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Adam Smith published Wealth of Nations in 1776, an apt enough prologue for a certain declaration signed that very year. Smith is the theorist who coined an immortal metaphor: the invisible hand Does it matter that Smith was virulently racist? Excerpts from The Wealth of Nations: Such nations, however, are so miserably poor, that, from […]

In the end, the whole world apart from Europe is characterised as “savage” and “barbaric.”

The Judeo-Christian tradition is a Western European countenance, wearing Whiteface. Stephen Bannon is a racist with wide-ranging ambitions that extend anywhere that his countenance is tolerated. He is the spitting image of a certain conception of godliness, a favorite of White supremacists.

via Reverse Racism & White Supremacy — billziegler1947

Bill hit this one out of the ballpark!

This bears repeating!

In the end, the whole world apart from Europe is characterised as “savage” and “barbaric.”

And yet, why is it that it is what Europeans have done that has set in motion, what everyone on this planet is experiencing including those self-proclaimed ‘white supremacists. What is so ‘supremacy’ like about bringing an entire planet to the brink of entire planetary upheaval. In case you debased monsters aren’t up to the happenings going down that you caused, there is immense flooding going down in New Orleans and people have been told to flee their homes, once again and this is before Tropical Storm Barry even approached that area. Your worthless levees are going to fail again since what good are they when the French Quarter is already flooded and the Tropical Storm hasn’t even struck there yet?

On Hawaii’s Maui Island, a wildfire was burning out-of-control and Hawaii Gov. David Ige had to ask Oprah Winfrey if she would open an access road that she owns in order to allow people to evacuate. The blaze has consumed an estimated 10,000 acres.

A 4.6 magnitude earthquake just rattled the Greater Seattle area of Washington State and that quake has nothing to do with the recent big quakes in California.

And the town of Paradise, CA is still looking to recover with some funds approved by congress and yet, they will see no real relief since it has been stated that their electric bills are going to go up to pay for those funds that will be used to help recover from the Camp Fire of last year and wildfire season has just started.

Meanwhile whites continue to believe that we should ALL be thanking them for what we are facing today. Their way was the ‘right’ way or so they want us to believe. All of the rest of us are merely “savage and barbaric,” since no other group was hell bent on claiming ALL the earth’s resources for themselves irrespective of what that was doing to this planet. We are to believe that the ‘Europeans’ had it going on and so the rest of us should just sit back and ‘enjoy’ the shit that’s going down thanks to what the ‘Europeans’ set in motion.

Yeah! We are ALL thankful that we are either going out via flood, earthquake, wildfire, hurricane, tornado or volcanic eruption. Depending on what area we live in, maybe we can make a guess as to what is going to take us out.

“Dumb as all hell, Europeans, we thank YOU for ALL of this; every last one of us who you claim are ‘savage and barbaric’! Seriously???!!! You really want to go there??!!!”




7 thoughts on “Reverse Racism & White Supremacy — billziegler1947

  1. Capitalism’s most deadly and White-societally esteemed industry is munitions. Each bullet fired or bomb dropped triggers a purchase order for replacement. Drones are used exclusively on Black and Brown targets by a future PTSD victim in a bunker. Racism is profitable as hell.

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    1. I just had to highlight you comment because it is SO spot on, I can’t even begin to exclaim over how spot on it is.

      “Each bullet fired or bomb dropped triggers a purchase order for replacement.”

      Hear! Hear! Which is why we are in deep shit now. What did they think that continuous bombing of this planet would do? What did they think would happen after they detonated atomic bomb after atomic bomb in the oceans? What did they think it would do to this planet? The only planet that we have; the only home we will ever have despite those who think that they are going to escape their fate by taking themselves off to Mars. They ain’t going nowhere despite how many planets NASA claims to have found that could possibly sustain ‘human’ life. What need would there have been to ‘look’ for other planets if they had not been so hell bent on destroying this one? And the problem is, they’d only do the same to another planet that they’ve done to this one.

      There is never a screech or a wail or even a moan from the corporation owned whores and whoremongers in the halls of congress when it comes to approving OUR money for the purpose of dropping bombs or for bullets to kill, but let someone stand up and state that we need funds to support starving children and, suddenly, there is NO money to be found. We are broke and some more shit!

      How can the worthless shits in this shithole hold their heads high when there are so many homeless tent cities, it is an epidemic? There are so many millions who are living in abject poverty. People are spending more than 50% of their income on housing. Investors swoop in like vultures and claim foreclosed homes that they got for pennies on the dollar. Millions were steered towards subprime home loans and this was done on purpose for the express purpose of making people lose their homes, thus ensuring that they would pay more to rent those homes they were once trying to own. The claim was that the shits initially crawled away from England because of getting pissed off over taxation without representation. Where the fuck is our representation because we sure as hell are taxed to hell and back and is any of our tax dollars going for OUR benefit? Hell fucking no!

      Everything that’s done is done for the explosion of capitalism and at the expense of this planet and all who call it home.

      “Drones are used exclusively on Black and Brown targets by a future PTSD victim in a bunker.”

      That is SO true, it ain’t even funny. And yet the expendable cannon fodder cannot seem to understand this. They just suit up like brain dead idiots and do as they are told and never even consider that when someone turns them into killing machines and sends them off to kill no enemy of theirs that they’re not going to have to pay the price for that? Seriously??!!! Killing people is not like heading to the Post Office, working your shift and then heading home. How in the world do they not realize that they are going to be seriously impacted by that shit??!!! I seriously just despair OF us!

      “Racism is profitable as hell.”

      Ain’t it though??!! And that is why it is kept, alive and well. And it is doing extremely well. There are millions of slaves, both in prison and supposedly out of prison,slaving away to make sure that the status quo continues. There is always some law that we supposedly break and so have to go to jail for that. There are so many fines that we must pay or face jail time. Never are we free! Never!

      I’ve got to stop here or I’ll explode!

      Bill, thank you for your comment!

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  2. You know Shelby what I find amusing?

    Now that they’ve realized that, it is they who wish to push “love, peace and forgiveness” but if we refuse, we’re the bad ones…the racist ones…the ones who can’t “let the past go.” SMH!!

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    1. But the thing is qnubian, has their RACISM passed??!!! Hell fucking no! And it ain’t gonna. It keeps them in a position of power over us and without that, where the fuck would they be? They will never let it be said that they gave a shit about anything. The whites don’t even give a shit for themselves because if they did, why oh why have they been hell bent on fucking up this planet even for themselves? Because make no mistake, they are not going to just magically escape unscathed by the shit that they set in motion. And now Trump’s depraved racist ass is screeching and hollering and wailing to NASA that we should be able to bypass a moon landing and head straight for Mars. Yeah! He wants first dibs on the rights to any setup on Mars. But the thing is see, these debased white shits know goodness goddamn well that they do NOT have the technology to take their parasitic asses to the moon, much less to Mars.

      If these dumb as all hell whites had indeed, gone to the moon, they would have been back, multiple times. Why stop at just sending space shuttles to circle the goddamn planet if your ass had the capability to go to the moon? They never went to the moon in the first damn place. And if Buzz Aldrin had really taken the second step onto the moon’s surface, why did he get so bent-out-of-shape as to attack a man for claiming that there was no moon landing? If he knows his depraved parasitic ass stepped onto the moon’s surface, why get upset at someone who had already been labeled, a ‘conspiracy theorist’? It’s because the man spoke the truth. If I’ve got truth on my side, then what need have I to get upset if someone refuses to believe what I know is the truth? It’s each to his or her own. But this so-called ‘astronaut’ actually struck a man over his opinion. Yeah! That’s telling in and of itself. Whites cannot stand to be called out on their lies and that is why Buzz Aldrin attacked that man. That man had the audacity to call him out on his lies. And since Buzz Aldrin is courted as some sort of hero for walking around parroting the biggest lie ever told, he received no jail time for assault. Don’t that beat all. Whites will forever protect other whites who uphold their lies, as you can plainly see.

      Conspiracy theorist punched by Buzz Aldrin still insists moon landing was fake

      In the running for most famous of the deniers might be Bart Sibrel, a 55-year-old Tennessee resident notorious for having been punched in the face by Buzz Aldrin in 2002 after Sibrel confronted Aldrin in person, calling him a liar, coward and thief,

      Aldrin was not prosecuted as police determined he’d been provoked, and that punch earned him accolades from many fed up with the conspirators.

      “I went from being the biggest fan of the ‘moon missions’ to being their biggest critic,” said Sibrel in emails to FLORIDA TODAY in early July.

      So yeah, if they’ll strike a man for his opinion and the police claim that Buzz Aldrin was provoked by a man merely stating his opinion in that he believed that Buzz Aldrin was a “liar, coward and thief,” and so did not press charges against Buzz Aldrin, then that just goes to show you to what lengths whites will go to maintain the status quo; vicious lying, racism, prejudice, cowardice, thievery and the list of the like is endless.

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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