Trump To The Friends And Family Of The El Paso, TX And Dayton, OH Mass Shooting Victims, “Mental Illness Killed Your Loved Ones!”

So, according to Donald Trump, white supremacy is a mental illness and to cure white supremacy mental illness, treat it like you would if whites only had affluenza,·flu·en·za
1.a psychological malaise supposedly affecting wealthy ‘white’ young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation.

And so now we have white supremacyenza, a psychological malaise affecting racist whites, symptoms of which include posting white nationalist manifestos on Facebook, acquiring massive stock piles of assault rifles, hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition due to the belief that white people constitute a superior race and should therefore dominate society, typically to the exclusion or detriment of other racial and ethnic groups and therefore, all other groups should be targeted for annihilation and so get to shooting.

To cure this affliction, the subject should be given a few therapeutic sessions on a couch, some anti-white supremacy medications, a pat on the head and be released back into society, so suggests Donald Trump.

Trump focuses on combating mental illness over new gun-control measures

He outlined a number of possible steps, including so-called “red-flag laws,” that focus on better identifying mentally ill people who should not be allowed to purchase firearms.

“Mental illness and hatred pull the trigger. Not the gun,” said Trump, who did not take questions from reporters.

Inciting racists and fanning the flames of hatred have no impact on why white males have been going on mass shooting sprees or so Trump would have us believe. He is as usual assuming no responsibility for what he has encouraged with his racist rhetoric. To get re-elected, he has stated that members of hate groups were “good people,” even as their actions led to murder when a member of said group used his car to mow down protesters that resulted in one death in Charlottesville, VA. His racist rhetoric at his rallies has promoted discord among attendees resulting in numerous fights breaking out.

Meanwhile, violence across America escalates to the point whereas in Chicago, a hospital had to go on “on bypass” due to the fact that too many people had gotten shot and the hospital could not take in any more gun shot victims.

Chicago hospital stops accepting patients after trauma center is overwhelmed with shooting victims
Chicago’s Mount Sinai Hospital temporarily stopped accepting patients Sunday morning because they were at capacity following a series of shootings, a hospital official said.

The hospital went “on bypass” in the early morning, said Roberta Rakove, Senior VP for External Affairs.

Hospitals use the term “on bypass” when they stop accepting ambulance runs and those ambulances are diverted to other trauma centers. Mount Sinai Hospital is one of five trauma centers in Chicago.

So while folks were getting shot to death in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH, multiple people were getting shot in Chicago to the point whereas one hospital was so overwhelmed with trauma victims that it could accept no more. When are we going to understand that we have a serious problem in America? When will the endless rhetoric about mental illness committing mass murder cease and those like Trump and others who make up the GOP start calling it what it is? When is the lamestream media going to call itself out for helping to perpetuate this whacked shit by sensationalizing it? When are we going to realize that all of this so-called mass surveillance of us is being used for other purposes since it damn sure as hell is not being used to stop mass shootings? With cameras everywhere and with the NSA supposedly spying on our every keystroke, one would think that someone, somewhere would have knowledge about this shit before it takes place. Why is it that white nationalist manifestos posted on Facebook and other so-called social media sites are always found AFTER the shooter has killed his targets? Why are our tax dollars being wasted paying for the Department of Homeland Security, The National Security Agency, The Federal Bureau of Investigation and even the Pentagon since they are doing fuck all about stopping these killers that have posted their intent for ALL the world to see? Those government agencies are not dropping the ball on this shit, they are deliberately letting this shit happen. Why else is the Pentagon claiming that it has launched unmanned surveillance balloons only in an effort to locate drug pushers? Why not use that surveillance shit to monitor hate groups?

Pentagon launching drug surveillance balloons over Midwest

The Pentagon is testing the high-altitude, solar-powered balloons across six states, The Guardian reported on Friday.

The balloons were launched to provide “a persistent surveillance system” for narcotic trafficking and homeland security threats, according to a filing with the Federal Communications Commission.

So, while white nationalists are online posting white nationalist manifestos that reveal that they have amassed a shitload of weapons and are about to shoot up some folks, the massive surveillance system installed by the Pentagon is only aimed at locating “narcotic traffickers?” Seriously???!!! They had that shit up in the Midwest while dude was in the Midwest shooting up people in Dayton, OH and they didn’t see dude with a gun since their spy shit can carry sensors and communication gear capable of detecting every vehicle in motion in a 25-mile range beneath the balloon, but cannot detect a guy carrying a high-powered assault weapon? I demand my goddamn tax money back that paid for that shit!

Meanwhile a cousin of two victims who were shot dead in Dayton, OH has a message for Donald “mental illness killed your cousins” Trump!

Unfortunately, his message falls on deaf ears and is only good for soundbites. And soon, if the stock market continues to free fall thanks to Chinese tariffs, even this will no longer be news.

A person who wishes to remain anonymous asked me to post a poem that I wrote and though I had posted that poem for other reasons, they thought that it was fitting for what is going down because people are now extra fearful over going about their daily lives what with hate being spewed, left and right from the halls of congress and especially from the WhiteRight House. I don’t think any poem is going to help matters in this country as things have gone beyond crazy and there will never be anything to approach rationality. However, I will post the poem.

Fear Is Not A Halloween Mask!

Fear is not a Halloween mask,
nor is it a walk through a graveyard.
Fear is waking up behind a dumpster
knowing that you can never let down your guard.

Fear is not ghosts and ghouls in fiction books,
nor is it a jack-o’-lantern’s evil grin.
Fear is having a pain in your side
and a bullet mark on your skin.

Fear is not a witch riding on a broom,
nor is it a cauldron boiling hot.
Fear is looking into the eyes of a killer
right before you’re about to get shot.

Fear is not a vampire biting on a neck,
nor is it a movie about a Nightmare On Elm Street.
Fear is the life you live of desperation,
hopelessness, misery and defeat.

No, we don’t need Halloween
to bring out the fear in our lives.
All we need do is live another day
to know real fear and why it thrives.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

So no, we don’t need Halloween to bring out the fear in our lives. All we need do is face another day to know real fear and why it thrives. It thrives because hate thrives. That hate is meant to induce fear. And hate thrives because there are those who incite others to act out on their hate, whether it is to get elected or re-elected or to promote an agenda of an ‘all white Amerikkka’ or for some other reason. Fear is a real part of our lives, the fear of just going to the store to shop for back-to-school items and realizing that anyone can be carrying a high-powered assault weapon ready to aim it at us because Americans are armed to the teeth. The calls for gun control are too little, too late because as I have already stated, Americans are armed to the teeth. And now people are beginning to fear ‘living’ since it is quite clear that hatred kills and hatred is everywhere!

Welcome to AmeriKKKA! Why would you want to come here??!!

9 thoughts on “Trump To The Friends And Family Of The El Paso, TX And Dayton, OH Mass Shooting Victims, “Mental Illness Killed Your Loved Ones!”

  1. I enjoyed the poem and you had a great write up with those mass shootings. You can tell what the President’s mindset is whenever there is a domestic terrorist by how slowly he talks about it. Had those shooters been named Rashid or Tyrone, then you better believe Twitter fingers would be flaming and laws would be passed. I’m sure more people died in the El Paso shooting than those who died in Chicago over a weekend much less a whole week (side note: I hate how Chicago has become a dog whistle term for Black-on-Black crime in the media when there are cities who have higher crime rates).

    I watched the African Diaspora News Channel where Phil did a video about what happened. He said something that really made me think in just four words among other things in that hour-long video: “Mass murderers have privilege.” The context in how he put those words together was just so brilliant. He also said that White Supremacy is a family affair while using examples of mass murder and pedophilia and how the judges would soften the charges and say something like “I don’t want to ruin his life.” or “He’s just like my son/nephew.” This is a sham of a justice system. He even played a video of that El Paso killer getting arrested with only ONE COP bringing him in the cop car like he owed traffic ticket fees, not by murdering over 20 people!


    1. Ospreyshire, I did not bring up Chicago to suggest that Black people killing other Black people should be the focus. I was just wowed by the fact that the violence in this shithole is to the extent that even hospitals are having to opt out of accepting gun shot victims because the hospital is already at capacity. I need not point the finger at Chicago and declare that Chicago is on par with racist, privileged white males who are so filled with hate and who are lamenting that they’ve too much time on their hands and so get to posting white nationalist manifestos online and then get to shooting. We ALL know what is fueling the Chicago crime; poverty and drugs and guns introduced into certain neighborhoods in that city by the whites to make sure that what is going down, continues to go down and so “Look everybody! We’ve got to ‘gentrify’ Chicago and get those ‘thugs’ out of there.” No one is any doubt that that is what is in store for Chicago.

      With that having been said, members of the GOP are just now stating what has been obvious for decades too numerous to count.

      Nebraska GOP state legislator Rep. John McCollister criticizes his party for ‘enabling white supremacy’

      A Republican state representative is speaking out against what he believes is his own party’s complicity in “enabling white supremacy,” and says history won’t judge his fellow Republicans kindly.

      Nebraska state legislator Rep. John McCollister tweeted Sunday night, “The Republican Party is enabling white supremacy in our country. As a lifelong Republican, it pains me to say this, but it’s the truth.”

      “We have a Republican president who continually stokes racist fears in his base. He calls certain countries ‘sh*tholes,’ tells women of color to “go back” to where they came from and lies more than he tells the truth,” he added.

      He finished the tweets asking his colleagues to no longer look the other way.

      “When the history books are written, I refuse to be someone who said nothing,” he said. “The time is now for us Republicans to be honest with what is happening inside our party. We are better than this and I implore my Republican colleagues to stand up and do the right thing.”

      Well obviously, they’re “not better than that,” because they are THAT! They’ve always been that. And the Dems are no better. And we all know that history books are written by whites and so dude does not have anything to worry about since those history books will just blame mass shootings by white males on mental illness which is what Trump is doing.

      And with the numbers of Black people who have been cooling their heels inside For Profit Prisons for decades and who were exonerated by some justice project, we should ALL know that the Criminal INjustice System is racist to its very core. That’s never going to change. Remember when Dylann Roof killed those nine Black people who were attending church? The cops treated him to a Whopper meal from Burger King before escorting him to jail. Apparently, they thought that murdering people gave one a voracious appetite. The white shits in this shithole have much to answer for and I can only hope that the day comes when each and every single one of them will get to answering for the vicious, foul, vile ass shit they have done and continue to do to this very day!

      Ospreyshire, thank you for your comment.

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      1. Sorry for insinuated that you were making that dog whistle. That side note wasn’t about what you said, but rather to expose whatever mainstream media does. I should have been clear about that and I do apologize by omitting key words. With that being said, you’re absolutely right about the real cause of the violence in Chicago. I hate how the crime gets overhyped by the media. My mom is originally from the South Side and I have family living directly in the city to this day and there are parts of the city that feel safer to me than a bunch of suburbs and this includes majority non-White areas! The gentrification garbage seriously needs to go. One of the last things the city needs is to turn neighborhoods into yuppie ghettos and hipster cesspools.

        I wasn’t aware of that quote, but thanks for bringing it up. Both major parties are guilty of racism. The modern GOP and DNC just have different methods of subjugating bigotry with overt (GOP) and covert (DNC) anti-Black racism.

        Exactly! People have been making morbid jokes when White terrorists slaughter people by saying “did they take him to Burger King?” on YouTube comments. I’ve been seeing it long after Roof’s rampage. All these atrocities will be held to account.

        Sure thing, Shelby.


      2. When I lived in Minnesota, my hair stylist was from the south side of Chicago and the stories she told me had the tears streaming down my face, they were that funny. She spoke of a togetherness of the families that make up the south side of Chicago and how her mother would always travel up and down State Street and never ventured off of State Street and that if someone told her that she could do her shopping somewhere other than State Street, she’d get to hollering that “Everything she wanted could be found on State Street.” She died of old age. She was not a ‘violent crime’ statistic and there are plenty of decent people who live in Chicago and just go about the business of living, but whitey pale ass just wants to focus on the gang and drug violence that can be found in most major cities that have had massive jobs bleeds. Whites know what the fuck they’ve set in motion and then want to sit back and pretend to be shocked and appalled at what they knew would happen when jobs were outsourced to save a few pennies. Don’t get me started on those pale-assed shits!

        Thanks for your comment.

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      3. That sounded like a great story with that hair stylist. My mom said that the families had a sense of togetherness that you don’t see often nowadays or elsewhere. I don’t know if she went on State Street, but I remember her talking about how you can find great things on this street or that street. State Street could’ve been one of them, I don’t know. May your hair stylist rest in peace. You’re definitely right about decent people there and people who die that aren’t violent crime statistics. True about that with the missing jobs. There was even a case last year of a random Nike truck in the South Side and the police arrested some teens. Come on, if that happened in a rich white suburb, there would’ve been entrapment charges against the cops and the town.

        No problem, Shelby. I’m glad we can talk about these issues.

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  2. Great insight and great poem, Shelby! Hate and consumed this country. There’s no need to say hate and racism in the same sentence, because they’re one in the same. Mental illness and video games my ass.

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    1. Kreb, Trump, right on cue, was of course, going to blame this latest mass shooting by yet another privileged white male on mental illness. When a Black person commits a crime, he is labeled, a ‘thug’. When a Muslim commits a crime, he is labeled, a ‘terrorist’, but white males are ALWAYS, ‘mentally ill’. They continue to perpetuate racism even after white males have gone on killing sprees. They always seek to downplay what whites do. Whites are ALWAYS going to take up for other whites even when they shoot up dozens of people because as far as whites are concerned, dude really didn’t do anything wrong since what have whites been doing ALL across this planet? Killing, killing and killing. They simply do what they’ve always done. And so when another white male mass murderer is in the news, they ‘circle the wagons’ and exclaim that “He was isolated and so therefore, was suffering from a debilitating mental disorder that manifested itself in hatred for others and we will take care of the problem ever so gently. We got this. Clean up the mess dude made. Move it along. There’s nothing to see here folks!” Yeah! That’s how whites roll.

      Just as you say, “Mental illness and video games my ass!”

      Kreb, thank you for your comment.

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  3. In the end white privilege always strike no matter what they do,they always find excuse to justified their terrible actions!
    I don’t call this mental illness, I call that man a psychopath racist because what he was in the end!
    When Trump said that man was mental illness,he just want to justice his actions and find
    the easy way to get ride of something that he doesn’t give a shit about what happened all the victims!
    Because the truth is,he really doesn’t give shit,why he should care?
    A person who called African countries “SHIT HOLE” and he doesn’t waste his time to use RACIST TWEETS and other nonsense things he did and he said?
    In the end he is the first racist and psychopath who didn’t have right to be vote and seats in his office!
    Next time a wp will kill again,he will say that “because of mental illness if that piece of shit
    went in rampage!”

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    1. Qnubian, whites will ALWAYS find some way to excuse the vile ass vicious shit that other whites do. It’s what they are also good at. How many times have you ever heard whites refer to other whites as ‘thugs’ or ‘terrorists’? You don’t. Those designations are for Black men and Muslims. Whites don’t commit crimes. They sit up and espouse on the ‘criminality’ of so-called ‘Black on Black’ crime knowing full well why there is so much inner city violence in Black neighborhoods. Whites outsourced the manufacturing jobs that Black people once made good money working those jobs and nothing replaced those lost jobs except when the CIA introduced guns and drugs into Black communities with the intent that what is going down would go down and so now, whitey pasty-ass gets to sit back and point the finger at some supposed ‘Black on Black’ crime in order to speak on why gentrification should take place. They’ll fucking come in and ‘clean up’ those areas; code words for get those ‘niggers’ out of there to make way for rich whites. This is all done by design and was planned decades ago.

      And whites don’t give a damn about mass shootings because if they did, they would have done something about them by now. They know how to move everyone around on a chessboard and so we are to believe that, all of a sudden, they are quite clueless as to how to stop mass shootings???!! That is a lie! They could stop them this minute if they wanted to, but whites get their jollies off on suffering, misery, murder and war! It’s their fucking call card! It always has been and it always will be.

      Thank you for your comment.


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