Whites Don’t Like It When Faced With The Truth

Below is a comment I received on the post, “Opinion:America’s Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost(For The Last Time)Kreb Talk. And apparently, the racist white motherfucker who tried to deposit this comment on my blog got all bent out-of-shape over this post which is the truth and nothing but the truth. You see, whites, when confronted with the truth, become hysterical and even more stupid because this fool is calling me a racist when Black as I am, I cannot be a racist since I can deny those worthless racist, white-assed motherfuckers, a goddamn thing.

And in case the wording is too small for my viewers, the comment is by a racist who goes by the name Jeffrey P. Nunnari at jp59691@yahoo.com. IP address is and the comment reads:

“You’re just a racist with black skin. You are part of the problem, not the solution. Shut the f**k up.”

So, all of you who are members of the ‘true racist fan club’ which happens to include ALL  of the pasty-assed variety, you have a like-minded individual who you can contact and hang out with and enjoy telling lies that Black people are racists because that is a lie since my Black ass can deny you worthless, dumb ass crackas not a goddamn thing. What cracka has to come to a Black person seeking a loan, employment, housing, education, medical care, food, clothing and every goddamn thing else? Not a goddamn one of you worthless, no account racist parasites. And yet, you sit somewhere on your stupid, clueless, crazy ass and call Black people racists. You dumb fucks don’t even pay attention to the stupid shit you type, write, speak or sign because if you did, you wouldn’t look so damn dumb all the goddamn time. How the hell can you call Black people ‘racist’ and still believe your ass is sane? You don’t have the sense god gave a goat and so you shut the fuck up until you can find some quack to fill you with some anti-insane meds. You fucking whites ARE the problem. You’ve always been the problem and you always will be the problem while you sit somewhere on your debased pasty ass and point the finger at those to whom you ARE the problem and claim they are the problem. Now how dumb is that stupid shit? Nothing is ever your fucking fault. Whites have practically destroyed what was once paradise and that’s somebody else’s fault to you dumb, stupid motherfuckers, ain’t it? Indeed it is!

“If only those people hadn’t let us whites crawl to their shores, murder the majority of the inhabitants, take their shit and then pollute it up, we would not be in deep shit now,” is how whites carry it. It is the fault of the indigenous populations ALL across this fucked up planet that’s the reason why this planet is fucked up, It’s got not a goddamn thing to do with the fact that whites thought that they were smarter than ALL other groups and so got to destroying this planet for us all and now everyone else is “racist and the problem and should shut up.” Fucking seriously??!!!! Get the hell outta here with that dumb as all hell bullshit, racist!

I have been silent as cat piss on here because I have been all over this fucking country looking for a new home and finding jack shit because whites have fucked up everywhere. I have even gone back to Minnesota and come back to Hillbilly Hollow and I turn my computer on and that stupid, dumb as all hell shit is looking me in the face. “You’re just a racist with black skin. You are part of the problem, not the solution. Shut the f**k up.”

I am so fucking NOT kidding! I am going to pitch a goddamn tent and be done with it. I am going to have typhus and hookworm dripping out of my ass because I want to be left the fuck alone. I am tired of playing the white motherfucker’s game. So, I will be jailed and then released and put my tent back up and get jailed and released and put my tent back up, but I am refusing to continue to play these tired ass fucking games of the whites. You never own your goddamn home because you’ve always got to pay taxes on it. You never can rent a decent place to live because this entire shithole is collapsing and so I am tired of throwing good money after bad. So, yeah! I’ve fucking joined the crazies and so since I have not a goddamn thing to lose, I choose to live how I choose to live. So fucking get ta jailing me!

In a few weeks, I will be offline for good. I will not buy a smartphone and chronicle my journey of getting hookworm and what it takes to relieve the symptoms. I will not chronicle my journey of being made to move my tent from one place to another or face jail time. What’s the point? It’s ALL been done before. Go look this shit up on Youtube! They don’t want  us off the grid and living like the Indians were originally living over here because the fat bloated, rich, white parasites have got to keep capitalism going. Paying no rent and paying no mortgage and paying no electric or water bill doesn’t keep capitalism up and running. They’d rather jail us than have that shit catch on. Well then fucking pay for my cot and three fucked up meals in jail because I am grinding my contributions to capitalism to a fucking halt. I am fucking tired of this shit!

I had to go through TSA and even though I didn’t get a pat down or x-rayed, the TSA bitch swiped my hands with something and I asked what was she doing. Her answer,  “I’m checking for bomb making material.” Fucking seriously?? I think that shit is what broke me the fuck out on my arm because I started itching in the area closest to my hand and it spread.

Transportation is SO goddamn bad here that when we left Hillbilly Hollow, we boarded a train because we can’t catch a plane here. Not unless you want to get on a crop duster and head south. We boarded the train, got off at BWI airport, bought our plane tickets, spent a night in Baltimore because our flight didn’t leave until the next morning and that is how we have to leave Hillbilly Hollow to head to Minneapolis, MN.

When we fucking pulled into Chicago on the way back to Hillbilly Hollow, the first thing we saw was a tent city. You folks don’t get it do you, we are ALL going to end up that way, so you may as well get to tasting what it’s going to be like.

This is where I’ll be pitching my tent and getting arrested.

I am pitching my tent right here in downtown Menacesnowta! I’m calling it “Going OFF grid!”

I just read an article about a Black woman who had lived in the same apartment for 40 years and she thought that she would live out her life there. Guess the fuck what! Her ‘WHITE’ landlord sold the building and the new owners are turning the building into an upscale condo building and so she has to go! Just like that! So, who really has permanent housing? None of us. And that shit went down in Washington, DC. Even she stated that Washington, DC is no longer “Chocolate City.” This is only the beginning and though we are being impacted in a horrific way, as each and every single hurricane comes down the pike, their white asses will be as well. Soon all of us will be camping out!

She’d lived on this historically black D.C. block for 40 years. Now she was being pushed out.

She was moving slowly, but she needed to speed up. Her blue sandals clicked on the hardwood floor, echoing off the empty green walls of the two-bedroom rent-controlled apartment in Northwest Washington where she had spent the past 40 years of her life.

Outside, her block was a booming microcosm of gentrification. Construction workers hammered and drilled, transforming an apartment building two doors down into condos that will sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Tourists with rolling bags swept in and out of the huge brownstone mansion next door that has become a bustling bed-and-breakfast. Millennials sped up and down the sidewalk on scooters. The corner store across the street at 13th and T had begun selling organic milk to cater to the newcomers. Rowhouses around the corner where black people once lived were being gutted, renovated and flipped. Now her own building was being emptied of its last tenants to be remade into something far fancier, something she knew she would never be able to afford. Price had to pack, move and turn in her keys before Labor Day.She’d planned to stay here until she became an old lady, in a building that sits just off U Street, a corridor known as Black Broadway.


This Black woman lived in that building for 40 years and has been pushed out to make way for whites. For the love of !!!!!!

And now this is the shit that has taken over Washington, D.C.

This is the shit that’s coming for the rest of us, but I’m considered to be racist and the problem??!!! My fucking rage knows no bounds!


Now go take a look at the pictures in the original article and see the whites strolling their white parasite kids down streets  that used to be trod by Black folks who have been pushed out of the way because racist whites got rich off the backs of our ancestors. And one white racist bitch even stated that she can live there thanks to “inherited wealth.” What “inherited wealth” do American descendants of slaves have since we are from people who were owned and who could not amass a fortune and hand that fortune down to us? But whites surely can. That is why they can move where the hell they want and shove us out the goddamn way. And if anyone thinks that living down South is better for Black folks, get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!

Health care down here is for shit! I’m sick now and the quack I’m seeing should have retired aeons ago, is also dumb as all hell and so yeah, I’ll take my chances getting my hookworm cured some goddamn where else when I catch it. But I damn sure as hell won’t stand a chance in hell of getting toe nail fungus cured down here, much less hookworm.

I was at the goddamn Emergency Room ten goddamn days ago because my quack couldn’t figure out if I had a contact dermatitis or an infected arm and so sent me to the ER. There was a ‘WHITE’ man in there who couldn’t sit down for long or stand up for long who had been operated on the day before and was at the ER the next day because he could not piss. They had fucked that man up the previous day and wouldn’t even give him an ER bed the very next day. His wife was going the fuck off because she saw other people being seen before her “couldn’t piss husband” who had been operated on the day before. They fucking called my name and as much as I hate, detest despise and loathe whites, I told the ER attendant to give him my room. She said, “You’re being ‘fast-tracked’ and so he has to wait.” What fast-track meant was that I would be getting a chair in the hallway with a curtain drawn on either side. I got to screeching and wailing about HIPAA regulations and privacy and then that set the rest of the ‘fast-tracked’ patients off and so they found a room for me; the psych room. I get the psych room because HIPAA regulations call for privacy with regards to patient information. How the hell can I have privacy when the person in the chair next to me can hear what my issues are and also what my Social Security number, DOB, address, telephone number and health insurance information is? That shit’s against HIPAA regulations right there, but I’m the one needing all up and down on the psych room? Those goddamn dumb as all hell whites at Lynchburg General Hospital, owned and operated by Centra Health, need the damn psych room!

Meanwhile, they found rooms for the other Black lady and man who was also going the fuck off. It was probably another psych room, I don’t know. I just know that that’s the room I was led to. When I got inside, I looked up and saw the camera in the ceiling, I then pointed at my obvious inflamed arm and said, “So, I come in here with an obvious inflamed arm and I get the psych room?” The nurse responded, “The camera is not turned on and this was the only available room.”

I am fucking stunned, STUNNED, I say! Because I’m thinking of dude out in the Emergency Room lobby being told that there was no available room for him when the psych room was empty and available and I am sure that he would not have been upset to have been placed in the psych room; just anywhere instead of being told to wait it out in the lobby while not being able to piss. SERIOUSLY????!!!!! This is ‘health care’ in this hillbilly hellhole! And you wonder why I would rather choose to be homeless in some other state that at least has several different medical systems for me to choose from when I need medical attention? There is only one medical system here and it is called, CENTRA HEALTH! That entity owns everything down here and if you get put out of any of its facilities, you’d better buy a ticket outta here because you can see NO other doctor anywhere! And that is why we already have to board a train whenever my cousin needs to see a doctor! But I’m the fucking racist????!!!! Again I say, “SERIOUSLY???!!!!

So no, Jeffrey P. Nunnari at jp59691@yahoo.com. IP address is, I will NOT shut the fuck up, as you can clearly see! Go fuck yourself, you stomp down flaming fucked up racist and take the rest of your kind with you to hell!

19 thoughts on “Whites Don’t Like It When Faced With The Truth

  1. Wow! Shelby, this piece took me on every emotional journey possible. Sista, I feel every word you typed. I respect what you have decided to do and all the sacrifices you’re willing to make. I will simply leave it at that. However, a group of like-minded friends and I have decided to buy land in several welcoming North West and North Central African countries. We have been convincing others to explore this as an option and we have gotten great feedback and participation. Our goal and vision is to build new villages on all this land. People would be absolutely surprised how welcoming they are to ADOS and how much they want and value our diverse expertise. It’s amazing the bullshit negative propaganda campaign America has run on the Mother continent all these decades.

    Again Shelby, I respect every decision you’ve decided to make and I know you have put all the care and intellect your beautiful heart and powerful brain can muster. Therefore, I know you’ll be just fine. This state: “In a few weeks, I will be offline for good”, shook me hard. I’m not going to go deeply into what your words have meant to me on these spaces. I will only say that I liken it to taking a beautiful seashell off the beautiful seashore to place it on a table in your house- the seashell loses its beauty and will never reflect the same beauty until it is put back on the same seashore in the same spot. You, will be sorely missed my Sista. I digress for now before I stick my foot in my mouth. So, I’ll await with bated breath for whenever or if ever you decide to return. In the meantime DM or reach out to a brotha and I WILL be there.

    P.S. at least grace us with a couple of poems before your final curtain call…

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    1. Kreb, I am almost at a loss for words. I cannot say that I am totally at a loss for words, for what southerner ever is? But your comment seriously moved me. It really did.

      The reason I gotta do what I gotta do is because I am owed money in Minnesota. I have got to sue lawyers who have stolen from me and my cousin and I have also got a lawsuit going on that I filed on behalf of my cousin because he was in a ketamine study against his will at Hennepin County Medical Center and they are not getting away with that shit. I also have to sue Commonbond because of what they did and I have just got too many irons in the fire in Minnesota.

      I am tired of always losing everything to lawyers. I lost two goddamn houses to lawyers in Virginia and I am sick of renting and putting up with foul odors in buildings and loud banging music and shit. I am tired of throwing good money after bad, as I stated in this post. I have never had any sense, everyone knows that because I can never sit still for long. I wrote a poem about “looking for something I’ll never find” and it would seem that I was talking about love, but I am actually talking about the fact that I am never satisfied with wherever I am. It’s like I have not found where I should be. I have not found the place for me and so I will pitch a goddamn tent and hope to figure shit out!

      Since from the age of 15, I have been somewhere running away from places and ending up in various cities, only to pick up and keep it moving. The only city I ever really fell in love with is Minneapolis. But I have got to scratch and claw my way back because my name is “Mud” in Minneapolis, I am that hated by most agencies and entities there. I intend to make the news every other damn day because I am not one for being quiet. That is never who or what I am! If I’m fucking suffering, everyone is going to know about it and something is going to be done about it! I insist on it!

      Am I too old to be acting like a teenager? Of course I am, but there is a young spirit in me that keeps me needing to go and get shit done, even if it’s the hard way. I have ALWAYS had to learn my lessons the hard way. I’m not braggin’, just sayin’. And so what I’m about to do will sound wild, crazy, scary and some more shit, it’s what I’ve done most of my life. I’ve been homeless more times than I can shake a stick at whether it was from leaving an abusive husband or my apartment burning to the ground or just upping and leaving and not knowing where I would lay my head next; that’s just always been me.

      I don’t attend church or believe in the white’s fucked up religion, but I do consider myself to be a ‘spiritual person’ and I do believe that God looks out for babies and fools and I consider myself to be a babyfied fool. And even those who know me say that “God seems to always have my back.” I hope that continues.

      And Kreb, I wish you much success in your endeavors to get the hell out of here. I hope that you and those who are with you on financing land can do what you need to do because things are never going to be good for us here. You do what you have to do and take care of yourself. Whatever happens to me happens, but I’m not going down without a fight! Count on that!

      And thank you again for that comment that moved me to tears! But I must say that at this time in my life, I have no more beautiful and deep poems left in me. All I have is rage, hate and a craving for revenge.

      Take care my brotha!

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      1. https://youtu.be/ntY7ot7RGug?t=21here is the world knows who we are….mind blowing shit….pass it on to our black family…..thanks shelby…..we aint done yet as i said….late in the 4th quarter and now with this info we got the ball….question what are we now going to do with it……D.Martinez


  2. I have been one of your fans for a long time and am one who encouraged you to continue writing some years ago when you considered giving it up. Your posts have affected my soul more than you know. This one hit me hard, so I shall share some thoughts.
    Everywhere I look on this raped, plundered, and death-threatened planet I find the same White-European criminals who cannot congratulate themselves enough for passing on their White-Supremacist evilization to every square inch of the Earth’s surface. Everywhere.
    Everywhere, the Judeo-Christian Yoke — a White-Supremacist System injects its plague into every letter of every word in every history book forced into every brain of every student Everywhere.
    The Empire of the United States commands and directs the W-S System and its J-C Yoke to replace every independent indigenous culture with their plague. They inject the plague and destroy every possible vaccine that threatens to remove its infected victims.
    Israel is the Empire’s W-S System outpost at a former paradise. *Unfortunately It Was Paradise* is the title of a poem penned by the late great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. His poems speak to the longing for a culture that developed over the millennia in Palestine. A will to shake off the yoke imposed upon it at the behest of the Empire of the United States on what Alexander Haig accurately described as a land-based aircraft carrier that could not be sunk. By the way, the Arabic for “shaking off a yoke” is Intifada. I maintain that Israel became a 49th US State in 1948. My most-recent post speaks to that position. As despised as the Palestinians are by the Israeli, the Racism reserved for Blacks is much more vehement. They loathe the Ethiopian Jews with particular disdain, Blacks are constant victims or Racist attacks — The Israeli’s disdain for political correctness is a dog whistle to the White Supremacists who spread their plague daily.

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    1. “Everywhere I look on this raped, plundered, and death-threatened planet I find the same White-European criminals who cannot congratulate themselves enough for passing on their White-Supremacist evilization to every square inch of the Earth’s surface. Everywhere.”

      Exactly! That’s never going to change, but at the same time, I have been pissing and moaning and wailing and posting grade school poetry about the homeless and poverty and every goddamn thing else since 2013 and what has it accomplished? Nothing, nada, zero, zilch. And even though my Black ass is not pasty-assed, I am doing exactly what those “White-European criminals who cannot congratulate themselves enough for passing on their White-Supremacist evilization to every square inch of the Earth’s surface. Everywhere.” I am continuing by paying mortgages/rents, electricity, water bills, Comcast and for gas for vehicles, taxes, licenses; the whole fucking nine yards and so I am feeding those fat, bloated pasty-assed criminals. I am doing nothing to stop the wheels of capitalism and if I can unhook myself, in some way from this insanity, I am.

      The problem is that the masses have the means to put a stop to this shit, but the masses won’t because they don’t want to give up what they consider, their ‘creature comforts’. We have no real families anymore. We have ‘followers’ on a computer screen. I am living where the majority of my family lives and I cannot tell you the last time I saw hide nor hair of any of them. They don’t give a shit about me and my own damn mother only wants me around if I’ll clean up her hoarded up, falling down house and run her damn errands for her. If I don’t, then I can just get ta steppin’, which is what I did. I’m broke the fuck up from multiple car accidents and that heifer thinks that I’m able to climb up on ladders and paint her damn walls and haul wheelbarrows full of her ceiling when it collapsed from her getting unlicensed fuckups to do the work.

      Why do you think there are so many homeless people? Yes, it’s partly due to drugs and mental illness and drinking, but it’s also got to do with the fact that there is no family relationships for millions. We have replaced real family with ‘followers’ on a damn monitor or smartphone screen. I have been contemplating living a minimalist lifestyle for some time now. My problem is that I am responsible for a mentally ill family member and I have put my needs, wants and desires aside to tend to him. I have spent boatloads of money that I could have had for myself on his legal fees and moving expenses and travel expenses and you can’t even imagine on what all else. When I leave here, he will still have a roof over his head and his bills will be taken care of. He has a case manager and I will remain in contact with her, but I have got to do what I have got to do and I cannot remain stagnant in a hillbilly town that I have been escaping from since I was 15 goddamn years old! You have googled Lynchburg, VA and so you know that ain’t a goddamn thing down here worth staying here and putting up with this shit for! I cannot take it anymore!

      And it is time for me to put up or shut up! I am either part of the problem because I just accept the status quo and keep it alive and kicking or I kick back against this shit! Conform and conform and never quit, is what we are ALL supposed to do and that is what millions of us are doing. If I fucking die, I fucking die! We’re all going to die! Hell! Look around you. What the hell’s here for anybody to strive to live to see 110 for? The food’s GMO garbage, the water is toxic and the air we breathe is foul as shit! In this godforsaken burg, for the past 6 months, it has not been below 94F with a heat index of over a 100F. I have never been one for ‘enjoying’ heat. That’s one reason why I moved to Minnesota because I love cold weather. Will I make it through a Minnesota winter? I may or may not and at this point, I don’t even fucking care because this entire planet is fucked up and so we can expect to be fucked up as well. But while I’m out on the streets, I will NOT be silent and I will bring as much attention to those of us who are out there as I possibly can!

      I sincerely thank you for your comment.

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  3. Gaia knows you have roused me from enough cluelessness over the years, damned if I’m not a better person because of you. If the libraries in Minneapolis don’t block my blog (or your comments) you are always welcome to pass on a comment or five. As you also know I am proud of my ability to empty many a room — and to receive “nothing, nada, zero, zilch” eye-contact with those who have *not* left the room. Passing on discomfort is a virtue IMO. And thank you for being a “natural born world shaker,” to borrow a line from Cool Hand Luke.

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    1. Bill, I am sorry to say that I had stopped ‘following’ your blog. I saw where Kreb reblogged one of your posts and I must say that I am that ashamed of myself. You are indeed, ‘the real deal’. When I see red, there is no getting through to me. Believe me, my cousin is trying to talk me out of putting myself on the, as he puts it, ‘mean streets of Minnesota’. He is even now, begging and pleading with me to reconsider. I had tried to keep it from him, but I could not just leave and not let him know what I was planning to do and now, I am torn because he is so downtrodden thinking that I am going to get myself fucked up to no end. I am causing him all types of anguish. I should have realized that because he loves me to pieces because he knows what I have sacrificed for him and that no other ‘family member’ would step up to the plate including his own damn no good ass piece of shit mother, that he would be torn up about me leaving. This is what I mean by no one really has a sense of ‘family’ now because if we did, the shit that’s going down, would not be so damn fucked up!

      With everyone hating each other since that is what ‘The Powers That Be’ has been instigating, this is partly why we are where we are today. We cannot see that we are ALL in the same boat and that we have a common enemy. Why do you think that I was willing to give that white man in the ER what I thought would be my ‘hospital room’? It is because though I rail against whites, when I see someone suffering, I looked past complexion because compassion kicked in. And even though he may have been a Trump supporter, when he saw me trying to give up what I thought was my room to him, the look he gave me spoke volumes. He winked at me as I passed by him as if to say, “I understand and thank you.” I gave those ER personnel hell back there about that poor man being made to grit his teeth in the lobby of an ER after having had fucked up surgery the day before, was put out of the hospital after having had surgery, only to need to head back to the hospital the next day and told that there were no beds available when the psych room was indeed, available since that is where they put me.

      If only others would take up what people like us is trying to get them to acknowledge, we would stand a snow ball’s chance in hell of changing things, but the sad fact is that hate is winning.

      Bill, again, I am sorry that I flew into a rage and basically threw you under the bus. You have been a stalwart ‘follower’ of mine even after I did that. Thank you for being the kind-hearted soul you are. Never change! We need more like you!

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  4. I keep writing about whiteous privilege and keep emptying those rooms because I recognize that Racism is indoctrinated into the “sensibilities” of every white child from birth forward. White presumption regarding blacks is rationalized using everything from a shrug to blind-faith dogma. I grew up in a German-Catholic part of town where neighborhoods were defined by Catholic parish. Presumably, Palestine in the time of Christ was populated by people who looked like our neighbors, actually, it still is that way.
    There are virtually no blacks in the US Catholic church but they do not recognize their own deep racism. That exclusion has resulted in an institution that has no black voice, but plenty self-whiteousness. Catholic media is overwhelmingly rightwing and intolerant to every extreme, yet they keep wailing about being persecuted by the “culture of death.” They are also solidly Fox-News friendly. Eight years of railing against “the worst president ever” paid off for them. Raymond Aroyo, their chief anchor, interviewed Trump before the election and tossed him the softest balls ever. It’s not easy listening to them, somehow listening exorcises the personal demons from 12 years spent in their schools. The Judeo-Christian heritage is a dog whistle for Islamophobia. Islam is far too brown for a Judeo-Christian bond that celebrates their common White Supremacism. Israel is racist as hell but their zionist trolls like it that way, boasting of their non-PC behavior. A racist’s dreamland.
    Well, I’ll leave it there for now. It is an honor and a joy to participate here and to share unexpurgated information with you.
    My kindest thanks and gratitude for your strong voice and solid verve. Wishing you well always!

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  5. https://youtu.be/v1-Wysmf8WA?t=74 hello shelby how are you its me Mr.Martinez just wanted to say your blogs are real and raw and you got a mouth like me lol i like it.we dont fuck around with words or sugar coat shit.not in these days and time hell no.your a lioness of our most high god and never forget that.i dont want you to leave just yet.i know you got alot of shit going on in your life and i can relate to that my dam self on my end.but please know your blogs are good and well done.i want you to look at these videos i sent you the link to.there called the watchmans reports..there very well done and on point.well researched and presented with articulation no hate tirades. although who could blame us if we did with all the shit whites have done to us and still do..there long and very good..i will send you 2 more..shelby it will explain why the system of WS does what they do to us..were more then just decendants of slaves.think about it who in the history of the world have been treated like we do and why? we have done nothing to them but they do this shit? all they do is steal and rape and murder smfh.we cant be no racists racism is there baby there creation.you need power to be racists..we can be prejudiced and biased and after a 400 year old ass kicking at the hands of whites who the fuck could blame us!! well these reports by the watchman and his family are some of the best i have seen on the subject..there so good that google is going after them and removing them..hmm i wonder why? FOH…as i have always said any good journelist or blogger for that matter simply gathers the facts with supporting evidence of those facts and presents the story…like you do with your blogs…like kush does like CC saunders does and krep talk….pass this to him as welll…i have been sharing this info on FB to our people and the response is simply WOW…they say we didnt know we were that? and i say yes..we are that! this is why they do what they do to us…..after you view this you will see what i mean lioness…if the link does not take you to there page let me know i will resend it…this is urgent for our people cause war has been declared on us and in order to fight a war you need to be armed with knowlegde of self and know your enemy like a muthafucka and fuck him up in return…only then will you get his respect and for us liberation…we aint done yet…..pass this to krep talk especially….he has a big audience like you and all our black bros and sistas need to know this……i am Derrick D rock Martinez…original founding member of the legendary rock steady crew…shalom sis this aint over yet shelby not yet……


    1. Ronald White aka Derrick D rock Martinez, I did watch one of the videos all the way to the end and I gotta tell you, I was not impressed. I also read the comments and thought to myself, Lynchburg General Hospital’s Emergency Room Department personnel put me in the psych room for an inflamed arm thanks to contact dermatitis when those people who posted comments on that Watchman’s Youtube channel need it more than I do. I have never seen such nonsense in all my born days!

      There was some woman, and I don’t know what her ethnicity is, but she was purportedly over in Israel beseeching the millions of American descendants of slaves to get into ships and come to Israel and ‘reclaim’ our rightful heritage because we are the ‘true Israellites. Huh??? We’d fucking get our asses handed to us, quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry and as if we don’t have it bad enough over here, we are to go over there and tell the likes of Netanyahu, who is stealing everything that’s even nailed down from the Palestinians that we are there to take over. WTF??!!! Black folks who got any sense are heading to Panama or Costa Rica, but they damn sure ain’t going to head over to Israel, attempting to claim a goddamn thing!

      That Watchman’s Report is saying that we are from a group of people who, apparently did something seriously wrong and so are being punished by ‘The Most High’ because of it and our punishment was to be yanked up by slavers and sent to the twelve regions of the earth and enslaved for thousands of years? Am I getting warm? And dude is selling t-shirts and sweat shirts and hoodies while proclaiming that “The end is near!” I understand that he has to feed his family and all, but if they are on some “spiritual awakening” and they’ve got the calling to “Spread the word,” why are they spending hours and hours on Youtube, the white man’s platform trying to get their message out if google aka Youtube is trying to shut them down? Take to the streets! No one wants to do the ‘leg work’. Everyone wants to just sit at a computer and “get things done.” Thank goodness there were no computers back in the days of the Civil Rights Movement; Remember The Montgomery Bus Boycott, because it most definitely would not have been effective and believe me, the Montgomery Bus Boycott was effective because American descendants of slaves were willing to do the ‘leg work’ and that is not what we are willing to do today. Change will not come by merely posting blogs, videos and selling t-shirts, hoodies and sweat shirts. You’ve got to do the ‘leg work’. Those Black people in the 60s were willing to do the ‘leg work’. But what’s out here now is made of lesser stuff and just wants to take the easy way out. Just like I stated in my blog, so long as people have their ‘creature comforts’, they’ve become soft and ‘The Powers That Be’ know this and so know that no one is going to get up off their ass and do a damn thing about a damn thing and that is why everyone is screeching about some ‘God’ or Savior’ to come in, when the time is right, of course, and save the day. Ain’t gonna happen. We’re getting our asses kicked because we are deliberately allowing ourselves and our children to be dumbed down while we are sitting up watching videos put out by lunatics who should be in straight jackets. When we are not doing that, we are sitting somewhere watching Marvel Comics and Disney movies and playing video games. How is that helping American descendants of slaves get Massa’s boot off our necks? It’s not. But that’s what we do and then wonder why we are fucked up. It is no wonder. We have become lazy, apathetic, complacent and entertained and so we good! We ain’t, but we good! What do we do when another Black person is shot by the cops and was weaponless? Pick up a sign and march for two days and then go to the movies. It happens again and we pick up a sign and march for two days and then go watch “The Black Panther!” Again! We go see “The Lion King.” And I am sure that those who donned dashikis and African head wraps are making sure that they are dusted off because the announcement has been made that another “The Black Panther” movie is coming. Who the hell cares about The Black Panther Party with Huey P. Newton, Elaine Brown, Stokeley Carmichael, Ashanti Alston and all the rest who are either dead, imprisoned or in exile? But everyone knows that Michael B. Jordan played Erik Kilmonger, that Chaswick Boseman played ‘The Black Panther’ and that Lupita Nyong’o played some character. Our true history is being erased and bullshit is taking its place and we are fine with that. I’m not, but millions of us are because millions of us couldn’t wait to be entertained by racist ass Disney.

      And though I said that I was a spiritual person, I did not mean that I was into believing what any and every snake oil salesman is trying to sell me and this Watchman’s Report message is just not for me. The only thing I did get from the video was the Reverend who was insisting that Jesus was not white and should not be in Black churches. That I can get behind because Jesus is a figment of the white man’s imagination that he uses to fleece the gullible and the stupid and unfortunately, Black people eat that shit up and beg for more each and every Sunday morning. How they expect what looks like their mortal foe to take them to paradise is a complete and utter mystery to me. The white motherfuckers don’t even want us to live beside them on this planet that they have fucked up and so why should we suppose that we are all going to live together in complete harmony in some mansions in some heavenly paradise that’s the white man’s religious bullshit? Hell, heaven would be GENTRIFIED and that’s for damn sure and we’d all be serving those motherfuckers, along with the Asians and the Mexicans since I assume the whites claim that they will continue to sup after having entered the pearly gates. They’ll need some soul food, some Black bean noodle and we all know they love burritos. I ain’t down with none of that shit!

      However, with that being said, I appreciate your comments and consider “The Word” to have been passed along.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Shelby i feel u ..i do believe we are the hebrew isrselites gods people to much evidence that we are but i feel you totally on what your saying though.the leg work does need to be done but u no what.alot of us still will want to eat off of massa table.your blogs are some of the best and yet to me there are not enough commenters.it shld be at least 100! I dont no shelby i thought they were good but u make valid points.i dont think watchman is tryin to rip us wit the t shirt shit but then again u nevet no.seems real and they are good documentaries but like u saidit aint enough..we need to be physically in the trenches.its only a handful that are even doing that smh..some of us will be saved some will not…but one thing is for sure shelby we are at war! And its at our door..this is my sons user name on here..but much love to ya shelby your still a lioness of our most high….i will hit u up again i got some more research to do on the subject…D.martinez

        Liked by 1 person

      2. “your blogs are some of the best and yet to me there are not enough commenters.it shld be at least 100!”

        That’s also my point. If I went viral, they’d shut my shit down; quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry because it is quite obvious that I am NOT willing to be entertained by Disney and Marvel Comics and the whores and whoremongers of Hollywood. I am not about making whites even richer than they are. If my banner was a rainbow and I was shouting “Gay pride!,” my shit would have been Freshly Pressed so damn fast, my head would be spinning. But that’s not who or what I am. And so long as I don’t ‘blow up’ on this blog, ‘they’ will let me have my say. The minute I go viral, they’d shut my ass down! Dissent is to be kept in check. People are to just mindlessly buy, buy and buy and be entertained by smartphones and personal assistants so they won’t know just how fucked they are! They don’t even have a fucking clue how fucked they are. We have been in the trenches since forever! We ain’t never caught a goddamn break and we never will. That shit ain’t happening. But at the same time, we need to keep it real and know what it is we are choosing to follow. I’m not one for simply ‘following’ anyone with a message; any kind of message. That is why I think for myself and if the shit don’t sound right to me, I ain’t buying it. Dude might be on the up and up. It just sounds funky to me.

        But I sincerely appreciate you bringing the Watchman’s Report to my attention. I’ll look at a few more videos and see if I can discern anything more from them. Take care.


      3. Np shelby i fucks wit ya period and you make valid points again..i do think watchmans reports are well done i can see he put effort into making them.hell but you make valid asf points.we think alike soul sista..over on youtube i wages war wit them kkkrackas who always be up on pro black channels when we do try to uplift our people.there intrusive asses..my thing is if your so fucking superior then why do your pathetic asses copy and paste everything we do?🤔 cause they no there recessive gene asses are not betta and they needed to commit the greatest identity theft in human history against us just to make there pathetic asses relevant! And i lets there ass have it every chance they get!just like wit hip hop shelby US poor black and brown kids in the fucked up south bronx left to fucking die vy good ole nyc glamorous all that shit.and us poor ass fuck black and brown kids built with our blood sweat and. Fucking pain the greatest youth culture movement in human history for ourselves to survive the mass genicide the white elite ruling class of nyc had planned for our asses.now hip hop is universal shitwhile u continue to fuck us uo literallly..shelby i rocks wit u kreb talk and all the champion bloggers that is putting whites pale no melanin having asses on blast.fuck em..shelby here is whited out part 5 i think this will hit home more with you cause they are going over shit that u have covered..they make some good points hell u do to…let me no what u think ima look at part 2 of it now..im at work here in white ass dc..https://youtu.be/ds0QPlo-Dbc..stay strong lioness you aint done yet..will be back in touch soon..D.martinez


      4. I like you and I like your ‘oldschool’ name. I’m old school as well. Blast their ass over on Youtube and don’t let up until they shut ya down. People have been telling me that I need to take to Youtube because my message should spread far and wide. I’ve got too much shit going on right now, but I could be a whistle blower to end all whistle blowers because I have so much dirt on whites, it ain’t even funny. I’d get my ass suicided. The outrageous claim would be that I was found “dead after having been hang gliding in a five by five foot cave.” Don’t believe that shit, but hell, they’ve put out more unbelievable shit than that. I wouldn’t put a goddamn thing past the most depraved, violent, psychopathic parasites to have ever been allowed to slither and crawl all across this godforsaken planet that they have made so.

        Their damn burning up asses are even now screeching and wailing that they can’t wait for summer to be over since the heat is burning their flimsy, pasty asses up. By now, they should be just little burnt crisps on the damn sidewalk just a waiting for us to step on ’em and crunch ’em like leaves. Those abominations; those creatures know I detest, hate, despise and loathe them and that ain’t never gonna change. Hell! I have fallen out with every single one of those pasty-assed monsters that have ‘followed’ this blog and yet, has it stopped me? Hell fucking no! They know they ain’t worth shit! They’ve never been worth shit and that is why they have slithered and crawled all across this planet seeking people to do the work while they sit back and profit from the work others have done. And when our usefulness was over, what did they do? Took the manufacturing jobs overseas to overseas sweatshops and took advantage of the cheap labor force there. But whites always want someone to either slave away for them or work for goddamn peanuts while they sit back and espouse on how stupid everyone else is when those pasty-assed fucks have fucked this planet up for us all! Why they can’t ALL just drop dead, I don’t know because the rest of us would be the better off for it.

        And thanks for the link. I’ll check it out and let you know what I think. Meanwhile, keep blasting their asses over on Youtube!


  6. Ok they did post it seems. Shelby these videos are mind blowing .there by the watchman reports.well done well researched.shelby there is a reason they do what they do .were more then just decendants of slaves. It goes way deeper and after this u will see why..pass this on to our people we as a collective dont no this shit.you spit fire like me.i dont care for kkkrackas and after watching these watchman reports it put me in a different place…check this one out to..well well done its part of the whited out series..its some of the best documentaries i have seen on this subject..https://youtu.be/v1-Wysmf8WA…pass it on to kreb talk and cush and all the champion bloggers. Shit is mindblowin. The world of WS kept who we are from us. But not now. I told people on FB about this and there response is WOW and wd say i didnt know…but now we do…watch em shelby dont leave yet. Were at war with the kkkrackas and when your at war u need to know yourself and your enemy betta then they no you! Thats the only way you have a chance to fuck them up like they been doing us for past 4 fuckin centuries..payback time muthafuckas..godbless shelby you spit fire and your a lioness of our most high god…i am Derick D Rock Martinez original rock steady crew 1977…shalom


  7. Shelby I missed your post and I am glad that you are back and well!
    What I wanted to say at that piece of crap that “We blacks aren’t and weren’t the problem it’s your
    people that are the problems!
    You as a white person,you don’t like to hear and face the truth because you are living in denied!
    The only thing you can do,it’s just run away from the problems that your kind have created!
    I do believe that wp really missed slavery so much,every time we blacks open our mouths to say something that’s bother them,because that time your kind could kill us all and do what fuck
    they wanted with our life!
    We blacks are living today,we are supposed to behaviour like the blacks of the past.
    Where they were only supposed to shout their mouth and suffer all the atrocious and horrible crimes
    that your vile murdered have done!
    Your kind aren’t human,because your people don’t give a fuck if a police office shoot an innocent black person,commit genocide of whole population,you feel more connective, pity and more compassion
    for animals,because you are an animal!”
    Shelby,wp,they knew from the beginner that they can’t compete face to face in the world
    where the 95 % human being aren’t whites!
    They knew it that the only salvation for them it’s was to fuck everything and everyone who are living
    on this Planet!
    They can’t cope with struggles like us,if wp are close just little to struggle,the only thing
    they can do it’s commit suicide!
    In the mind of a white person is “Why I should make easy life for everyone? No,way!
    Only me,I have right to have easy life because I am white!”
    They have always been the instigators and always they will be!
    The way I see them as group of spectators who are there sitting and chilling out,
    they are looking at us,how blacks and non-white people are fighting each other only for survive!
    In their game if you want to survive and reach the top where they are,you need to fight
    even with your own people!
    The last thing I want to say at that fucker :”Enjoy as much you can about your power because
    your reign is over!
    No even your beautiful white supremacy will save your ass what it’s coming for you
    and your kind.
    What I can say,you deserve everything your kind have done to us and at this Planet!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. qnubian385, everything you said is absolutely true! When I was in the store yesterday, I got into a discussion with another Black woman and said the same thing, “Whites care more for their dogs than they do us!” They sent Michal Vick to prison for allegedly operating a dog fighting ring and yet whites race horses until they literally drop dead from being put through too much and not a goddamn thing is said about that shit because whites write the laws that they use to enforce only against us. How is what they do any different from what they claimed Michael Vick was doing to dogs? Running a horse into the ground to the point whereas it suffers a heart attack is no different. And when the horse dies on the track, they just have it scooped up and hauled off and the show continues. Two horses died in one day on the tracks and did the whites stop that shit? Absolutely not! But yet, they imprison us for shit they don’t imprison their damn selves for.

      And again, whites cannot stand the truth all up in their fucking pasty faces and that is why they re-write history to try and exclude the foul ass vicious shit they have done and still continue to do to this very day. Those monstrosities are NOT human and I will continue to state that. I don’t give a fuck if they don’t like the truth all up in their pasty mugs, but they’ll get it if they dare come all up in here. I don’t give a flying fart for any of them and I do believe that each and every one of those creatures are extremely well aware of that. If one was on the street on fire, I’d cross the street and turn the corner. Think I’d help one of those abominations? Not bloody hardly. There would just be one less racist piece of shit we’d have to contend with.

      But the sad shame of it is is that they have cowed most Black people all across the globe. I almost got into an altercation at a store yesterday over the Botham Shem Jean case because some stupid Black heifer overheard me in a conversation with someone else and wants to chime in about forgiveness and what God said. Fuck that shit! The white’s ‘god’ is NOT my god. The whites fucking ‘god’ is money, greed, evil and power. They worship at the throne of greed and cruelty. They take while destroying. They don’t have ANY worth. What they have is what they have stolen from others and just like you say, the day will come when they will be made to pay for ALL that they have done!

      I’m sorry for getting back to you so late, but yesterday was my birthday and I was also distraught over the Botham Shem Jean case to even post comments. I thank you for your comment and I hope that all is well with you!

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