Joshua Brown, A Key Witness In The Amber Guyger Case Has Been Murdered. It’s Tragic, But Shit Happens!

This is getting old.

Joshua Brown: Key witness in the Amber Guyger murder trial met the violent death he feared

Ten days after Brown testified, his fear came true. The 28-year-old was shot and killed outside his new Dallas apartment Friday.

No suspects have been arrested. The motive remains unknown.

It has been stated that Joshua Brown feared that he would die violently and yet he had no problem taking to the streets searching for marijuana to buy. But maybe his fear of dying by violence prompted him to seek a woman from France to be his wife since I am quite sure that he was trying to move to France to escape death by violence. Uh….no! His French wife was trying to move to the states, but had been deported.

Hmmm….like Botham, like Joshua. The woman in the picture claims to be Joshua’s French bride. “Send any and all wrongful death settlement funds to France…I’ll worry about the exchange rate later.”

Shall I continue?

Joshua Smith with his alleged French wife. Looks like a wedding ceremony to me.

And here she is again.

She was deported back to France despite allegedly being married to Joshua Brown. I guess she got caught up in Trump’s immigration net.

One more, shall we?

I am sure she misses Joshua and wishes she could be with him. Oh, my bad! He’s dead. Oh well.

And these are her final words to Joshua, thus far.

Touching, isn’t it?

And so, other than smoking weed, what did Botham Shem Jean and Joshua Brown have in common?

This is what should be weeping, moaning, pissing, whining and protesting over Botham Shem Jean’s death since this was his preference in life. Do they want him now that he’s worm food? I’m SO over this, it ain’t even funny!

They couldn’t get enough of that white funky stuff!

We now know that Botham Shem Jean’s loyalties were not with Black folks.

So Black women, once again I ask you, is there ANY reason whatsoever for you to take to the streets for these two? Let those whom they seem to have dearly ‘cared’ for and ‘connected’ with do the moaning, whining, pissing and protesting over their dead Black asses. Sit this one the fuck out! I know I am. I would no more don my worn out sneakers and take to the streets for this snake than I would for Botham’s white bitch loving dead ass! They are not worth it. If Amber Guyger walks on appeal, it means nothing to me. If no one ever finds Joshua Brown’s killer, it means nothing to me. We are not caping for sellouts. It is quite obvious that neither gave a damn for those whose complexion mirrored their own and so if there should be any protesting, hand wringing or gnashing of teeth, wailing and fainting over these two, then let it come from those whom they associated with because as you can clearly see, they did NOT associate with Black women and we owe those sellouts, NOTHING! And what’s more, you don’t see the whites taking to the streets and demanding ‘justice’ for these two Black dead fools and you won’t. Those whites that fucked with these two dead coons have moved the hell on. What more can these two dead coons do for them now? Not a goddamn thing! And if Joshua Brown was so afraid of dying violently, then why was he searching out drug dealers in order to get weed? He certainly wasn’t terrified of going out on street corners asking to purchase bags of weed. And even he said that management was bringing around notes complaining about noise and weed smoke coming from the two apartments he and Botham Shem Jean lived in.

“The leasing people came, knocked on our doors,” Brown testified. “It was like they had a noise complaint. And it was around like 2 p.m., which was kind of odd, because there wasn’t no noise.”

When both Brown and Jean — nicknamed “Bo” by his friends — came out of their apartments, they had their first conversation.

“Me and Bo were both smoking weed, and we kind of knew that (apartment management) was coming to our door because of maybe the scent of the weed.”

That does not sound like their first conversation. One probably asked the other where did he get his weed and was it any good. Who the fuck knows? They may have smoked weed together since, apparently, that particular floor was weeded up thanks to Botham Shem Jean, religious fanatic they claim he was, smoking weed like crazy and with a druggie cop living right underneath him while his neighbor, who hung out with the same white garbage that he did, was doing the exact same thing. It would appear that Botham Shem Jean was not the religious knight in shining armor that he was made out to be since the article goes on to state that he would get up every morning and sing loudly. Some people work nights and would appreciate sleeping through their mornings, but apparently, Botham Shem Jean could have cared less. Hell! I’d most likely have wanted to shoot his ass for that shit because that is why I hate living in apartments to this day, because of Black folks! Black folks are the most disrespectful, loud and obnoxious assholes you’ll ever come across. I cannot tell you how many times that I have lived in buildings whereas I had to call management for these very same issues to the point whereas I wanted to ‘smoke’ some damn body.

As much as I hate those Hindu motherfuckers, Pakistanis, Asians and whites, I was so happy when I moved around them because the complaints stopped. But live around a bunch of Black folks and your ass is seriously in trouble if you think that you are going to find some damn peace. One apartment I lived in, a goddamn Black-assed band member was practicing his electric guitar turned all the way up. I had to call the cops on his ass and they heard the shit over the phone. Black people ARE the most disrespectful motherfuckers I have ever had the misfortune to live around. No wonder whites move your asses out because they know the score. The only problem I have with that is that ALL of us are not like MOST of us. But who can tell when who is going to be a decent neighbor and who is going to be an asshole? I am seriously wondering why there are not more folks murdered for their behavior in apartments. For real!

And finally, I do realize that people aren’t perfect, but people should respect the fact that they are not living in the middle of nowhere, but actually have neighbors and these two behaved as though they were the only tenants in that building. Both men hung out with whites and both got ‘smoked’. One was from the islands and one was allegedly married to a woman from France who had been deported. We can assume all we want as to why the two were murdered, but as far as I am concerned, these two were nothing for me to get into an uproar about. I’ll let their families and the whites they so loved, do that shit for them. Count me out of this one and any others that come down the pike just like this! I’ll save my tears, hand wringing, gnashing of teeth and purple crepe for the Black brothas that have decided that only Black women will do for them. So whites, why haven’t you taken to the streets en mass for these dead Black men who loved you motherfuckers to death? I’ll tell you why. Because these stupid dead Black motherfuckers meant nothing to you and they were too stupid to even realize that shit! Fuck them and you!

15 thoughts on “Joshua Brown, A Key Witness In The Amber Guyger Case Has Been Murdered. It’s Tragic, But Shit Happens!

    1. Kreb, they will NEVER learn and this is the result of being stupid; fucking with the enemy. I am seriously done with wasting my time even writing about this shit. When it happens again, I’ll let others get upset and some more shit over this, but damn it if I will.

      Thanks for your comment.

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      1. Shelby, please don’t stop exposing this. I know it’s hard as hell. We both do it daily. We have to do it for that one out of a hundred that we reach. It breaks my heart when I post all these pieces about white supremacy/racism (that’s why I rarely comment on other people’s pieces I post). I try not to reveal my anger as much as possible. Hang in there, sista. “Don’t let them beat you down”!

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      2. Kreb, I am sure you saw the comments to me on your blog from Scottie. I am going to have to break it down for him, but I am going to do it here. Sorry for causing confusion on your blog. My apologies!

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      3. No need for apology. We’ve been fighting this stupid ass shit since before 1619. My platform is your platform. FOR THE CULTURE!

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  1. In the end he has been murdered by
    the women he loved!
    I really want to know what his was his last thought,when he saw that white bitch?
    Yes I am black,me too don’t trust black people, because our people are so damaged that is beyond reparation!
    At my work place one my BW colleague,yesterday she showed me a photo her with one a WW nurse.
    She told me “look this is my friend!”
    When she showed me that picture,
    she was so happy and pround like that WW really give a fuck about her!
    My thought about that crazy thing I was witness,it was “no one can save us from this sickness of our people!”
    Majority my colleagues are Africans and they always are talking about “Jesus and forgiveness,we are all brother and sister no matter what colour!”
    You can’t imagine the disgusting expression have on my face when I hear that crap!
    One thing we hate each other some much,that is something normal!
    Black people always complain about biracial take over everything and how much they hate them.
    Why the fuck in first place dark skinned people are ready to bred more biracial with wp?
    You tell me if this isn’t sickness?
    I don’t fall for that crap,I will never forgive wp what have done to me and to blacks!
    The only relationship I have with wp is use and disposable!

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    1. qnubian, dead man, Joshua Brown, if he was so scared of coming to a violent end, then he should have acted like it. This dead man had already been shot at least once before outside a strip club.

      Joshua Brown, the slain Amber Guyger trial witness, thought he was targeted in a 2018 shooting, attorney says

      “Jean was shot and killed by Guyger on September 6, 2018. On November 23, Brown was shot at a strip club, Dallas Cabaret South.”

      So, Botham Shem Jean was killed in September and this dude was shot in November of the same year. Dude should have been somewhere celebrating Thanksgiving with his family, but instead he was sitting up, probably high as a kite in a Dallas strip club watching some naked sluts wiggle and jiggle. Neither of these two dead bastards were any good. Both wanted all up and down on some whites and they both got what was coming to them. They get no sympathy from me. In my opinion, they both begged for it and they simply got what they begged for. And so as far as I am concerned, at both crime scenes, it should be a case of, “Nothing to see here folks, move it along.”

      I don’t care who killed his “white bitch loving ass,” it means nothing to me. Let GEEZUS sort this shit out since the Black folks are into believing all up and down on the white man’s fucked up religion. Maybe he done entered the Pearly Gates and I bet the shit is GENTRIFIED. But then again, the type of life he lived, he may have entered the GATES OF HELL since that is what we are to believe thanks to those white motherfuckers trying to fill all of our heads with their bullshit ass fucked up excuse for a religion.

      qnubian, thank you for your comment.

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  2. If one day I will have kids,I will tell to my children “if their partners aren’t coloured
    I will dishonore them!”
    There aren’t place for wp in my family!

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    1. qnubian, I am not speaking to my own son because he can’t stay away from those pasty-faced cows. He has got not one, but two half human, half parasite things that were hatched and I’m not speaking to them either. I don’t claim them and I don’t give a damn about what someone thinks about how I’m ignoring innocent children. Those things are not innocent because, one claims that she is not Black and will only speak to her daddy who is most definitely Black. We did not allow whites into our home when he was growing up and so he must have got into that shit in school, but he never tried to bring that pasty-assed shit up in my face. I had to hear about it long distance that he had married some pasty-faced cow and her ass is already dead and he took up with her best friend and now they just had a half parasite, half human creature. I have not laid eyes on that monster and I don’t intend to. A couple of weeks ago, my son and I walked right past each other without even speaking or acknowledging that we knew each other. I would have it no other way. He means nothing to me; absolutely nothing. When I realize all that I have done for him, I just want to scream with rage because this shit is the thanks I get. I am SO done with him, it ain’t even funny. He is welcome to those pasty-faced cows, but I will never speak to his dumb, stupid ass again!

      I thank you for your comment.

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    1. Well, that may be true, but yet again, this may be true. Who will ever really know?

      3 suspects identified in case of slain trial witness

      Three suspects have been identified in the case of a slain witness who testified in the murder trial of former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, Dallas police announced Tuesday. One suspect was in custody, and two others are being sought on capital murder charges in the death of Joshua Brown.

      Police said Brown was killed in a drug deal gone bad, and they emphasized his death was not related to his testimony in the Guyger case.

      Dallas Police Assistant Chief Avery Moore said the three suspects had traveled from Louisiana to buy drugs from Brown, and one of the men shot Brown twice and killed him.

      One of the suspects, 20-year-old Jacquerious Mitchell, was wounded and treated at a hospital. He’s expected to be charged with capital murder. Police are still searching for Thaddeous Charles Green, 22, and Michael Diaz Mitchell, 32, who they believe fled the state.

      Jacquerious Mitchell told police it was Green who contacted Brown to buy the drugs, according to police. Mitchell said Green and Brown were talking when the conversation escalated into a physical confrontation. During the dispute, Brown shot Jacquerious Mitchell and Green shot Brown, killing him, according to Jacquerious Mitchell’s account. Mitchell said he was driven to a hospital before the other two suspects fled.

      So, as you can see, Joshua Brown was no ‘choir boy’ and neither was Botham Shem Jean. They both were assholes and couldn’t get enough of drugs and we ALL know what goes down in strip clubs and it is quite apparent that Joshua Brown was not just sitting up in a strip club to see some naked whores wiggle and jiggle. That is not why he got shot the same year that Botham Shem Jean got shot. But regardless, the man is dead and no amount of speculation on who killed him and which story is true is going to bring him back and we ALL know, DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES!

      Thank you for the link.


    1. It appears to be contagious. Botham Shem Jean was afflicted with this same ‘disease’. It’s called ‘Parasite Infatuation Disease’ or PID. There is no known cure. My son is also afflicted with it, unfortunately.

      Thank you for your comment.

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