Opinion: America’s Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost (for the last time) — Kreb Talk


America has many sins. Here is a list of some of her sins representing only a fraction of the whole: Enslaving Africans (transatlantic slave trade and the prison industrial complex); Native American Genocide; Japanese American Internment Camps; Unethical and immoral medical experiments on Black Americans; Domestic Terrorism caused by xenophobia of all but white “men”; Jim Crow; Redlining; Mud loans; Unlawfully and unethically invading and occupying sovereign states; Causing global economic instability; Spreading capitalism; Spreading false religion globally; Polluting the world’s air, soils, and waters; Deliberate attempt to oppress every human except white “men”; etc. Please feel free to chime in with the other 99.8% that I didn’t list. As you think about more of her sins, please remember that “American” history began in 1619 A.D., not 1776 A.D. (that falsehood was the beginning of all her lies and propaganda). […]

via Opinion: America’s Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost (for the last time) — Kreb Talk

Hear! Hear! As I stated on the original blog, I am standing and applauding this one!

This show is over folks and the fat lady done sung! The last nail is about to be hammered into the coffin of this sinking, stinking shithole known as AmeriKKKa and I for one, applaud the death of this diseased whore that has spread her vileness, worldwide. AmeriKKKa’s death spiral has been long in coming, but it is here. Look around you because even the tools of distraction that were placed before AmeriKKKa’s masses cannot compete with reality; the reality of what a shithole this stolen nation has devolved into from sea to plastic filled, radiated sea.

A nation stolen from the Indians and built on the blood of Africa’s people and whose descendants are slaves unto this very day cannot and will not continue to prosper and the more you whites seek to destroy us, the more of you who will be destroyed in the process for none of you are spiritual. You must first be alive in order to be spiritual and you whites are dead filth. Whatever spawned your asses must have deposited you here because you are worthless and there was no way to redeem you because you are too far gone and ALL the world can see that.

No longer can this shithole called “AmeriKKKa” claim to be a beacon shining a light on humanitarianism, freedom, justice and human rights when there is not a gnat’s ass worth of that to be found here. There is only greed, prejudice, hatred, intolerance, racism and the putrid stench emanating from the masses of so-called, white supremacists stinking up the place. There is not a grain of goodness, mercy, empathy or humanity in ANY whites. There never has been and there never will be and the shit that you have done to those of us who can lay claim to being human is coming home to roost all up your sorry white asses and I just hope that those of my kind; the humans, live to see you whites get what’s coming for your asses and believe me, you deserve it and it is coming! And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of lying, scheming, conniving, debased, savage and deranged parasites. And yes, you are that; every last bit of it. You own that! None of you should be saved and none of you will, even those of you who try and pretend to decry the foulness of the shit you do, you are going to receive the same. Count on it and though many of us will not get to see what is coming for your debased asses because of the vicious shit you do to us, daily, there will be some of us who will survive what YOU set in motion because you are the very definition of EVIL!

Even the animals on this planet are turning against you. Dogs saliva is becoming poison to you and we all know that you cannot live without Fido. Well, apparently, Fido can’t stand your asses since Fido’s saliva is causing the amputation of your fucking limbs. I just read that mountain lions are attacking you, alligators are attacking you and even the fish and mammals in the oceans are attacking you and the rich whites living in huge mansions on Cape Cod, the sharks are almost at their doorstep, daring them to venture into the sea. They know who to thank for why their kind is dying from plastic, radiation and oil spills. The birds in the air even know who is killing them and the bees. The rain forest in Brazil is on fire and it has been called, “The earth’s lungs” because it produces 20% of the oxygen we breathe. And if the whites are not destroying the rain forests, they are drilling and polluting this planet with their fracking, nuclear plants spilling radiation everywhere, weapons of mass destruction, missiles launched against innocent people, GMO shit you whites call ‘food’, pesticides that are eradicating entire species of insects and the fucked up list is endless. We are all walking toxin factories thanks to whites and you debased monsters thought that none of what you set in motion was ever going to come back to roost all up your asses? You’ve got a rude awakening coming. That’s for damn sure! And you will stick around for THIS shit show!

Taken from the original article:

When you look at the destructions occurring on American soil, conspiracy theorist from all walks can stand tall and speak confidently. From right-wing domestic terrorism to opioid and heroin addiction to floods, wildfires, hurricanes, heatwaves, etc. The white power structure in America is very aware that their days in power are very, very close to the end. All you have to do is look at their panic and blatancy. We (and when I say “we”, I really mean whites because Black people know better) have learned that every single president other than Obama was/is a staunch racist. The current idiot in the white house is a culmination and representation of all the hate, sin, and buffoonery of white America. Whites are self-destructing at such a fast rate; they are calling everything a crisis.

Yeah! They’re calling it a crisis, I call it “the chickens coming home to roost.” The whites saturated our communities with crack and then incarcerated us by the millions and now that the whites from the cities to suburbia to the rural areas of Appalachia and that includes West Virginia, Kentucky and other states are now seeing nothing but opioid overdoses to the point whereas morgues and funeral homes cannot keep up with the bodies flying through the doors. Trailers have been set up in mostly white areas to store the overflow of overdose victims. Suicides of whites are at an all time high to the point whereas the CDC (Centers for  Disease Control) has initiated studies on why this is an epidemic and many of these suicides are from rich white families. So while you are busy systematically destroying us, you and yours are destroying yourselves. “The chickens are coming home to roost.”

“Glory hallelujah! Yes indeed, the chickens are coming home to roost!”

The White Man Is The Worst Landlord!

No more thoughts run through my head
of killing fields and of the dead.
I have become immune to the suffering
of all the white addicts who aren’t recovering.
I immerse myself in fun and games
as I ignore the world as it goes up in flames.
For why should I put forth an effort
when I’d rather traverse a hot and arid desert
than think of the white man as he withers and dies
from all his atrocities, wars and lies?
No plague could be too severe;
no earthquake would I fear.
For the white man is the worst landlord.
And upon his death, this world could be restored.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

Indeed, it most certainly could and that time is now!

4 thoughts on “Opinion: America’s Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost (for the last time) — Kreb Talk

    1. My inspiration came from YOU! You have no idea what I felt when I read what you wrote. This instantly came to me and I had to let it out! We are the true humans of this planet. We are the very soul of this planet and the whites are the disease that this planet has every intention on destroying. And that destruction has already started. Why do you think that the whites are trying their damned best to instigate us to mix and mingle with them? It is because they know that their days are numbered. Here where I live, the whites have been screeching and wailing for the last FOUR months because they cannot go outside to tan because the sun is burning them up. We have had more straight days of 98°F than I can shake a stick at with a heat index of 104°F or above. The whites are walking around with umbrellas so as not to head into a quack’s office inquiring about a suspicious mole on their ass. The storms we had today did nothing to cool this shit off and pretty soon power grids are going to fail because of age, neglect and ferocious storms and then where will they be? Up shit creek because “The chickens are coming home to roost!”

      And debased white monsters are even now talking about how they have found another planet that is even more hospitable than earth. Are they fucking serious? Like they are ever going to get off this planet. I may not live to see the very last whites on this earth stop sucking air, but some of us will live to see that day and I pray that that day is soon! If wishes could get it done, they’d ALL have dropped dead aeons ago!

      And it is I who thank YOU Kreb! You spoke for us all when you posted, “The chickens are coming home to roost!” Indeed, they most certainly are! Again, thank YOU!

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      1. Shelby,I will concede that we inspire each other. However, the depth and breadth of your words are awe inspiring. It is so good to know that other ADOS know that we, possibly only “we”, will survive the vices of the white power structure in this country. “Still I Rise”. Still We Rise, Shelby. Our punishment for trading with them and assimilating to their ideals is coming to an end. If we don’t live to see it, one of our currently living generations will. Thanks, again.

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  1. Shelby Did you hear about that news of a WM in Virginia who killed his wife,his son and
    his mother-in-law,another psycho went in rampage again!
    After he murdered his relatives,he went on a naked rampage,he chased a police office and he wanted to murder another person!
    If you look the video,you can clear see that police officers,they didn’t use any kind force to arrest him,they didn’t even use a gun to shoot down him!
    Again white privilege strike always,they said “he was mental illness” why the fuck they can’t say honestly that he was a psycho?
    You imagine if was a BM who did all these,I am sure that they would fill him with bullets!
    Why they fuck they keep pretend to be innocent and others are the real psycho?
    Why the fuck they keep saying again and again that black people commit more crime when in reality
    isn’t true?
    I always saw their comments in social media when they want to hurt blacks,they always say
    ” black people are criminal,violent,black on black crime!”,most wp aren’t only racist but
    they are ignorant,and they feel proud to be ignorant!
    They are also brainwashing by their racist system,everything their racist system says they believe,
    they are so blind about their racism and ignorant that they even understand how the reality it is!
    It’s so ridiculous how these people are so lunatic, that they see their centuries heinous crimes like isn’t nothing but they see the little crime that some blacks do like dreadful!


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