Whites Are The Most Despicable Criminals On This Planet! Look At What They Did To This Black Woman!!!

Watch the video and then tell me that we are free! Tell me that Black people stand a chance in this hellhole or even on this entire fucked up planet! Watch this shit and weep!

This woman, Bunnie, actually filmed that racist bitch, Amber Guyger right after she killed Botham Shem Jean and the video shows that Guyger did not attempt to render aid to a man whom she had just shot and the woman who taped the video stated that Amber Guyger did not immediately call the cops. She was on a personal call.

The woman who videotaped Amber Guyger’s actions on the night in question, was fired from her job, had her credentials stripped from her and has been blacklisted. She had an online shop where she sold clothing and Facebook took the site down and the reason given was that, “all of a sudden, her clothing site was against the rules.” A clothing site? She has been visited by white men who just showed up at her door in black suits (Men In Black) claiming to be the Feds but provided no credentials and so she refused to speak with them. She said that this went on for a month; men just showing up at her door claiming to be the Feds while extending no credentials to prove their claim. She said the media took her words and twisted them to try and make her sound sympathetic to racist Amber Guyger and so she told them not to post the interview that she had had with the media, twisted as it was. People are wondering why this woman was not called to testify. Of course she was not called to testify because she would have been able to refute every lie that racist Amber Guyger had told.

You people don’t have a goddamn clue as to how fucked we are do you? You sit somewhere thinking that you have freedoms; freedom of speech and some more shit when if you witness something and the whites don’t want your shit to surface because it contradicts the narrative they have put out, they will discredit you, shut you down, shut you out, harass you, make you lose your job and every other source of income and ruin your life for good because whites are the most despicable criminals on the face of this planet. A woman was trying to do the right thing by bringing forth evidence of a crime she videotaped and for her efforts, she got fucked up while the racist bitch who committed the crime she videotaped received hugs, bibles, outpourings of love, fellowship, a light prison sentence and her hair stroked by dumb ass Blacks.

If you look at the video, then you must clearly see that we are to always know our place and stay in it. Threaten the status quo and your ass is grass. The whites ruined this woman’s life all because she had the audacity to videotape a crooked white racist cop murder an innocent man and for that, she was made to pay dearly while the racist cop practically skates. WHAT.THE.FUCK.

Malcolm X was spot on!

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” ― Malcolm X

That is exactly what happened. This woman who taped that racist white bitch is being hated on while the racist white bitch who murdered an innocent man is getting ALL the ‘love’. What kind of shit is that??!!! Wake the fuck up and recognize! Black folks, save every goddamn dime you can and take a leaky boat out of this goddamn racist shithole by any means necessary. Don’t even bother with a passport. There are ways to get the hell out of here without one. But we have got to go! There is not a goddamn thing we can do for ourselves here! Look at the video and tell me that we stand a snowball’s chance in hell! Tell me that shit and I will call you, “A liar!” What happened to this woman done even woke me the fuck up! Here I was talking about starting a Youtube channel and exposing some shit!! Seriously??!! I got enough problems now! Instead, I am going to work on getting my Black ass the hell out of here! Goddamn! I knew the shit was bad, but I had no idea that it was THIS goddamn bad! We are in deep fucking shit! These filthy, racist, pasty assed motherfuckers are more evil than even I had given them credit for! Whites are beyond evil incarnate! I can see why so many Black bloggers that I used to follow are no longer showing up on my reader. They probably got the fuck out of Dodge! They’re the ones with the goddamn sense. They saw what was coming and got the fuck out!

Hell! I’m not saying that this is what’s going down, but goddamn! Maybe Botham Shem Jean’s family is being treated to the same shit the woman in this video is being treated to. Some people cannot stand up to the shit the whites are about and those who do get ‘suicided’ or assassinated. Maybe they’ve got to smile for the camera, act crazy and only then will they be allowed to fly back to St. Lucia, which was colonized by Spain, France and Great Britain and so we know that the shit over here would continue if they were to be allowed to fly back to St. Lucia. They are most likely being told to take that settlement that’s coming to them, sit down and shut the fuck up! And that is exactly what they are going to do. Those people are probably scared for their very lives. No wonder they are calling on a non-existent holy fucking ghost. In their shoes, some of us would probably do the same goddamn thing.

White folks! Geezus fucking Christ, I hate you goddamn bastards more than you can ever know! Why oh why can’t the whole entire lot of you do us a big ass favor and die already!!! Seriously!!! There is not a goddamn thing GOOD, kind or decent about you when you can do such as this to people who have been wronged and then wronged and then wronged again by the filthy ass, evil shits that you are! I hope to piss that you lousy, savage, debased, monstrosities pay for the vicious, vile and atrocious shit you do. There is no evil act that you are not capable of; not one! You are beyond unscrupulous, abominable, atrocious, loathsome and rotten. I put nothing past you! I just don’t know what the rest of us did to deserve the likes of you parasitic creatures!

I am now of the opinion that you should strive to reach another planet! Please take your asses off to another planet before you completely destroy this one for those of us who are human because you need to go!!! Whatever deposited you abominations here don’t want your depraved asses back and no fucking wonder. But at the same time, we humans of this planet don’t want or need the likes of your asses here either! Get gone already!! For the love of !!! Again, I had stated that I was not going to write about this Botham Shem Jean mess again, but after someone posted this video, I was just tore up because this shit was just too much to keep in. I’d have exploded for damn sure!! Yeah! I got to get the fuck outta here! Ain’t no if ands or buts about it! And if your ass is Black, I suggest you do likewise. AGAIN, crawl into a leaky boat if you have to, paddle your way down to some fucking island and then take it from there, but get the hell outta here! That is MY advice to you because I am damn sure taking my own advice if I have to go outside and link some trees together and start my journey out of this motherfucker on the goddamn James River, goddamn it! “Get Out!” It is not just a movie!

And if you’re still not convinced, read THIS shit!

State’s attorney lists 22 Baltimore police officers as discredited; prosecutors begin wiping out 790 convictions

BALTIMORE — Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has begun asking the courts to throw out nearly 800 criminal cases handled by 22 city police officers, saying she found reason to distrust 14 cops in addition to those convicted in the Gun Trace Task Force scandal.

“When you have sworn police officers involved in egregious and long-standing criminal activity such as planting guns and drugs, stealing drugs and money, selling drugs, making illegal arrests, and bringing false charges, our legal and ethical obligation in the pursuit of justice leaves us no other recourse but to ‘right the wrongs’ of unjust convictions associated with corrupt police officers,” Mosby wrote in an email. – Baltimore’s States Attorney, Marilyn Mosby

Prosecutors began asking the courts this week to undo nearly 800 convictions that hinged on investigations by or testimony from these 22 officers.

Eight of the 22 are former members of the gun squad, those who were convicted of racketeering crimes and sentenced to federal prison for terms ranging from seven to 25 years. Six of those task force members accepted plea deals; two were convicted at trial. During the trial, the officers testified about their crimes and implicated other cops who have not been charged. They admitted to stealing money from citizens, lying on paperwork and bilking the city for unearned overtime pay — some even claimed overtime for hours they spent on vacation.

Mosby’s office launched an exhaustive effort to review thousands of arrests made by the rogue squad and those implicated at trial. Prosecutors began filing papers this week asking the courts to throw out the tainted cases. She says her office found 790 cases to be compromised. Lawyers plan to file papers in 200 cases a week.

Meanwhile, City Solicitor Andre Davis has expressed concern that the city will face an onslaught of lawsuits from defendants in the cases. More than a dozen people have already sued and dozens more have given notice of their intent to sue. City officials are bracing for payouts that could cost tens of millions of dollars.

Attorneys for Baltimore are arguing in state and federal court that taxpayers shouldn’t be responsible for paying for the officers’ crimes.

Every single cop on the Baltimore City Police force is corrupt! Every single one of them! They are ALL guilty as hell because, AGAIN, this is not an anomaly! This is the norm! This shit goes down every single day in every city, burg, town, hamlet and village in this racist shithole! And since this is NOT an anomaly, this is why Amber Guyger’s racist murdering ass just about skated from a murder conviction while the person who videotaped her racist behavior is the one who is being criminalized! This shit is not funny! This shit is dangerous and lethal! The guilty are portrayed as the innocent and the innocent are being portrayed as the guilty. Malcolm X was right and for that he was assassinated and don’t buy that bullshit about how some other Black person killed him. He was set up to be assassinated by whitey pasty ass and don’t you fucking forget it! This shit is not playing with us. If you don’t know, now you know! Ask the woman in the video if this shit is playing with us. She’ll tell you!

25 thoughts on “Whites Are The Most Despicable Criminals On This Planet! Look At What They Did To This Black Woman!!!

  1. Joshua Brown Jean Botthams neighbour who testified has been shot dead in Texas. Come on if this ain’t a deliberate assassination then I don’t know what is!!!!!

    Her boyfriends in blue got to tie all loose ends.

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    1. I had not even heard of this when I was putting this post together. Nomad had included the above video in one of his comments and I posted a blog about it. And now to find that a witness in the Botham Shem Jean murder case has now been assassinated explains why Botham Shem Jean’s family is all about forgiveness and let’s move on and she shouldn’t go to jail and some more crazy shit! Those people have been threatened as well. No one and I do mean, NO ONE in their right mind would sit somewhere and if they were not under extreme duress from being threatened would basically state that they don’t have a goddamn problem at all with someone having killed their brother while he was sitting down in his own apartment eating ice cream and watching TV.

      Botham Shem Jean’s family are fearful for their very lives. Now it almost makes perfect sense! Who would behave as they have been behaving if their lives weren’t in serious jeopardy? This shit is some messed up, sick ass shit!!!

      Amber Guyger was dating half the Dallas police force and that included married and single ‘officers’ and if a white cop is on trial for murder, what happens? They circle the fucking wagons and who got ALL the guns? Whites! They don’t have a conscious, nor are they human and so there you go! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Dude’s dead. Bunnie needs some type of organization of some sort to have her back or she’ll end up the same way! I have told Black folks that this shit ain’t fucking playing with us!

      Donald Trump stated that there was going to be a Civil War. The only problem with that is the government’s agents have all the surveillance in place, the military equipment in place and guns and ammunition and FEMA camps already set in place. What do we have? Protest signs and worn out sneakers. Our asses need to get going! That’s all I can say.

      Thank you for the update! I did not know this!


      1. also, Botham’s mother’s words take on more meaning.

        “What went unnoticed? According to Botham Jean’s mother, the crime scene was contaminated by Dallas police. High-ranking officials deleted evidence. Police officers turned off body cameras and vehicle cameras.

        “You saw investigations that were marred with corruption,” Mother Allison said. “While we walk as Christians, we still have a responsibility to ensure that our city does what is right.”



      2. Oh I remember reading about the crime scene being corrupted. That was intentional. I don’t even believe the official report that racist Amber Guyger had no drugs including alcohol in her system. That bitch don’t look like she on the up and up. And she’s a ho! That racist bitch slut was fucking half the Dallas police force including married and single cops and that ain’t no lie. So of course her fuck partners came to her assistance. She had many to choose from. All of this shit reeks all the way to Neptune.


      3. Yo lioness i did not no this shit either! The fuck is going on here!hmm now that wd explain the familys docile ass fuck attitude.and this young lady whi had evidence against the white demon hoe is being dragged to hell? For telling the fucking truth?! Lioness our backs are against the wall .i here you on we shld leave but to be honest lioness are they just going to let us leave? Were the crown jewel of WS they cant let us leave.shelby your a lioness you know at some point were going to have to fight literally..no way around it..nothing else will work..violence and mayhem including money and power is all the neanderfucks understand.this shit is real which ia why i still stand by my comment on we need to grow some balls!! NOW! War is already at our door smh..these fucks are trying to total annihilate us on all levels …wake the fuck up ISREAL AADOS war has been declared and this aint no movie shit is real!! Lioness i neex Malcolm X asap wtf is going on i say again…back to drinking again since my last comment..WTF! Im hittin u again tom as i said before lioness…..unbelievable these kkkrackas are …D.Martinez


      4. D. Martinez, you said it yourself, we got nothing to work with! A bunch of wimp ass punk ass bitches who cry and mewl on the witness stand for some drugged up, crazy white, racist bitch that killed his brother? There are plenty more just like him. There are no warriors! Look around you man! No one is going the fuck off. Baltimore did that shit over Freddie Gray and when the government sent the National Guard in, those Black folks were put on lockdown and they went the fuck home. Ain’t been hide nor hair out of them since. They are out in the streets again, killing each other. That’s what we do best, unfortunately. I’m not braggin’, I’m just sayin’. The white man knows that we been cowed for good. What are we supposed to do against all of that military weaponry from warzones? And with surveillance everywhere including on those smartphones people can’t do without, the white man knows where we are and what we are up to every second of every goddamn day! Now how the hell could we get around that? We waited too goddamn late! They done put the shit into action while we were busy killing each other over drug turf and buying Timberlands and bling and watching goddamn movies about African kingdoms and the Lion King and some more stupid shit. Now look at us. We are being moved from our few remaining neighborhoods thanks to gentrification and millions of us are sitting up in homeless encampments with hookworm dripping out the ass. Tell me, how in hell can sick people fight against any enemy that has every advantage? They can’t. Our asses are done for!


  2. Kingsland, Georgia cop Zechariah Presley was acquitted on two counts of manslaughter Another white police officer killing and unarmed black male by shooting him in the back.

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    1. Now, I did read about that and the only thing I could do was shake my head over it and feel disheartened all over again as I do every single day any way over what is being done to us in this hellhole! There is an all out war being waged against us and we just go on about our business like nothing is going on. People need to wake the fuck up and recognize. Whites have always been deranged, but they’re getting worse. Their time is just about up and just like bees at the end of summer get mad as hell and ready to sting everything in sight, that’s the whites. They are psychopaths without a conscious, heart, soul or empathy. They are soulless monsters. Whites aren’t human and Black people should have long since been knowing this! When have whites done ANYTHING that was beneficial for Black people??!! Fucking never! Only the shit’s revved up because the whites have fucked up this planet. There are store closings in the news daily. Businesses are shuttering their doors left and right. Even the lamestream media and Donald Trump’s stupid ass can’t keep the illusion of a low unemployment statistic from the masses because they know there ain’t no jobs.

      Homelessness is an epidemic. There is an article out today about the most miserable states to live in that have the highest homeless problem and the lawmakers in LA are trying to get homelessness declared a “State of Emergency,” the situation is SO bad.

      Some L.A. officials want a state of emergency declared as homelessness crisis worsens

      Facing a deepening quagmire over homeless encampments, Los Angeles elected officials are increasingly looking to sweeping statewide initiatives to shake loose solutions. The latest proposal from Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and City Councilman Joe Buscaino would have the governor declare a state of emergency on homelessness in California.

      And the situation is not just affecting Los Angeles

      California, New Jersey well represented on list of ‘miserable’ US cities

      Business Insider recently released its list of the 50 most miserable cities in America – with cities in California (10), New Jersey (9), and Florida (6), accounting for half the list.

      In compiling its rankings, Business Insider said it used U.S. Census information to analyze 1,000 U.S. cities on metrics such as crime, drug addiction, population changes, job opportunities, commute times, household incomes, abandoned homes and effects from problems such as natural disasters.

      And don’t forget that thanks to hurricanes from last year, hundreds of thousands are sitting in tents and even in the Midwest, the farmers are having to take 2nd jobs because they are broke since they couldn’t even plant much this year thanks to flooding and Trump’s tariff war with China isn’t helping since most farmers were hoping to make a mint from shipping soybeans to China. The shit’s only going to get worse because I drive people around to stores to grocery shop and I can honestly say that even whites are only bringing out the basic staples and no one is coming out of these stores with big ticket items. Kroger just announced a big layoff. Walmart has been laying workers off. This shithole is collapsing and the situation is going to get more ugly. Again, “Get Out!” is not just a movie. It should be a move. Don’t ask me where to because, thanks to whites, every country is fucked up. But for Black folks, this shithole is ground zero for us.

      Thank you for your comment.


  3. this shit is deep
    “A witness in the murder trial of a white Dallas police officer who fatally shot her black neighbor has been killed in a shooting, the Dallas Morning News reported, citing authorities.

    The newspaper reported that authorities said Joshua Brown, who lived in the same apartment complex as Amber Guyger and Botham Jean, was shot and killed Friday in Dallas. Guyger was still in her police uniform after a long shift when, according to her trial testimony, she mistook Jean’s apartment for her own one floor below and shot him after pushing open his unlocked door and thinking he was a burglar.

    Brown, 28, testified in Guyger’s trial about the September 2018 night that Jean was killed, saying he was in a hallway on the fourth floor, where he and Jean lived. He said he heard what sounded like “two people meeting by surprise” and then two gunshots.

    Brown, who became emotional at times and used his T-shirt and tissues to wipe his tears, said he had met Jean, a 26-year-old accountant from the Caribbean island nation of St Lucia, for the first time earlier that day.”

    READ MORE…https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/74984/witness-in-amber-guyger-murder-case-found-shot-dead-in.html


    1. I thought it was strange that he was so distraught on the witness stand over someone he didnt even know. He had probably been harassed and surreptitiously threatened the same as this woman was.


    2. “Dallas County prosecutor Jason Hermus said Brown “bravely came forward to testify when others wouldn’t,” according to the newspaper.

      “If we had more people like him, we would have a better world,” said Hermus, who was lead prosecutor in the case.””

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      1. The ‘others’ wouldn’t because they knew the score. They know that whitey pasty ass ain’t never had a problem filling our asses with bullets. Hell! They do worse than that! If we were not over here for whites to fuck up, they’d have turned on themselves by now. But we are a convenient scapegoat and target.

        The shit is getting worse by the nanosecond.

        Thanks again nomad!


    3. Well, after watching the video of what is happening to Bunnie, I cannot say that I am surprised and as I stated in a previous comment, this may explain why Botham Shem Jean’s family has been so forgiving of this fucked up shit; their lives are in danger. Because no one in their right mind would say the things those people have said if they were not afraid for their lives. They have been threatened. In fact, the reason why every Black person in that courtroom was acting crazy is because they were ALL being threatened. That’s the only plausible explanation for what went down since this man was killed right after testifying. So, if there is an appeal, and there more than likely will be one, he won’t be able to testify. And Bunnie needs to don a disguise and get the fuck out of Dodge before she ends up assassinated. These filthy, depraved, debased white shits ain’t fucking playing. They have never had a problem killing, as you can see! This shit is off the chain!

      Thanks for posting the information about this young man’s assassination over testifying at the Botham Shem Jean trial and for providing the link to the article.


      1. Shit lioness sounds like were royally fucked smh..we got to do somethin though ..we cant go out like no bitches cause as of right now we look weak asf! Shit lioness your rite on everything u said smh…fuck this is some bullshit son we getting our ass handed to us and we wont or cant even fight the fuck back! This is the battle for our very survival and we going out like some dimeless hoes?! Wtf!i need 2 more shots of this hennessy after this shit one more time…hitting you again tom lioness….D.martinez


      2. Believe me, I have been hitting the bottle as well and I had given up drinking champagne. I just finished a bottle. I fucking bought a case today.

        D. Martinez, I hate to tell you, but we got nothing to work with. I just saw an article that states that Joshua Brown, the guy who testified in the Botham Shem Jean case, was killed over drugs.

        3 suspects identified in case of slain trial witness

        Three suspects have been identified in the case of a slain witness who testified in the murder trial of former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, Dallas police announced Tuesday. One suspect was in custody, and two others are being sought on capital murder charges in the death of Joshua Brown.

        Police said Brown was killed in a drug deal gone bad, and they emphasized his death was not related to his testimony in the Guyger case.

        Who even fucking knows if this is real or not? But this guy was NO saint. And at this point, I don’t even care what happened.

        Thanks for your comment D.martinez.


  4. I whole heartedly agree Shelby. That boule, satanic reef sucking judge and Jeans family were all threatened and basically told , right! Well take everything you are and own and you and your families lives won’t be worth living!!!!

    Now let’s take it back when the “slaves” where threatened like this and they said fuck that come at ya we will die fighting you till the end.

    If someone took my kin I’d destroy them till my last breath fuck who they are.

    I can’t work out wether his family is from the same poisonous bloods lines and were told your son has got to go for our agenda like that shameful waste of space father in the zimmerjew case. Mason hat wearing freak.

    I think the Botham role with their Jew masters agenda.

    Lol wait to see that pussy hugging brother of his coming out has a batty man jew in the next few weeks lol.

    They’re both cheeks of the same filthy shitty arse .

    They murdered their son for a few petty crumbs , status and money.

    Also like I said that filthy white hoe worth her alcohol fetal syndrome features was a perfect choice on their game.

    And the fella that wore the dragon ball z T-shirt that was just killed even hat whole dress up was for a reason, put that on. What black person follows dragon ball z other than dumb arse white people tell me that.

    The whole thing is suspect.


  5. Also I have been finding it very difficult to log into your account today!!! The powers that be ain’t happy lol.

    If all of us do enough digging on his family, the dead witness, the fetal alcohol degenerate pink skin, judge , fat grease eating court officer we can get to the bottom of this!!!!

    We are many those fuckers are few .

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    1. What is scaring people ribabss is the fact that they have in place all the surveillance, the military equipment from war zones, the fire power and what do we have? Again I say, protest signs and worn down sneakers from protesting this shit. We are not like the people of the 60s. Today’s Black folks don’t have what it takes to do a damn thing about a damn thing. If the revolution could be fought via a smartphone, then we got this. But no revolution was ever fought using a smartphone, a blog, a vlog or a Youtube video. Hell! We can’t even effectively boycott like they did in the 60s because we are ALL hooked on buying shit so that folks won’t talk about the knockoffs we have on. Seriously??!! But that’s the shit we stress about. Cops assassinating brothers and sisters, homelessness among us, mass incarceration, police brutality, gangs, drugs and violence against each other? We don’t stress that. That ain’t the big stuff to us. What’s the big stuff to us is going to see Lion King and ‘The Black Panther’ by way of racist ass Disney and Marvel Comics. Donning dashikis and African head wraps is what we’re about. The hood on fire, if it ain’t a movie, who the fuck cares? That’s how we roll…..and then right into a hearse with 15 bullet holes in our ass! We good! We ain’t, but we good, if you know what I mean.


    2. I am not surprised that you are having difficulty finding my blog. I am not on some “I want to remain dumb to ALL this shit” time. Plus what I’ve got to say has been getting spread far and wide and TPTB can’t have that. Dissent is to be kept in check. The truth is to be denied the public. Only lies and half truths are to be seen by the public. People who are ‘woke’ are seen as a threat. I must be getting to some motherfuckers. And the white man don’t like the shit that he does, out in the open for all to see. He wants to continue to tell everyone how benevolent and humanitarian he is, but he can’t keep saying that shit when it is quite obvious that it’s not true. And this blog makes a lie out of the white man’s contentions that he’s humanitarian and benevolent. That’s for damn sure! But I thank you for insisting that you get through! It is much appreciated ribrabss!


  6. I can’t believe people are still thinking “wp are good,innocent and blablablabla”
    There is only free speech when wp are free to spread their hatred,kill us all when is suit them and so on”
    We are not free to say clear and loud “how racist and evil they are” if you do,
    they will call you “racist”
    For them a dead black person is better that one alive!


    1. There is nothing ‘good or innocent’ about whites. That is not who or what they are and never will be. Those abominations have damn near destroyed this planet for us all and they still don’t want to take responsibility for what they have done. It’s always somebody else’s fault. How so? Because those depraved, deviant, brutal war loving parasites, with their fucking endless greed, have destroyed the hell out of this planet in their everlasting search for shit to claim. They can have billions and still that shit don’t make their damn stupid asses, happy. They’ve got to make others just as miserable as they are. And heaven forbid if they lose their shit, then it’s time to suck on a gun. I wish they’d ALL do us that big ass fucking favor. It’d make our lives easier.

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.


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