suspended from the limbs of the trees and gracing the gathering of groomed ladies. A blithe display of decent women of heritage, breeding, and social manners. The faces of feminity in full blossom. My eyes have seen the glory…

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    1. Indeed, those debased rejects from who the hell knows where sit somewhere pretending that even their shit don’t stink when the foulest odor is oozing out of their pores. It is the stench of racism, bigotry, hatred, prejudice and the fucked up list of the like is endless, but never will the smell coming from them resemble anything that is ‘pure’, ‘decent’, ‘kind’ and ’empathetic’; that is not what they are.

      I can honestly say that no white male parasite has ever called me a ‘nigger’ to my face, but one of those female parasites surely has. I would no more turn my back on those evil, demonic creatures than I would an angry bull and believe me, those hellions would do worse to me than that bull would, buleedat! The only thing a white bitch can do for me is die!

      Bill, thank you for your comment.

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      1. I’ve had white students at the schools I had attended call me a “Nigger” but I never was offended over that word back then and I am still not offended over it because I look at it as being just a word but that’s just me. I can’t stand to see the ones of us who would get all bent out of shape when Whites would use that word in a offensive manner because it is making us look stupid and like a bunch of weaklings over a stupid word to be honest.

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      2. Black Warrior, I don’t even know where to begin. Either you are apt to use that word with so much regularity yourself, that you see nothing wrong when whites use that derogatory word to describe Amerikkkan descendants of slaves since you must think that all of us are ‘ignorant’. That vile word was first used when whites were referencing slaves and was lashing their backs, whipping them, raping them, poking and prodding and selling them and some mo shit! That word is NOT a term of endearment. It was never meant to be taken as such and I will not just shrug when a white motherfucker calls me out of my name. And so I suppose that, in your opinion, it is also okay for whites to put on ‘Black face’ and hang nooses all over the place and leave torches burning in the yards of Black folks since you are okay with them calling us ‘niggers’ all day and all night. How about next, they commence to burning down entire neighborhoods that contain mostly Black bodies. They’re already burning down Black ‘indoctrination centers’, better known as churches and so why should they stop there? They certainly did not stop back in the day since we know they burned down the Black Wall Street and the Black city, Rosewood. And I am pretty sure they were screaming, “We are going to burn some niggers out tonight!”

        If you want to be referred to as ‘nigger’ all day and all night, then that is your prerogative, but I’m damned if I will allow those soulless monsters to call me that. I don’t use it in my everyday dealings with other Amerikkkan descendants of slaves and so I should have no problem if whites refer to me as ‘nigger’? Are you serious? I have often questioned whether or not you are actually an Amerikkkan descendant of slaves because some of your previous comments just didn’t make sense and this one certainly does not. And I am usually right when something just doesn’t pass the ‘smell’ test and something is awfully smelly about this comment and taken with all the other comments of yours that have been a bit ‘off’ and this is most definitely not passing the ‘smell’ test.

        My cousin was called a ‘nigger’ on his job and he knocked the white motherfucker out cold who called him that and he would do it again in a New York nanosecond and that is why he went to school and became a mechanic and opened his own auto repair shop, made a mint off of that and now is in the real estate business building homes from the ground up for the rich and famous. And so no, there is just something not right about you because no TRUE Black person would not be offended if a white motherfucker called them that. I do realize that Black people have taken the most derogatory word in history and applied it to themselves and that is not right since they are, apparently, on some self-hating time from being all goddamn confused and some mo shit thanks to whitey pasty ass, however, they still get bent-out-of shape when they get called that by the whites.

        And with that having been said, I am done with you.

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    1. Bill, I suggest that you say that again for Black Warrior because he, apparently, has no problem with that word being used as his name. He states that he is quite alright when ‘whites’ call him a ‘nigger’ because “it is only a word” and maybe that is because he is ‘white’ and so when other whites call him that, they are just ‘joking around’ because he is somewhere sporting ‘Black face’ at Halloween and at frat parties, doncha know.

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      1. False-witness is weapon of racial destruction, a particularly disgusting technique in a propagandist’s toolkit. I hope this is not the case, but being called a ‘nigger’ in the company of both Blacks and Whites raises the smell level. Unfortunately, anonymity cuts both ways.


      2. Bill, indeed. Apparently, this blog of mine is becoming more popular than I thought because this is not the first troll that I have come across. There was another one who went by the alias, ‘TrueBlackPanther’ and I had to get him/her off of here with his/hers foolishness and he/she, of course, showed his/her true colors when I bounced his/her fake ass on up outta here. I am seldom wrong because, like I’ve stated before, I have read too many mystery ‘who did it’ novels to know ‘who did it’ before I am 1/3 of the way into the book. And something kept telling me that there is some fake ass shit to this ‘person’. And it is.

        If ‘nigger’ is just a word, then I am going to refer to ‘Black Warrior’ as a ‘punk ass bitch’. Black Warrior, you are a punk ass bitch! Now, since they are ‘just words’, then I don’t expect you to take exception to those ‘words’ because if “nigger” has no known impact on you, than neither should being called a “punk ass bitch.” Now, Black Warrior, how about if I called you a ‘goddamn parasite’, did that offend you? Of course not! They are ‘just words’ and words don’t affect you; not in the least, or so you say.

        Bill, let me tell you how this is going to play out. Tomorrow, this blog will be filled with nasty comments from ‘Black Warrior’ because I am quite sure that he/she knows that he/she may be able to get in a few nasty comments before I shut ‘him/her’ down and so ‘he/she’ is going to go all out, but I will shut him/her down. I wondered why he/she asked me about trolls in one of his/her comments. And I thought to myself, “Why would he/she be worried about my having to deal with trolls?” Well, that is most likely what ‘Black Warrior’ is, but I can deal with him/her and that is what I stated in my comment to him/her.

        We shall soon see if I am right and usually, I am. I know my ‘regulars’ and he/she just appeared out of nowhere, but I let him/her have their say because they weren’t too out there with it, not until now.

        Thanks Bill!

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  2. I follow propagandists in Israel and the U.S. who have the dishonest job of trolling for a living, delving the internet for anyone with the temerity to criticize anything that could possibly be interpreted as antisemitism — the equivalent of antiTrumpism over here. The “special relationship” works to allow a single country (USA) to veto any measures that would give the Palestinians a hint of identity. Without that veto, Palestine would already be an independent State and could be found on Google Maps. One of my readers sends me an assload of links to “Isn’t Israel Wonderful” websites, saving me the time of finding such sites for myself. White Supremacy is a mission statement for each of these special-relationship teams, presently Ben and Don. Speaking of White Supremacy, I’ve been sparring with a racist who defends White victims of reverse racism. I am planning to write a post on that topic real soon now.

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    1. Bill, my hat is off to you for your relentless showcasing of the horrors faced by the Palestinian people that are perpetrated against them by those Zionist pigs, Netanyahu being the biggest one of them all. He even looks like evil personified. And yes, you are correct in that there are those whose sole purpose is to try and pretend to be something that they are not in order to get their little digs in and ‘Black Warrior’ has been doing just that. Some of his/her comments, I simply ignored because I couldn’t even be bothered to reply, they were that inane. However, with this latest comment, even I have reached my limit. I refuse to tolerate this shit on my blog. If folks want to get their agenda across, then they are free to start their own blog and post their own opinions, content or whatever, but on here, I get the final say so and I will not have trolls pretending to be Amerikkkan descendants of slaves leaving comments that are that outlandish on here and let them continue to perpetuate the myth that being called a ‘nigger’ is okay. That shit would not be okay under ANY circumstances and it is certainly NOT okay with me. I’ll not have it stated that I allowed someone to post that tripe and I did not call them out on it. That is never going to happen.

      And secondly, I don’t even know how anyone can state that they are a ‘victim of reverse racism’. That does not even make any sense. Like I stated previously, this blog of mine has become quite popular in recent months and I figured that because of that, I would start to see my share of trolls, subtly trying to shit stir and see what they can get away with and eventually upping the ante which is what ‘Black Warrior’ did. I expected that he/she would. I was counting on it because I knew that he/she would eventually expose themselves for what they really are.

      Bill, I anxiously await your next blog. I will be reblogging an excellent post tomorrow. You will surely not want to miss it.

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      1. Bill, I owe you an apology. This morning, that thing that called itself ‘Black Warrior’ had indeed, came back in here and under one of its many aliases, cussed you out and cussed me out, which is exactly what I said IT would do and I guess, words do indeed, hurt, but only certain ones. That thing even stated that it was indeed that piece of shit, ‘TrueBlackPanther’ that was in here before and I had to get rid of it. It must have decided that being called a ‘punk ass bitch’ and a ‘goddamn parasite’ was much worse than being called a ‘nigger’. I deleted that vile shit and even if it tries to come back in here under yet ANOTHER alias, I’ve got IT under control. I don’t know why IT has latched onto me, but I am shaking it the hell off for the last time. I knew that something was ‘off’ about it and I should have listened to my instincts, I won’t let that happen again.

        I don’t know if I’ll get a post up today, but I hope to get it up soon. And I surely will not miss the one that you are working on. And again, I do apologize because some of my readers saw that things vile message to you before I could take it down. But I am all on it now!

        Take care,

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  3. HI Shelby, thanks for deleting the cuss words, TrueBlackPanther sounds familiar: something like TrueDonaldTrump 🙂 My post is coming along pretty well and I hope to complete it tomorrow.
    All the best,

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  4. I don’t know what in the hell blacks can expect from WW help and support when in reality their are ” THE QUEEN OF DISPOSABLE”.
    They use everyone and everything to get what they want and doesn’t matter
    which method they do,if you get in their way they will kill you without feel sorry!
    People are deceived by their gender because they are women, but
    they don’t have any idea under that angelic face is hiding one
    of the most vile and horrible monsters that unfortunately came this world!
    They are so vile,they kill their own kids and family members without feel remorse what they have done!

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    1. qnubian, I have never been deceived by those vicious psychopaths otherwise known as white female parasites. Those things are worse than spawns of the devil and yet Black people think that those debased creatures are less problematic for us than their male counterparts. That is SO not true, it ain’t even funny.

      Those depraved and blood thirsty creatures tortured Black slave women just because their debased parasitic husbands and sons couldn’t keep their hands off them. They hate our guts because we are THE definition of femininity. Those flat-assed, no lip bitches with their pallid flimsy skins ain’t got shit on us and they know this. Why do you think that the majority of them will undergo risky surgery or risk melanoma diagnoses? It is because they hate their ugly ass bodies. Put a Black-skinned woman beside one of those pale, flat assed, no lip creatures and that thing looks like something half dead. And that is exactly what they are, slithering death.

      And read this!

      Mom who tried to kill baby held in his death 11 years later

      SAN FRANCISCO – A woman who was prosecuted in Montana for trying to drown her baby son more than a decade ago has been accused of killing the now 12-year-old boy by drowning him in California, authorities said Monday.

      Sheriff’s deputies found the boy and his 7-year-old brother unresponsive in a full irrigation canal near a cornfield. An autopsy said Jackson Telnas died of drowning, and officials said the younger boy is hospitalized in critical condition but didn’t detail what injuries he suffered.

      This pasty-assed bitch tried to kill her son when he was a baby, but somehow, he survived and they locked her ass up, but then decided that she was okay to be paroled. They then turn right around and grant her custody of the same child that she tried to drown at birth and this time, she succeeds. She tried to also drown his brother, but the brother of the deceased child survived. This bitch would not have been able to do that if they had not given her early parole. She was not supposed to get out of prison until 2027 and now her debased ass is heading back to prison for at least having succeeded in murdering one of her children. And yet, Black people, especially Black men think that those things can love? They better get the hell out of my face with that bullshit! Those debased creatures don’t even love their own children because they are incapable of ‘love’. Hate, yes, but most definitely NOT love!

      I thank you for your comment.

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  5. I agree 100 % with you!
    Shelby believe they are so aggressive!
    I have received passive aggression or microaggression by everyone but
    WW are the number one when it comes
    of aggression!
    Because they are the most privilage women on the Planet even when they commit a murder,they always find the way to get away!
    I always watch two series on Youtube “Deadly women” and “Female killers”
    in these two series,showing the real evil and sadic faces of WW!
    Nosting at all of the angelic false propaganda of the nasty ass of
    their male counterpart want to promote!
    Even their men know deep down how sadic,psychopaths and cold blood
    they are!
    BM don’t have any idea what kind women they are in the bed!
    As long as BM give moneys,drugs and sex to them,they are happy,but once those three elements are missing,BM should pray that they will come out safe and unharmed!

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    1. qnubian, you cannot tell these Black men a goddamn thing. They believe that those depraved creatures are goddesses to be placed on a pedestal. Those monsters, even the devil wouldn’t take because they are evil beyond words. And the Black men are just going to continue to have to find out the hard way just what the hell they are up against. We cannot make them listen, but if enough of them get fucked up enough times by those debased monstrosities, maybe they’ll finally figure it out! I would NEVER trust those things and plus they are nasty as hell! They don’t even wash their hands after they finish in the restroom. And then they have the nerve to wonder why they are disease-riddled; it’s because they’re so damn NASTY!

      qnubian, I thank you for yet another great comment.

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