Outrage After Two White Texas Cops Are Pictured On Horseback Leading A Handcuffed Black Homeless Man Through The Streets By A ROPE!

What the hell??!!!!

This shit is still happening in the year 2019. You would think the man was an escaped slave being dragged back to his ‘OWNER’, another white man! For the love of !!!!!!! Fucking seriously???!!!!

I don’t even know why I am surprised at seeing this, what with every damn thing else that’s going down. This shithole is done for. I read just yesterday that the super rich are starting to hoard money and run for the hills. Not only that, but the republicans are resigning left and RIGHT! A bigot took to Twitter to announce that the Republican party is racist as hell and he was promptly told to leave the Republican party . There have been three mass shootings in a matter of days making the last one, the 200th of this year and we are only just now into August. Two countries have issued travel warnings against coming to the U.S. because of gun violence, namely in Baltimore, Detroit and Albuquerque.

And now we come to this!

Police in Texas have sparked outrage after pictures emerged showing two white officers on horseback leading a black man through the street by a rope on Saturday.

Galveston Police issued an apology on Monday after the shocking picture surfaced on social media, prompting a fierce backlash over its apparent connotations of slavery and civil rights issues.

The photograph shows Donald Neely, 43, being transported by Officer Patrick Brosch and Officer A. Smith from 306 22nd St to the Mounted Patrol Unit on 21st and Market.

The man is mentally ill and was only arrested for trespassing and so why was there a need for them to drag this man through the streets as though he was an escaped slave being dragged back to his Massa on the plantation??!! This is a clear example of the fact that American descendants of slaves are just as enslaved as our ancestors. How the hell does that look like we are free??!!! This is the year 2019 and yet, looking at the picture, how is it any different from the 1600s when the original slaves were treated in this manner? It isn’t! This shit has probably been done more times than I can shake a stick at, but it just so happened to have been recorded, THIS time! Does it look like we are off the goddamn plantation??!! Hell fucking no! And yet, some motherfuckers want to take me to task for having no feelings, thoughts or prayers for others who CHOOSE to come to this racist hellhole and get fucked up??!!! AGAIN, others CHOSE to come here. Our Black asses did not and to think that I have got room in my heart for others when our plight is still the equivalent of our forefathers plight is too damn much to digest. How the hell I am not sitting somewhere in a padded room with a wrap around jacket on is a complete and utter mystery to me.

So to those of you out there who think that I have time to give a damn about what’s happening to some immigrants, are you fucking serious??!! Myself and those who look like me are dealing with the shit that you see in the above picture! So take a good long hard ass look at that picture and tell me that American descendants of slaves should have more than enough sympathy, empathy and compassion to go around! I fucking wish you would! We are subjected to THAT shit, day in and day out and yet we are supposed to engage in hand wringing while flinging ourselves on the damn floor over some folks who are themselves, getting fucked up by whitey pasty ass! What they need to do is listen to THEIR governments and stay the fuck out of this racist, violent ass shithole! There ain’t a goddamn thing here for anyone that is not pasty assed! You can’t fucking see that??!! What the hell’s the matter with you??!! A goddamn blind and deaf mute that’s been planted can still see this shit!! And his ass done woke the fuck up and is tunneling to cross the goddamn ocean to get away from this shit because he sure as hell can’t fucking rest in peace!! I am beyond outraged over this shit! And yet, it’s ALL good because the goddamn police department has issued a worthless, useless ass apology(but only because the shit was recorded). And of course they had to include in the article that the police chief is Black…..like that fucking helps that shit look good Like hell!! I don’t give a flying damn about that shit! His fucking coon head ass don’t mean shit to me because a Black cop is nothing to me because his sell-out ass has joined whitey pasty ass in helping to fuck us up!

That picture is the exact equivalent of two Klan motherfuckers rounding up a runaway slave and returning him to Massa so that Massa can cut one of his ears off or even a foot to make sure that his slave doesn’t escape again! But he sure as hell would be whipped to within an inch of his life and we ALL know this to be true!

And for the government of Uruguay to post a travel warning against traveling to Baltimore, well that shit is too little, too late because pretty soon, the population of those from south of the border is going to be on par with the population count as it pertains to how many Black people live in Baltimore. The Latino population is so huge in Baltimore, that when I lived there two years ago, the Comcast technician told me that Latinos receive a Comcast discount just for being Latino. How fucking kind and thoughtful of fucking racist Comcast! Not to mention, I was just in Baltimore a couple of weeks ago, and I could not turn around without running into a Latino. So the government of Uruguay is a bit late in issuing a travel warning because those from South and Central America are all up in Baltimore. So shut the fuck up! Yes, Baltimore is dangerous, but so is El Paso, TX and Parkland, FL and Dayton, OH and Gilroy, CA and Virginia Beach, VA and Aurora, CO and Thousand Oaks, CA and Pittsburgh, PA and Las Vegas, NV and Orange County, FL and Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Burlington, WA and Orlando, FL and San Bernardino, CA and Colorado Springs, CO and Roseburg, OR and Chattanooga, TN and Charleston, SC and Isla Vista, CA and Ft. Hood, TX and Washington, DC and Newtown, CT and Santa Monica, CA and Brookfield, WI and Minneapolis, MN and Oak Creek, WI and Oakland, CA and Seal Beach, CA and Manchester, CT and Huntsville, AL and Binghamton, NY and Dekalb, IL and Omaha, NB and Blacksburg, VA and Salt Lake City, UT and need I continue? Because I could since these are all mass shootings that have, as you can see, occurred all over this violent shithole!! So don’t sit somewhere on your stupid, racist ass and point the finger and Baltimore or Detroit or even Albuquerque as if those cities are the worst in this shithole. Every city in every state in this shithole is dangerous since no one has any idea when some damn Nazi is going to go the fuck off and get to shooting. The crime in Baltimore is due to poverty, a lack of jobs and the drug game is the only game in town, but they are not sitting all up on social media posting about how they are going to amass a shitload of weapons because they’re fucking white nationalists with an agenda and that agenda is hate and so get to shooting indiscriminately in a crowd and voila, another mass shooting!

Take another good long fucking look at the above picture. If anyone should get to shooting, it’s Black folks. But that shit’s not who we are; killing multiple people because they are not pasty-assed. That’s for the pale-assed variety because they are just too privileged and white and racist and bored and that’s what gets their jollies off like nothing else can! So yeah immigrants, welcome to OUR world!

11 thoughts on “Outrage After Two White Texas Cops Are Pictured On Horseback Leading A Handcuffed Black Homeless Man Through The Streets By A ROPE!

  1. I just posted something which involved this story and two other cases of racism. When I found out about that story in Galveston, I was beyond furious. This case with Donald Neely shows that mass murderers get treated better than those who allegedly trespass while having mental illness. So a Black person with mental illness gets to literally be treated like a slave, but we’re supposed to have sympathy for mass murderers who allegedly have mental heath issues? Nope, I’m not buying it. I actually wasn’t aware about other countries issuing travel warnings against America, but I wouldn’t blame them. I do agree with you that they should’ve been quicker and mention more locales to stay away from.

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    1. Ospreyshire, they should just stay away from this shithole. Why bother to mention three cities as being more violent than the rest of this violent shithole? This entire shithole is violent, from end to the other. There is no safe space or safe place, not with everyone and his aunt and cousin armed to the teeth. You can’t sit inside a movie theater without getting shot up. You can’t attend Bible Study in your church without getting shot dead. You can’t go to a nightclub without getting shot up. You can’t go to Walmart to do your back-to-school shopping without getting shot up. You can’t do your grocery shopping at Kroger without getting shot dead. You can’t play in the park with a toy gun like Tamir Rice did without getting shot dead by the cops. You can’t sleep in your bed inside your home like Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley-Jones without getting shot dead by the cops. You can’t mistakenly make a wrong turn signal like Sandra Bland ‘allegedly’ did without getting yourself lynched in a Texas jail cell. You can’t sell loose un-taxed cigarettes on a New York street without getting choked to death if you’re Black. You can’t go home from a hard day’s work like Botham Shem Jean did since he was ordered to get out of his own home or get shot dead by Amber Guyger. Need I fucking go on because I could? But I think you already get the picture.

      And yet others are crawling over here thinking that the shit that we are subjected to is going to leave them the hell alone. Well, whitey pasty ass sure showed them!

      Believe me, I am still so red hot with rage over this, that I am actually steaming. I had to fucking take my own damn temperature.

      Ospreyshire, thank you for your comment.

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      1. No disagreements there. Common sense would put way more cities much less a national warning going on. I totally hear you and even I could add more examples, but your point obviously still stands.

        Yup, and the country doesn’t change. There are countries that have lower violent crime than America like in Africa, Asia, and Oceania for example, and most of them aren’t what society would call “1st World”. Even when I was in Ecuador, I felt safer in parts of the major cities and towns than American suburbs.

        Totally understandable and I have similar feelings besides me currently being ill today for separate reasons.


      2. I am sorry that you are feeling ill ospreyshire. I hope that it is nothing serious. It would be no wonder for anyone with a caring and compassionate nature to be sick because of all the shit that’s going down. How on earth can we find even a nanosecond of peace amidst all of this chaos, pandemonium and bedlam? I have gone on vacation four times in the last four months and still I feel that I am going to spontaneously combust from anger. I know that I am not going to feel any better, but I sure hope that you do.

        Thanks ospreyshire!

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      3. It’s nothing major, but I appreciate your concern. I’ve certainly felt physically sick before when it came to injustice. I still wonder how possible it is to take a breather from all the chaos.

        Thank you, Shelby.


  2. Tucker Carlson is the number 2 voice at Fox News, and Fox is sanctioned state media. It is command central and clearinghouse for White terrorists. Yesterday, Carlson labeled White Supremacism a hoax. Here is some vintage Tucker from 2018:

    Last year, Carlson asked a guest “to be honest and make a negative generalization about any other racial or ethnic group in this country.” In March, the watchdog group unearthed audio of Carlson on a popular radio show repeatedly making racist remarks—as well as making misogynistic and sexual remarks about underage girls. “Iraq is a crappy place filled with a bunch of, you know, semiliterate primitive monkeys,” he told the host. “They can just shut the fuck and obey, is my view.”



    1. I am not surprised, I only wish I were. This is exactly why I am going to unplug myself from this particular matrix because I am tired of the “in my face” shit that I see. I am just literally sick to pieces of it. I saw where that racist Klan motherfucker was calling “white supremacy a hoax,” and I deliberately steered clear of it because he wants an audience. Don’t give him one and he’s nothing. But because whites are just like him, that bastard will never go off the air; the same with Rush Limpballs and the rest of those vicious racist shits on Fox. And those people in Iraq did not deserve to be called that. This shithole bombed that country based on a lie put out by the Bush Administration and so what need did he have to refer to those people in that demeaning manner? None.

      Hatred is what keeps this shithole going. But one fact is that hatred is also going to be what dooms this shithole.


  3. They have the nerves to say that “WE AREN’T RACIST ,RACISM IS DEAD GET OVER WITH IT”
    You know what I find so repugnant Shelby, when a wp approaches you with big and fake smile, to show you like “look I am white and I am not racist!
    I am dare to come close to you despite inside me I am scare as hell of you!”
    They are cunning and wicked people for centuries they have tricked people,how Native said
    “White man speaks with forked tongue.”
    I wish more of them come forward and say loudly ” look we are racist and we are proud to be”
    because I don’t give a fuck when they claim “how much they love us and all that craps who come out from their mouths!”

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    1. Qnubian, I just LUV the ones who say, “I can’t be racist because I got a Black friend!” Seriously??!! I despise the whites who try and hide their racism. They should take a page out of the openly racists book and proudly strut down the goddamn street, openly extolling their racism for all the world to see. At least that way, I know who not to go to for any damn thing; be it health care, legal representation, a loan or whatever. At least I know where I stand with the ‘proud to declare themselves racist’ racists. It’s the ones who try and act sympathetic to our plight that I only have disdain for because I know they ain’t about shit. They are not our friend. No whites are our friend because they ALL know who the brutal cops are who are members of the Klan. They know who the Klan judges are. They know who the Klan lawyers are. They know who the Klan doctors are and yet by their deafening silence, they uphold racism. They are worse than the ‘proud unapologetic racists’.

      Qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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      1. The quote repeated 10 billion times about not learning from history and becoming doomed to repeat it makes the absolutely unwarranted assumption that the history taught in classrooms is even remotely true. 99% is propaganda written by Whites for the perpetuation of Racism and the force-feeding of a Klan diet to every generation.


      2. Not once in public school, do I ever recall hearing about slavery; not once! I heard about how great and wonderful the whites were when it came to literature and history and how they were such pioneers and explorers who bravely traversed the globe in their quest to learn about different geological locations. Oh how ‘Lewis and Clark’ were extolled for their mapping of territories that belonged to someone else. There was never any mention of broken treaties nor of firewater given to the Indians, nor of Small Pox blankets or how the Indians were murdered by the millions. Oh no! That shit was never mentioned. We had to draw cornucopias overflowing with Indian corn for Thanksgiving because oh what a wonderful time the ‘Pilgrims’invaders colonizers and the Indians had. Oh the sickening shit we sat up and listened to. I could just puke because I’m getting nauseous just typing this.

        And yes, to this day, that very same phony ass shit is “force fed” to every generation. And it will continue, unfortunately, at least while this shithole still has one waterlogged leg left to stand on.


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