This Is Exactly Who And What We Are!

Take a good look at the picture and tell me that this is not who and what we are!

Whatever happened to protecting family that you love??!! But a goddamn phone??!!! Seriously??!!!

When I saw this shit in a store, I just had to take a picture of it to show just how stupid we are; how completely gone we are in that most of us can just bypass a display of this type and think nothing of it because it is true for most. I don’t have a smartphone and I will never use one and so for me, what the hell do I need to protect a damn device for? I don’t.

“Protect the things you love.”

And there is no picture of family, friends and other loved ones. This is a picture of a white woman staring at a smartphone with a cover on it and the words, “Protect the things you love.” There are no pictures of a smiling baby in her arms with the caption, “Protect what you love.” There is a smartphone in a woman’s hand and we are told that it is something that we love and so protect it at all costs because it is more important than your own children, your spouse, your mother, your father and even you. Protect that damn phone!

“Protect the things you love.”

There is no need to protect your health. Don’t love ‘good health’. Protect a phone that is going to help cause your death because 5G technology is going to see to that. And if you are any doubt as to the truth in what I just wrote, go here if you feel the need to learn why 5G cellphone technology is going to kill your ass.

5G isn’t yet widely available, but it’s coming!

US 5G Rollout

Verizon: Fixed and mobile 5G is live in a few areas
AT&T: Mobile 5G for select customers in 19 cities; wider coverage in 2019
T-Mobile: Commercial 5G launch in second half of 2019; nationwide coverage expected in 2020
Sprint: Deploying 5G to four markets on May 31
U.S. Cellular: 5G services coming in second half of 2019
C Spire: Fixed 5G services in Mississippi
Charter: Testing 5G, but no solid rollout plans
Starry: Fixed 5G currently in Boston, Denver, LA, New York City, and Washington DC

“Protect the things you love.”

Never mind that this thing is going to kill you and your family. “Protect this thing you love.” Never mind that no one is sounding the alarm over what the harmful technology behind cellphones is doing to you as you “protect this thing you love.”

“Protect the things you love.”

Smartphones, personal assistants, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, killer cellphone towers and radiation from those towers are what you love because if you didn’t, you’d be screeching and wailing that someone needs to put a stop to this shit. But you won’t. You’ve got friends all across the globe who ‘like’ everything you post on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and in order for them to ‘like’ your shit, you need that killer technology. You need it more than you need those who are in your immediate vicinity because look around you. There are nothing but cell towers and people looking down at smartphones as if their very lives depend on what is scrolling down a screen. I actually mourn decades long gone because we did not have this stupid shit. We had not embraced, with fervor, that which is going to kill us. We don’t even look up and see that we are being fucked up because we are liking being hypnotized by these gadgets that have dumbed us down and made us apathetic and complacent. We don’t need to get up off the couch to do anything because there is an app for everything on that goddamn smartphone that we “protect because we love it.” How sad is that? That smartphone is the first thing you pick up in the morning before you even see your own child. That smartphone is the last thing you look at before you close your eyes to sleep. And you make sure that it’s charging. You have no idea how sad assed you really are; none! Because you’ve been brainwashed, willingly into complying with everything that’s being done to strip away any rights we ever had because now when you look up, you’re at an airport forced to damn near strip naked to be searched before you board a plane and the only reason you know this is because you have got to hand that smartphone over to a TSA official, who seventeen years ago, was never even thought of. But by all the christians in hell, you’d beat the shit out of that TSA agent if he failed to hand you back this thing you love, your smartphone. It’s your lifeline.

You have never questioned why after September 11, 2001, a mere two months later, you’re being damn near strip searched and/or radiated in order to board a plane. The Department of Homeland Security was established in 2002. The Patriot Act was passed in 2005. And each and every single one of these events cost us our ‘freedom’. Although truth be told, those of us who are American descendants of slaves never had any freedoms to begin with. But we have to be violated at airports the same as whites.

September 11, 2001 was an excuse to bring to an end, any pretense that this shithole was ever about freedom, justice and rights and yet, we sit somewhere not even noticing that what we are directed to protect is a goddamn smartphone when what we should have been protecting was each other and in doing so, we would have said, “Hell no!” to The Department of Homeland Security, to the Patriot Act, to TSA agents and to every entity this fucked up useless ass government started up for the express purpose of stripping ‘U.S.’ of any rights we ever thought we had.

“Protect the things you love.”

Oh, you’re doing that alright! Since a smartphone is most definitely, what you love! Family, freedom, justice, rights? Who needs ’em??!!


You Can’t Reason With The Stupid!


If their smartphones should go dead,
there’ll be many filled with dread.

If the lights go out and stay,
then there’ll be no games to play.

When there are no more distractions, will they open their eyes and see,
that the world is filled with people beyond just you and me.

But will the selfish become caring or simply wail for their toys,
and of those who’ve known the truth, will they be heard above the noise?

If you’re ever in any doubt as to how Americans will act,
just look at all the times their credit card’s been hacked.

These are people who never learn, they will never rally around.
Their heads are in the clouds, their feet don’t touch the ground.

You can’t reason with the stupid and believe me, I did try!
I finally gave it up, do I need to tell you why?

These are the very people who when polled are quite unsure,
if the economy is improving or if they’re sinking in manure.

When a world is in crisis with people fleeing left and right,
Americans’ only concern is what will fill them with delight.

Give them their distractions so that they don’t have to see
a child stumbling across the desert because she is a refugee.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Truer words were never typed, written or spoken.




5 thoughts on “This Is Exactly Who And What We Are!

  1. Everything is property to the decision-makers, and approximately 99.999% of those deal-makers are White. Marketing is a devious criminal endeavor that keeps that status quo protected. They insert parasitical thought-bots into the brains of their mark (consumer) and convince those marks to buy the crap, plasticize the planet — thereby keeping the fossil-fuel extractors busily and profitably driving the madness to ever-higher levels. Adding 5G fits the logic well. “Protect” your smarter-than-you phone with insurance plans, then sell the smarter-than-crap phones to the consumer’s kids and add an insurance plan for their phones as well. I also do *not* have an intelligent phone that extracts intelligence from data and then sends it in packets to the marketing bots. Those killed by 5G or the usual suspects can purchase a funeral plan that includes provision for your brain-in-a-phone to become attached to your headstone so that you will have it handy for your ever-zombied soul.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bill, your comment is absolutely spot on! I hate…I fucking hate where we have allowed ourselves to go. We did this because we made not one whimper when we saw the shit coming down the pike. This shit was made, DELIBERATELY, to make most of Americans..and hell, the whole world….fat, lazy and complacent because when you look around you, what do you see? A bunch of fat, lazy Americans, staring down at a phone while walking into other zombies that are the exact replica of what just passed us. As I always say, “I no longer despair FOR us. I despair OF us!”

      People are buying ‘insurance’ plans for fucking phones. Never once in all my years have I ever thought to purchase an insurance plan for a phone. A phone??!!! I am just too through! And yet, millions do just that because those damn phones are more precious to them than life itself. And another sad fact is that no one is to be outdone. When the next ‘smartphone’ comes down the pike, they’ve got to be the first in line to purchase it. Never mind that nothing is wrong with the previous one, they have got to have the latest model and they don’t care where that ‘old’ phone goes. They don’t care that this planet, our fucking home, suffers because of over consumption and garbage; shit that we throw away because we have to keep purchasing and purchasing and purchasing. No one even thinks about why we are encouraged to shop, shop, shop and then shop some more and when you run out of cash, there’s that plastic card that can be used everywhere. Hock yourself, but just keep buying. Indebt yourself to other corporations by buying the shit that another corporation produced. We are busy contributing to our own demise and we don’t care because we have been programmed to stop thinking for ourselves; that’s what the smartphone is for. I just throw my fucking hands up!

      Bill, thank you for your comment.


  2. That really is a damning indictment on our society how we care more about our smartphones than other humans. Yes, I’m guilty of owning a smartphone, but I don’t think it’s worth more than someone’s life. It’s bogus how so over-reliant mankind is with their mobile devices even as our rights (or what’s left of them) and privacy erode.

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    1. People happily put ALL of their information on those phones. They pay their bills with them. Check their bank balances with them and then wonder why the shit gets hacked. And we have to read about how Facebook has been misusing peoples information. Who didn’t see that coming??!!! Millions act as though those phones and this fucking technology that powers them is our very lifeblood. They cannot seem to be able to comprehend that this shit is deadly. Radiation, I do understand is all around us, but some of that, we have some control over, but what do we do about what we do have control over? Why we just complacently accept the dangers of the added radiation that’s killing us. This is why I have almost ceased with this shit because I can put it down, but no one is picking it up.

      I thank you for your comment ospreyshire.

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      1. Sad, but true when it comes to putting info let alone doing everything with their phones. People shouldn’t be surprised when Fedbook…I mean Facebook suffers from data breaches and privacy fractures. There’s certainly a use and functionality in moderation, but people go overboard with their phones as if their digital avatars are their real lives. Not to mention people would rather use social media to talk to each other than actually having a conversation on the phone with those same friends. I swear meaningful communication is a dying art.

        No problem, Shelby. I do wish I can just have meaningful conversations with the people I know more often and for some of them to not Facebook their faces off.

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