With Massive Protests Taking Place In Hong Kong, Paris And Haiti, People Are Asking, “Where Are The Massive Protests In The U.S.?”

Are you fucking serious??!!!! Why would whites protest when they’ve got it so good? What need have whites to take to the streets in protest of racism, white supremacy, white privilege, bigotry, prejudice, police brutality and hate when they benefit from that shit? Stop pretending that you don’t have a goddamn clue as to why there are no massive protests all across this fucked up shithole called, The Unites States of America. You fucking know why. What whites are going to stand up and massively protest a government they elected so that the status they enjoy in this country continues? What whites are going to go against their own damn agenda? What whites give a shit about what is happening to American descendants of slaves in this shithole? They are the reasons why what is happening to descendants of slaves in this shithole is happening. They set this shit in motion from day one and so have every reason in the world to make sure that what they set in motion continues. Don’t expect the whites to take exception to a goddamn thing that Donald Trump does or says because each and every white motherfucker over here IS Donald Trump. Donald Trump IS AmeriKKKa! He stands for exactly what this shithole has always stood for. The shit that’s going down now is nothing new. From slavery to the slave patrols to Jim Crow to ‘The War on Drugs’ to the school-to-prison pipeline to mass incarceration, we have suffered through it all and who do we have to ‘thank’ for that shit? Whites!

And so why am I fucking seeing blogs all over the place, questioning why since Donald Trump is embarrassing some of them, that there are no massive protests in the streets all across this shithole? You fucking know why. Whites are something else; sitting back pretending to give a shit over what Trump says and does which is exactly why they enjoy the status they do in a country they stole from the Indians and built up on the backs of my ancestors. You debased creatures are something fucking else! You’re an embarrassment to yourselves, but you cannot even see that because you are so used to the shit you do, you think it’s normal. Stealing, raping, pillaging, killing and everything in between has always been your calling card. You don’t even get off on owning every goddamn thing. That doesn’t even make you deranged psychopaths happy because if having wealth made you happy, why would you continue to shit on people to the point whereas you attempt to make as many people as miserable as you can so long as they don’t look like you. You sit somewhere with ALL that money can buy and still call us “Niggers!” like we’ve done something to you. You sit back somewhere enjoying all the riches that you’ve acquired off the blood, sweat and tears of someone else and that was handed down to you and still you must get your jollies off by pointing the finger and exclaiming how “those people live.” Why don’t you shut the fuck up and enjoy your ill gotten gains and leave “those” people the hell alone? Because you can’t. You are evil, personified and that evil must forever manifest itself, over and over again in making sure that some poor schmuck somewhere feels your wrath; is being sucked bone fucking dry just because their suffering is the only reason you white parasites live.

Then those of you who claim to have had some sort of ‘awakening’ enough to feel for some animals that are slated for human consumption still won’t let shit go. You call yourselves ‘vegan’ and believe that you have transcended racism, bigotry, prejudice and some more shit when it is quite clear that you are incapable of loving any damn human, animal or plant since it’s you debased creatures that are responsible for why everything is dying on this godforsaken planet that you fucked up! And then don’t even want to own up to the vicious and vile ass shit that you do. You’d rather sit somewhere on your privileged, debased ass and call yourselves, “berating me for stirring the pot,” when I have the nerve to call you worthless ass motherfuckers out on the vile and vicious shits you are! And I’m going to continue and so get the hell to posting more comments about my “pot stirring” because, apparently, your damn pale asses are burning the hell up in my “stirred pot!” and make sure you head to one of your quacks to get them to take a look at that suspicious mole on your pallid ass since my “pot” is burning your asses the fuck up!

According to Donald Trump, everyone in America who is not white is vermin and that is what ALL you whites think because wasn’t it you filthy fucks who decided that slaves dragged from Africa were only THREE-FIFTHS human? Indeed it fucking was! And so why are you pretending shock and indignation that Trump is still referring to descendants of those slaves as ‘vermin and yet I am attacked for “stirring the pot of animosity,” and for also “serving my own prejudicial victim-hood to my racist, grievous pleasures.” Oh lawdy,I am such a bad girl!

This beats all!

And the response to this from the blog author.

And of course, dude should not apologize, but it is crystal clear that I should. Yeah! Hold your breath and wait for it! There’d be two less racists to worry about.

And you are so right! You’ve no need to apologize to me for it would be worthless and meaningless but by all means, hypocritical VEGANS, apologize to the animals that you claim to love so dearly and are the reasons why you refuse to eat meat. Apologize to them for why those who look like you decided to mass slaughter them for human consumption. Apologize to the fish in the oceans for why you have fucked up and contaminated the oceans with your atomic missile testing. Don’t apologize to me for I know that I have always been perceived as nothing by the likes of you depraved monsters. But know this, your shit does indeed reek because even as you seek to call me out on my supposed “stirring the pot of animosity”, a pot which you motherfuckers filled to overflowing with a putrid concoction of racism, prejudice, hatred, corruption, theft, slavery, suffering, misery and death, you debased creatures believe that you are some deity, sitting above the shit that YOU do and how the hell am I “serving my own prejudicial victim-hood to my racist, grievous pleasures” when I don’t own a goddamn thing and so cannot deny you debased white motherfuckers..a loan, a house, a mortgage, an apartment, a car loan, a car, a bottle of clean water to drink or clothes on your fucking worthless ass backs? You own every goddamn thing and so how the fuck can I be racist? There is not a goddamn thing that I can deny your fucking asses and this you know. This just goes to prove what I have been saying ALL along in that whites are the dumbest fucks to ever slither and crawl all across this planet that they have fucked up and then want to turn around and tell others about how they “stir the pot,” about how they are “serving their own prejudicial victim-hood to their racist, grievous pleasures.” Seriously??!!! For real?!!! Yes indeed, you crazy ass motherfuckers did go there and no, I am not shocked. Nothing you debased monsters do shocks the shit out of me. I quite expect nothing else from the most despicable deviants to ever have been hatched.

But you’ve most definitely got some apologizing to do; apologize to those damn animals you ate before you so-called, “saw the fucking light!” And since I have been accused of “stirring” the goddamn pot, I sure as hell hope that I stirred a good pot of “Fuck You!” stew with this one! Now, chow down on that! It’s vegan friendly!

16 thoughts on “With Massive Protests Taking Place In Hong Kong, Paris And Haiti, People Are Asking, “Where Are The Massive Protests In The U.S.?”

  1. Interesting points about the protests going on in different countries. The closest thing we have here is Puerto Rico. Sure, it’s still US commonwealth, but the demographics are different from the US mainland for obvious reasons. Going back to your points, you rarely ever see protest from the majority here stateside. You’re right about there being a sense of comfort and privilege no matter what party they support. You’re on point about how Black people can’t be racist because there’s no social, financial, political, or business fiat to discriminate against others. People forget that racism involves power and privilege for it to be effective. It’s not being in a state of perpetual victimhood. That’s not whining or complaining, it’s pure facts. I’ve been there before by saying that I shouldn’t complain. Sorry, it’s not like those same people have been profiled like me or been discriminated against or had less-than ideal jobs. Come on, people…

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    1. Yeah Ospreyshire, say it AGAIN for the motherfuckers in the back row. Make sure they heard you! Even the most so-called ‘learned’ ass whites are on some dumb as all hell time! They don’t like my “in their face” tone that I take. Well, they can just go to hell because when they come the fuck up in here, they’re getting hit with the truth about their goddamn asses. I have fallen out with every goddamn one of those worthless white bitches and bastards. Some pretend to be empathetic and some more shit, but when it is all said and done, they are no different from the white motherfucker that’s marching through the streets in his/her sheets and hoods toting crosses to burn and nooses to hang around our necks. I’m not fooled by their fake ass displays of empathy and consciousness. They don’t give a shit for us. They know who is underneath those white sheets. They know who the racist, brutal cops are. They know who is sporting ‘black face’ and what the fuck do they do about it? Not a goddamn thing. But they fucking LUV animals because they’re now ‘vegan’. White vegans ain’t shit! They’re just a bunch of damn hypocrites hyped up on a false sense of fake ass superiority in thinking that they are the shit when all they are is stinking filth. White is white and it makes no difference what the fuck they claim to be because at the end of the day, they are still white and I am still Black and never shall we get along. That fucking shit ain’t happening, hence why there are NO massive protests in the streets of this shithole and there’ll never be any. What the hell for??!! Whites absolutely LOVE the status quo. They’re not about to give up their status over us. Racism serves them well. Bigotry serves them well. White privilege serves them well. This fucking system of ‘white supremacy’ serves them well. Why the hell would they go against their self interest and try and dismantle the very system that enables them to hold the upper hand over us? To hell with those depraved bastards!

      And those worthless fucks think they’re doing us a fucking favor when they post some shit about racism and then turn right around and let some worthless motherfucker spout his bullshit about how people who are not white are racists. If that fucking shit don’t beat all.

      White motherfuckers! Stay the goddamn hell off my blog! This fucking blog ain’t for you filthy ass parasites! Don’t fucking come back here!

      Ospreyshire, I thank you for your comment, but as you can see, I had to go the fuck off AGAIN!!

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      1. None of them will ever willingly give up their power and privilege. But, I am one ADOS, willing to go down in a blaze of glory taking it from their ass in the name of our ancestors.

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      2. Thanks for liking my comment. I didn’t think it was that powerful, but I’m glad you and others enjoyed it. Blogging has been a useful tool of me mentioning uncomfortable truths whether it’s talking about art plagiarism or actual forms of brutal racism. This year, I’ve been more open in talking about bigotry and pointing out double standards in the (in)justice system. As someone who was undermined for so long, I was tired and angry of all the rampant lies and mistreatment. With my blogs and multiple disciplines of creativity, I wanted to shed a light to uncomfortable truths to people in various forms. I have never been a fan of the status quo and I wanted to do something constructive especially over the past couple of years. I’m not perfect and I’m still learning, but I’m sick of having to prove my humanity to others. Not going to lie, I used to care a ton of what others think and I still have a bad habit of apologizing too much.

        Yes, and I despise when White people dare say that any non-Caucasian group is racist to them. That is so untrue. I’ll even add to that point whenever someone (usually Black) gets a big role as a famous character. Just look at the #NotMyAriel controversy. I rest my case. Those same people didn’t say anything when Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra, Scarlet Johansson playing Motoko Kusanagi (she’s a Japanese character) in the American live-action Ghost in the Shell remake, or even several actors portraying Jesus Christ himself who was described as having skin like polished brass in Revelation.

        I totally understand if you had to vent. You’re welcome. I hope you found catharsis in this blog conversation.


      3. Your comment resonated with me in so many ways. What I am tired of is whites trying to get Black people to understand that we can be racists. That is so NOT true and they fucking know that. The very ones who will pretend to be sympathetic to our plight are themselves on some foolishness. They are the ‘pretenders’. And they are worse than those who walk the streets, openly admitting their racism. At least we ALWAYS know where we stand when it comes to the racist that’s unapologetically racist. It’s the racists that want to hide in the shadows and proclaim how racism is horrible, but up to a certain point and that point being, when you call their racist ass out on their attempts at trying to fool you into believing that they are ‘with you’. No white motherfucker is WITH Black people. They are are mortal foe and they will never be anything more to us. I don’t care how many of us marry those parasites, date those parasites, have half human half parasite babies with them. They are still our mortal foe and that just makes those of us who will mess around with them, dumb as all hell. Black people, as a whole, ain’t never had much sense, especially when it comes to whites. We will help the whites by digging our own graves and by throwing ourselves over in that grave because when we mess with them, that is exactly what we are doing. How many Black people have been fucked up and murdered all behind messing with some whites? The numbers are out-of-the-ballpark. And still, we never learn.

        And as far as that GEEZUS shit is concerned, like I’ve said before, according to whitey pasty-ass, GEEZUS invented the parasol and so strolled around that region with the only pale ass thanks to his parasol invention. We are to sit somewhere and believe their fake ass fairytales when we should know better. We hang up pictures of THEIR version of GEEZUS in our churches and promptly get to worshiping something that never even existed. Like I said, Black people have never had much sense. Maybe I should blame it on the fact that whites taught us what we know and our mortal enemy is never going to teach us the truth in how they are the most depraved, brutal and debased monstrous creatures that have ever slithered and crawled all across this planet, fucking up everything in their path. And with that having been said, ospreyshire, I thank you again for a most excellent and thought provoking comment.


      4. I’m glad that the comment resonated with you and allowed you to think about different things. Really, I am. I’m on your side when it comes to fighting against the narrative that Black people can be racists which is obviously fallacious. There is a narrow understanding about what racism is or isn’t. It’s not just hating someone because of their skin or ethnicity (it’s certainly part of it, don’t get me wrong), but what goes unsaid is the power to affect people because of their skin color and/or ethnicity like denying jobs, loans, being profiled, assaulted or even killed with impunity. Like you, I do want my racists to be open, so I know who my enemies are. I also don’t like it when White people use Black people as props or racial buffers, so they can play that “I can’t be racist because I have Black friends/family/employees.” strawman argument. The sad part is I’ve seen people fall for it. The only time I saw someone called out for it was this year when this one Palestinian-American politician called out a White man for using that tactic in a court hearing and he freaked out about it. Sorry, but I forget their names in that situation.

        I hate to be that guy when it comes to responding to your comment, but I would be considered biracial. Even though I have a White parent, I certainly wasn’t treated like Caucasians. I’ve been called the N-word, been profiled at stores, discriminated against, and I got my first DWB at age 19 despite not doing anything wrong to get pulled over to name a few. I got my wake up call a long time ago since I know my skin is just dark enough to be a target. I’ve been appreciating my African heritage even more as I’ve been doing research on my DNA results and learning about so many aspects of history with these cultures. Just being honest here since it’s not my fault for having both Black and White genes (I’ve told other bloggers and I’ve mentioned this in some of my posts here and there). I will not tolerate racism and I’ve called people out online and real life for those matters.

        Don’t worry, I don’t worship Cesar Borgia..I mean Anglo-Saxon Jesus. I just used that scripture example in passing as a contrast between what he would’ve looked like compared to which actors get the roles in those movies. With that said, the scriptures have certainly been doctored, misinterpreted, and even omitted (Slave Bible? I rest my case.) as a part of this mass brainwashing. Not going to lie, I do have a sense of spirituality, but I’ve been critical with the religious aspect of a God concept. I know people will disagree with me, but that’s where I stand and I’m not here to convert.

        You’re welcome. I’m glad you found the previous comments to be engaging and excellent.


      5. Ospreyshire, I don’t mean to be insulting, but I fail to understand why you even peruse my blog because I have been extremely damning when it comes to what I call, “those half-breeds” because my own son refuses to date Black women, and quite actually, they wouldn’t have his nasty ass, and he has managed to produce two half-breeds by two different white female parasites. I am not speaking to him now because he tried to bomb me out when I was going to take him out for his birthday and because I said that I was not riding that funky white cow of his around in my vehicle, he got bent-out-of-shape. I get to decide who gets in a vehicle that I’ve paid for and not his skank ass. So as you can clearly see, I don’t have a problem throwing my own son under the bus. In fact, I’ve thrown my own mother under the bus as well. The first half-breed by my son doesn’t even speak to the ‘Black’ side of the family. She thinks she’s white and therefore, too good for us. The second half-breed is only a year old and I have never laid eyes on it; don’t even know if its ‘male’ or ‘female’ and don’t care. And so I view people with suspicion who are half-breeds because they tend to side with the whites and of course, that’s their prerogative. I just prefer to not have any dealings with them.

        Thank you for your comment.


      6. Shelby, if that was the case then I didn’t see those posts when looking at your articles/archives. I’m sorry to hear about your experiences with your family when it comes to those matters. It’s not my fault that I happen to be of mixed descent, but I don’t throw the Black side of my family or my friends under the bus. I never thought I was White even when I was a child. I just didn’t want to lie to you, and I’ve mentioned this fact to even Black bloggers. If you honestly feel that my presence isn’t warranted then I understand. It would be a shame to cease communication since we’ve had great talks and you’ve helped me become more open in talking about uncomfortable things. I don’t want to create conflict out of this situation if you feel this way about my heritage.

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      7. Ospreyshire, I have no problem posting your comments. I just wanted you to know where I stand and we can steer clear of contentious issues. As far as I am concerned, you are still welcome on this blog. Whether or not you continue to post comments is up to you.

        Thank you for your comment.

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      8. Shelby. Thanks for letting me know. I certainly don’t want to start any conflict and online beefing certainly isn’t my style. I’m glad we can still have discourse on your blog despite our differences.

        Thank you.


  2. Shelby, just today I had to verbally roast one of our fellow ADOS for literally attempting to make a group of whites fell “comfortable” right in my face. I blasted that shit out of the water with a bunch of nervous looks from the very whites he was trying to make fell comfortable. He’s originally from Ohio. I told him, “Bruh, you in Atlanta now, we don’t roll like that.” I then told him that if it was possible, I would mail him to a unapologetically Black blogger I follow for a much needed lecture. Of course, I was talking about you. Great piece.

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    1. Kreb, mail his coonhead ass on over here to me! I’ll set his damn ass straight. If anyone can do it, I can! If I don’t have a problem going after these stomp down flaming racists, then I sure as hell don’t have a problem setting one of my own folk , straight. I don’t know what’s wrong with us. Why the hell should we try and make those debased parasites ‘comfortable’? They’re already comfortable enough since they got rich off the backs of our ancestors. We don’t owe those damn diseased slugs a goddamn thing! They fucking owe us! And the bill is waaaay past due! If the shit was the other way around, they would be demanding payment from us, but no, we’re just supposed to shut the fuck up because they have no reason to apologize to us. We ain’t asking for no goddamn useless, worthless ass apology from those fucking heathens. We want what is rightfully ours and we’d fucking better get it! And though female that I am, I’ll go out fighting their ass to my last breath because I’m sick of this bullshit from them.

      And you are so right! I am UNAPOLOGETICALLY Black! Me? Apologize to those debased monstrous pale-assed creatures? Not bloody fucking likely! And by the same token, I don’t want no useless ass apology from those parasites and I fucking never asked them for one. What the hell for? I can’t do a goddamn thing with a useless ass apology from something resembling a roasted pig with dog hair!

      So yeah! Send homey on over here to me. I’ll set ‘im straight! And, Kreb, thank you for both comments. Much appreciated!

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