Whites Burned Down The ALL Black City, Rosewood. Whites Also Burned Down The Black Wall Street. So Why Is Koreatown In Los Angeles Still Standing?

Answer the question racist whites. Why is Koreatown still standing? You didn’t have a problem burning down everything Black people built for themselves, so why stop there? Is Korean barbecue and black bean noodle that goddamn good?

Homeless people in Los Angeles: LA builds pricey Koreatown apartments

In Los Angeles, the tents are spread out on sidewalks across the city, the homeless emboldened by a court ruling that allows them to live outside if no shelter space is available. Making matters worse, many live in filthy, third-world conditions without basic necessities like toilets and sinks. It makes them and those who venture near susceptible to disease.

A few homeless and low-income senior citizens will be luckier than most next year.

They will receive keys to one of 72 new apartments,complete with a fitness center, in the heart of trendy Koreatown, built at a projected cost of $690,692 for each unit, according to the city controller’s office. Two additional projects in the pre-approval phase are expected to top $700,000 per unit in total costs.

Awwww…isn’t that nice? A few homeless people and seniors are going to find themselves the lucky winners of pricey housing right smack dab in Koreatown, which isn’t over in North or South Korea, but is smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles because the whites just love them some Korean barbecue. It must be that the whites got tired of eating the food cooked by Africa’s stolen people; you know, the slaves. So now that the slaves’ offspring are behind bars, invite the Koreans to come over here and open their barbecue joints where they must sell a heck of an extreme amount of butchered pigs because by golly they got the pricey digs coming up to show for those restaurants they’ve managed to open all across this shithole.

Meanwhile, the rest of the homeless on Skidrow get to sit back in their tents and figure out how to cure their typhus and hookworm because the whites have that Korean barbecue to look forward to in Koreatown.

And yet when Black people were trying to be self-sufficient; self-reliable, for their efforts, racists put a stop to that.

The Rosewood Massacre

he Rosewood Massacre was an attack on the predominantly African-American town of Rosewood, Florida, in 1923 by large groups of whites. The town was entirely destroyed by the end of the violence, and the residents were driven out permanently.

By the 1920s, Rosewood’s population of about 200 was entirely made up of black citizens, except for one white family that ran the general store there.

It was in 1982 when Gary Moore, a journalist for the St. Petersburg Times, resurrected the history of Rosewood through a series of articles that gained national attention.

The living survivors of the massacre, at that point all in their 80s and 90s, came forward, led by Rosewood descendant Arnett Doctor, and demanded restitution from Florida.

The action lead to the passing of a bill awarding them $2 million and created an educational fund for descendants. The bill also called for an investigation into the matter to clarify the events, which Moore took part in.

The Black people who were left alive after the Rosewood Massacre, received $2 million dollars for the horror they were made to suffer at the hands of rabid, racist whites, who many were members of the Ku Klux Klan. Four apartments that are going to be built in Koreatown costs more than the two million those innocent Black people received. How fucking fair and just is that shit? But yet Koreans can come over here and open up businesses, amass a fortune and get to live in pricey digs in their own goddamn town, Koreatown, when American descendants of slaves were trying to do the very same goddamn thing and many were killed for their efforts and the others had to flee their own town thanks to racist ass whites!

And not to be outdone, these racist ass whites even went further and burned down The Black Wall Street.

Black Wall Street and the Destruction of an Institution

Black Wall Street was in Greenwood, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa, was the type of community that African Americans are still, today, attempting to reclaim and rebuild. Black Wall Street was modern, majestic, sophisticated and unapologetically Black. Tragically, it was also the site of one of the bloodiest and most horrendous race riots (and acts of terrorism) that the United States has ever experienced.

Today marks ninety-two years since as many as 300 African Americans lost their lives and more than 9,000 were left homeless when the small town was attacked, looted and literally burned to the ground beginning in 1921. It’s impossible, however, to realize what was lost in Greenwood, which was affectionately known as “Black Wall Street.”

Three hundred American descendants of slaves were viciously murdered and more than nine thousand were left homeless thanks to the rabid racism of whites who are hell bent on the annihilation of American descendants of slaves. Every group whether they are Korean, Chinese or from India or Pakistan or Timbukfuckingtu can come over here and climb over us and that is fine. They can have their communities, their businesses and their towns, but a people who are descended from those who were stolen and dragged over here? Not so goddamn fast! The whites are going to burn our shit to the ground and us with it. They want to make sure that we never thrive. The whites want us homeless, sick, hungry, incarcerated or dead! And that is exactly what is happening. This is why the fuck whites ain’t somewhere burning down Koreatown or Pakistanville or Hinduvillage, Hmongburg, China City or Russia Hamlet. Because make no mistake, though the Democrats scream and rail against the Russians, Russians are all over this hole like flies on shit. Take your ass to Minnesota, the Russian mafia is there, and in spades. The Democrats don’t hate Russians. Go see how the Russians over here live and then come tell me about how the Democrats hate the Russians. You don’t see no Russians in homeless encampments. And tell me, how many Asians do you see in homeless encampments, Hindu cow worshipers? Exactly! There are only millions of homeless American descendants of slaves and poor whites who have been deemed, poor white trash who are sitting all up in homeless encampments. And you seriously believe that this shit is by accident? Fucking get your head from out your ass because you want to be clueless about what the fuck is going down and why! The racists in this shithole know exactly what they are about and the foolishness down at the southern border is just that; foolishness because no one with two brain cells connecting and working should believe for one goddamn second that Donald “hired illegals to work for him” Trump is somewhere trying to rid this country of an illegal workforce. The fucking Hindu cow worshipers are over here on expired H1B visas and the whites ain’t giving a shit about that. The same with the Pakistanis and other ‘immigrants’. Even the goddamn Russians aren’t even looked at cross-eyed and yet what is the focus on? Some supposed ‘Russian meddling in the last election’? If you buy that load of horse shit, you’ve most definitely had a lobotomy. Take your dumb ass all across this worthless racist shithole and see that every community of ‘immigrants’ is thriving while those of us whose ancestors were dragged over here are living foul as hell! This is ALL done by design. Nothing racist whites do is by accident; nothing!

Our ancestors are screaming from the grave over what continues to go down. How the hell can they rest in peace when we can’t even see that we need to get up off the bling shit, the fake hair, fake nails, fake Asian food, fake ass killer liquor and some more shit that the whites have sent into our neighborhoods by way of the Asians, Hindus, Pakistanis and Russians to continue to fuck us up! Those worthless shits are helping whitey pasty ass to fuck us up and we are buying that shit up in droves and what the fuck do we have to show for it? Some wigs, weaves, fake nails, empty Asian take-out containers and empty Russian vodka bottles. How is that helping us become self-sufficient? It’s not and we can’t see that because when we are not busy handing our money over to these ‘immigrants’ who are welcomed over here by racist whites, we are heading inside movie theaters to be entertained by the whites and buying up the products made by white-owned companies. Nestle and Hershey ain’t our friends. Orville Redenbacher popcorn ain’t some shit we should be chowing down on. Pepsi and Coke ain’t some shit we should be drinking. That shit’s killing us as is the fucked up food in Kroger, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Costco and Safeway. Even the Africans over here have opened up their own halal meat markets. You don’t even see those motherfuckers up in those fucked up stores and yet, there we are buying hepatitis A from Kroger and Costco. We are buying salmonella and e coli from those places as well. And don’t even get me started on fast food joints. Seriously? Do I even need to go there? What is Chipotle known for other than burritos? E coli, that’s what! I can’t make you wake the fuck up. The only thing I can do is put it out there and hope that some of you at least, will pick it up! Other than that, I despair OF us! I’m fucking done!

9 thoughts on “Whites Burned Down The ALL Black City, Rosewood. Whites Also Burned Down The Black Wall Street. So Why Is Koreatown In Los Angeles Still Standing?

  1. That’s something I never thought about before when you contrast Rosewood, Black Wall Street/Greenwood, Slocum, TX, and other Black communities with Koreatown. Those same racists who claim that Black people should pick themselves up by their bootstraps (we all know how much of a strawman argument that is) are the same people who will burn down cities whenever Black people do for self much like those aforementioned towns and districts. Watching Hate Crimes In the Heartland (which is about Black Wall Street) was heartbreaking hearing from the survivors. It was envy, racism, and a deluded fear that rich Black people are a threat to their system in some way. That’s economic racism at it’s most deadly.

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    1. Ospreyshire, whites know how they have and are treating us and they expect that if we “come into our own” that we would fuck them up. I would try, but everyone ain’t me, more’s the goddamn pity!

      The sad truth of the matter is that whites are going to continue to make damn sure that American descendants of slaves never make any meaningful gains despite the rhetoric by the Democrats to the contrary. The Democrats are still somewhere trying to bamboozle Black people into voting for their sorry asses by pretending to have a conversation about reparations when we ALL should know that not one American descendant of slaves is going to receive a penny in reparations. That shit will never happen. The Democrats just want our vote and they will screech about affordable housing and education and some more shit when if they really believed in that shit for American descendants of slaves, the shit would already be in place, but it’s not and it’s not going to be despite who sits their debased, depraved ass inside the Oval Office. We are to continue to be fucked up and our lives are going to continue to spiral downward, these racist ass whites are going to see to that!

      Ospreyshire, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. That’s because they see business is a form of war if you really think about it. Money and resources play a huge role even if no one is fighting at the moment.

        That’s true. The DNC has been the party who entices the non-White vote. The thing is any non-Black minority group actually gets tangibles when they get into office. All Black people get are speeches and a pat on the head. Even crumbs would be an improvement on the political table, metaphorically speaking. That whole HR40 thing isn’t reparations, it’s nothing but a study, but there was no HB40 for other forms of reparations and this includes that LBGT couples reparations bill that I believe went through the House if I’m not mistaken.

        Thank you, Shelby.


      2. War is the only business they got! Whites will look for ANY excuse to murder people and then steal everything they had that’s not nailed down. They have stolen everything ALL around this world and then want to take the high road and exclaim about how humanitarian and benevolent they are. This is why they are the most deranged, psychotic lunatics to ever slither and crawl all across this globe. Who the hell that’s sane would do some shit like that??!!!

        And the Democrats ain’t about shit! I would NEVER vote for a Democrat and a Republican damn sure as hell is not getting my vote and so, yes, I fucking abstain. I refuse to hold my nose and pick the so-called lesser of two evils when both are equally evil. All the Democrats do is use Black people and belittle Black people as well with their promises of ‘free stuff’ like Black people are just sitting somewhere waiting on a handout. Black people have been long overdue in receiving reparations for building this godforsaken shithole that’s only now a shithole because whites have fucking refused to spend any money on fixing up this fucked up shithole. That shit’s not on us. Our ancestors and us have done more than our part in slaving away for these worthless no account whites.

        You are SO right! Who the hell needs to be paid millions to do a study on reparations for descendants of slaves when it is a well known fact that no other group who received reparations had to wait for studies and charts and graphs and shit. Whites are never going to see that American descendants of slaves receive reparations. That is NEVER going to happen. Look at how they pave the way for every IMMIGRANT to come over here and step over us. That shit is deliberate! It is not an accident that Koreatown is filled with rich Koreans while the Black Rosewood City was burned to the ground, while The Black Wall Street was burned to the ground. You can see that whites have no intentions on seeing Black people thrive even when we are doing for ourselves. They then point the finger and say, “Look, they want a handout.” Those Black people that lived in Rosewood weren’t getting any handouts from these loathsome ass whites, nor were the Black people who built The Black Wall Street. We can do everything right and these racist ass whites are going to see to it that it ALL comes tumbling down. And so, Black people need to forget about ASKING whites for reparations. They should know what they need to do, but they won’t do it.

        Ospreyshire, thank you for your comment.

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      3. I meant it in both an abstract and literal sense, but you’re totally not wrong. Why do you think the term “war profiteers” is used? Of course, philanthropy is such a trojan horse given the obvious destruction and deceit going on.

        I never said they would do something, but I’m with you by withholding my vote from either party. If they come with tangibles that are beneficial, then I MIGHT consider, but it doesn’t look like the case so far. It’s insulting that these politicians consider reparations a handout. No, it’s a blood debt owed with interest.

        Thanks! A study like that shouldn’t cost that much especially when you consider how much money is spent on other things without question or congressional approval. Why does it have to just be a study before any kind of legislation could be passed for a reparations act? That shows laziness and extreme reluctance. Maybe it’s just like the times where there was a study for what happened in the Japanese-American internment camps, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, or the Holocaust or…oh, wait. Those studies never happened when the reparations cashflow came in. It’s such an atrocious shame especially when you bring up the past. Rosewood and Black Wall Street had self-made millionaires. From what I remember in Hate Crimes In the Heartland and my own research on Black Wall Street, the people in the Greenwood district owned their own banks, schools, department stores, and some of them owned airplanes! When the White mob burned down that part of Tulsa, that was also the first time there was an airstrike on US soil 20 years BEFORE Pearl Harbor happened. They even burned two hospitals. Pardon the fictional comparison, but The Joker in The Dark Knight only burned down ONE. Let let sink in. None of them deserved this, pulled themselves up, and look what happened!

        No problem.

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      4. Thank you for giving these fools out here the history lesson they needed to read because you ain’t never lied! And from your comment, we can see that the whites are NEVER going to let up off our ass! They hate us for what their fucking ancestors did. We did NOT drag our asses over here just a begging to be slaves and descendants of slaves; that shit’s not on us, but we are being made to pay for something that their vicious ancestors set in motion. I am sick and goddamn tired of their shit! And I know that it is not going to be too long before I’m sitting behind bars because I am fed the fuck up!

        The goddamn Japanese who CHOSE to come over here got reparations for being placed in those internment camps and yet we are told that studies need to be done about reparations for American descendants of slaves and that is all they are going to do. This shithole has the blood of my innocent ancestors on its hands and though these racist white shits have amassed a fortune from off the backs of my ancestors and me, we are deemed the problem and they get to continue to fuck us up. There comes a point in time when we must say, “Enough is enough!” I am goddamn at that point now! I refuse to continue to be made a scapegoat for the vicious shit that racist whites put into play. And then those vicious shits sit back and point the finger at us and exclaim about how bad we are doing. As if they fucking don’t know why!

        And believe me ospreyshire, I was not against your comment in any way. It must be that I came across that way because of my intense rage at everything that is going down. It is hard to get what I’m trying to say across on this platform because, unfortunately, sometimes I am obviously misunderstood. I was in total agreement with your comment. I just have a different way of expressing myself. But believe me, you could not upset me. I don’t see you as the enemy. I see you as the wronged party as well.

        Those people in Rosewood pulled themselves up. The Black Wall Street was built by Black people for Black people and by Black people and yet the whites came in and burned it ALL down, sent those people into homelessness and to this very day, millions of Black people are homeless and it is ALL done by design. This shit is just sickening! I long for the day when the so-called ‘climate change’ revs up and destroys ALL their shit! And I sincerely mean that!

        Ospreyshire, I gotta thank you for yet another spot on comment!

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      5. No problem, Shelby! I was just keeping it 100 with the historical facts and observation. Seems like over the past few years, I’ve forced myself to be an autodidact of sorts especially when it comes to the history most people haven’t been taught. The ancestors of the ADOS community didn’t have a choice when it came to being here and no other group has ever been treated like this in America.

        Exactly! Forget any studies, they need to cut the check. The internment camps weren’t good places, but they look like amusement parks compared to let’s say The Devil’s Punchbowl among others. I’m sick of being a scapegoat or being declared whiny for wanting equality.

        Okay, I wanted to be sure, and thank you for mentioning that. I figured you agreed with a lot of what I posted. We certainly have our different ways of communicating and expressing ourselves, but if the main core of the message is understood, then it’s good. Thank you very much, Shelby!

        Of course! They were doing their own thing, were self-sufficient, and were very constructive in their communities. One fact about those places was that the crime rate was minuscule at worst or no crime at best. Some of those effects are still true to this day how even middle-class or upper-middle class Black-majority towns in America have some of the lowest crime rates in the country, yet you have these school shootings that happen in well-to-do suburbs (Newtown, CT is the most glaring example given the average family’s income).

        Thanks, Shelby! I’m glad you enjoyed my comment.

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  2. Wp have a very deep hideous hate and jealousy for us that they are willing to do anything!
    I can imagine these bastards when they saw how successful were blacks in that times,
    they couldn’t handle their envy,for them blacks were supposed to be slaves,stupid,ignorant and
    savage animals that without white masters,we can’t be civilise!
    They made sure that blacks didn’t have any chance and opportunity to build another
    They made sure that in black neighbourhood there were drug,sex,violence and disease!
    They can’t stand to see a black person who is educate,rich or has fortune,
    as long they see you who have everything,they burn inside of jealousy even a black person is poor or doesn’t have anything but you are happy what you have,you will see inside their eyes the flames
    of anger burning!
    For them everyone in this Planet can have everything especially them but not blacks,they don’t want to see us rise because fear of revenge!

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    1. And believe me, if I could wish every single white parasite on this planet, dead, they’d have been dead aeons ago! Black people are too spiritual and so don’t have what makes whites so ferocious, blood thirsty, feral, psychotic, deranged, debased, savage and barbaric…and of course, I could go on and on and on. But, apparently, since I have slavery to fucking ‘thank’ for having some ‘parasite’ sludge coursing through my veins, I am almost up to the whites level in hatred for them. AGAIN! They would ALL be dead if wishful thinking could get it done! I loathe, hate, despise and detest those abominations with every fiber of my being and I make no bones about that fact even in my day to day dealings with them. They are under NO illusions as to what I fucking think about their debased, depraved asses! And they are free to come ALL up in here and read just what the fuck I think about those craven monsters!

      Qnubian, as you can see from this blog, those racist abominations absolutely hate and loathe us as well and for no other reason than over what their debased, depraved ancestors did. We did NOT drag our asses over here! We were fucking dragged over here by their fucking ancestors and yet, we are getting fucked up by them all over something THEY set in motion. That is why I say that ALL whites are depraved, vicious, psychotic megalomaniacs. How any one of them can call themselves, a “Psychiatrist,” I don’t fucking know because they are all deranged and there ain’t a pill produced by Big Pharma that can combat their rabid irrational hatred of us and for no goddamn reason. We have done nothing to those debased shits; nothing!

      And yet, Donald Trump claims to be against illegal immigration when he is fostering it. His ass is playing his stupid, racist base and they are so rabid in their hatred of us that they can’t see that Donald Trump is putting immigrants over their damn asses. Those goddamn Hindus from India ain’t sitting all up in homelessness. Those goddamn Pakistanis ain’t sitting somewhere in a homeless encampment. The Russians ain’t either, nor are the Asians and Hispanics. The Hispanics or Latinos or whatever the hell they want to be called have damn near taken over areas of Los Angeles and ran the Black people out! How the hell can whites say that they are against illegals and yet refuse to check the expiration date on those H1B visas held by those cow worshipers from India and those goddamn fucked up ass Pakistanis? Those motherfuckers own every goddamn convenience store in this shithole! Go to Baltimore, MD and the Hindu cow worshiping motherfuckers who ALL own convenience stores are sitting up on Section 8 government issued vouchers while at the same time, holding expired H1B visas.

      In Minnesota, the same lawyer that’s stealing money from my cousin’s lawsuit, Michael F. Cockson of Faegre, Baker Daniels LLP also sued on behalf of some pushead Somalis and illegals from Mexico and got them $28,000 a piece for living in the same conditions my cousin lived in. These white, filthy assed motherfuckers will help EVERY goddamn immigrant to get shit over us. Fucking Somali refugees got $28,000 as did illegals from Mexico, and of course, most of that money went right back to Mexico while my cousin got a lousy $724.15. The whites are determined to keep their fucking boot on our necks while enabling even illegals to thrive over in this shithole.

      United Renters for Justice, a tenants rights group, found itself embroiled in a conflict with Frenz two winters ago over substandard conditions and lack of heat in a 19-unit Minneapolis apartment house. They needed a lawyer.”

      Minneapolis, MN ‘Pro Bono’ Attorney, Michael Cockson, Is Holding Up Class Action Settlement Payments By Appealing His ‘Attorney’s Fees’

      and here!

      Minneapolis, MN ‘Pro Bono’ Attorney Michael F. Cockson’s Continued Shenanigans Over Settlement Payments From A Lawsuit Filed Against Steve Frenz And Spiros Zorbalas

      and here!

      “Attorney Michael F. Cockson, Would You be Content To Receive A Settlement Check In The Amount Of $724.15? Hell No, You Wouldn’t Hence Why You Are Suing Your Own Damn Clients Because You Want More Than The $6 Million Dollars Awarded To You In Attorney’s Fees!!!”

      United Renters for Justice is an organization strictly FOR Latinos. Those taco crunchers got $28,000 for living like they would if they were still in Mexico AND they are illegals. The defense tried to bring up the fact that many were illegals and Michael Cockson, their white savior stood up and screeched, “Their immigration status has no bearing on this case. End of story.” And that is why I hate whites and I hate so-called ‘immigrants’ because whites will fight for those bastards over us, EVERY TIME!

      Now, you do the math! Illegals for their housing issues received a $28,000 settlement a piece. My American descendant of slaves cousin for his housing issues received $724.15. And there is no bias towards us by the whites???!!!! I hate those goddamn creatures!

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment.


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