Uninformed Colorado police officer tasers a peaceful protestor [Video] — United States Hypocrisy

2 men in Colorado were peacefully protesting police brutality on public property when they were suddenly approached by a violent police officer.

via Uninformed Colorado police officer tasers a peaceful protestor [Video] — United States Hypocrisy

If the men in the above video had been American descendants of slaves, they would be dead. But since these are white men who were protesting police brutality on public property, they lived to see another day and the one who was tasered received a settlement. Taxpayers in every city and municipality are having to pay for the unlawful conduct of police officers that are sworn in to ‘Protect and Serve’ but who are actually just legal, corrupt thugs sanctioned by the United States government to harass citizens and kill American descendants of slaves. There are NO ‘good’ cops because if there were, they would refuse to work alongside what is depicted in the above video. But by their deafening silence, they are complicit in the crimes of their ‘fellow’ cops.

This shit is beyond insane! Those whom we are to call for assistance are worse than those whom we are calling on. There is no worse thug out on these mean streets than cops. Show me a cop and I’ll show you a rabid thug!

Watch the video and try and shrug that shit off! I fucking dare ya! Yeah! Explain that shit about how cops are ‘good’! I’ll call you a “damn liar!”

3 thoughts on “Uninformed Colorado police officer tasers a peaceful protestor [Video] — United States Hypocrisy

  1. Did you hear about this shelby https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/73961/video-shows-what-being-a-realtor-while-black-looks-like-in-a-police.html that man is lucky he wasn’t killed. A white retired cop called the police on a black man for legally entering a house he was selling. He created a false story that almost got him killed. But this is united snakes of america, so I guess this has to be normal for black people, because we all know something like this only happens to black people going about their daily lives. I’m sorry if this post comes across as me ranting, but I’m just tired of seeing this happen.

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    1. Mary, rant all you want. This is a ‘rant friendly’ zone and believe me, I do my share of ranting AND raving to the point whereas I am usually mistaken for having rabies; I am foaming at the mouth quite often. Why my head has not propelled itself into outer space, I don’t know because it most definitely should have. Other than that, I don’t know why I have not been a victim of spontaneous combustion.

      This shit does in fact, get to you. It’s meant to. It is meant to make sure that we don’t get any fancy ideas that we’ve got a stake in this shithole. But you see, why we are here is not on us. It is on the depraved ancestors of what we have to deal with now. Whites ain’t never been any good and they never will be any good. They hide behind fake ass smiles while they mean us nothing but harm. Be wary of everything they do and never trust those devils; not one. But am I shocked over this? Hell no! Every time I read such as what you posted, I know that those debased parasites are trying their damned best to get another one of us murdered. That is what they are; walking death. Fuck ’em!

      Mary, I thank you for your comment. Keep ya head up!

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