America Has An Immigration Problem And That Means That African Tree Climbers And Mexican Taco Crunchers Need To Go! Period.

And no, I am not about to be politically correct.

When I lived in Minnesota, there were so many American descendants of slaves who were poor and homeless and they had no homes because guess who the whites housed first? Those pus head Somalis, that’s who. They flew those Somalis over here and somehow, magically, Somalis now own two malls, health care facilities that cater exclusively to them, they own butcher shops that sell that ‘halal’ meat that they claim is blessed or some such goddamn nonsense, they own restaurants that cater to them and only to them because they treat American descendants of slaves like shit and they were even refusing to pick up blind people at the airport because Somalis believe that dogs are demons and since you can’t find a a white man driving a cab because ALL the cab drivers are African, the poor blind people were left at the airport. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Target Corporation hired them by the ton to work in their downtown Minneapolis location and those pus head Somalis refused to ring up bacon because they said that “handling pork products goes against their religion.” So what the hell are they over here for if everything over here goes against their fucking religion and we fucking have to bend over backwards to accommodate them? And why are whites screeching and wailing about immigration when it is whites who are responsible for flying those tree climbing pus head, bush bunny motherfuckers over here in the first goddamn place? Those Somalis would not be here if some whites had not gone over to Somalia and dragged their damn asses over here. The whites gave them vehicles, gave them top notch homes, are feeding them, are giving them free medical care AND they don’t have to pay taxes. Nice setup if you can get it. ALL ON OUR TAX DOLLARS! And what did the Somalis do in return? Tried to join ISIS and yet I’ve got to be damn near strip searched and/or radiated BEFORE I can board a plane because, American citizen that I am, I am treated as though I am a terrorist when America is happily flying terrorists over here. That shit does not make any goddamn sense! Those ungrateful ingrates come over here and are given free every damn thing and then turn right around and become terrorists just attempting to send a bomb up our ass in gratitude. That’ll show us!

And so Black folks, how many of you have got a setup so good? Not a one of us. But go to Minnesota and see how wonderful the life of a Somali mother fucker is and while you’re at it, shop at Cub Foods and look up at the grocery aisle signs and you will see that on one side, the sign is in English and on the other side, the sign is in Spanish. Do you seriously think that you can go to Honduras or Guatemala and find that shit? Yeah! Take your ass to Bacalar or Izamel or Taxco or Puebla or Malinalo and try and find some signs in English. Good luck with that shit! Only in goddamn America!

On Lake Street in Minneapolis, the only reason the Kmart is still open is because it is almost exclusively patronized by the Mexicans and most of them are illegal and the Star Tribune owners got pissed off over the fact that cops were finding illegals all over that Kmart and was calling ICE on their asses. The cops who were trying to do their job of getting rid of illegals were told to “stand down” by the City of Minneapolis. In fact, one of those re-fried beans eating, Guacamole selling Mexican asswipes came up to me in the Kmart trying to hand me a voucher that he had received to get him a new pair of pointed toed boots. I had to cuss his damn ass out because my name was not Fernando Rodriguez and I wasn’t looking to buy a voucher off of some goddamn Mexican piece of filthy shit! And the whites are hiring those illegals up there, left and right and they know they’re illegals. And so if Trump was serious about deporting those illegal motherfuckers, he would have had ICE descend on Minnesota. They’re all up in Chipotle. There is even a section of Minneapolis known as “Little Mexico” because there are nothing but Mexican shops set up, complete with hair salons, Mexican restaurants and check cashing stores that cater to those Mexicans sending cash back to Mexico.

In Minnesota, if your ass crawled over here from Vietnam or Russia or Bangladesh or Timbuktu, you will be provided with free interpreters. You will be given free health care, free housing, free food, free cars, free clothing, free furniture and hell, every damn thing is free for your immigrant ass! Those of us who have paid taxes in this fucking shithole??!!! Not so goddamn fast! You see, we got nothing coming to us because we have got to pay for ALL the free shit that you’re ENTITLED to. So to everyone who is all up in some poor schmuck’s grill about Social Security and Medicare being ‘entitlement programs’, shut the fuck up! Those of us who were fucking born in this country have been and are paying our dues and you’re goddamn right, we should get Social Security and Medicare because we’ve fucking paid into those programs. Start screeching and yelling about ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS that are for the express purpose of aiding those who have dragged their asses over here and are getting ENTITLEMENTS without ever having paid a dime in taxes, that’s what you fucking concentrate on!

When I moved to Minnesota and went to The Department of Public Safety to get a Minnesota Driver’s License, I had to produce a valid driver’s license from another state, my birth certificate, my social security card and to prove why my name did not match the name on my birth certificate, I included a copy of my divorce decree. And while I was standing there waiting for the customer service rep to look over my credentials, I could not help but overhear what was going on beside me. There were two women standing at the next station and one was saying to customer service that she was acting as interpreter for the woman who was from Vietnam and who did not speak English. The customer service rep stated that her papers appeared in order and so take her to the exam area where she will then be allowed to take the written test to drive in Vietnamese. Then, my attention is drawn back to the service rep that is helping me and I’m hearing, “We cannot accept a copy of your divorce decree. We need a certified copy of your marriage certificate to prove your name change.” I am stunned, STUNNED, I say. I then explain that my divorce decree has my married name on it which also has the same name as my driver’s license from another state and my Social Security card also has the same name on it. “That is insufficient, “ the rep told me. “We need a certified copy of your marriage certificate. Then you can come back and present that document along with what you have here and then you may take the written exam.”

Seriously???!!! This foreigner walks in and immediately gets to take the written driving exam in Vietnamese while I’ve got to contact the state I got married in and that issued my marriage certificate, pay to have it certified and mailed to me and then and only then, can I go back in an attempt to get my driver’s license in another state of the country that I was born in??!! For the love of !!!! I already had a valid driver’s license and yet someone can come over here from Vietnam, Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Poland, Turkey and even Albania and take a test to drive on our roads in their language while those of us who were born here and speak the King’s English, albeit with a southern accent, are sent through hoops, left and right. How many goddamn road signs do you see that are in Russian, Vietnamese, Laotian, Korean, Arabic, Armenian, Cambodian, Chinese, Czech, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Polish and the goddamn list is endless. But there I stood, speaking perfect English with a certified birth certificate, a Social Security card, a valid driver’s license from another state and a divorce decree and I had to leave without taking the exam in ENGLISH!

When I went back after having received the certified copy of my marriage certificate, I was standing next to a man from Somalia and he was asking the agent if he could take the written exam again. The agent responded, “You have taken the test 5 times and failed it. You cannot retake it again today. Study more and come back tomorrow.” Again, I was stunned because he was handing him a book with some crazy looking language on it and of course it turned out to be Somali because you see Minnesota gives the written portion of the driving test in English, Hmong, Russian, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese. Yeah! Our tax dollars at work while the true citizens of this country always get the shaft especially if you happen to be a descendant of slaves.

Oh, and it gets worse, not only do I take the 32 question exam, I get every question right and the Somali dude is still standing there arguing with the agent while I have to stand and wait until he finishes cussing him out in English and in Somali.

So don’t anyone tell me that foreigners have it hard here because I will call you, “A fucking liar!” They have it better than American descendants of slaves and that is for damn sure. And while you’re at it, take a look at the list of states and what languages they give the written driving exam in, you’ll fucking be shocked or maybe, you won’t. Here’s a sneak preview.

MASSACHUSETTS: (25) Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Cambodian, Chinese, Czech, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese.

MICHIGAN: (13) Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, English, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese.

KENTUCKY: 23) Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Cambodian, Chinese, Croatian, English, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.

And so don’t even think that Donald Trump is really trying to do a damn thing about the immigration issue. He has not sent any of those foreigners back from where they came and the whites are screeching and hollering in St. Cloud, Minnesota because the Somalis are overtaking that city. Since the Somalis have taken over ALL the affordable housing units in Minneapolis, the whites have spread them far and wide and into St. Cloud, but those racist whites in St. Cloud are having none of it. And City Pages did an article about what the poor, poor Somalis are having to go through in white ass St. Cloud, MN. Here’s an idea, if they are having that bad of a time, the same plane that brought their asses over here, can return them back to Somaliland, quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry. Those tree climbers can take their shoes off and climb right back up in those trees and live happily ever after. And everybody’s happy. But no! Pawn those pus head motherfuckers off on everybody else and then scream “Racism!” when people take offense to that shit. Well, I’m screaming “Preferential Treatment” since American descendants of slaves can only dream of the life that’s GIVEN to those pus head Somalis, Taco Crunching Mexicans and even the goddamn Russians and Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Romanian, Cambodian, Portuguese, Italians, Turks and any damn body else that wants to crawl and slither over here and then live off my tax dollars while I’m sitting somewhere, cross-eyed, homeless and with hookworm dripping out my ass as is the case with many American descendants of slaves on Skid Row in California. They are fucking refugees in their own goddamn country. Where is the help for them? Where are the programs to get them off Skid Row and into some free housing; complete with health care, food, clothing and some more shit??!!! Where??!!! All up in Somaliland over here in Minnesota. All up in Little Mexico over here in Baltimore and in Minnesota and all over California and every damn city in every damn state in America, that’s fucking where! We would have money for the needs of TRUE American citizens if not for the fact that we take care of freeloading foreigners first and then there’s nothing left for those who at one point in time, did indeed, pay taxes in this fucking shithole! Where are our fucking priorities??!!! With goddamn foreigners, that’s where! I am sick and tired of this damn shit! Trump needs to put up or shut up!

6 thoughts on “America Has An Immigration Problem And That Means That African Tree Climbers And Mexican Taco Crunchers Need To Go! Period.

  1. How many trillions of dollars have flowed — and continue to flow — into the coffers of the invaders who raped and plundered their way to subjugate the entire Western Hemisphere? Of course, that was hardly enough to whet their appetite for more. Speaking of documentation, the Black resources extracted as they gave new names to new borders were not even given copies of the manifests that accompanied the cargo ships. Trillions that can be published as recognized currency. The $20 bill still features Andrew Jackson, but Trump wouldn’t mind granting Harriet Tubman a place on the $2 bill, more to his liking though: the $3 bill.


    1. My only concern is for people who are American descendants of slaves. We are the ONLY group who are here through no fault of our own. We did not board an airplane, willingly. We did not get into a boat or a ship, willingly. Our ancestors were dragged over here and yet whitey pink ass treats us like we are dirty shit while encouraging any body else that’s Black assed or Mexican tan assed to come over here and then pretend that they’re not welcome when whitey pink ass is reaping the benefit from African oil which is why the Somalis are welcome and are benefiting from paying illegals low wages. Trump is NOT doing a damn thing but paying lip service to his base to keep them believing that he is attempting to keep AmeriKKKa ‘white’! He has illegals working for him and so why would he send them back when it benefits him to have them over here? Those so-called ICE raids are a joke and Trump is the one who is laughing at his own base because he knows that they believe every word coming out of his lying mouth in that he is going to “Make America WHITE Again!” Trump ain’t thinking about a damn thing beyond his bottom line and what’s best for it. And sending illegals packing in the millions ain’t what’s best for his bottom line.

      And quite frankly, I don’t think Harriet Tubman would have wanted to have her likeness on ANY ‘money’ since her people were bought and sold by that vile shit that whites have deemed of value only because they value money to the extent of ALL else; that and endless wars and suffering.

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      1. You possess a piercing eye, Shelby. A White narrative permeates every damned aspect of society, polices it with impunity, and instills bots to drive the firmware — one living Hell of a borg. I start off with a seeming recognition of the trillions of dollars it takes to operate a decent borg and end up invoking Harriet Tubman, who represents the precise opposite of her single-handed contribution. Thanks for that piercing eye.


      2. And yet while two shootouts were occurring in two different states, the Pentagon was busily spying on those in the Midwest and how the hell did the Pentagon’s surveillance system NOT see that the shit in Ohio was about to go down since Ohio is in the Midwest? What the fuck is the use for spy shit if it has no obvious value? Just more of our tax dollars down the drain for them to spy on us and yet mass shootings continue even under the ever watchful eye of ‘Big Brother’. Seriously??!!!

        Pentagon launching drug surveillance balloons over Midwest

        SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Unmanned surveillance balloons are being launched from South Dakota to conduct surveillance over the Midwest, prompting concerns about privacy violations.

        The American Civil Liberties Union of South Dakota raised concerns that the balloons’ surveillance could violate South Dakotans’ privacy, and called on the military to be clear about it’s actions in South Dakota.

        The technology is capable of recording and storing all public movement over entire cities or metro areas, and that level of mass surveillance destroys any level of anonymity South Dakotans have, according to Libby Skarin, policy director for the ACLU of South Dakota.

        “There are so many unanswered questions here,” Skarin said. “What kind of information is being collected? What information is being stored? Who has access to this information? Is the surveillance for law enforcement purposes? At a minimum, there should be consultation and approval from local communities before the federal government subjects South Dakotans to area-wide surveillance.”

        The technology was developed for battlefield activities such as finding improvised explosive devices in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it has migrated to civilian use without any oversight, according to Skarin.

        “Technology like this runs the risk of turning South Dakota into a surveillance stat and is violating the privacy of every South Dakotan. We’re not talking about closed-circuit TV cameras or cameras in discrete places,” Skarin said. “This is area-wide surveillance that essentially creates a pervasive checkpoint over entire cities and metro area.”

        So the claim is that they are using this technology against drug pushers and yet we know who the biggest drug pushers are; the pharmaceutical industry and our doctors and so what’s really going on? Because it is crystal clear that their claims are not true as to why they have implemented this technology. And why is it that with ALL of the spy technology, they are not attempting to even claim to be concentrating on trying to spot mass shooters? This fucking shithole is done for and the lies coming out of the lips of government officials aren’t even good lies anymore. They are not even believable. Two mass shootings within hours of each other and yet the government claims that it is putting surveillance systems in the air in order to nab drug pushers? Yeah! I’m fucking buying that bullshit and if anyone believes this shit, then I have some incredibly beautiful beachfront property that’s located in the middle of Death Valley, CA. And I ain’t selling it cheap!


  2. The game this country is playing on the foreigners coming to this country is biblical and quranic in porportions. There is a scripture in the book of revelations pertaining to the mystery babylon falling because it had become a habitation of devils and a cage for every foul spirit and hateful( buzzards, vultures, eagles ….) bird. And there’s surah in the quran that states: let not your hatred of a people stop/ prevent you from dealing with justice. The birds of prey ( when referring to people) are opportunistic they will take what is not theirs, and mistreat those who have not mis treated or did harm to them. Because they are opportunistic they follow the dictates of the society and it’s norms( mistreating the so called american negroes eg ADOS). These people know whom is the cause of the calamities in their respective countries, however they join onto that which abased them in their countries to abuse us as they see the dominant society dictates. Ask the Somalis what have we done ( in comparison to their adopted country as it relates to their native land) them that warrants this type of animosity and comtempt? I am just saying?


    1. Yele66, I am well aware of why the whites went over to Somalia and dragged those Somalis over here. The whites and Africans are why my Black ass is sitting over here. I also know why the Somalis are receiving carte blanche from the whites. They have something that the whites want. American descendants of slaves don’t have a goddamn thing that the whites want because the whites have exchanged Black slaves(for the most part) for illegal under-the-table Mexican workers who know that if they don’t accept $2 a day in wages, it’s ICE on their asses. But be that as it may, I am not the one who set this ALL in motion. I am not the one who is running around with guns shooting up mosques, churches, malls, schools and concert venues. The whites are doing that shit what with two mass murder clean-up scenes going on as I type this; one in Ohio and one in Texas.

      However, yes I do have animosity and contempt for those damn pus head Somalis because they fucked my mentally ill cousin up to no end in Minnesota and I will call them what I damn well please. What’s going down in Somalia has got not a goddamn thing to do with me because if they don’t like the situation, then they need to get their act together over in Somalia and drive those usurpers out. Africa is still allowing every damn body else that’s pale-assed to go over there and continue to fuck shit up! And when those Africans come over here, they are told by whitey pale ass that American descendants of slaves are stinking shit. This I know, but at the same time, we have done nothing to warrant the contempt and animosity that we receive from them and I am NOT the type to turn the other cheek. I am meeting like with like. If that don’t set right with some, too damn bad. That’s how it is.

      I thank you for your comment.


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