Opinion: Land of the Free Whites, Home of the Brave Blacks — Kreb Talk

Don’t believe the title of this piece? Let’s take a deeper look to fully understand how the title of this piece is absolutely true. Let’s talk labor. Two-hundred fifty years of free slave labor and another hundred years of Jim Crow created an economy that no other nation on earth could compete with.

Let’s talk inventions. All non-miseducated people know that the biggest thing the white man invented in America was the U.S. Patent Office in order to steal the rights to everyone else’s inventions. Inventions come out of necessary. Inventions mostly make doing things easier. It’s hard to invent something sitting on the plantation porch watching slaves do all the work. I guess one invention that could come from such sedentary work would be a fly swatter.  […]

via Opinion: Land of the Free Whites, Home of the Brave Blacks — Kreb Talk

And this is a comment from, of course, a white man in response to Kreb’s post about what whites have invented.

“Where I disagree is that white people added nothing to invention and innovation to the progress of society.”

And here is MY comment to that!

“Oh yeah! Whites invented shit;bombs, missiles, drones, GMO food, syphilis, smallpox, AIDS, ‘the clap’, torture, christianity which is actually a bold faced lie, alcohol, heroin, crack, napalm, Agent Orange, white phosphorous, war crimes, lies, hypocrisy, lawyers, criminal banks, Payday loans, furniture loan stores, FICO scores, credit cards, 30-year mortgage loans, taxes, indoctrination, abduction, slavery, shackles, prisons, identity theft; you know, ALL the things that have made OUR lives SO much better! And I hope you can tell that by “better,” I am being totally sarcastic.”

So yeah! You whites can most definitely take the blame for inventing shit that we SO fucking didn’t need and is why we are in deep shit today. So, why didn’t you debased white-assed motherfuckers just stick with inventing the goddamn ‘flyswatter’? The Indians certainly did NOT need your inventions; smallpox, smallpox blankets, alcohol, syphilis and other diseases that you filthy white, nasty disease dripping pus dickheads gave them and now you want to claim that you have spearheaded any gains in the advancement of medicine. I guess you had to find a way to cure your fucking clap and syphilis and now you’ve become so debased that even your so-called medical advancements are nothing since you can’t even cure the genital warts that look like cauliflower that’s all on your nasty private parts, nor can you cure the herpes that’s attached to it and that’s all around your nasty lipless mouths.

And tell me, how do you think that inventing nuclear shit is helping us since you debased white shits then proceeded to put that nuclear shit right on goddamn fault lines and there are earthquakes occurring in California as I type this and what the fuck do you think is going to happen when an earthquake and a nuclear power plant meet? Paradise? Millions of people are going to die because of what whites invented since not a goddamn thing you degenerate, stupid, brain dead idiots invented was in any way, shape or form, something that was beneficial to those of us who are ‘humans’ and not parasites.

Kreb was spot on when he said,

“Let’s talk leadership. Whether it was during Reconstruction when the nation was in a very, very bad situation after years of civil war and political turmoil, or during the Great Recession of 2007-2008, or during every single war this country has fought, white America has depended on Blacks to pull the country out of very, very bad places.”

That’s certainly true since Amerikkkan descendants of slaves have fought in every war that this country has started here or elsewhere and what the fuck did they get for their efforts? They got racism shoved down their throats. When Amerikkka finally entered the war against Germany, which by the way, was won by the Russians since Amerikkkans are Nazis, Amerikkkans brought the Nazis over here and had them stand guard over the American descendants of slaves who had fought for this country and the so-called “Allies” against Nazi Germany. The American descendants of slaves officers were not even allowed in the “Officer’s Club” even as German Nazi so-called ‘prisoners of war’ were. So, who was the goddamn enemy? Certainly NOT the Nazis since Amerikkka harbored them, had then stand guard over Amerikkkan descendants of slaves and just recently returned a 90 year-old Nazi back to Germany. So, these Nazi shits over here do indeed know exactly where their Nazi brothers are ‘hiding’. But when they are of no further use to them, why they then send those Nazi fucks packing.

Kreb was also spot on when he said:

“Let’s talk culture. Everyone who doesn’t live under a rock and leaves their home every now and then or peeks at some type of media knows that there is no such thing as white culture in America. American culture is wholly owned and operated by American Descendants of Slaves. Don’t give me this shit about apple pie and baseball. You know as well as I do that all that shit is Black and I’m not about to present a dissertation on it. “

Yes indeed, tell me what the fuck is ‘white culture’. You debased monstrosities don’t have a culture. All you have is disease, destruction, theft, enslavement and war going on and that vile shit is most definitely NOT culture! So what culture do you have? Sunbathing to try and darken your pallid, flimsy flesh? Dog hair? Because that’s what you smell like, oh and fish. So, is smelling like fish, your culture? Because if it is, I wants no parts of it. In the comments, one of y’all know account whites, please post what you think is ‘white culture’ because damn if I know.

Kreb just continues to hit it out of the ballpark:

Let’s talk beauty. White people have duped so many Blacks that European beauty is the standard of beauty in America. They don’t believe that shit themselves. Even during slavery, white women made female slaves cover their hair and skin as much as possible. It was common for white women to lacerate the faces of their female slaves. Of course, this was all to make the female slave less attractive to her white men. Too bad for her, because nothing she did to make the Black female slave unpleasant to her white men worked. White men could not keep their hands and bodies off Black slave women and girls. Similarly, white men often took the brawniest male slave, that they referred to as “bulls”, from his newly purchased batch of slaves, stripped him naked, pull out his penis, and deflowered the male slave anally in front of the male slave’s wife and children in order to socially demasculinize him. If you think about it, this same construct is still going on today behind the lens of mainstream media (marginalizing Black beauty) and the criminal justice system (demasculinizing Black men).

Damn Kreb, I’m about speechless because you’ve damn near covered it all! Those debased white shits did in fact, do just as you described. In fact, the field of gynecology is what it is today thanks to Black slave women because white motherfuckers experimented on them without the benefit of anesthesia while mutilating them and also caused many of them to die from the experiments done on them and it continues to this day. Ask the family of Henrietta Lacks since they are suing Johns Hopkins Hospital Systems for using Ms. Lacks cancer cells for their benefit and never told her what they were doing to her and of course, she was an Amerikkkan descendant of slaves; she was just something to be used. She wasn’t a human being in the eyes of those Nazis at Johns Hopkins, just as none of us who are Amerikkkan descendants of slaves are viewed as human when whites certainly can lay no claim to that distinction.

Yes indeed, this vile ass shit that whites have been perpetrating against us began with our ancestors having been dragged over here to this shithole and it continues. Nothing has changed. Trust those worthless pale-assed creatures? Not on your life! And it goes without saying that a Black woman IS beauty defined, hence why white female parasites hate those thin lines that pass for lips, hate their flat asses, hate the paleness of their flimsy flesh and hate that dog hair that smells like a wet dog and actually resembles dog hair and if anyone is in any doubt of that, go here where there is plenty of proof.

And Kreb continues:

I ask all white people who reads this piece to honestly ask yourself if you think your people would have made the progress that American Descendants of Slaves have made in this country given them a 350 year head start in the vices of slavery and Jim Crow? Your greatest fear is that having that same power, American Descendants of Slaves would perpetrate the same vices on you that you’ve done and still do on us this very day. Almost all Blacks don’t give a damn about “getting you all back”. We know how counterproductive that would be. We also know that if you all just played on a level playing field, the chips will fall in our side of the field. You know that too. So yes, all this is the reason why this is the land of the free whites and home of the brave Blacks.

The only reason you pasty-assed rejects from who the hell knows where have nothing to fear from us is because we are nothing like you debased, depraved, blood thirsty, vile, vicious, barbaric, blood sucking leeches. We aren’t parasites and therefore, we don’t roam the planet in search of what we can suck, bone fucking dry from everyone, everything, everywhere. That’s what the fuck YOU whites are! And this is why you sit on your debased asses and look at us humans as the problem and incarcerate us by the millions, attempting to kill us off by the millions because that is what you are; filthy murderers! Oh yes, you invented shit alright! And that is exactly what you invented; shit! Not a damn thing that you ‘invented’ promoted peace, love, kindness, empathy, justice and freedom because you are too busy ‘inventing’ shit that kills, destroys, starts wars, inflicts pain and whatever else that leads to the total annihilation of us all. You have destroyed the air we breathe, the water we drink, the bees that help provide the food we eat. You have murdered entire species of plant, human and animal life. You have filled the air with toxins, the oceans with radiation and even the soil that we use to grow our food is nothing but a toxic waste dump and that is why we are all walking toxin factories about to drop dead because of the vile shit that whites ‘invented’. You whites are the mortal enemy to this entire godforsaken planet that you have manged to destroy. You fucking took paradise and destroyed it and now you debased creatures are looking to head to Mars? Your fucking asses are going down with the rest of us! So, you sit back and enjoy what YOU set in motion; floods, earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes; entire planetary upheaval. You set this shit in motion and now want to run from what’s coming for your ass! You ain’t going NO goddamn where!

But please, PLEASE, go ask your lord and savior and racist-in-chief, Donald J. Trump for some help when you and your shit gets fucked up because Monday, July, 8th, even the White House basement was flooded. Washington, DC was flooded. So if he can’t even keep the official residence of this shithole, dry, then what the fuck do you think he can do for your dumb white ass? Not a goddamn thing. People in California who were impacted by two major earthquakes are even now, sleeping on mattresses in their front yard because the only thing the governor of California did for them was to take his stupid ass to the affected areas for a photo op, shake his head and say, “I feel for you!,” hopped right on back in his helicopter and took himself the fuck off. Meanwhile, those people are wailing and moaning for some assistance and it SO ain’t coming, it ain’t even funny. Those who are down in New Orleans are even now, flooded out in the famous French Quarter. Go on down and try and enjoy yourself today on Bourbon Street, I dare ya. It’s fucking flooded. Tropical Storm or Hurricane Barry is almost ready to barrel through there and already the Mississippi is about to overflow the levees. HA! Levees! what a joke!

So yeah whites, welcome to YOUR inventions; climate change otherwise known as global warming! Enjoy the wildfires, the floods, the earthquakes, the hurricanes, the tornadoes and the levee breachs; another one of your sorry ass inventions!


11 thoughts on “Opinion: Land of the Free Whites, Home of the Brave Blacks — Kreb Talk

  1. Shelby, when I read pieces from other bloggers I follow or your original pieces or your narratives of other’s pieces, I can’t help but think about how together, we are reaching descendants of slaves from all stripes and backgrounds in this country. It reminds me of how Martin, Malcolm, Medgar, Soujourner, Harriet, Rosa, Angela, Shirley, Huey, etc. did it!

    Bravo, Sista. Thank you.

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    1. And, Kreb, I am standing and applauding you as well for without your hard work and effort, this would not have been posted and so take a bow, my good friend. As always, it was an honor and a privilege to reblog your masterpiece.

      And believe me, we are getting through to those who look like us because every country, island nation and what have you on every continent comes all up in here. Sometimes, I am simply amazed at the countries that show up on my stats page and it does my heart good to see so many people get the truth of what’s going down. We may not get the views that the lamestream media does, but believe me, Kreb, we get plenty.

      You keep pounding them out and I will surely keep spreading the word. I’m not going to let these debased, pale-assed creatures off the goddamn hook. They set this shit in motion and by god, they’re going to reap what they have sown.

      Thank you for allowing me to reblog this Kreb! And thank you for your comment. And I hope those debased white shits head on over to your blog and read the comments over there and get another goddamn clue about how whites feel that the Japanese and the Jews deserved monetary compensation for what they endured, while believing that the only thing that we should get for the shit that was done to our ancestors and to us is a ‘free education.’ What the hell is that going to do for us when we’d still not get employed by some goddamn, stomp down, flaming racist ass white parasite? I don’t care how many times those racist fucks claim to be in our corner, when it comes to reparations for us, their true colors show, every single damn time! They’d approve reparations for their damn smelly ass dogs that smell just like them first. Us? Not at all!

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      1. Shelby, I definitely feel you on the amount of people we’re reaching all over the world. I have been blogging for over nine years; however, I’ve only had Kreb Talk since the beginning of this year and I am in total awe every time I check my stats/insights of the amount of people from around the world visiting my page daily. There are so many countries at this point, I have stop counting.

        Shelby, there are so many other issues that plaque our community that whites may be able to help us with. They tend to ignore those issues but are super interested in wanting to be involved or have an opinion on the issue of slavery reparations. Why? I’m not 100% sure, but I have an idea: money. You see, we know that money means everything to white people because money equals power and with power, you can oppress others. Whites know that if the average household wealth of ADOS equals theirs, they can no longer oppress us. Whites have always known that “education” is not the great equalizer. They know that land ownership and generational wealth creates privilege and nothing is equal to that.

        Shelby, I will continue bustin’ ’em in the mouth the way I know how to and I know for DAMN SURE you will. I think I remember in one of your recent replies you mentioned something about possibly offending me or something like that. Shelby, your passion about our people literally triggers my emotions and for that reason alone, I don’t think you could ever possibly offend me. It’s so obvious that you can totally handle your own, but at this point, I am ready to go to literary war with you in this space as advocates for our people. Thank you so much.

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      2. What I have highlighted in your comment is BINGO! That’s the reason! You hit the nail squarely on its head as to why whites want to have a say over reparations for Amerikkkan descendants of slaves, hence why Amerikkkan descendants of slaves, at one point, were even denied the right to own land. Hence why the whites burned down the Black Wall Street and had no problem burning down the Black city, Rosewood, all over a vicious lie by a white female parasite.

        I have stated many times on this blog that those from anywhere else around the world can come here and the whites set them up; those from India, the Pakistanis, the Asians and even the Russians they claim to hate so damn much. Why is it that when Amerikkkan descendants of slaves head to a ‘white-owned’ bank for a loan to open a business, they get denied? We also get denied home loans or we get steered to subprime loans and then end up losing the home anyway. But yet, if you go to any city, in a predominantly Black area, who has set up shop there? The Asians with their kung pao chicken and fried rice and Black hair care products. You’ll also find those Hindu motherfuckers and their neighbors from Pakistan owning every single convenience store and gas station. Those motherfuckers come over here and are promptly handed money to open up those businesses and they are not taxed. Not one government official ever checks the date on their H1b visas and many have expired and yet they are allowed to stay because they are helping white pasty-ass to fuck us up!

        Take Baltimore, MD for instance, I posted a blog about this shit and I included pictures and titled it, “Baltimore…In Pictures!” And in that post, there are nothing but Korean stall keepers in Lexington Market selling ‘soul food’ and every other type of food to mostly Black people. Would you find that shit the other way around? Koreans buying ‘soul food’ from Black stall keepers? Hell no! And I was just in Baltimore last month and the month before that and whitey pasty ass is now running the Koreans out to make way for the white yuppy crowd because whitey pasty ass is trying to take over Baltimore from the Black people and that is why the Baltimore Sun took down Mayor Catherine Pugh. I covered that scandal as well. This is ALL done by design.

        When I went to Lexington Market, ALL the Black methadone addicts were no longer in evidence. The whites have ‘cleaned’ up Lexington Market and when they did that, they sent the Koreans packing because the Black methadone addicts were the customer base for the Koreans. Whitey pasty asses didn’t frequent Lexington Market. Lexington Market was so cleaned out, barely 1/3 of the stalls were still open. The liquor store had closed. The stall that sold pizza and beer had closed. And believe me, they were the busiest. The only stall that is still open and selling beer is the one that is run by some whites called, “Faidley’s Seafood.” They and they alone can still serve beer. But the Koreans are packing up and hauling ass up out of there like the hounds of hell are chasing their asses because Lexington Market is no longer profitable for them since their customer base, the drug addicts have been sent packing.

        This is why I do this because people need to wake the fuck up, open their eyes and see what whitey parasite ass is up to. And those Koreans and Indians and Pakistanis and whatnot that come over here, when their usefulness is up according to whitey pasty-ass, why they get sent packing as well. When I get around to it, I am going to do a blog on how empty Lexington Market is, complete with pictures.

        When the Freddie Gray riots went down, the city officials of Baltimore tried to claim that then and only then were they made aware that Koreans owned liquor stores in Baltimore neighborhoods had not been zoned for them. How the hell do you not know that a liquor store THAT HAD TO BE LICENSED was not zoned for a particular neighborhood? Those fucking pasty-assed devils knew that because they were the ones who issued the Koreans, their fucking licenses. There were as many as four, that’s FOUR goddamn liquor stores on one damn block. Who the hell needs FOUR liquor stores on one damn block? You won’t find that shit in white neighborhoods even as those white-assed motherfuckers LOVE all up and down on some beer, bourbon and scotch.

        Those evil, depraved, monsters are without a heart or a soul! And that is why they will do everything in their power to make sure that Amerikkkan descendants of slaves do not get reparations in monetary form. It was fine for the Jews and the Japanese, but they don’t want to see us come out ahead and you saw my post about the lawyer that fucked over my cousin in that class action lawsuit whereas my cousin received a paltry $724.15 and Attorney Michael Cockson’s debased white ass received $6 million and is suing his own clients for more in Attorney’s Fees. And believe me, I have not forgotten my promise to post video evidence of whites and the underhanded shit that I have recorded them doing. It is just that Youtube is not compatible with my recording devices, but I am trying to find a way around that.

        Kreb, we just need to continue and even as the whites up the ante, we will too. Count on it!

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      3. Shelby, Black Wall Street was borne out of pure innovation on the part of ADOS and pure ignorance and laziness of YT. I love imagining watching the movie Rosewood with you eating a huge bucket of non-buttered popcorn.

        Yes, I remember the post about your cousin’s lawsuit. In fact, I remember many of your personal family posts. The struggles of your dad, your mom/siblings, and of course, the sad/determined journey of your cousin. You inspire Sista and provide me energy when I feel like: “fuck this shit, I’m out!” I have the ways and means to escape, but you are one of the people who helps keep me in the fight. Thank you, Shelby.

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      4. Ahhh, Kreb, I don’t know what to say. If you and I were watching the movie, Rosewood, you’d have to take my pistols away from me. Of that I am certain. I am hot enough under the collar as it is. You know I’m from the south and we stay locked and loaded. Why I haven’t bust a cap all up in some asses, I don’t know. But please, don’t get me to that point by insisting that I watch Rosewood because I think that that is all it would take. I am already quite ready to spontaneously combust.

        I understand how you may sometimes feel like taking off for other parts because you feel that nothing is going to come of what we do on here. Believe me, I have longed to distance myself from who I am, but I cannot do that. Many people have told me to abandon my mentally ill cousin and go do what I want, but that would be like me abandoning my own flesh and blood, which is what ALL Amerikkkan descendants of slaves are to me. What would we have done if ALL others of us who could have left for other parts, had in fact left and never stayed here to fight? We would not be where we are today. Are we where we should be? Of course not! But many who went before us had a hellacious time of it and yet, they died trying to change things. We can do no less and that is why despite all odds against me, I intend to do my best to get us to understand that we have got to get our collective act together.

        Kreb, it is I who thank you for yet another wonderful comment. Save me some popcorn and maybe, we’ll get around to finding a movie whereas I won’t feel the need to getta shooting! LOL! Bless your heart!

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      1. Someone once told me that whites are part cat, part rat, part pig and part dog. But NEVER part ‘human’. Well, I sure showed that they are most definitely part dog and their skin color concludes that they are part pig and their teeth are ratlike and since they have those cat eyes, there ya go!

        Believe me, every single time I watch this, I get to howling in laughter!

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  2. Shelby preach!
    You said the only the damn truth!
    The only things I want to add about wp,that for centuries they called us monkeys!
    We blacks don’t share DNA and blood with monkeys!
    And you guess who share it?
    Yes,they have Rh alias (Rheus monkeys),
    they don’t only share bloods,even their hair,eyes and lips,yes monkeys don’t have lips!
    They are aggressive like monkeys and their behaviour are the same!
    Do you see that the truth always will win?
    In 2050 they said that Europe will be a new North Africa with deserts everywhere and the drought will dominate!
    I am so glade that the global warming it will come,you see them in summer time roasting like chickens to have brown skin they hate so much!
    When globlal warming it will be here forever and ever with the temperatures will rise higher and higher not damn sun creams will protect them!
    They don’t have any idea which nice future is waiting for them!
    I am laughing at those idiots!


    1. qnubian, thank you for that most enthusiastic comment on this one. Eh? You did say they look like monkeys right? Check this out!

      Now, don’t that look just like one of those white males? LMAO! And yes, I hear tell that monkeys are aggressive and we all know whites love visiting their kin at the zoo, hence why they got outraged when some gorilla named Harambe was shot and killed because a child had fallen into the gorilla moat and all hell broke loose. Apparently, the zookeeper should have shot the child and left the gorilla alone.

      Funny you should mention global warming since they set this shit in motion and are going to be the first ones affected by it, in fact, they ARE being the first ones affected by it. Their shit is fried, toasted and oven roasted and burnt the fuck up and what’s not burnt is floating. Just ask those down in New Orleans today. Oh, you can’t. Many of them are without power. Everything that is going down now is a direct result of whites thinking that every other group on this planet were nothing more than barbaric savages when no being on this planet is more barbaric or savage than those monstrous creatures. Their arrogance and conceit over their own so-called ‘intelligence’ was a bit premature, don’t you think, considering that they are the reasons why we are about to experience natural disasters of epic proportions and now the hand wringing has commenced. Scientists are saying that the shit that’s going down now, should have taken at least another 100 years to occur. But the shit is occurring now. So tell me, how smart are whites? Not very, it would seem. And no, their sunscreens won’t protect them. Their wide brimmed hats won’t protect them and the fact is, most beaches over here are already closed due to e coli, algae and other organisms that are causing them all types of problems. And believe me, I am laughing my ass off at those stupid, debased idiots who thought they had ALL the answers, when those fools have always been THE problem for us humans on this planet.

      qnubian, I thank you most sincerely for your comment.

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