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Most Democrats and Liberals do not want to be called a racist. They are comfortable calling President Trump and many of his Republicans’ supporters’ racists. Most White people do not believe they are racist, but the majority in their neighborhood is White. Here is a story that illustrates how many Whites really think about Blacks in their White neighborhoods. Four African American teens were going door to door to raise money for their high school football team. As they approached Jerri Kelly’s home, she called the Wynne Police Department, and reported, “Suspicious persons – All males were African American, and I know this residence to be White.”

As the teens were walking up her driveway, she picked up her revolver, and came out and asked what they were doing. Even though they weren’t stealing, Kelly told police she instructed them to get on the ground and spread their legs. When the officers arrived they found the teens lying face-down on the ground, with their hands behind their backs, and Kelly standing about 10 feet from them with the gun drawn.


via Who is A Racist and What Makes Them A Racist? — Roger Political Blogs

I remember reading the article about this and I was just too through! I have said, time and time again that whites are racist as hell, even those who proclaim to have transcended to some ‘higher plain’ and I am speaking of white vegans since they believe their shit don’t stink because they’re not eating ‘animals’. Well your shit stinks and I don’t mind telling you foul assed motherfuckers that your shit does indeed, reek!

A dirty white bitch called the cops on a group of Black teens who were going door to door attempting to raise money for their school’s football team and this was sanctioned by the school. However, since this incident, the school is now looking into whether or not it should continue to encourage students to go door to door in fundraising efforts since whites are racist as hell! I don’t understand why the school was allowing this in the first place given the climate in this fucking shithole at the moment; not that it’s been any better before now. But with all these mass murders in the news by white male racists, the last thing any school should be doing is sending Black children out into various neighborhoods to raise money for sports gear or for anything else.

Another excellent point in this blog post is this:

Racism explicitly means not just an individual thinking or expressing racially skewed bias, and animus toward another group, but having the actual power to exert control and dominance through the mechanisms of law, public policy, and economic dominance over that group.

Exactly! And this is why in this post, I blasted white motherfuckers for stating that I could be a racist. What the fuck do I own? Not a goddamn thing! I can’t deny you worthless white-assed motherfuckers, a goddamn thing. But you sure as hell deny my Black ass plenty. You can deny me a roof over my head if I don’t have stellar credit and you make sure I don’t because my Black ass is the first fired and the last hired. I am at the bottom rung of the pay scale at every job and you fucking well know this. I am denied a loan to buy a house because I was laid off and yet, a white motherfucker can file for bankruptcy and still get a loan to buy a house. I have seen this shit, time and time again! So don’t fucking tell me that I can be racist and this coming from the most vile and ferocious racists to ever slither and crawl all across this godforsaken planet! You debased, filthy rejects from who the hell knows where need to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down because you’re ALL racists. Don’t goddamn bother calling out others of your damn kind because you don’t have a fucking leg to stand on!

Every fucking last one of you worthless no account white racists that I have ‘followed’ in the blog world, I have fallen out with because you’re ALL goddamn stomp down flaming racists and sooner or later, you show your true racist colors! Fuck ALL you filthy racist motherfuckers!!

9 thoughts on “Who is A Racist and What Makes Them A Racist? — Roger Political Blogs

  1. Once again, great analysis of this great piece, Shelby. I think prior to 2007, 70% of white Americans felt they weren’t racist. Since then, I believe 90% of that 70% have quietly and reluctantly accepted that they are indeed racist. I’m just glad our Brothers and Sisters under the age of 35, and yes, even under the age of 20, are getting to see how racist and hateful their white peers are. This will bode well for our people going forward. Thanks, Shelby!

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    1. Thank YOU Kreb! As you can see, I ain’t trying to play with these racist fucks. I am beyond fed the fuck up and I ain’t about to lay off telling those debased, racist shits just what the fuck I think about their damn asses. We don’t fucking like racism, but we have to deal with it, day in and day out. And then these racists have the nerve to point the finger at some ‘invisible Black friend’ and exclaim that they are not racist because they’re having lunch with a Black person. Fuck that shit! Not one white parasite is our friend, not one! Don’t turn your back on those worthless deviants, ever! And for that school to send those Black teenage boys into those neighborhoods, was in my opinion, a set up. Their parents should be suing the school as well as that white bitch for pulling a gun on them. The hope is that they can find a Black lawyer with enough gumption to do right by them.

      Kreb, again, thank you for your comment.

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  2. When wp say that ” aren’t racist” they are Insane!
    Wp always deny be racist because they feel uncomfortable to acknowledge the fact
    that they are indeed racist,they don’t want to feel guilty for something they have created but they
    just don’t want take responsibility!
    I saw a plenty documentaries where they always gave the same stupid answer ” I have been victim of racism too” “black people can be racist too”
    Do you see how cunning and wicked people they are?
    They always change the verse of history to their advantage, in the end they always like to change roles
    “From Oppressor to Victim”
    When they say that “I don’t see colour!” interpreted is “they don’t want to acknowledge our
    existence” because fear to be call “racist”.
    Yeah they use a words but in reality they do completely opposite because they see very well
    our colours,when we are in public,be follow in the store or supermarket,racial profile,
    when you have phone interview they accept your offer for a meeting but when they see you in person,
    they turn you down!
    But in the end they always fall in their stupid traps!

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    1. Qnubian, your comment is right on the money! Whites pretend as though we can be racist when they goddamn well know that we can deny them NOTHING! Meanwhile, we are denied the right to even live because many of us are shot dead before our eighteenth birthday and that’s fine. And yet racist whites want to tell us that we are racist??!! Yes indeed, I have said that whites are a pack of vicious, psychotic, deranged lunatics because who the hell that’s sane destroys the only home they’ll ever have? And yet those debased creatures have done just that to this planet and yet want to point the finger at everyone else and proclaim that we are the problem. I despise, loathe, detest and hate those abominations to no goddamn end.

      And you are right. They will NEVER accept responsibility for the fact that every single goddamn one of them is racist! None are any different from the next and so not one can point the finger and say, “Over there is your racist.” Oh hell no! The one who is pointing the finger is just as racist as what he/she is pointing at. There ain’t a breath of difference between them. Never trust the most rabid parasites to ever slither and crawl all across this godforsaken planet that they have fucked up for us all. Hell would be too good for the likes of those racist, debased creatures!

      Thank you for your comment.


  3. For starters, I feel really sorry for those Black teens who were at gunpoint while they were doing that fundraiser. No one should ever have to go through that and that situation would’ve never happened if the races were reversed.

    Now to the subject at hand, I can’t stand when White people say that I’m bringing division or hate just for mentioning historical facts or bringing up cases where I was discriminated against. I have no power to do this to anyone, so they are certainly delusional. It seems like when I make a mistake or do something bad, people freak out but when my Caucasian counterparts to the same thing or worse, they get a shrug. I want to scream at everyone who undermined me and call them out for their hypocrisy and dog whistle language when they aren’t being overt with me. I wish I knew about the more covert aspects of racism when I was far younger, so I could’ve verbally owned anyone who slighted me. It doesn’t matter if someone is to the left or right, they can still be racist.

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    1. Ospreyshire, you know that every single damn time some racist, self-proclaimed white supremacist goes on a rampage and murders multiple people, he gets labeled, mentally ill. If a Black person does something, he’s a thug who shouldn’t have been allowed to walk the streets in the first goddamn place. That is how the whites feel; that every single one of us belongs behind bars and that is why they are hell bent on making that happen. Beyond that, dead is fine. You can be a fine, upstanding citizen without a criminal record, but your skin color has you pegged, a thug by the most devious, despicable criminals that ever slithered among us; the whites. No one on this planet is more criminal than whites and yet they get to sit their debased asses in courtrooms and judge others and find them wanting. That fucking shit beats all! I’ve got to stop here because I am about to start foaming at the mouth, I am that enraged!

      Thank you for your comment.

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      1. You’re on point, Shelby. I utterly despise those double standards. I certainly feel like I get treated like the bad guy when I make any shortcomings. I wish I could live in a world where skin color doesn’t become a target, but I know that will never happen. As real history would say, it would be true. It’s not like Black people stole whole continents or murdered non-Black ethnic groups wholesale while getting away with it. Thank you, and I don’t blame you for feeling that way.


      2. And the only way that you could live in a world and not be judged by the color of your skin is if whites ALL dropped dead; to the very last one with no hope of any whites left alive to slither anywhere else. The sun is trying its damn best to fry their asses. Alligators are trying their best to munch ’em to pieces. Sharks are trying their best to finish them off especially seeing as how whites are doing everything they can to finish off every species on this godforsaken planet. Mother Nature is wreaking havoc with their shit what with never before seen catastrophic flooding, wild fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I’m just sitting back waiting for that expensive shit in California to be leveled. Those fools are still over there throwing up multi-billion dollar buildings on fault lines. I can’t wait for that shit to get fucked up!

        And you are so right, whites “stole whole continents or murdered non-Black ethnic groups wholesale while getting away with it” and yet they get to sit in judgment over us? Don’t THAT fucking beat all??!!! Indeed it fucking does! I am too through!

        Thank you for your comment.


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