The POWER of White Woman Tears – Amber Guyger And Botham Shem Jean by Chrissie

What this Black woman says on her Youtube video is on point! Watch the video and see if she is not right.

Now take a look at these pictures.

This is what should be weeping, moaning, pissing, whining and protesting over Botham Shem Jean’s death since this was his preference in life. Do they want him now that he’s worm food? I’m SO over this, it ain’t even funny!

And I ain’t finished!

We now know that Botham Shem Jean’s loyalties were not with Black folks. Shall I continue?

Yes, I shall continue!

Yeah! As You can see, he embraced his Blackness whiteness!

But look who is marching through the streets protesting his murder by one of those he so LOVED!

Next time this shit goes down Black women, sit your behind down along with your Black daughters. This shit is so NOT worth it!

And what do we have here?

And don’t even get me started on the Black heifer in this one soothing and patting on the hair of a racist bitch that was just convicted of murder. This is what is wrong with us Black women!

And this one just takes the fucking cake!

This Black female house slave Judge done gone and lost her damn mind. The judge can be seen in the background shedding tears into tissues over a convicted racist murderer whom she then hugs and hands over a bible to. For the love of !!!!!

Chrissie states in the video that loving and forgiving our enemies is a behavior that is pathological. I agree. We will kill each other and never even blink, but when a white motherfucker murders us, it is time to get out the bible and start quoting some shit about “forgiving your enemies because that is what god would want us to do.” Seriously??!!! Let god forgive your enemies, fools! If your white man’s religion speaks of a god full of forgiveness, then that is all the forgiveness your enemies need. You don’t need to add your two cents worth to it because your two cents ain’t worth shit!

If Botham Shem Jean’s relatives have forgiven that racist bitch for killing him, then why are they still proceeding with a civil suit because make no mistake, the same white man’s god that claims we should love and forgive our enemies for fucking us up also said, “give up your worldly goods and follow me.” And so, why aren’t Jean’s relatives following that biblical doctrine? They shouldn’t want any money thanks to Amber Guyger murdering their relative because they have forgiven her racist ass and so they should just pack up their little hefty bags and take their religious asses on back over to St. Lucia, shut the fuck up and not expect to receive a civil suit windfall settlement. You cannot have it both ways; follow some aspects of that fucked up white man’s made up bullshit religion, while ignoring other aspects of it. You cannot pick and choose what passages you want to take out of the white man’s bible. You either practice it fully or you’re a hypocrite and it would seem that Botham Shem Jean’s family are a bunch of dumb ass, weak, punk ass hypocritical christian bitches!

Chrissie also says that “We are a passive people.” Yes, we are. We sit somewhere and get our asses kicked daily and what do we do about it? Print a sign, march for two days and then go see Lion King. When someone fills our loved ones ass with bullets, we just get out the bible, quote some passages and forgive and forget. The only thing we are not passive about is when we are murdering each other. We will protect our drug turf even if it means killing innocent children. And Black folks, don’t even go there because you know that shit goes down every goddamn day! But let some fake blond racist murdering bitch cop cry and we get passive as hell to the point whereas the Black bailiff is stroking the bitches hair while the Black judge sobs uncontrollably in soaked tissues over the bitch while the Black brother of the murdered man sobs and begs the bitch for a hug while stating how much he loves her and that if it were up to him, she’d not step a foot inside a prison cell. “We are a passive people, but only when it comes to our enemies.” We are most definitely NOT passive towards each other.

Chrissie also states in the video that Black women don’t benefit from being ‘community minded’ and that we should only support the Black people who support us. Don’t support Black men or Black family when something happens to them and before it happened, they weren’t thinking about Black women or even knew we were alive and yet we take up the cause for every single one of our Black men or family even when they have turned their backs on us. Black women are always taken for granted. Our support can always be counted on. Look at the pictures that I have posted from Chrissie’s video of who Botham Shem Jean had in his life. There is not one picture with him and a Black woman. The shit that killed him is the same type of shit that he hung out with. Botham Shem Jean did not give two flying shits for Black women and yet we are bent-out-of-shape over his murder to the point whereas we are despondent, have taken to the streets in protest when if it had been one of us who had gotten ourselves murdered in the very same manner he did, his Black ass would still be sitting in his apartment, eating ice cream and talking on the phone to one of the many white women whom he preferred to hang out with. Every Black man is not worth our anguish, heartache, devotion, passion or time. And I am now of the mindset that Botham Shem Jean was worthy of none of the aforementioned.

What is sad is that Black women go on ‘automatic pilot’ when hearing of our Black men getting fucked up. We will immediately don our warrior attire and go to battle. Many Black men and even Black family members are not worth it. Go to bat for yourselves. Expend that energy on you, Black woman. I can honestly say that every Black man in my life hasn’t been worth the trouble of my tears, hand wringing, teeth gnashing and some more shit. When he wasn’t beating my ass, he was trying to steal everything he could from me or spitting on me or treating me like shit. This is exactly why I have not dated in over fifteen years because I am not going to get with a white male parasite and I am not going to put up with the shit that I have had to put up with from Black men. The only reason that I am upset about this is because I am a Libra and we hate injustice of ANY kind. But as far as I am concerned, I am through speaking on what happened to Botham Shem Jean.

When you consort and lie down with your white enemy, the least you can expect to get up with is lice and fleas. The most you can expect to get is not back up; but dead in a morgue and that is exactly what he got. If he didn’t know, now he know! Food for thought for the rest of you dumb as all hell Black men who want to fuck and fuck with what you used to be lynched for even looking at. And tell me this. Do you seriously think that what went down in that courtroom would have gone down if there was a Black female defendant sitting there instead of Miss bleached blond pasty-assed Amber Guyger? What sympathy or empathy do Black women receive inside a courtroom? I’ll tell you. NONE! Think on this shit the next time such as this unfolds. Get your fucking signs out and protest what doesn’t even see you because it is looking past you at some pasty-faced female parasite in order to try to cozy up to it and then when it fucks it up, Black women are front and center at the marches and protests. Well, this is one who will sit the rest of this shit out, even when it happens again. Because make no mistake, it will happen again because Black men…and Black women NEVER learn!

31 thoughts on “The POWER of White Woman Tears – Amber Guyger And Botham Shem Jean by Chrissie

      1. Thank you Bill, for posting the link. I had never even heard of Zora Neale Hurston. Again, I must state that I hold my head down in shame because it would appear that I like fiction mystery books over non-fiction. It is a goddamn shame that a white man has to clue me on me re-quoting a quote from someone else when I didn’t have a clue as to where it originally came from. I can admit when I’m dumber than a bag of rocks. But give me a fiction murder to solve and I know who the killer is after page 10. Priorities, priorities! Sigh!

        Again, thanks Bill. Ever the helpful one you are, to be sure!

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      2. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Zora Neale Hurston. Teaching is something that never tires me — particularly when it comes to “expunging” fossilized lies crafted to eternally glorify white-supremacist turd-droppings.
        About 20 years ago, I took an evening class on American women poets that included Black authors. Zora Neale Hurston was among them. And I also “admit when I’m dumber than a bag of rocks.” I am always the last person to name the murderer, assuming that it is *always* the butler.

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      3. Bill, you are a riot. The only thing I’m good for is boarding the ‘Oriental Express’ and taking over as the pretend detective of a pretend crime scene. The butler almost never does it because he is always the prime suspect.

        However, again, I thank you for ‘schooling’ me on where that quote came from. I will do some more reading up on Zora Neale Hurston. Unfortunately, being down here in Hillbilly Hollow affords me little opportunity for anything else. The other problem is that I have to order my books. Sigh! Why I have not succumbed to unrelenting boredom, is a complete and utter mystery to me, hence my yearning desire to escape before that tragic event can occur.

        Bill, seriously though, thanks!

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    1. Anytime, Kreb, anytime! And I hope this makes you at least be able to tolerate what went down a little bit more. It’s still fucked up and no, he was not deserving of what happened to him, but I for one, am not as pissed off as I was. The only reason I am sipping champagne tonight is to make up for my lack of a real birthday celebration yesterday.

      Take care and thank you for the re-blog!

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      1. Another brother and spoke yesterday about he was more than likely a snow bunny chaser. All the arrows pointed that way. However, we also concluded that he didn’t deserve assassination for it. Sip yo bubbly sista. Sip yo bubbly.

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      1. You’re welcome my sista! I have to cherish every wisdom piece you publish now because I know they’re finite now. Wow, typing that made me sad again. But I’m good, sis.

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      2. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I have decided not to go through with my original ‘plan’. You know what is said about “the best laid plans of mice and men.” Well, it would seem that other plans were in store for me. Homeless in Minnesota is going to have to wait. I ain’t done yet. I got too many adoring fans who have basically demanded that I stay put. I am even taking to Youtube in a bit because I have ordered the camera equipment to get up and rolling and when I do, expect explosions because remember, I got tapes on just about every damn body except Trump. I’m working on getting some dirt on his ass! LMAO!

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  1. I have to add this video! This is another must see by another woke Black woman! I am SO thankful that SO many Black women are awake because I was becoming despondent over thinking that most of us were asleep or on ‘automatic pilot’ when shit goes down such as this. I thank this Black woman for telling it like it is!

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    1. Nomad, I am not surprised! I can understand firing someone for lying, but for telling the truth? Those who are pulling the strings of us all don’t want the truth out there and that is why many people have lost their job. That is also why people are afraid to become whistle blowers due to reprisals. This goddamn fucked up shithole has never stood for freedom, justice and some more shit of the like since not a goddamn gnat’s ass worth of that has ever been in existence. And what the fuck is freedom of speech because on damn near every platform, people are being shut down for stating their beliefs, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The only thing we are supposed to do is buy, buy, buy and shut the fuck up! If we don’t do that, then we are either shut down, imprisoned or both. Because now, American descendants of slaves are seen as “Black Identity Extremists” when white supremacy groups are left the fuck alone. So, where the hell is freedom for us? We never had any in this cesspool of racism, hate and white privilege and we never will. But so long as I can get the truth out there, I intend to. But I will never be a sell-out! That’s never gonna happen!

      Thank you for your comment!


  2. Shelby you always know how to hit the nail on the head. I could not know of any other way to write on this situation, you really know how to get your point across, and deliver the rawest of truth. And on another note we all know if this was a black woman, they wouldn’t have hugged nor forgave her, black people all over the world almost always forgives a white person over a black person. Maybe if we showed the same lack of forgiveness we give our people to whites, we won’t have situations like this.


    1. Mary, thank you for your comment. The problem is the white man has programmed us well. He has brainwashed us with that fake ass religion of his that he don’t even believe in for if he did, would there be so many rich white motherfuckers crawling and slithering around since in their own goddamn fake ass bible this is included:

      Matthew 19:23-26 23Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” 25When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked, “Who then can be saved?” 26Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

      So, you tell me that whites believe in their own bullshit religion, when if they did, they’d be poorer than a snake. They amass billions and their greed still knows no bounds, but Black people have bought into that bullshit; hook, line and sinker and don’t even take the time to sit down and realize that the shit doesn’t even make any goddamn sense. Whites all strive to outdo each other in material shit! They can’t be poor! They’d rather suck on the barrel of a gun than be poor. There is another passage that basically states that suicides shall not enter the kingdom of god and yet those depraved, blood thirsty, pasty-assed parasites will kill themselves in a heartbeat.

      1 Corinthians 3:16-17 16Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst? 17If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for God’s temple is sacred, and you together are that temple.”

      So, as you can see, what whites are following their own damn fake ass fucked up religion? Not one! What worldly goods have they given up that they’ve basically stolen from others? And why is the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) doing studies about the outrageous numbers of suicides among whites, especially teenagers and wealthy whites? And yet Black people have taken up that garbage and are the biggest believers of that bullshit. It makes no fucking sense. There are the passages in the white man’s bible right up there to prove my point. So, why are Black people SO goddamn faithful to the white man’s fake ass religion? We are just too stupid to do our own thinking for ourselves and will blindly accept what we have been told and it need make no sense at all because if a white motherfucker is telling us this shit, then it must be true. When I see a white motherfucker coming at me, I’m heading in the opposite direction because I already know that I don’t want a goddamn thing that he is trying to tell me, sell me, give to me, or do to me. Too bad, I’m the ‘lone wolf’ in acting this way.

      Mary, I thank you for your comment. It was on point!

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  3. What I had learned as a BW from this racist society that we BW have been taught from the birth that we are the most unprotected women on this Planet,undesired degrade our body and our respect,ugly,nasty and from to be in beginner the Original Standard of Beauty,we went to the bottom!
    WW have been taught to be the standard of beauty, loved,protected,victim,desired and especially
    to be the great “WHORE” of white society!
    We have been taught that when WW is attacked we should everybody regard of race and gender
    come to her rescue and protect her, we all suffering of WW syndrome,but when BW is attacked no anyone give a fuck about her include BM as well!
    I do believe that BW are most hated due of our gender because we are living in misogyny society,
    WM hate WW so is something natural that BM have copied by WM!
    For example in my workplace some BM are giving me hard time because me, I am not whore like some cheap WW that doesn’t matter if they are single or married,they can go a fuck with anyone they want!
    Unfortunately BM are bombarded with pornographic and plus the degenerate behaviour of WW,
    they made themselves to believe that BW are supposed to behaviour like WW!

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    1. That is true, we as Black women ARE the most unprotected women on this planet and I get so goddamn tired of hearing about “strong Black women.” It is like that is supposed to be our ‘calling card’ and we had better not falter because we are ‘strong Black women’. We are supposed to put up with the bullshit from our men, society as a whole, from each other and every damn body else. Everyone, when they get fucked up, look to us to put on our ‘cape’ and come to their rescue. I am tired of being everybody’s “strong Black woman.” All I want to be is a ‘woman’PERIOD. But we are treated as though we are the equivalent of a pack mule. We are not even looked at for our femininity; just as some mule to pull everyone out of the shit they get into. Who the hell comes to our rescue? We are fucking damsels in distress too. I am fucking in distress every goddamn day because I have got to fight my way through shit at work, at school, at the doctor’s office and every damn where else.

      And you are right, Black men are not helping us. They are damn near just as problematic for us as everyone else is. We are left with their children to care for, teach and make sure they grow into healthy, educated adults and many of us do it alone and with no physical support from the father or financial support.

      But let some white bitch come along that’s murdered a man in his own home and she gets treated like she is the victim. She fucking gets coddled, hugged, rubbed, stroked, prayed over, prayed with and some more shit! If that had been a Black woman, our ass would have never seen the light of day right after the crime was committed. There would have been NO one coddling, hugging, rubbing, stroking and praying over our Black behind.

      And what you say about that porn shit is right! Black men want Black women to be nasty hos like white women have always been. White female parasites have never had a problem doing shit that should never have been thought up, much less done. And if a Black man expected me to do what white female parasites do, then his nasty Black ass is welcome to those monstrous creatures!

      qnubian385, I thank you for your comment. It is right on point, again!

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      1. Ahh shelby the lioness of our most high ..well i tell ya as i have stated before we are our own worst enemy.self destruction and generational stupidity.if u saw the watchman reports i think part 5 was on it.just like your shit is not shocked this oreo cookie ass negro jean was dating beckys cave dwelling makes sense but now thanks to becky his ass is the ground smh..nowadays if you lay down with dogs u usually get fleas and ticks and sone more shit but now you just get death!! Im starting not to give a fuck if your black ass be it black male or female wana lay up with those neanderfuck cave dwelling batman on crack lookin demon spawn hell deserve exactly what your dumb ass gets! The most high told us not to even lay with these alien fucks but we do anyway.and then cry woe is me massa ima hurtin” FOH! Whose fault is that son?! Then we go to marchin and are u fucking serious?! No wonder WS does not take us seriously..i said it before you cannot win liberation without going to WAR! And we aint war ready.not wit this “oh massa i forgives ya for raping me and fucking me up on every level for the last 4 centuries.oh massa i no u means mw no harm cause white ass jesus who is caesar borgias in deguise says to forgive ya.” i loves ya massa you da best” WTF!!! I just cant son! We will never win liberation untill your ready to fuck your enemy up with strategic application…the god i no is not passive nor were his people US .not back we act like a bunch of bitch ass niggas!(sorry for the n word lioness but this shit applies here smfh)i say again israel aados were are your fucking balls! We had betta find them quick or we will be fuckin done….shit lioness im glad your back like i said you aint done yet..gots to shake the WS tree the fuck up…lioness i need one more drink this shit is rediclus with our people…the fuck smfh….will hit u again tom lioness….D.martinez

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      2. Check out my latest blog about Joshua Brown, the witness who got ‘smoked’ after testifying at the Amber Guyger trial. He was up to the same shit as Botham Shem Jean. They were both coonhead sellouts. Let the whites moan, whine, piss, complain and march through the fucking streets for them no account motherfuckers! And just like I’ve said before, the whites know that they have reduced most Black people to passive, mewling, snot nosed wimps. The Black people in the south are especially cowed. I wish you could see this shit! Better yet, you don’t want to see the shit I see. It damn near causes me to have convulsions when I see Black folks act all cowardly and cowed around whites. If whites say “Boo!”, these Black punk ass bitches would jump damn near to the planet Neptune. These wimp-assed coons ain’t nothing like the Black Pride/Black Power warriors of the 60s. The whites done made sure of that shit! That’s why they locked them all up or either outright murdered them; to make sure that shit didn’t catch on. And what do we have to work with now? NOTHING! And that is why we are getting our asses whipped!

        Thanks for your comment D. Martinez!


  4. You are 100% right and I agree everything you said!
    We BW are victim of misogyny,and everyone in this Planet want our down fall!
    Shelby We BW weren’t mean to be consider women by wp,BM, and other non white people as women,but we are less the animal!
    Me too I am tired to hear always “how strong we are !”and other bullshit it’s mean that we don’t have right to cry or shead our tears!
    We are meant to be always strong,suffer in silence any kind of abuse that is physical or psychologicol, swallow everything and keep inside everything!
    That’s why everyone in this Planet they feel free to abuse us even BM,because how you said “we are donkeys”so everyone can do what fuck they want with us!
    Because we aren’t worthy!
    But WW have right to scream rape,cry in pubblic,be victim,have support from everyone,because of her angelic feature that allow her to be innocent and pure!
    Because of our feauter,we have dark skin and we are completily opposite of WW,not there isn’t any space and right for us!
    Me too I don’t have time for the problems of other,I don’t want to be the ,”mommy or the black friend” who are always there to listen the problems of the other!
    I am honest with you,I don’t give a fuck about other people problems!
    In the end doesn’t matter if we BW are trying to be nice and polite,everybody will always see us,as an angry and bitter BW!
    So me I don’t give shit what people think about me!
    I am married woman and I don’t give a fuck if some BM want something from me,because they will not receive anything from me!
    I am sure I am not the only one who think and have respect for yourself,like you said Shelby,if BM are looking for nasty staff,they can go to WW,because they don’t have shame at all!!

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    1. And you are correct also, qnubian, EVERYONE wants our downfall, many Black men included. They don’t get a pass, not from me they don’t. I hear you loud and clear. We are tired of being the sympathetic ear, the shoulder to cry on, the one everyone comes to when the world is fucking them up. But what the fuck are we supposed to do when we have run out of sympathy, patience and are weary of listening to everybody else’s problems while also trying to solve them at the same time even as we have our own problems, and yes, we have problems because the whole world is against us. And just who the fuck can we talk to? Our white enemy? I don’t fucking think so! Why would we go to THE reason why we have so many problems in the first goddamn place and expect to get help? That’s crazy! But at the same time, we are fucking tired of everyone’s shit placed at our door and that is why on my last two blogs, I have been beseeching Black women to look out for themselves. Stop putting everyone in front of you. Stop being the person that everyone can come to with their fucking problems. It is okay to tell motherfuckers to get the fuck out of your face with their shit! I have done that many times, but I need to do more of it. I need to take my own advice more because I am guilty of putting the needs of others before my own and I am going to stop doing that shit. It is only hurting me.

      It is good to know that you are telling people that you don’t give a fuck about their problems. You shouldn’t give a fuck about their problems and I am glad that you are telling them so. And we are always perceived as “The Angry Black Woman” even when we are doing our best to help out others. Well, they can call me what the fuck they want, I don’t give a damn because we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Fuck them all!

      qnubian, I thank you for another great comment.

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